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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaFriday morning May the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Page 11-a farm Section Florence Farmers visit Coker farms Hartsville May 19 some 20-Odd Florence county Farmers picked up interesting pointers on the Breeding of oat and wheat seed Here today they poured the co Ker pedigreed seed co. Farms. The visitors saw grains growing Hail damaged Weed can still produce several areas in Florence county were hit rather hard by Hail storms the latter part of last week with damage to tobacco and Cotton rather severe in some cases according to report from j. T. Pogers county agent. The follow ing recommendations by agricultural Experiment stations Are con Sil Rcd important in handling Hail damaged tobacco 1 Clear out ruined leaves and nil broken off parts of the Plant. 2t allow Only one sucker to develop on each Plant. 31 control weeds and grasses a Atli two Light cultivations. There have been cases where tobacco thai was Wais High when Hail damaged yielded 00 to 70 per cent of a Normal crop even when All the stalks in the Field were Down and after being declared a total loss. The extent of recovery will of course depend upon the Date of damage size of plants when injured severity of damage. The weather and growing conditions following damage and by no Means the grower s Wil Liness and desire to grow crop. Can he saved from a Cut off crop varies with the length of time the tobacco has been planted. The recovery is most effective if the Hail damage comes with in six weeks of the time plants Art set in the Field. If the Hail comes after six weeks the plants have less time to recover and Ripen hut the grower May be Able to pay for production costs by salvaging As late As six to i yet weeks Alicr Here Are some averages taken from actual experience. If the sufficient portent. If rainfall is highly in sent and severity of damage. It is an individual decision because of differences Between crops lid Between Hail storms. If the damage is nearly 100 per cent and no diseases Are present the decision is an easy one. The stalks should be Cut six to eight in five foot Nursery plots where they arc subjected to various sorts of diseases and fungi the to foot seed bed where the Best producers Are selected and the larger Fields where the seed arc increased Gra dually for Sale to the Farmers. Wallace Talbert company offi Cial who conducted the tour explained that it takes seven years for a seed to reach the Market after it has been crossed with another variety. After male and female shoots have been bred Talbert explained the Best seed a re planted the Fol lowing year in the Nursery. The top 10 percent of these Are plated in 15 foot rows and the Best 10 per cent of these seed Are selected for planting in the Field. The seed Are planted by hand in these first two Steps and harvested with reap Hooks. The work is done with machinery in the Fields where the Best seed Are selected for the next three years before finally being sold to the Farmers. Talbert advised the visitors to plants Are four to five weeks old grower May make 80 to 90 per cent of his crop at six weeks he should make better than 65 to 75 per cent and at eight to nine weeks 50 per cent of the crop May be salvaged. If the Hail damage is Only 40 to 50 per cent it is probably Best not to Cut the stalks at All. Broken leaves should be picked off though and debris cleared away. the tobacco come into full Flower and top very High. After Hail damage the grower must first determine which would be Cut off and grow a sucker crop or to clean up and leave the crop As it should not be used for the cutting operation since they split the stalk in a crushing manner and do not Prockle the required. Go through the Field about seven to ten Days after the stalk cutting and remove All but the strongest and Best looking sucker on each Plant. The soil can be cultivated lightly at the same to control grasses and weeds without injuring the roots. Cultivate once More when needed when Hail damage occurs with in eight or nine weeks of setting it is not necessary to add More the crop was fertilized properly to Start with. Slim i xxi juju we inclines High. Mowing machines buy a smal amount of new seed every year to produce their own seed for the following year. This he said will enable them to keep with ii Lone year of the producer and it the benefits of new develop ments. I i i about three out of every five americans born in 1890 lived to celebrate their 65th anniversaries Spray forests Montreal May 19 a an and Vance group of 10 inspection ail from file United states and each flying his own plane has be gun preparations for a two million Aore Forest spraying project. Eighty aircraft from the United states and Canada will participate in the operation in the Gaspe pen insula of Quebec and Northern new Brunswick. Two million acres of Forest infested with Bud worm will be sprayed with Dot. Florence county Farmers Are shown Here As they exposed of rust and smut Ond other diseases to build up resistance Learned yesterday How the Coker pedigreed seed co. Of Hartsville after they leave the Nursery it will be five years be Ore the seed spends seven years Breeding the seed they use for planting Grain Ore ready for the Farmers. Morning news photo in Howie this photo shows them in the Groin Nursery where the seeds Ore Bunker Type silo artificial Breeding Aid Coward Farmer p these Steps arc followed 5uck.jth Shoult be used upon or growth tobacco of Good cigarette distr Lection. Ceases pre Quality can be produced. Sucker tobacco glows faster than the Ordinary crop and is therefore lighter. It takes no More work than an Ordinary crop apart from the Clearing operation and the extra cultivation. One Man can Clear away broken parts of the plants in two to four acres in a a the annual death rate in the United state dropped from 17.2 per thousand per Sass in 1900 to 9.6 per thousand in 1950. Although the Lawent Pluto was not discovered until 1930, its Posi Tion and orbit was predicted by astronomers in 1914. The Perc Colacc of the crop that rid your Home of Roaches pint___69e quart get some today sold on Money Back guarantee by i Rocic Shive Independent drus and grocery stores. By .i1mmie 1iowle morning news farm editor Coward May 19 Raleigh lilacs a comparative newcomer in he Dairying business had at least to features on his farm near Here hat Lead most of his colleagues to believe hell be Selling milk a Long Ime. Both of Bunker Type slip and a program of artificial i Semi him what he regards s the very Best fld most econom Cal results. The new silo is Only in a temporarily Complete stage but is Al Eady filled with silage which will apply his Herd at least until his Corn crop is ready. Supplying his own labor mile spent less than s175 for the new do but will put out More Cash his fall when he plans to put in a Concrete floor. There was a Man by Here the other he said who wanted o sell me an upright silo. The smallest one he had sold for 300." the Blinker Bilo Miles has built measures 16 feet wide by 60 feet Long and will hold 115 to Supply his 25 cows and eight calves for More than four months. Although he Dosen t have the experience with the new silo to sell his neighbors. Miles is completely sold on it As far As he s seen it go. He s also firmly sold on the artificial Breeding program figuring. Be would have to spend an awful lot of Money to buy the kind of bulls that have been servicing his cattle via the test tube. The thing i like about he Points out is that whatever kind of cow 1 want to Breed i can got service from the same kind of his appointment extends to dec. Guernsey and holsteins so if he had to buy three bulls he would Cut very deeply into his profits. Engineered irrigation co. Box 1437 Florence s. C. Dial 7298 see equipment at intersection of Darlington Highway and Nashua ferry Road Good question Washington May 19 w the question was raised in the House rules committee Why does the mechanized cavalry which gave up horses Duris i world War ii have to draft veterinarians chairman Vinson a a of the armed services committee replied to Tine question by rep. Smith d veterinarians Are used to in Spect meat. The 13 billion dollars that the United states spent for defense in 1947 was a larger Dollar total thas it spent for military uses in the Peak year of world War i. Tobacco men use an insecticide that s both effective and Safe rho Thane the Tok is the safest insecticide recommended by Bolli stale and Federal experts for tobacco Horn worm Corrol. Rho Thane is the original Brand of the used successfully by thousands of tobacco growers for Many seasons. Only rho Thane the offers the combined advantages of Quick Horn worm kill plus maximum safety for users crop handlers and smokers. And rho Thane when used correctly Mil not affect tobacco smoking Quality. Rho Thane is available As a Wal table powder or 25% emulsify table liquid for easy mixing of sprays. Leading formulators in your area mix and sell rho Thane duals. Whichever Way you prefer rho Thant. Will no a Job not Only on Horn worm but also on buds Nam and Flea beetles As Well. Rho Thane sprays and duals can he used in either air or ground equipment. Sprays can be applied with High or Low pressure rigs. Don t Wail. Be ready when Horn worm strikes. See your dealer now for your hot Diane Supply. It s an v Ell As Cal Clive. Hot Hahn in Nammal Kif vat. Of. To twin rigid i 1 if after All she was just Riding in a of used looking for a dream car at a strictly Down to Curth Price you la find it Here with an of tag on it. Of used cars Are thoroughly inspected and scientifically reconditioned. To make Sun your dreams have a Happy ending of used cars Are warranted in writing by the dealer. Sold Only by an authorized Chevrolet Deobre Dixie Chevrolet inc. 367 West Evans St. 238 West front St. I. 4 Raleigh Miles of near Coward figures he s getting ahead in the Dairying business with these two features at top he is shown with some of his eight calves which were produced by artificial insemination while Bottom shots show him with Florence county agent j. T. Rogers inspecting some of the 115 tons of Hay hell store in this newly constructed Bunker Type silo v morning news photos Rohm Haas company we Hamim Mem. I extra profits greater yields from the same seed from the same land with the leading source of nitrogen anhydrous ammonia Good for any general crop Call and let me give you estimates on applying nitrogen to your Corn j. P. Flowers Darlington s. C. Phone 872-w Man appointed no pro. C. Bruns Fin route i Kim Nii a has been named in pin slalom Elvis try c no Miller the farm or. Homo administration by and minis Alfr h. B. Mulc Aish according to an announcement made vast Cray by l. M. Bulk jr., director. His appointment extends to dec. 111. 1956. a no incr if tin commit scr ilium in will help Lair sink lirri1 Lor Udall National ii Licurs of tlu1 fila in local conditions Sun i isl ways to make the program More effective and help coordinate the program with activities of other agencies. Brunson operates a 400-a.crc farm near Florence and is Active in farm Efroim and Community affairs. In 1952 he won the balanced farming plaque awarded by the Extension service. Ten Ronny Len in the United produced More Ihnn 10 million o Coul in 1953. 1a-1953 Chevrolet Bel air 2-Dijin tires radio Heater in mileage. Down payment 2-1 Mac i of Nierli i 28s6a-1953 Chevrolet 2-Dchii. Indio a unlit and while Wall tin s. Look at these used car bargains 2929a-1953 Dodge 138b 1947 Ford . 4-door. Radio club Coupe. Radio and healer and fluid drive. . Down in a mint 24 Mac payments 775ba 10ro 131 a-.952 Chevrolet pickup. Diphl truck the year. C Down payment flown payment a Mac pay Nils jm3.28 prices listed includes All taxes and comprehensive insurance d113b 1951 Kaiser and Heater. Tins is your fishing ear

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