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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 24, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy and worm with Chance of scattered m afternoon. High a Low 68. De Tail on 5. Nit Reader s tip Florence s Palmetto team now tors a re Multi of the name contest were announced Tor night. See Page 7. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Scott vol. 64 Florence s. C., tuesday morning May 24, 1955 daily a sunday inc weekly 3so Salk vaccine study is called by Scheele supreme court members pose at the court yesterday. This is the first picture taken of the new court. Justice John m. Harlan completed the court by his recent appointment to the Bench they Are left to right seated Felix Frankfurter Hugo Black chief Justice Earl Warren Stanley Reed and William 0 Douglas standing Sherman Minton Harold Burton Tom Clark Ond Bishopville woman is held in slaying by Jim Howle morning news staff writer Bishopville May six Man Coroner s jury tonight recommended that mrs. Louise Elmore be held for grand jury action in connection with the saturday alter noon pistol slaying of miss Marie Brewer which is alleged to have followed an argument in which mrs. Elmore told the victim you can t have my husband. Mrs Elmore arrested shortly after the death of the 28-year-old Florence waitress was released this afternoon under Bond of and failed under doctors orders to appear at the 35 minute inquest in the Coroner Jim Scalars called helped carry her inside the hos upon a question from Sellars. Elmore Deputy i Pital and was told shortly there said that he understood sheriff s l. L. Truesdale and Fred after that she was dead. 1hal there had been no argument Worrell. Truesdale who fixed the time of preceding uie shooting. The senior Exmore. Shooting at approximately Mtyr read a doctors of mrs. Elmore. Testified that m saturday said he was a Lone statement that miss Brewer died was alone at buddy s grocery a in sheriff s office when a result of a Haemorrhage from Rural store service station owned Belmore came in and handed hint a gunshot wound in the left Chest pistol which he Teeb said his the jury retired for seven minutes women win pulpit vote los Angeles May 23 a presbyterians today approved a proposal to ordain women As ministers and criticizing what they Call a roman Catholic trend to exalt the figure of the Virgin the 167th general Assembly of the presbyterian Church in the United states of America approved the women preachers proposal by a standing vote. The preponderance in favor appeared about three or four to one. The proposal now goes to the Church s 256 Presby teries or local groups for a final vote. Approval by the 905 voting Dele ates followed Lively debate. Proponents declared. The Bible teaches in Christ Jesus there is male nor female " oppose Jon arguments included 1. Women Are confused As to their in tended role in life and 2. A woman could t give a Church uie Strong leadership it needs. The statement critical of the catholics was adopted by an Aye vote with no noes heard. There was no debate. The state ment prepared by he presbyter reached its culminating Point. Mary of Nazareth become co red matrix with her son. In the figure of the Virgin the Church of Rome has created a Semi divine female being who be comes virtual head of the Church. Non roman Christianb deny that the Church has any authority to create a theology which has no foundation in hoi officials push for air change at City s port the mar nine Newt to Ash Lonrlon Bureau Washington May 23 direct or of the South Carolina aeronaut is commission Charlie Culbert on congressman John l. Mcmil an and Florence officials testified before the civil aeronautics Board Lis afternoon in behalf of a new Eastern airlines flight from Washngton to Florence to Columbia. And possibly later other Points in the stale. Eastern has been barred scripture. The glory of Chirst s headship in his Church is both Tor wished and challenged by the new Tatus accorded to the Virgin. The pros and cons of ordaining women provided the liveliest Busi Ness session yet for the As Sembhi which opened last thursday am continues through wednesday. The proposal was presented b the Rev. V. White. Lincoln neb., chairman of a committee appointed to study the suggestion from restriction imposed ago. D. Barbot. Scheduling East West flights be cause of a some years. Florence City manager said it was loped that Eastern would schedule lights in both directions even rally. Eastern proposes to schedule a flight from Washington leaving at p. M., arriving at Florence at and going on to Columbia arriving there at p. Chief cab examiner James Fitz Morris heard the testimony today. Culbertson told the cab official medical men meet Washington May 23 a the government has called for a full dress conference of the nation s polio fight ers Here tomorrow surgeon Gen. Leonard Scheele announced tonight. He did not disclose the purpose of the meeting but developments Over the last few Days indicate that things Are building up to a major decision on the Salk polio vaccine program including perhaps new safety standards. Scheele said the vaccine Coro i Mittic of the National foundation for infantile paralysis officers of the american medical Assn., and representatives of the Assn. Of state and territorial health offi cers have been invited to attend the conference they will meet with government scientists and experts from the six drug companies licensed to make the vaccine who Are already Here at the same time government handling of the Salk vaccine came under fire from two directions. Most of his information on Progress of the vaccination democrats called it "40 Days o utter while the pro ram through the press and suggested that his foundation which has played so Large a part n the fight against polio should be better informed. Here in Washington reps. Mar tha Griffiths a Mich and Edith Green id Ore said the utter con fusion in handling the vaccine will be a major Issue in next year s presidential election Campaign. Sen. He was of the opinion that there o Connor head of the was no valid reason for the Striction to be Matin cd. Ians permanent commission on Puj a 1953 by the Presby inter Hurch relations said in of Rochester n. Y. Virgi Hehrke e the committee noted that Marian year of 1954. Set in bold j presbyterian by his son Troy Elmore. When mrs. A pistol which he Teeb said his Itne Elmore s husband Robert c. Had used to shoot miss brew j and 5 Teeb Elmore or. And miss Brewer drove up in the latter s seconds to their findings. Before returning said his wife had caught serving As jurors were Foreman Relief tie status now accorded to he Mother of our Lori in roman communion. In the Celebration of that year the progressive trend to car j him with another woman and Sfa oter. Mccutc Ien St. They sat outside and talked for said. He said he Ander h. L. Strickland St. J. C while about going to know How bad the woman London and e. The senior Elmore testified and was is Fokes. Then came inside and told me they were going. I thought at first they were Jokin i. But they said they the witness then testified that his son and miss Brewer drank half a pint of whiskey and foot to inv Nir up like they were mar ried Teeb asked me Why i did t try out the lady s car and being crazy about new cars like 1 am i went for ride. When 1 got Back they were iding at the Back door and i r a -11 Ford coming. I told Teeb the figure of. The Virgin they Are women Mother to the office of associate partner in the world of redemption a White Naturopath asks negro Church now deacons and said there ruling is no gained As olders and theological ground for denying ordination to women simply because later he said he thought the i cab would lift it. And that it might not be but several weeks be 1 charged it had become p in he fore action was la Ken. Man Mcmillan voiced the same View. Should the cab remove in re Striction that would Clear the Way for Eastern to schedule East bound flights. O Connor also telegraphed Scheele asking him to release immediately to the Public the re i a it. Study of George a a said he he Way the whole program led is told a reporter he did t if politics Hud f Jhc scene As o Connor charged but that he regarded it As unfortunate that the Federal government Idin t subject the vaccine to More Isiais 01 i kuvc1imhi.ml .1 Nan t Sud Jeci me Salk vaccine produced by the Cut a thorough testing before its Distri laboratories of Berkeley began last month. O Connor did t elaborate on his o Connor noted that the Cutter vaccine was withdrawn from use number of bus segregation in this state gets june test unc trustees reject negro applications politics charge except to say a politics were in tonal and stale Olverd. 43-year-old White Raleigh May 23 with threat of u Asheville n.c., May 23 action to Force the admission of negroes to its the constitutionality of a South graduate schools the consolidated University of North Carolina Law enforcing racial Seg i d pkg in a ,.ow_ rotation on being accepted since god Huffman said in a prepared Ai court Tor Columbia Mav 23 to Jean Usu Naturopath has applied to the african methodist negro Church for a License to preach. Saw a a Rory cd Iii 5. Ame Bishop Frank Madison comes Louise and he ran Reid said if uie application of or. Cut Back door. He got away Edward r. Huffman is approved end i thought the girl was going in october it will be the first to get away too but Rafiu stayed a White pastor has served in the it the Back of the organization in this state. The witness testified that he Huffman said he has been a to mrs. Elmore when she j copied As a preacher at the Malona Cut out of the car but that she Baptist Church negro at North talked right past him and went i a few Miles South of Here. He also into the store. Said the ame District conference thought there was going to be has approved his application tone scratching and hair a native of Pennsylvania who Elmore stated on tie stand. Lived Here since 1937, Huffman to further testimony by he has a doctor of divinity More Elmore asked miss degree from mid Western univer arc ver if she had been running Sty with my husband it an evangelistic pro urn moved today to get trustees were told Dur Here june 21. Ling a meeting at North Carolina p v state College that neither the state the Case was appealed by a the Laws nor policy Gro woman Sarah Mae flemmmg., statement directed i disciples to go into All the world and preach his word to All Peoples it would seem in keeping with these White Man join a to be photo graphed. He became unreachable after newsmen told him the news of his application might obtain widespread circulation. Minister. Gro woman Sarah Mae of he trustees specific his infinite Columbia . After prohibited admission of negro no any subsequent applications from negroes be considered in the same manner As would those of any other citizen of North instructions that negro Church. Huffman declined told her it s a Long time i he began an evangelism Pio Halifax. May 23 Sable she had been so Igram 1950. Chartered it in where some 27 persons b be a of South Carolina found that have Ever been admitted state policy requiring undergraduates. A insistent with the 14th was c on s i s t a. Amendment. That court based its ruling on the theory that the sep Arate but equal doctrine established by the . Supreme court some 50 years ago governed Dis position of the Case. The suit was brought against the South Carolina electric Gas co. The woman contends that on june 22, 1954, she was ordered by a Driver of a bus in Columbia to change her seat in compliance with go Oram 1950 chartered it in , where some 27 persons Uve the segregation policy. She left the she had Eom Day set up a Mission Inland work in isolation had its first bus claiming violation of her rights in i or tii a in non Rev Tvan Parr in apr the 14th amendment. Met him and that they were going i Africa. He is married has service in nearly two years to Florida. Louise asked her in grammar school. When the Rev. W. G. Macdonald you going to take my husband continued. Tills woman said yes she was his son s practice As a Naturopath and said she loved him a about half White and half negro. Reid said Huffman would have his father the Rev. E. E. St. James United Church at Man a Baptist Supply pastor said Dartmouth paid a two Day visit to had a child by him. They kept oni he testified and cussing one i looking through the front door. Elmore he saw miss Brewer scr cd Back and grab the Chaser Boule she and Teeb had used and saw mrs. Elmore open her pull out a .25 calibre automatic and fired. It was the senior Elmore who took miss to Lee county Hospital after the shooting Tusti Fink he Uinn Trot she had been i hit in the shoulder. He said he stand an examination before the Island. He went aboard the government Supply vessel governor Cornwallis which visits Sable Island twice under the 14th amendment. The present the Appel Lant s Brief is compelling because this court has for guidance the school segregation cases which clearly a and concisely defines the scope and reach of the 14th Amend Zambone s meditations by Alley Bob mow per t 8put City election today to name councilman Florence democrats will to to the polls today in a special primary to elect a Candi Date to City Council to fill the two year unexpired term of David h. Mcleod. On the primary ballot today Are Edward d. Sallie ire or. And Bartow b. Gilbert. The on the primary to Toay Are War aerie Winner in today s election will be on the the june 14 general election. 1 the polls will be open from 8 a. Rent democratic club officials As he noted that interest had grown a. To 6 . Returns will be count a unix Pird was fill in the election Over the weekend. On april 27 after children inoculated with it came x Down with polio. Since then a i cording to the Public health serv a in his remarks in new be there have been 59 con firmed o Connor emphasized that nothing cases of Poh o among persons who said by baffled tongues affects the Cutter product. Line safety vaccine. O Connor said he assumed is the facts Are properly and time has now elapsed and calmly consid the government to come to ered. The conclusion will be the conclusion about the Cutter vac same As it was on april 12, he Ine. His Telegram hinted that the said. Results of the study might Kokll o Connor was praised Here by to the question of bunder a Ohio for his part a procedures for All developing the vaccine. He said should be changed. To Connor s mention of politics was the foundation head made politics charge before the trustees recessed briefly while its executive committee was preparing a policy statement. Then this statement was unanimously adopted the state of North Carolina having spent millions of dollars in providing adequate and equal educational facilities in the undergrad uate departments of its institutions of higher learning for All races to i is hereby declared to be the policy minister Eden s conservatives ref tha Tanix Ersita of i i i t Mrtin Bevan says labor might close door on House of lords Brecon Wales. May 23 Aneurin Bevan said tonight the Jabor party might abolish the Louse of hereditary upper chamber of Britain s parliament of it wins thursday s election. The leftist Laberite charged in undoubtedly a reference to the and cry on the part of demo York audience. Noting that his a animation sponsored development. Jul Philadelphia the president of of the vaccine he said that general federation of worn he has had trouble finding clubs. Mrs. Theodore s. What is going on since the contributed some Corn government stepped into the Pic of her own. She said it now Ture last month. Appears to Micro should have been so Long As the Salk research before announce and its research was in the hands mint was made about the vac of the National foundation but i m just a had some intelligence. Totaj added. Age intellectual integrity and to ii the scientific and had no politics whatsoever behind closed doors at the National institutes of health problem in Here today 0 out technical he went on it be bless involved in testing the comes subject to Supply sort an election that prime o Connor said. When you solve a Mand politics and economic fac tors of o Connor Salk vaccine for safety before additional supplies arc released for of the consolidated University of North Carolina that applications of negroes to the undergraduate schools at the three branches of the consolidated University not be the question of negroes seeking admission to the University s under graduate schools was presented to spoke at a journalism Awa the school immunization program the and _ the Board by University president torpor. Goi Don Gray. He read a letter he i received from c. 0. Pearson of Durham chairman Legal redress committee. North Carolina state Branch National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people. Had written Gray Point ing out that three Durham negro youths Ralph k. Fraser Leroy Irr Azier and John Lewis Brandon had applied for admission to the University at Chapel Hill As under graduates but had been rejected want to give Power. The lords can now delay Legisla by one year. This Power is prepared to leave the House of lords where it is at the moment if it will slowly go into a prolonged constitutional Seldom used. Said Bevan he saic1th before april 12. I the meeting said hey would prob Hon oblast Vear s vac ably wait until after tomorrow Testa were made Public. You meeting .0 report heir recommendations to Scheele. Scheele s announcement on to kept completely but since that time o Connor added to have had some difficulty in he said he was now getting Morrow s Meetin names of tips Anci the am a did no give the Romulo says Russia threatening world by Roy an Strong director of admissions. Pearson asked Gray to reverse Armstrong and order acceptance of the Throe applications and that cd at the sheriff s office by f. P. Che Shier chairman of the Flor ence municipal democratic club and Grover c. Hinds sr., Secretary. The voting Sites and their club executive committeemen Are Ward 1, Myca Kalph Moore Wim 2, Harllee school Henry Ward 3, National guard armory l. H. Minis Ward 4, my Keisic school h. Gilbert and Ward s Points Loyall school w. R. Dawson. Mcleod was serving on the City Council when he Van successfully for mayor. He kept his Council seat until after he was elected mayor in the general election., making necessary special primary and election to fill his Timex Pirc a term. This is Leif Hunt up rail Miry in the memory it the Nir an to expired term was filled four years affo when Council Man James r. Schupman was elected mayor a special election was not held. Schipman. Unlike Mcleod ran unopposed for mayor. When the deadline for candidates to qualify for the mayor race passed club Secretary Hinds cast u single vote and elected Schupman mayor. Schipmann then resigned from the Council Hinds recalled and two candidates for his unix prod term went on the primary ballot. Thus election making a special election Unn pcs sary. I Solmn pcs on the null if of who will Rote Portny run my Lulitu to fairly Henvy. Both candid Tom believe intermit in the. Flection he risen in if. Lev a s Hurrl to a tips How Many will Sal Longcr mid lust no Fth in the election Over the weekend. Gilbert said i think they will a in map have a turnout than some approve people he estimated be tween 2.500 and persons will i vote today. In the last primary april 12, some persons went to uie polls to cast their ballots. Burton b. Finklea City Derno county s teachers in retirement plan Florence county to anchors at county empires a pad form but with the one

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