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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives May 21 1955, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 21, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaFace 4 Florence morning news Florence c. Saturday morning May 21, 1955 it looks wonderful and it la Wear like Iron. George e. Sokolsky Roscoe Drummond top brass should end irresponsible talk despite the fact that a number of Over braided members of our armed forces have received raps Over the Knuckles for talking too much and too loudly the process continues. The latest loud Mouth turned out to be an intelligence he s in the Job where silence is supposed to be most Golden. Brig. Gen. Burgess of air Force intelligence came out a couple of Days ago and said the russian air Force As Good As our own if not better. This was followed by a rebuke from air Force chief of staff Gen. Twining who publicly disavowed Burgess state ment the intelligence officer like any politician immediately came Back with the retort he had been misquoted and had said nothing of the sort. The fact is that most comments of this kind Are inspired by two motives. The first is the desire for personal aggrandisement on the part of some pent agon strategist who thereby Hopes to get a favourable press the other motive is to panic Congress and the american people into making appropriations so that the admirals and generals can have More men to command and hence More Power. Burgess statement was one of a series recently and is obviously part of an attempt by the air Force to even further increase its share of the military pie. It came of course at a time when defense appropriations Are being made and it is to his credit that senator George was the first to take All this scare talk with a Pinch of Salt. But in any event it is not part of the Pentagon s Job to meddle in politics even though they do it All the time. But when our military leaders deliberately make questionable statements in order to achieve a purely selfish Pur pose the american people Are entitled to demand that something be done. President Eisenhower has already gone on the record condemning state ments of the kind made by Burgess and has urged that his top military leaders not make them. But like so Many other things the president has said his gentle smack on the wrist has t had too much effect. In his capacity As commander in chief of the nation s armed forces the pres ident is entitled to Issue a directive to All branches ordering an immediate Stop to this kind of thing. If he at the same time directed defense Secretary Wilson and the military department Heads to take the sternest disciplinary action against those who forget that they Are supposed to be fighting men and not politicians it is quite certain that the admirals and generals would learn to keep their Mouths buttoned after a few Heads had rolled. President Truman showed the Way when he summarily dismissed general Macarthur when that gentleman deliberately challenged the president s authority. With defense a constant National pre occupation there always is the Clanger of the military getting Loo Strong and placing themselves in a position that in a National emergency the nation might Well be confronted with a military dictatorship or something approaching it. The Only Way to avoid a Dan Ger is to keep the Pentagon brass in its place at All times. Knowland s statements Aid communists propaganda the Bellicose senator Knowland of California is sounding off again making More excellent propaganda for the communist cause. His latest blast of hot air concerns the recent peace moves made by the Kremlin and his comment is that the communist world is out to wreck collective Security. He also sees the russian proposal to ban atomic and other weapons of mass destruction As a plan to get the United states at a Dis advantage. This puts the russians in the Posi Tion of the wrestler who has just been attacked from the a tier by an Sunstrup Ulous opponent. They can around the global ring holding out their hands in pained Surprise seeking sympathy and there s no doubt they la get plenty of it All the communists have to say is were acc used of building "i1 armaments Ami refusing to get together with the West. Now that we be says woman s Case Good one for Acle mrs. Manuel her of Bethel Vermont does not like me. Her antagonism is due to the fact Attiat i am a jew and she has issued a vicious statement to that effect. This woman has been seized has been declared insane by Ernest Gibson whom she attacked and who therefore should not have eat in her Case. She has been taken from her Home in Bethel Vermont to an insane Asylum in Washington d. C. She has been treated a brutality to which americans Are not accustomed. The fact thai mrs. Miller it tacked me or judge Gibson does not warrant brutal treatment nor does it explain Why she should have been taken from Bethel Vermont to St. Elizabeth s hos Pital in Washington d. C. If she is ill surely there Are institutions closer to her Home to her husband and Mother than Washington. It seems to me that this is precisely the care that the american civil liberties Union ought in jump into to prove beyond doubt that it is fighting for human rights and not Only for the rights of those who uphold certain causes. Mrs. Miler started As an anti communist. In recent years she has be come an anti semite. She has is sued mimeographed circulars con Taining violent abuse of persons and unfounded statements which it any rate she has no Var cities to Check. She finally advised Young men not to Register for the draft which is an illegal act. But for All this she should not have been seized her Home should not have been dam aged due prices should have been pursued to the very end. There could not have been due process it judge Gibson determined on her mentality after she had attacked him anymore than it would be fair or just for me to decide her sanity after she had expressed hatred for me. So the american civil liberties Union has this Opportunity to see to it that this woman who re Gao the the As an Arm of american communism gets a Square Deal under our Laws. If mrs. Miller or her family does Tolu for i do and Hope that my request will be granted. If she is insane is judge Gib son said she is then she should be sent to a Hospital nearer Home As would be air. The United states does not want a Siberia even for those whose ideas Are unpopular or unpleasant. And there is another matter the Arlu might consider with More relation to its stated purpose than its own mimeograph on the subject indicates that is the Broad question of the right to work legislation passed by 17 states. On this subject the Ameri can Cavil liberties Union said 11 the history of inter Ference with the civil liberties of labor organizations in the areas where most of the statutes have been enacted jives ground for concern that they carry the potential danger of being used or misused directly to obstruct the exercise of Basic organizing rights like the hiring of Halls for Union Here is a conflict Between two rights the right of the individual to Liberty and the Pursuit of Ness and the fight of labor unions to organize workers. If an Amer can chooses to work without join ing a Union by what specific clause in the Constitution is he to be deprived of his Choice seven teen states have passed legislation protecting him in that Freedom of Choice whether his judgment is sound or not. The Acle says As a non partisan organization devoted Only to maintaining civil liberties we take no position on the merits of the arguments Attiat labor unions make in Thek Organ Ising campaigns. Our interest is keeping open 1he channels of communication through which both unions and employers May pre sent their opinions. That statement seems to me to beg the question which nothing to do with employer employee conversations but with the right of an individual american to determine All on his own whether in order to work for a living he must dues to a labor Union. As a practical matter he probably will have to join a Union and due because so Many employers sign closed shop or Union shop con tracts. Trip american civil Liber no certainty Ike won t run again ties Union cannot Tica Lity or expediency As an excuse for a violation of a rights. Congressional quarterly Cost Factor delays atom Power plants Washington More them nine months have elapsed since president Eisenhower signed the atomic Energy act of 1934, As of May 15 no licenses had been issued to private Industry to build nuclear Power plants. The Long delay prompted sen. Albert Gore d a Mem Ber of the joint atomic Energy committee to author a Bill directing the atomic Energy com Mission to build an experimental Power Plant to show Industry the Way. Other members of the joint committee have expressed concern Over delays in various pro Grams now authorized by Law to Speed . Industry participation in the development of peacetime uses of nuclear pwt Ngy. They have pointed with alarm to Britain s plan disclosed feb. 16, to build a dozen nuclear Power plants with capacity up to 2 million kilowatts of electricity Over the next 10 years. Arrayed against these facts however is considerable evidence that . Industrial development is in fact proceeding rapidly although not so fast As Congo Ess May have expected when it revised the Law. Serious Legal administrative and technical difficulties have had to be resolved. Many others still bar the Way. Offered to get together and withdrawn some of our objections to the Western disarmament plans what Are we Lold the capitalist senator Knowland accuses us of seeking to wreck the West s system of collective Security and of try ing to gain an unfair advantage Over the United senator Knowland s position is of course based on the premise that you can t do business with the communists under any circumstances. But we cannot afford to take that bankrupt attitude until All else has failed because lie alternative to finding n Way to pane world tension in total destruction of yol Simian or Kiiu Liml Mill his followers blindly in snore this fact. They should Stop calling those who Are seeking a peaceful settlement Ioir Lia Rcd and Start Tinl. Hie is riches Are those who refuse to that n Way must be found out of the terrible impasse which now exists. Basic to Industry s interest in atomic Energy is the question of Cost. Dec already has a great Deal of information on costs which is available to Industry. But much of the data is still classified for Security reasons. Dec now Ope rates a simplified clearance sys tem to enable to Jun ii Ives to data needed for peace time development. As of May 15, some 100 companies had a Cess under the to is of 23 study agreements with acc. Although present costs Are known tin re is still no answer to this question which Ono o several feasible typos of nuclear reactors prove to be the economical to Bald and operate in an attempt to answer the question a r in launch look and learn by a. C. Gordon 1, which is the fastest flowing of All the important Rivers of world i. How Many Gallons of blood docs the average human heart in Ono Day 3. Win re is the geographic Cen Ter of the slates 4. Who is Hie c Hii of of nil a s. Leit Tryl Iii minis 5. d ui1 Bear the names of colors answers 1. The Rhone whose current ranges from six to 40 Miles an hour. 2. Alvut Callons. .1. At a Point near Lebanon in Smith county in Rufly. 4. In attorney general. I. Red Whitt Blick yellow. De a five year Power reactor technology program. At a Cost of s200 million mostly government Money is conducting experiments with five reactor concepts As follows pressurized water re actor at Shippingport pa., to be completed in 1957 boiling water reactor at Argonne National Laboratory. Chicago sodium Graphite reactor at Santa Susana Calif fast breeder reactor at National reactor testing stat Ion Idaho and Homogene Ous reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Tenn. On Jan. 10, 1955, asked industries my Ling to assume the risk of building plants to submit proposals under a Power Demon stration reactor program. Dec offered certain inducements As waiving charges for he loan of nuclear Fields for seven years. So far five propos als have been made to and Are now under study. Consolidated co. Of new York wants to build a s55 million 250.000 Kwh Plant near Pec Swu solely with private funds. Other proposals All of which involve some Federal Aid Call for these plants Kwh near Chicago Kwh in West Ern Massachusetts Kwh in Detroit and Kwh in Nebraska. Dec is still working up Regula Washington democratic jubilation Over the impression that president Eisenhower will not run in 1956 is definitely premature. It has no solid basis in fact. Obviously no one but or. Eisen Hower himself is going to disclose his final decision but Here Are three facts which even at this stage can i think be put Down As authoritative 1. Or. Eisenhower has not decided that he will step Down next year. It is completely an open question. 2 mrs. Eisenhower s health which the president considers to be Good does not loom in his mind As a Factor which need have any Adverse influence upon his decision. 3 _ or. Eisenhower will give the country and his party substantial Advance notice of his Choice to run or not to run. He does not tend to keep everybody guessing As president Roosevelt did in both 1940 and 1944. He definitely plans to make known his decision by March 1956 if not earlier. I am not presuming to at tempt to forecast what the presi Dent will do. That is an Idle exercise in speculation. What can be said is that or. Eisenhower had not reached any decision which forecloses his being a candidate next year. The question of whether he will run does not seem to be in the forefront of the president s mind at any time. It never comes into Drew Pearson Many other phases of be established Between the govern ment and Industry. However the commission expects to Complete work on these in the near future and proposals As Are accepted will be licensed. Already however certain k sol problems have developed. The Law forbids to Grant any subsidies to Industry but the pro pools now under study Call for government Aid in meeting the costs of insurance. Fearful of the potential liability in the event of a Victor Accident the insurance Industry wants More information before undertaking full coverage of nuclear projects at Standard rates. At request an insure mice group is studying the problem and will report shortly. Dec May then for changes in the Law. Aii Ollier problem stems from the Legal limit of Sevan Yaas on the prices guaranteed by for nuclear materials produced in Power reactors and purchased from Industry. Since income from this source is expected to help offset the higher initial costs of producing awk Tir Power Industry would like u Lunow Ami Ironlee. Thut would in Tail a change in the us. Industry Wauls limn Lowe total Lilii d by Ako. De Apiu. The tvs Anil Osiier prob Iweis Industry is moving rapidly to adj Pitt us operations to the atomic Nguc. Tic atomic Energy Virum inc., n non in Ofil group of 250 firms Nunno wicca May 15 that . Industry will spend Mil lion of its Man funds in Hie next Foini years on it logic a Maruy Rev confirm the conversation with any of his ing or. Eisenhower that he should associates either tangentially or accidentally. It seems Clear that he has not Only adjourned the decision but adjourned thinking about it. My own judgment is that or. Eisenhower will be far More influenced by events than by argument when the time comes for him to make up his mind. I doubt if anyone is going to argue the president into running again and i doubt if any one will need to argue him into it if he is convinced that there Are import ant positive tangible Concrete things he would have the Best Chance of accomplishing for the nation if he were in the White House another four years. Thus the state of the world and the state of our Economy will be prime factors in or. Eisenhower s final decision. If he finds that the allies Are making significant even if slow headway toward resolving some of the worst tensions of the cold War with the communists and if he feels that his leadership from the White House would particularly motion this would be a most help to keep that Progress in compelling consideration to run. If the american Economy is mov. Ing ahead on a solid keel and if he in convinced that another four years of an Eisenhower administration would definitely help it there this would be the second most influential Factor in Persuad ident is going to look at his decision it is important to Bear in mind that or. Eisenhower in his own words is not a very partisan Pur son and will not be greatly influenced by party considerations. That without any false modesty he does not look upon himself As an indispensable Man and therefore in the judgment of those who work most intimately Wilh him is More Likely to decide to run again if his leadership and his policies Are succeeding than if things Are not going Well either at Home or abroad. This Means that the president would have no compunction in stepping Down if he were persuaded that he was not accomplishing and that he could indeed persuade him self to run again if he fell that ills objectives at mid accomplish ment were making headway and needed his push to keep them going. Not even the president yet knows what he is going to decide but i am convinced that the equation by which he will decide will be about As stated above. Or. Eisenhower will listen to the politicians and he will talk with his close friends but ultimately it will be the shape of events which will shape his decision. Copyright 1955, new York Herald Tribune inc. Our children More important than politics in world setup de. Note Drew Pearson i column today takes the form of his daughter George l. Arnold Washington . May 17, 1955 dear Dau Gaiter i f editors Gripe about my co Lumn these Days it will been tirely your youngest son s fault. He is raising Cain with my work. As you know i usually get up about 6 to write a column when the phones Aren t ringing and congressmen complaining. But since he s been living upstairs i tiptoe in to take a peek at him about 6 and no matter How quiet i am he usually hears me and is bouncing up and Down in his crib gurgling and demanding to be picked up. Well we have a Good time though 1 Don t get much work done. And i still think some solution should be found for babies with wet pants. They Are so uncomfortable. I have tried to find a solution but can t. 1 have tried changing him just before i go to bed at he s still sop Ping Early in the morning. Our scientists have split the atom and developed the Hydrogen bomb. But nobody has any solution for a baby s wet pants. Perhaps there just in t any. One year old i am writing this on your Young est son s birthday. And i have been thinking of the responsibility the statesmen of the world carry on their shoulders on behalf of the other children of the world who grew up to face the Prospect of atomic War. It in t their fault that their elders have bungled. It in t their fault Attiat we have so perfected the weapons of War that if War comes today it might destroy All civilization. That s the kind of world through no fault of their own these children will have to live in. And Hose Are some of the things i can t help thinking about when i change your Young son s pants in the morning. However i begin to detect few faint signs of Hope on the horizon not so much because of the leadership we have Given but because of the Kremlin s fail ures in Russia. The big four conference this summer could hold a lot for the future of your one year old and his two elder Brothers. But we backed into it by Accident instead of leading the world into it. Or. Dulles agreed to it Only be cause the British conservative government insisted on it As an election gesture and because an Thony Eden was worried he would be Defeated next thursday. Politics is no Good reason for hold ing vitally important diplomatic conferences yet politics is what is governing our foreign policy today both Domestic politics and poli tics to help our allies abroad. Treaty to outlaw War 1 remember an incident that occurred when you were a Small baby and i was on a special assignment for the new York times to accompany Secretary of slate Frank b. Kellogg to Paris to sign his treaty to outlaw War. Kellogg and his treaty were ahead of his time. But he was proud of his treaty and though a Republican he did t want it to be claimed As a Republican Victory. He wanted it to be an american Victory an american Milestone for peace. So from his ship coming Home i radioed Frederick Birchill editor of the times asking him to radio me a query As to whether Kellogg was going to let his treaty become a football of politics. Birchell radioed Back to the query i showed it to Kellogg he gave me an emphatic statement and it was picked up by All newspapers. After we got Back to Washington backsliders can always return question i to know whether it is possible for a Back Slider to come Back to Christ find though after he has been born agile he has left Christ and none Back to the world. That is my own unhappy Story. answer let me assure you straight away thai the new Testa Mant holds out plenty of Hope for the backslider never mind How faithless he has been to Christ. Consider the Case o Simon Peter the disciple who had lived so close to Jesus Chrisl and who yet three times denied him. Here was a Iraq la Case of backsliding if Ever him b wus one. Yet Pul or was fully Foi Given restored and became one of Christ s witnesses. Do you remember the message Wahidi the Angel at the empty in pc to the disciples on the Day of the resurrection go Tell ills disciples and Peter lie goeth be fore you into Mark 16.7 the mention of Peter s name was reminder that the and not will Len off if unhappy disciple i Hopf Ofui failure no Christ loved him Itell mid liter it of tvs Peur the Opportunity to confess his love for him three limes. See John so let me beg of you to Tomc Back to the Savior in a spirit of penitence and simple Trust. Acknowledge your faithfulness. Lay hold upon his promises now As at the first. Remember he loves you still and his Promise is cer lain him that comely to me i will in it Wise cast Kellogg sent for me and told that Herbert Hoover then Secre tory of Commerce and then running for president had bawled him because of my Story. For a moment Kellogg seemed to think i had made the Story too Strong but finally he concluded i m glad you wrote it that partly because of that his treaty was promptly ratified by the sen ate not As a Republican achieve ment but As a Republican demo cratic achievement. Kellogg As i said was ahead of his time. Today what we need is another treaty to outlaw War. And this time with the world fac ing awesome gruesome atomic Hydrogen destruction the terms of a treaty might Well be kept. Today also we need the same bipartisanship that Kellogg started. Today in contrast when Secretary Dulles goes abroad and when Eisenhower sits in the White House they Are much More concerned about what Sena Tor Knowland will think than about what s Good for your children and the millions of other children who represent the future of the United states. What senator Knowland says about Quemoy and Matsu is relatively unimportant. Whether Eisen Hower and Dulles Are elected to of fice again is also relatively unimportant. What happens to millions of children in another War is important. And today we have been worry ing about two Little islands off Trie China coast Mere spits in the Ocean which nobody Ever heard about until senator Knowland made them famous when instead we should be watching the big things that arc happening in Europe where the people of Russia and the people behind the Iron curtain Are getting so restless that they re almost in silent re Volt. This according to All my information is Why the Kremlin has become conciliatory of late. This is Why the prospects for peace look better. For though we be fallen behind Russia on Many types of weapons t think we have unit secret weapon russian peo ple. In the Long run you can usually depend on people to react the right Way. And the restless stirring of the people behind the Iron curtain against their soviet rulers today is the most important development since the end of the War and is Why i feel quite hopeful that May be your youngest son who throws my papers on the floor and disrupts my mornings will grow up in a happier More peaceful world. I Hope you were Able to rent the House and can join us soon. Of love. Your father copyright 1955, by the Bell Syndicate. Inc Tom Florence moral no Newt to be notified promptly of error of any a filtered Mccond Clam in Betti at the Post office at Florence s.c., under act if incr 9, 1h7, member of the allocated pret audit Bureau of Click Lalion Anil Southern Putli Itra Asao Catlon the Agio coated Preti i to uie luf for publication kit the local Newi printed in Tell new paper All carriers Ara Index Enaena find the Flotence Moi Nln will not a for Advance in Levi Mettle it Dib office of Ilie Florence morn Lui rates 1 week 1 Bionto 3 Mon Lii Moltu i year City delivery m 1820 by mail to by Sec. Florence is by mull cd where Jio 116.so Rutm for ukr Luwi an Hurt Fautn Sundej Dpi try by n to u Mil in

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