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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives May 21 1955, Page 2

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 21, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 2 the Florence morning news Florence s. Saturday morning May 21, 1955 a place Tor the whole family modern Church also place to learn play religion in action no. 84 by Wilbur Martin for George w. Cornel Dallas tex., May 20 Church has Lakin on a inv and Youthful look in suburbs of America. It s a place to worship in the suburbs where much Farnill Community life has began Center ins around the executive director of the Urban churches drawing their member Church department of the National Council of churches the Rev. Or. Merchant says the Youthful Dea icons and elders of the suburban reflect the character of the learn and play. You can leave Junior and Sally Al the class while you talk to a child Fot aggressive Counselor about what makes Little says the Rev. Lenton l Joe try to bite every dog he pastor of Casa View the building Boom thai Christian Church in dal Cwi Fily turned Cotton patches into Jas communities in a year s time has downtown areas. Churches in the downtown area tend to become metropolitan brought a corresponding growth in the number of churches and Church financing. All of your Burban churches Are in debt. But they whittle what they owe Down borrow some More and build an and addition to the in urn. Ship from a wide and scattered geographical said or. For rest c. Weir executive director of he Church federation of los an Geles. In most said Poss there Are Only two Public places at the beginning the school and the Church. The majority of your suburban dwellers Are Young people. They be bought their first Home. They be it Down their roots and want to become a part of the Community so they take an Active role in the membership. The churches Are Young hopeful. So Are the elders and most of your suburban Church deacons and congregations. Members Are on salary. They Don Tjit a place for the whole family it seems to me that Young much Money. But they re i really enjoy my membership Are assuming the Respo Sibil used to instalment buying. And More in a suburban Eaid Ity of running the churches in wot of Azimia. Bim Vii Folk or of dal Church assume the responsibility of Church leadership. They make to o running the curves u wot Eia. I Vii car o a observes col. N. Dwight instalment plan so much each know i take a lot More interest Allison managing editor of the san Antonio Tex Light. Be More of a Community the Rev. Joseph w. Merchant cd a new York City agrees. Month on what we Church officials in new York and these churches seem to los Angeles Detroit and Atlanta agreed on a Survey that suburban churches were far More Foca than i Ever did before. With three kids i can t do too much. I teach a training class and As much else As 1 can. But All of us go to Church and Points of Community interest than really enjoy it. There s something this trend is highly noticeable older established churches ingoing on there All the time. Rural social needs set for Church study what meaning does the fact that Rural youth marrying at a much younger age than formerly have for the methodist Church in the Small town and country areas of America and other Rural social questions Are being considered by is study groups across the United states in preparation for the National me Jio sit town and coun try conference. Bloomington. Ind., july 22-2j. Bach of the recon Ferince study groups has a meth a Odist Bishop As chairman and a i minister Layman or Lay woman is Leader. Or. Sri d. Brewer. Candler school of theology Emory University ga., is chairman of the program Corr utter which is directing the vast study program is to bring to the Confer ence practical answers to difficult questions on methodism in town country. Land food and the world one of the study groups will seek to find out what America is doing to snare its food with the world and what this Means Lor world peace. This group will direct its attention on How the Church can stimulate farm production in the More backward areas so that living standards of i Opelc everywhere might be Rais it will attempt to determine what our attitude should be re Garding birth control As a Means of meeting the food problems of Pic less advantaged Are we currently by ing Loyal i our historic tradition of Cooper Liun with other religious or docs methodism s size and wealth cause us to have a steam roller effect on other groups in hit local Ore questions to which a group on the methodist Church and of liar religious groups seeks answers. Town and country pastors Stu dents and faculty in colleges and seminaries local Church groups the laity and Young people arc ill being asked to participate in studies being made. A registration of 2.000 is expected for the Confer ence which will have Ezra Taft u. S. Secretary of Agri culture and or. Arthur s. Foleni mind. Former president of Ohio University and now director of Daofei inc mobilization in. Pc Kris. Or. Go Ken f. Sanford new Vork Secretary of the National John new commandment i give unto you that be love one another 4 the Story has been told of a wayfaring stranger who one Day Long ago found rest and Refuge in a Home by the Wayside where poverty and piety dwell. After the simple evening meal had been served and time for retirement Drew nigh this stranger was to cited to participate in the customary family Devo each was to Lake his turn at answering a simple Bible question to be asked by the Mother in the Home. Not wishing to Embarrass the guest and being entirely unaware of his identity she asked him the simplest question she could think Many commandments Are there " his reply was "11." As graciously As she could she undertook to Correct him by saying that there were 10. She was somewhat perplexed upon his insistence that lie had Given the Correct answer whereupon she inquired As to what the eleventh one might be. His answer was a new commandment i give unto you that be love one this stranger was none other than the famed Bishop Ussher who propounded the chronology which was later inserted in the margin of the King James version of the Bible. Our lord gave this command on the eve of his crucifixion. He spoke this word at the very moment when he was a victim of hate. He said that this commandment sums up All the commandments. We do Well to remember that in a world where hatred holds so much Sway Over so Many love is and Ever shall be the greatest Power in the world. And love abide but love is the great est of or. Robert Houston Smith first Baptist Church Pineville ajl according to James a. Howard superintendent of evangelism and associational missions for tile Baptist general Board of South Caro Lina All Rural Baptist pastors Are invited to attend the second annual Rural Church con Sion Board. Through this 25-year Ference june 2-8, at Rad Crest Baptist n. The conference which is sponsored by the Southern Baptist some Mission Board Atlanta ga., Ivill be held in conjunction with thou Shalt not Bear false witness against thy exodus morning news photo by Beauchamp methodist to seek million for 4-year College in Alaska Mckinnon Hall honors Carolina Church worker i Nav York May 20 to help Gram. Or. H. L. Johns philae found what will be the first four phia was named director of pro year Church related College in motion among methodist churches Alaska the division of nations1 Jin the states. Missions the Board of missions Oji the Rev. P. Gordon Gouid Phil methodist town and country con Ference and Secretary of uie department of town and country work of uie division of National missions. Methodist Board of mis Sions announces these leaders of Nesce t. S. Buic Columbia or. The study Rev. Trevor Rockwell c. Smith. Evanston 111. The Rev. Richard g. Belcher Nashville Tenn. Miss Alice Cobb Nashville. Tenn. Or. Harold Kauf Man state College miss. Mrs. J. Fount Tillman Lewisburg ten Basic Rvilla Garner Iowa uie Rev Floyd Brower Caruthersville to. Ralph Paul. Geneva. Ala. Or. Harry Richardson Atlanta a. The Rev Horace m. King san Antonio. Texas the Rev. J. Mclntosh. Clarion a. The Rev. Gene Holdridge a. Or. Gene Carter. Berkeley. Calif. The Rev. B. L. Mirl Daugh. Grove City a the Rev. Ralph Grieser Canaan Conn. The methodist Church has announced it will seek gifts from the 40.000 methodist churches in the United states. Plans for a Church wide Appeal were completed at a meeting in Denver Colo of the Alaska meth Odist College committee a subsidy a combination Chapel social Hall iary of the division of National missions. The division with head quarters in new York adminis ters the Mission program of the land Library that has been named in Honor of miss Sallie Lou Mac Kinnon of Maxton n. C., Long time missionary and missions adminis Trator of the methodist Church is under construction in Umali Southern Rhodesia. Mackinnon As the build ing is to be called will be a part of the african girls Hostel an institution of uie woman s division of Christian service. The to Secl provides a Home for 130 native girls who work in Umali. Before her retirement in january miss Mackinnon had Jeen linked closely with Mission Ary work in limit Ali and All of Afri Ca for 23 years and had made numerous trips there. From 1932 until 1940, she was an adm Nistra live Secretary of foreign work woman s Section Board of mis Sions of the methodist episcopal Hurch South. Her area of responsibility included not Only Africa but Cuba Mexico Brazil China Korea and Japan. After methodist unification in 1910, miss Mackinnon was elected executive Secretary of the Wom an s division of Christian service for China and Africa a Post she held until 1944. For the last 10 years she had been executive Secretary for Africa and Europe. Miss Adelphia. Was appointed director of College development to work with the alaskan committee with a committee of educators on a cad Emic plans and with engineers and architects in planning the Campus both or. Johns and or. Gould Are associate secretaries of the Divi methodist Church in the states Alaska Hawaii and puerto Rico. By Vole of the division the pro posed College will be erected on a 242-acre Campus in Anchorage and will be named the Alaska methodist College. The division plans that the College will be a fully accredited Liberal arts school with an enrolment of in to 500 students. The Alaska methodist College committee set no goal for the Church As a whole or for conferences districts and local churches. But it reiterated a previous Deci Sion of the division that no construction can be started before 2 million dollars in Cash has been obtained. Of that amount one Mil lion would be for buildings and one million for endowment the com Mittee said. Bishop a. Raymond Grant. Port land ore., committee chairman reported that Cash and pledges rom a fund raising Campaign in Anchorage this Spring total about the original goal was to the six years since the division decided to establish a col lege in Alaska methodists have Given about the division of National mis Sions is not embarking on a Cam in with set goals and or. Brown said. Rather we Art planning to present the cause o the Alaska methodist College to methodist churches through our Bishops District superintendents pastors and local Church commis Sions on missions. We believe that As always when methodist people Sec the need they will respond. Mackinnon was a missionary to at the meeting or. Earl r. Brown general executive Secretary China from 1917 until 1932. Start of construction on the division appointed three Kinnon Hall was marked late in Man to work with an alaskan Rural Baptist meet slated for june 2-8 Assembly Hidge Orest jewish festival to begin the Observance of a major jew ish festival known As show us. Hebrew for begins at Sundown thursday. Ordained in scriptures As a time to give thanks for the beginning of the summer Harvest the holi Day s name is derived from the fact that it occurs seven weeks alter passover the beginning of Spring. The Holiday is also known As uie festival of the first fruits and Pentecost a reference to the 50-Day interval Between passover and Pentecost. Program Southern baptists Hope to revitalize and enlarge the ministry of the Rural or Village churches in the Southern Baptist convention. Representatives from All Agen cies of the Southern Baptist convention and Baptist pastors and missionaries will participate in the Hidige Orest Rural conference through discussions and conferences testimonies of successful Rural pastors and addresses be fore the group. Or. S. Of Dowis Secretary cooperative missions Home mis Sion Board is conference director. Many Rural churches will enable their pastor to attend by paying his expenses or. Dowis notes. Requests for reservations May be sent to Willlard k. Weeks Man Ager Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly Ridge rest n. According to jewish tradition the revelation on it. Sinai took place on show us. Hence the festival is also designated As the birthday of the ten command ments. Since on the first show us the israelite avowed the need for moral purposes in their living lib eral Judaism has introduced the ceremony of confirmation into its temples on this Holiday. Confirm mands Are those who have completed their elementary religious education and ceremonially arc welcomed into spiritual maturity rabbi and congregation. Show us is celebrated in Syna Oguss with special prayers songs and sermons glorifying Devine graciousness in the Bestowal of summer s glories. A typical liturgical selection from the Union Prayerbook begins with Joy 0 our god we Home Mission week at the Assem Bly. It will serve As a promotional and planning Media for the Long Range Rural of Huron pro Gram instituted by the Home mis Sermon topics Cumberland methodist a. Believe 8 p. Power of Baptist Tabernacle a. Great uni 8 p. The solution to our problems in five posits Baptist a. Think be of 8 is your Central meth disc a. 8 p. Two come before Effingham presbyterian 11 a. 8 p. Passage of the red first presbyterian a. They heir not some season of the year when nature sings thy Praise when Field and Forest Hill and Valley proclaim thy goodness. Yet holier Joy fills our hearts when we re member the Day when Israel entered into covenant with in jewish Homes special delicacies arc served on this Holiday primarily Sweet Dairy dishes sym Bols of the deliciousness of the mixture of learning and religious loyalty. Some of the biblical references to the Holiday Are found in the books of Leviticus chapter 23, verse numbers chapter 28, verse and Deuteronomy Chap Ter 10, verse change your serving routines and Surprise your family offer browned corned beef hash with creamed eggs instead of the usual poached april with the laying of the foundation Stone by Bishop Richard c. Raines the in Flana who is president of the division of world missions. He was on a tour of mis Sion areas. The Hostel was the first of its kind in Rhodesia and is the Only one under Mission manage ment. The City government of us Mittee on plans for College development and to direct the Appeal to churches for funds. Ii. Sno Kii Philadel phia. Pa., div Sior treasurer was a scene from the newest missionary film produced by the a. Protestant episcopal Church a song of the Pacific the life of appointed coordinator of the Over i fhe Church in Hawaii and the Pacific islands. Here an hawaiian All Alaska methodist College pro boy learns his Bible lesson aided by a hawaiian chinese teacher. Tali two similar i the lesson is brought to life by the episcopal Mission for leaders 8 p. Children of first Assembly of god 11 a. Of his Holl p. Of heal ing by or. Sidney Hilton. St. Luke s lutheran a. From the ascended night services Are not scheduled. First Baptist a. Or special Sermon by the Rev. Or. Edward Byrd. 8 p. Promotion serv Immanuel Baptist a. Childhood 8 p. In the both sermons to be delivered by the Rev. Jerry Aiken assistant pastor. St. Paul methodist a. Supreme 8 p. Triumph 4. Southern methodist a. Ministers of 8 p. Don t people find hostels. On Okinawa described in the latter portion of the film. Assembly of god plans sunday meet a special salvation and Calini meeting will be hold sunday night at at the first Assembly of of on West Palmetto Street. The pastor the Rev. Roy Nylin announced that this will be the first of a series of sunday night meetings at which time there will be testimonies of those who have teen healed through prayer and prayer will be offered for the sick. Or. Sidney Hilton of Florence will give his testimony sunday night. And i will dwell in the House of the lord for How about you will you dwell in his House sunday adventist ski Avni Day aia pm is l mfg w. Sri Mutio is if. J. L left Cal. Pus ice. is no Assembly of god 01 is. The n. Sunday a m in tons u Inlap i p. Eva narc Lister p. M., prayer finst b4itist. Ropwr of ral inello if Ilij the hrs. Edward l Mil. N. N 3 m Mamion sunday Sci tool it of Imrem m sunday school 11 in Maxful Baptist 600 e. Palmet. St., Rev Edwin Colvin the d amur. To 3. J 15 m. Sunday school. A morning win hip. P in try Linni i non. Evening worship. P. in Bihari net Baptist Bap list talk Pinacle of. Pm. St. The Hev. cation Lor. 10 a m school. I 1s a worship. T i p. of Mininn Union. I p. In in ii . Calvary . 714 Niton Tiv hot. h. It Lei til 10 Shoal r m 7 i in in Baki , the m 0 of Slor 10 m us Najiy school 11 x m Mot nine worship a m training in tool. P m kit inf in Ralile Midk Kerf will Hap Iii Iii min Road in flav mar try of Lurrell a m morning War sep p in tin ining Union at West id r-4to a aptly tramps Union. 8 p m earning orb trip. Kist free will Baptist Corner if King Avenue and Hoines pad Delv of Hev w a. Hales pastor. 10 a school 11 a m. Worship. I mint is to inn fun p. Of Points hapt1st, 1 l Evv Etam Clui. I a in Sci Neil 1. I 4. Ill t r. P in to Atli in i nmn. I m Woi hip will f Cromi he Lerv c k blur Fly. san uni choir 7. W p m t Foi Adt Illk in Nirh lion he methodist cd thai. . A intr m in ant Al Lynn. P of a a it Rolft. Is ii Mil m. Mai rink Wora h m. Worship. Ii a school. P1 m school. P Fellowship. Muric Clit an m in Inri p150am my who dirt had if flav h a pm Tel my a Rhonl. Ifill w. 1 Wjk Ojni St., lha item. 10 a school. 11 a worship a y p s p. Won ii. Nazarene cell mini of thai Nax Ankner. Far of soil Ali Carolina in of. And if jux air nut. The hrs. N. Clint pastor. 10 a m school. 11 a worship. P no Kern inn worship. P. M., if. Highway the . Henry l. Heaves Lor. 10 a. Sinday p. Even liar worship. Effingham Riesby trnian. Lerv ,1. Pastor. In a. M school 11 n in mind worship p. a Milf of lir Church. I p in War Ilni. Tali Rijo. 8 p m. Men Rel Mir Ini Irli. Thor Sony s p. Bible . First onesby trnian. Come Park Avenue and Cli Cioce Road let Rev. W. O. Foster p. D., pastor. 10 a. school. A. Morning worship. P. Youth Frijo Phliip 8 p. Lott lip p. meet . Tiv. Heliy l it Apps pastor 10 a. Sunday school. H a. Morning pre sythian Mthm e n Loop mad. The it Collie i Phily Pislor. 10 it. U a. Ship. 7 p. Fell o Wasli l p. Salvation army salvation Ahmoi 1c a i Cap i Thclma of Lirar in h Schnol. 7 a

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