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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives May 21 1955, Page 3

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 21, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaSaturday morning May the Florence morning news. Florence i. Cd Page s Owen Lattimore to get passport Washington May 20 Owen Lattimore today won state department approval for a trip to Kurop this summer despite the fact thai he is under Federal indictment on a perjury charge. Lattimore. A far Eastern affairs specialist was inducted in de Cember 1952, on charges that he gave false testimony when he denied pro communist activities or associations. Since then the indict ment itself has been involved in i ions series of court Battles and Lattimore has not come to trial. Last March uni timbre asked the state department to extend the passport held by himself and his wife so that he could lecture in Britain and Western Europe Dur ing june. July August and sep tember. He also plans to attend Argentine Senate hits catholics by Sam summer Lin the 10th Intel National Congress of the historical sciences at Rome. On april 26 Lattimore s attorney Thurmond Arnold said it seemed that the state department was holding up the passport to prevent Lattimore from keeping his engagements. The state de. Apartment denied this. The department is sensitive on the Lattimore Case. Back in 1952j it had to apologize to Lattimore for having put out a secret order to prevent him from leaving the country. It found that the information on which the order was based was false. Today state department press officer Henry Suydam announced that Lattimore s passport had been extended so that he could make the european trip. Passports Are issued for a limited time Only and when the deadline is past an Extension is necessary. J the statement which Suydam is sued for the department said the action is not to he construed in any Way. As prejudging the is a sues in Lattimore s perjury Case. The department filed a state ment made by Federal judge Lames r. Kirkland at the time of Lattimore s or in december 1952, by Francis w. Carpenter United nations n.y., May 20 . Delegate James j. Wadsworth said today there will have to be a change of mind at the Sandra Sloss spelling chomp. She could spell syzygy Tor it spelling Champ not fazed by president in Delegate says Russia must change mind if talks to work lives stationed in ports and major Cen ters of communication with the idea that and build up for War lop level especially on the soviet could be observed in them. Side if disarmament talks Are to make any Progress. Wadsworth returned from the London conference of the five Power . Disarmament sub committee made up of Britain a new. Provision that represent he explained that the United and the Baruch proposals for in of this commission should be Stales feels the control Organ the soviet Union still does not presented to the atomic Energy seem to feel that the control or Gan should have Powers of inspection we feel it should wads wort Worth said. Later he added no plan must have authority to go any where it pleases when it pleases. Asked How the american views now differed from those of the plan tar National ownership of All phases of atomic production from mine to use Are not contained in the latest american proposals. Where in any stage have they the not. When the Baruch plan was Baruch demanded no veto on de United nations visions of the proposed atomic commission in Agency. Wadsworth said that any violation of the plan by a nation would immediately free valid now and parts Are other nations from pact Obliga 1946 by Bernard m. Baruch wads Worth said parts of the Baruch France the United states the so russians provided for the , he explained the United of controls which we consider Ade had a monopoly on atomic that is no longer the Case Washington May 20 ass the of the National spelling jv1hv out Zigmal Mic then Champion Sandra so the government who refused be Nilst Rcd by t Buenos Ai res May 20 w _ i prosecutor had requested that of me Waii Onai Breiung Congress completed action today it Imore be restricted to Pic demonstrated her Cool skill three Point program by sup jct of Columbia and the my by a Toughie no greater slave to system than to Champion. Porters of president Juan d. Per of Maryland. On for restricting the roman Cath. Kirk tend ruled however you Church in Argentina. Make your Bond or. Lalumere. Thrown at her by president Eisen wer the word. The presi. Onui trip ill i m Vui u. V o i j v j the Senst passed you can Jio anywhere in m1d inc i3.year-old eighth House approved Resolution to taut be Back on me Flat it Nad ,.ost Nim a spelling _ _ _ up the proce.-1 for amending the trial. Constitution to separate Church Lattimore win lives in Haiti. Championship when he was a boy. Or state. The chamber said after being notified it did t bother Sandy though As ref deputies a the state department s she rattled off the Correct spell j15-9 a Senate to can that he eel the tax exemption of new i and Latondre win York for England b Point Throe in the program was he will begin his lecture tour f. University on May 30 and apr Ovid earlier the ing. The word by the Way Means syzygy had tripped one of the in contestants whom Sandy de in winning the 28th National spelling Bee yesterday. The presi three week session by both Bod is Bien keep invited her to the White House today to congratulate her Sandy s father let it out today that his daughter won the championship without using any system Catholic to duration in the Public schools. All inv of Signo to arc by president Peron but this is taken granted since Peron had said publicly he would sign any actions against the Church by Congress. Approval of the Proa rsm had been anticipated Fin i. Peron s party control All the finate seat and has an Over Xvi Ink it ii in five bar. In it Sci Elk immediate Corn Meitl from the who had sought it great Britain Italy and Den poet now signed Washington May 20 a com i is Viet Union and Canada. He told a news conference that new instructions on major Points must be handed Dosun from the higher level. This Means the sub committee will take up less important matters until policy decisions Are made at the expected summer meeting of president i Isenhower soviet Premier Bulgan in British prime minister Eden and French Premier Faure. The London conference recessed this week Aifer 13 weeks of ses a the soviet Union on May 110 put up a newly phrased peace j plan. It had some apparent con Cessions to Western views Buu Wadsworth Felt the russians did not go far enough. Tons. This Means that there would be no need for a veto because a serious violation would bring an end to the system anyway. Second Plater Jean Copeland of the russians suggested once Rescott. Ariz., who won s300, Ismore the creation of an Antenia tonal control commission to Check on Observance of any plan for Dis Jean said she does t have any armament. This Lime they added Dea what system she used hat in general she broke but the words Down phonetically into Syl Ables. Her system was to get up an hour earlier than usual every morning and study words. Sandy said she first became in i Terete d in spelling two years ago when she was in the sixth Grade i she went along to a local contest in St. Louis across the River from Granite City and was Fasci nated.1 from that Point on. She devoted .Ost of her time to uie study of Detorr May 20 i Hope for orthography that s spelling. Entered the local contest in St Louis last year and came in set see peace Hope in Auto Union negotiations Ond. Simple it broke her said san dra s father. William Sloss or. A Auto peace Rose today after Cio president Walter Reuther said he no need for government intervention in his United Auto at All. Her method enough if you have the deter i Granite City steel co. Machinist. Nation just Swallow the diction she told us she d win next year and she did. She s a very do i the girl a resident of Granite Lier mined girl and she has a very City. 111., won first prize of Good workers Union negotiations for a Ary. Tonight ending the Long Lous Spike g Nashville Railroad dispute. It had sought to entire .Ost of a health mss supporters in defense of revile ses the Church enjoys. I f. inc in now Chi jobs. T to j in Rome the Vatican new spa costs Between the and Mem l tee Vatore Romano mint inc on the 121-12 vote in the in Cipal Issue a the a night Pule. Which was marked by a bit Washington. May 20 guaranteed annual wage. Reuther. Who returned to the Union talks with the Ford motor co. Today said on leaving a ses Sion with general motors corp. I Don t think there is any need for Reuther told reporters. I wish 1 could Tell you everything that going on but i can t. Both sides have agreed not comment on what Progress if be ing Mode in negotiations. Thor has been no word on whether the companies have made a contract offer. The Law s two Day National Chrysler conference in Sessio Ling of powerful planes the unanimously yesterday up sians paraded Over Moscow on t to in Ciutac the your around pay pro i d soviet air Force raised Cut Down controversy with the Gime. Which started last bar when Peron accused some members of the clergy of trying ing a plan agreed upon by other and Materiel we could not major railroads under which a and employees each padd. Before have been a month to finance medical however arrested for creating disturbances or showing disrespect to Peron and other Leas Tel us Albi Washington attorney. Union now has the world s largest insisted it was just being scheduled to begin july 1 had walked at Ajr Force and resources in Man Frank with the taxpayers. Id avs in Advance of the Date. The Law has proposed that the Auto companies set up a Multi million fund to finance the year i around pay. The present Ford con Kract expires june 1. And general More dates 7 to .Ost the i Lan s5s5 per month for each pm casualties yesterday when Gen. Woodbury m. Burg reported to have told a Detroit As itchy irritation with Resinol ointment. Its Thiea ton in lanolin run Lar work 1 pm. Of file Rte incl ii. By Climort i. Hit. Contains 1anolin by the new York life insurance. Is Resinol Moths in. Moth balls___28c it larvex.69c in. Apex crystals 69c in. Excello crystals 69c insect bomb.98c Koditek Moth bags suits dresses 39c 49c j and j drug co. Free delivery Einstein lawyer tries for passport Washington. May 20 or. Ratio for a walkout if necessary to win the annual wage. Such a walkout would Idle 350.000 pm workers and at Ford. Currently at least As Good chamber the Union said More than half ours possibly better if . . 150 locals now have completed Gen. Nathan f. Twining. A i Junir Liz cons of of. State Are votes. Hie balloting is sex Force chief of staff subsequently in Noom Agine Vonu a petted la be completed next week., to Back his education research scientist. Air Force suburban a afield Heights told newsmen Here that Burgess Nen to devote their life s work Toi not Tell the truth and had " search. And we would like to exaggerated Gess entered in his speech. Bur consider furnishing claim that he had Otto Nathan. Executor of the estate been misquoted. Administration Jonn an Jaq Intelli a f 4-pr atom id is of prof. Albert Einstein told u. S. Policy seemed lobe asserting quotient of Iso highest la Lul District court today his Lack of a since Burgess Detroit for nos tests and i Washington. May 20 Western Reserve i chairman Lewis l. Strauss of the atomic Energy commission has passport for travel to Europe did not exactly Square with ministered interfere with making Einstein s president Eisenhower s unpublished manuscripts available men of the situation. To the scientific world. At his news conference wednes Ine f Nathan through his attorneys. Eisenhower rejected any seeking to have state the United states has .Ost a psychologist there. Or. Corin said he went through returned to Washington after four weeks in Western Europe discuss top of the intelligence test Anding president Eisenhower s atoms were unable to record the up for peace plan the dec announced officials adjudged in contempt of the air to Russia. Ii is just per reaches 0 m s today. Court in connection with his pass not he said. Jonn is the son of a factory Lay Strauss has notified the Senate pod application. The fears that maybe Russia out who is unable to atomic Energy committee the Contention is that the pass had got ahead stemmed from the private education psycho that he is prepared to present port office has withheld a passport air Force release last week without giving Nathan a full scale hearing pursuant to a court order. In a sworn statement filed with the court. Nathan said it was in dispensable that he go to Europe to consult with Eistein s scientific colleagues to the end that the late unpublished manuscripts Tell lie made Avail jets with up Lable to other seen Speed and probe death of minister bbl ont miss., May 20 Tysl Coroner s jury osterday ruled baseball i a negro minister a crusading civil Sav boy needs to a Keshis observations on the results of the .Ost of his intellect Raj gifts. This dance ballroom completely air conditioned tonight to the music of de Turbeville and his orchestra at the . Club dial 2-3404 for reservations rights Leader died of a wound i cause of which is not i the Rev. G. W. Acc. 51. Was pc fund dead in his wrecked May 7, it was considered a traffic Case until a be Irro Dan tet and a phys Dili Dan the body bore wounds Pic top not connected with of radio to programs 8 11 anti r ii turn saturday Tea View Willy Ric town Phillips by far the Money Soldin by Licak tin or stung 1 flames Broth re news. Wea. Sign 0 3 i Early slim i at Spain c Captain 10mh Dean or pm ild husband kid earn intr Irsic Danny Thomas ill land slow to re announced i 0i tale Nijs 11 is Fri so link Uil the july s wat turned Over to of icons by Shi Riff t. J. Shelton. Is As for As we ran said Justice of she peace j. S. Wompler. It s up to them the was a Dzoni Lead Sarton Misli tie Alcor 12-00 Talco i Lino Popcorn playhouse Satin Day Mallec lot s dance of uie National Assn. For or Ivanc Emem of coloured people the Jana up charged he was Mur dered Acca Sisr of his Effort to get to Register and Vole. J sheriff Sholton said racial ten visions Nad lolling to do with the minis to s mysterious death. He said several negroes were ii Init questioned about Hie Case. The sheriff Wos not available for com men on the Coroner s jury ver dict Ilic sheriff agreed with the a act that was shot. An Rel test showed thai pellets of Extin Clad from Hie body Tom own tar o no. 3 a pcs Channel 5 Marir Harden Satej Fellay is Lac Lett tin Cloi a 7 0 Jar tie a of two i or Lutr Money Channel 2 Ati ii it a v secret vile i ironic show i of 2 a u f i Ion your Oil in this is Lolly bowl in dirty hour Lino end coca m 00 news wuss Jackie Iloa on Winky hink and you is iwo kor Itic Many Caln Parl my. Pleasant Tel quiz Ivcak the bunk 4.is .v.5 National Yuarda Damon show Annie Oakley Movit Wrather sports sign saturday final Sim of Satu Paa no school today destiny Trail concert music for Sulu Day air tourist news dinner news of try hour the mar Arnii Moln. The Chraft Loithi ref Nln Bill. Or farm i Home hour or Ranov a can hymn you program Max men slim mini. 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