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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 21, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather Cloudy with scattered hinder showers becoming More numerous by evening. High today 85 degrees Low tonight 63. Details on Page 10. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Reader s tip College boys and locals a Fol Parade thurr talents manager Fred Holland in baseball workouts to Day. See Story on Page 7. Vol. 61 Florence s. C., saturday morning May 21, 1955 daily 5c sunday Loc weekly Bell strike settled Murray Sinuk rear was yesterday charged with the kidnapping of his girl mend Petite june Dallen 21 front in Detroit yesterday after a wild drive in which Sinuk attempted to wed the girl by Force. A wire photo kidnapping charged to Romeo 25 after forced wedding attempt i i 1 i la ill Chuck Detroit May 20 gun waving 25-year-old Lover today was charged with i l n kidnapping his one time girl Friend and forcing her into a night Long ride to a wedding a polio is experts veto plan to eke out vaccine Washington May 20 government to night decided against reducing dosages of the Salk anti a let contract for addition to infirmary 2. But Tjie second shots can be Given in such areas and periods polio vaccine in an attempt to stretch out the scarce a contract was awarded yester supplies. This threw into further doubt just How soon for the construction of a five Lions of stil a vaccinated children can receive the addition to Mcleod ment. Infirmary. Experts met All Day Here today to consider whether Mailer dosages possibly injected ust into the skin rather than into he Muscles would be . But tonight surgeon Gen. Leon Ard a. Scheele of the Public health service announced that this advisory committee has recommended that the present general y accepted schedule of three doses of one cd each of the vac Cine be continued. He said this and other receiving the contract was the Tuscon construction co. Of without appreciable concern for Lestus who Are to begin work by the phenomenon of aug. 1, said k b. Harc chairman the experts explained that the Hospital s of trustees. ,.lnu immunity resulting from the first t1ie addition will have already is m but will dose of vaccine will most Likely suite including three s but Union must vote on agreement terms Atlanta May 20 Long costly and strife Ridden strike against Southern Bell Telephone and Tele graph co. Was settled tonight but it May be several Days before workers return to their jobs in nine Southeastern states. W. A. Simil Lwood District director for the Cio communications workers of America said the new contract fined at . Est must be ratified by the member ship of the he said machinery for Ratific provide Protection against rooms an out patient clinic and space for 89 Beds. This will rive the Hospital total of 2s3 Beds. Site of the addition will be the such effect. Members of the advisory com Mittee were or. David Bodian Johns Hopkins University or. About -10.000 people in 700 cities and towns Are a Southern Bell statement said the con tract provided there will be no lockouts or strikes during the Thomas Francis jr., University of Wing erected in 1906 amyl added to in 1924. This 59-bed win contract is for one year emendations Are being immediate transmitted to medical and pub Lic health authorities throughout the nation for their guidance. This meant thai they had the govern ment s experts recommended that the vaccination continue to be injected into the Muscles rather than just in to the skin. The team of experts also took up today another question whether the vaccination Campaign should be suspended in late sum Mer the height of uie polio sea son out of fear the injection might provoke a Type of paralysis. On this score the experts recommended University of Pittsburgh or. Rob Ert forms new York state health dept. Or. John r. Paul Yale University medical school or. Thomas i Vars Rockefeller foun Dation or. Albert Sabin univer sity of Cincinnati or. Jonas e. Salk University of Pittsburgh and discoverer of the vaccine or. Joseph Smadel Walter heed army medical Center or. Thomas turn or Johns Hopkins University and or. Hart Van Riper National foundation for infantile paralysis. Another development Ca me Dur ing the Day when two manufacturers of the vaccine confirmed re ports that manufacturers experts share said and will us have been summoned to get rid of the present obsolete was condemned by the state Board of health. Style of the new Addi Tion will be in keeping with the rain Mcleod infirmary building Mark Stanton Hospital adminis Trator said. Architectures for the addition Are Hoplins Baker and Gill of Florence. The contract Calls for the Addi Tion to be completed in 230 work ing Days after work is begun and the work must be started by org. 1. Tiie new addition will provide Relief from our shortage of Natick my Back that never was yield state troopers armed with i was going to Bowling guns found husky Murray sri nuke a Green Ohio with him to get mar guns found husky Murray credit company clerk in a with bran tie june Dallen 21. Thei Sinuk had forced his Way b foot 240 Pound Sinak was an apartment where miss Dallen i kidnapping staying with a girl Rienti last charged with _ do is .000 Bond then rearrest cd late today when police uncovered 1 Small Arsenal they said was his. Detective i. Joseph Vanwie said the a inns collection included night. Miss Dallen. Who lost her and an the went station and asked where they could be married. They headed Back Toj Michigan when told there was a five Day wait Between marriage i License and ceremony. "1 tried to get rid of miss areas and periods where ton for a conference monday on prevalent the first shot new safety standards. This May delay in distribution into t to a Tolick should be Given Only after a new do nation of All the the vaccine. the Hospital will borrow the to build the addition Hare said. Both sides made some conces ions under terms of the agree ment. The company had maintained that the no strike clause not included in the previous contract was one of the major obstacles to settlement. The Union finally agreed to the no strike clause but held out for Complete arbitration better wages and working conditions. The com Pany then agreed to broader Arbi and made other conces Sions. The company said included in he agreement Are reclassification of eight cities for wage purposes and Shorter schedules for operators who work certain these Are Laurel miss Homestead shoes when Sinuk shoved her into Jim Dallen told police. I feel sorry for the car said he fired his gun out the window As they drove to prove it was he s Jar be sub machine guns about a when they arrived at Bowling pistols f number of knives i Green miss Dallen telephoned her flare gun a hand grenade at 1 ., telling her mar ius and Yamile and fuses ammunition and Mother she was going to be extra barrels for some of the guns tried. She sounded nervous. The Arsenal was found at the frightened and talked As though Home of a Friend of Sinuk s. She had been coached on what to police said miss Dailen Michael Dallen the them he stuck a .4s Caliper i the girl said she had ample Opportunity to escape from her Abductor but was i want an end to said miss a Lien at police Headquarters. He assumed i would marry him. I gave him no indication i troopers said they found Sinuk s loaded gun at the Motel Etc cd on a bed stand. Diem wins big Victory Saigon South Viet May 20 Ngo Dinh diem won an important Victory today in his drive to Lessen French influx i ence in South Viet his Deputy Deferres Innis Tor announced France had agreed to withdraw its troops from Lihe capital City of Biles and rents declined in Carpri living costs fall slightly in april Saigon. The minister. Tran Trung dung Washington May 20 government Rupart de today that consumer prices for both Automo be cause of record production in the Auto and housing industries. Giving More and More con Cessions Oft list pro Fotti so thai caste of both new and used cars dropped by More than 4 per Cenit Between March and april. Here again mrs. Wac cens Sand there Vas no Market break. A 4 Par bandits net in Alabama Bank raid russians reject Reich tax pleas lying said of Chat eventually the entire 75.- the Price declines were modest 000-Man French expeditionary but possibly significant in View of cent Cut on a pm would be Force will be shifted from the big tremendous output in both Southern cities to two or three Iii strips. They were Chick by to food prices Rose nearly Viz per coastal envy Arkalon Points Spon sible for an Over Alj slight re cent in april. This was largely diem s government contends the duct Ion in Hie nation s living co slide to a late March freeze i the end came g8 Days after numbers of the Cio communications workers of America walked out of the company s 1.043 exchanges in a contract dispute. The strike was the longest Ever called against any of the 22 operating units of the Bell system. The previous record was the 60-Day strike against the Indiana Bell co. In 1953. During the walkout workers lost millions of dollars in pay and the company reported More than instances of major damage to pro Perty. The Union repeatedly Dis claimed any responsibility for damage. Clyde m. Mills assistant director of the Federal mediation and conciliation service announced to newsmen the Southern Bell Telephone co. And the communications workers of America have authorized me to announce that the Dis Pute has been settled subject to ratification of the Union member the Telephone company in statement said the contract pro Fla. Chanbler a Owensboro Vidics wage creases of from to 1 a Linn by. Burlington. Smyrna. Weekly for the 50.000 no super a. Donaldson Tenn. And co Lumbia . President Fred j. Turner of the Telephone company and w. A. Smallwood District director of the Cwa both issued statements after the settlement was announced. Turner said in part the settlement reached was through the collective bargaining and is fair to All con Public the end ploys and the company. We will Welcome Back the approximately employees still off the Job and we Blidy express our gratitude to More than 32.000 who have video such Good service during the a Story employ s of Liu increasing costs More than seven million dollars annually. The announcement also said the agreement provides for broader arbitration of disputes arising under the contract including Dis Putes involving suspensions of employees and disciplinary action taken under the no strike it cops in their present co Centre level for april. Southern Statos. It helped Send to Berlin May 20 we have angered the vietnamese the labor department s prices up by an average of ambassador g.1i. Pushkin re people and fired up communist of labor statistics said that be injected today a Western Appeal for propaganda. Tween mid March and mid april Jacksonville. Ala., Mav 20ibank and forced him to let them help in getting communist dung s announcement followed jts Consumers Price Index de our armed bandits who mixed deadly threats. _ Robbe i a Jacksonville Bank a finitely and then bound As they re l. Arond s90 000 today then made ported for work. The Bank vault he again told a Rojna i 1 East Germany to pare Down stiff disclosure that Gen. Paul Ely dined a tenth of 1 per cent to Bank employees were greeted to Highway taxes in effect since april French commissioner general i-njn4.2 per cent of the 1947-49 aver Indochina and commander of Telage. This is three tenths of 1 per was opened by a time lock at i Western ambassadors the levies Moi or in which Thev fled And the robbers took out on West berlins truck after their pc fishy timed strike Money. The loss was covered by traffic Are responsibility at first National Bank of Jack a insurance. Eon Vilic was found abandoned j nastily dressed gunman who a East Alabama caly of As to Portere for the i women employees if they were mar and had children. When mrs. Niston Star the four gained entry Angel an attractive Young to the Home of Bank cashier Jesse Teller said she was a widow with n. Wood. Children she said lie told her two of the robbers remained a i could i d give you a Tsiou there. Of the East German Republic. The ambassadors met with Pushkin for four hours in the first formal meeting of top Western and soviet officials in Germany since 1948. They proposed that the four Powers occupying Berlin appoint German experts to study the tax problem and recommend a Solu Tion. 30 per cent 60 Pec cent Over last the big three French armed forces Here had cent lower than april last year. It asked Paris to relieve him of his is the lowest living Cost level since Post. Dung and Ely Are working May 1953 when the Index was 114.01 out details of the troops regroup the rent decline was Only a ing. Ely s move came As a sur i tenth of 1 por cent. On a s100 prise. But it obviously was an out-1 monthly rent this would be Only a growth of his clashes with diem dime a month. But it was the first on military and political policies rents Over the nation have and of americans Kinport for diem averaged lower since the govern ment rolled them Back in wartime 1942. The earliest previous reduction in a free rent Market Witti bbrl1n, May 20 i a u. S. Out controls was Back in 1938. I array court martial convicted rus mrs. Aryness Joy Wickens. Act spy gets 12 years Sand of this to help you with those in asians p e a k i n g pvt William t. Ing commissioner of labor states n j i ii to kill Wood if an Kep Orrea local in i the of r i balanced by increases in other turned Loose by the russians spots. Liis was the first month the West Berlin isolated within East last Jan. 8 after six years declines outweighed the increases. To Kiu Wood if an Alara was Given j to recognize As Legal. Tic first Case of polio for the 11155 season has been reported in Florence county. The victim is a 4-Ycar-old Hoy who has been admitted to my Leocle infirmary. No signs of paralysis have been observed physicians said. The youngster had not received the Salk anti polio vaccine. 70 Miles East of Birmin Liam appends Hea Vily on Srch Mabama trucks to bring foodstuffs and con year a goods from West Germany i Holdup in Liam Branch Bank was robbed of j10 in Miles imprisonment in the soviet Union the 39-yo.ir old Soldier from nor a Istman. Pa., blinked nervously at the verdict. It s just that we have a bettor housing she Sadd. This is similar to what s Hap opened in a Uto prices. Dealers have Zambone s meditations by Alley Boss Simme a raise he me. Not to brin6 up dec Subwick. No to an i pee Dee Coop gets Loon Darlington May 20 Peel Dee electric Coop was awarded a loan today by the Kralj electrification administration according to sen. Strom Thurmond. The funds will be used in connecting 408 new members and sys tem improvements. A lot Wall also be purchased for a new Headquarters to be constructed later. Tiie company serves parts Darlington Lee Florence Chesterfield counties. And Southern baptists against amt policy Paui wills Miami Fla., May 20 the Southern Baptist convention rep resenting More than eight million Church members in 30 Southern and Western states today announced opposition to Universal service As a continuing bonders officers , May 20 we Dwight k. Patterson of Lauren Vas elected president of uie South Assn. In con cation Here today. To Eli Paul k. Jenkins of Rock Hill. Military policy. Group adopted a recommendation spelling out its opposition by a nearly unanimous i vote. I while we recognize the Neces sity of Luck Kilt for i National defense we deplore Siuy ran n Ennis 1.1 a Minn to isl Dimsh n. Claw in of ill still a Conri pm Hilary service president w. W. Mck Odiern rend. Of Greenville third vice president and e. Ii. Alexander of Columbia ire elected Ono pulic Mana Gor. The Coo delegates u the 55hi convention which opened had As Spalte a today John h. . sin annl Chi president on foreign did. The thousands of messengers at tending the convention agreed that the selective service Law is sufficient and that the fruits of uni Versal military training would fur incr weaken the principle of free Dom and increase the danger of our becoming a military civilization Temple to world the group has voted against the Universal military training Princi ple four limes in the past the last time in 1930. New academic Hall. Police Beartown on Beer Selling to juveniles Sinel Hood said in part Liis new contract is an Honora ble document. We of Cwa feel confident thai we cannot Only live with it but that we will be Able under its terms to establish better la Bor re lations in cooperation with management of Southern Beu. The new contract just be Rati fied by the membership of the Union for whom it was written. The machinery for ratification has Al Shaw base airman draws 25-year term sumtj3r, May 20 a. Nichols 21-year-old Shaw air Force base airman from Fari Bault minn., charged with murder in the feb. 4 slaying of a birding Ham ala., travelling Salesman to nig lit was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Daniel j. Dick of Billings mont., also stationed at Shaw fab. Was sentenced to three years by Gener Al sessions judge j. Frank eat Mon. Dick indicted in the Case was allowed the guilty plea after turning state s witness. The nude beaten1 body of w. R. Ready been set in motion. It will Eva to 63, was found in his bed take several Days to Complete room in a moua1 court near Here. 700 no need since about 40.000 people in towns Are involved he had been robbed of and his automobile was missing. Las a Carol Down is place Ilia s u City pee Dee ready for armed forces Day Observance of armed Ling naval base at Charleston Oday will be relatively gov. Timmerman led South car Niles Beer or permit them Wilh h c " Era in paying tribute to the oin Ball machines de to the nearest military Stab armed Torci of. Chief Price said he has ordered at a flaw air Force base at a time when the world is is men to place charges of sumo we re Luu ded by two Ara Tributino to the minors against juveniles to operate pin Chines. Well also is fore City Council to if can t have their business pern taken a two edged weapon de linage nov of Dav s program is scheduled those who permit David h ecu cd called rate pin Ball of r age n the Doun i town i our apart am cold is con. Stantly Liis to main i Tain sizeable armed strength it is District to thai we should set full my ii sure of respect and aside a Dav to Honor the men and a link in Tho inn and women who Are serving in the de sense establishment of our nation i from show air Force Lac Siose men and to continue their women. It is my Hope and prayer a City that a Way can be found to has been levelled at tavern owners who permit the Sale of Beer to minor attracted peace throughout uie world. Chief Price said he would seek Juull such peace is a reality Hope have their Heer a census Revol cd jul ubic inv Ltd our men and women will con by the state tax commission caromans Are expected True to maintain their Fine spirit their business licenses taken away to for determination to defend our by City Council demonstrations at acc mood Way of life a was of life based on chief Price said his decision Hill. Donaldson air Freedom and human Stop the Sale of Beer to juvenile and their playing of pin Ballma Chines stems Back to the meeting on juvenile delinquency Here in the past few months. The southwestern bump list i think Florence has the least. Base at Greenville and the logical Seminary at fort Worth has undertaken a five million Dol copies of the recommendation expansion program its presi Aro to be mailed to the nations Dent John h. Williams reported. Lenders officials said. Houston tex., was chosen As the site of the Southern Baptist convention in 1958. Next year it meets in Kansas City. Mo., and the following year in Chicago. Or. Harry t. Stagg of Albuquerque n.m., was chosen As next year s keynote preacher and Lames Baldwin of Salem 111., was chosen today s business sessions were mainly concerned with a Survey of Hap list accomplishments in Educa Ion. Detailed reports from Inch of the Jive seminaries operated by the convention closed the Day s business. It was disclosed that the Carver school of missions it Louisville operated for women students by he said a million dollars has Al ready been raised in Cash and guarantees. Sen. Robert s. Kerr in the convention s major address to juvenile problem of any City in the chief Price said but i also believe Bee Tonii pin Bull machines to any Molotov to attend san Francisco meet Knowland hits United nations. Mayolla Ter in the summer. I a Vii to Russia is sending Molotov attended the . Found n minister . Molotov toxins Eon Ferenee at san Francisco anniversary meeting of in Isi-15. I will come from mrs Trio United nations next month in after talks with India s prime Day. Said the greatest teaching in-1 new York. May 20 Francisco. Molotov so in or Nehru who is slated to situations Are those that but the William know lamp . Formed the . Today. Visit Moscow Early next month highest stress on Christian Educa said today recent peace and this macs certain the holding . Krishna Menon. Foreign of lion. by the he new High level talks fairs advisor to Nehru will rep lie told the baptists that one of Art into Ali a to Unck Chc be dietary of dulls ail lndi.1 it the san Francisco their greatest duties was to pro us Security. I a Vicli Kori Iii minis i Rantoine Sesmon Smi ins Lime 20. Menon is vide Lor Mieir children tin finest the Siwic i Arlit a they will c in 1 Aipuu with top for Christian education the Llma ii Siili a i Kiili Mii r in san the unit i t oink which any generation has Kerr of aria okln., is

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