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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 19, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaAllotment tease Bill passes House Washington a the House passed monday a Bil which would permit Tob am Farmers to lease their govern ment allotments for up to one years at a time. The measure approved by voice vote goes to the Senate. The Bill makes permanent the leasing authority which has been Law for eight years but is due to expire this year. Under current statutes farm ers can lease their tobacco allot ments on an annual basis. The proposal continues the prohibition against leasing Bur Ley and Wisconsin Cigar Binder tobacco acreage. But it would be for the first time allowing leasing of the Ohio Cigar filler Type. The agriculture department urged passage of the measure saying Many tobacco allotments fail to constitute economic operating units. The Bill would allow the Small tobacco Farmer to lease his acreage to a Large operation with the labor and equipment to produce it economically the department said. We serve breakfast when the Sun goes Down. When the Sun goes Down when the Sun goes Down. And when the Sun comes up. And All the time in Between. In fact we serve breakfast any time of the Day. And night. Herman House right .1821 w Palmetto i 236 w Palmetto i Jane Hursey St. John s Winner Marlboro Airport operating Bennettsville air planes and helicopters Tak no off from and arriving he new Marlboro count Airport have become coir no place. The Airport is now ully operational with a oot paved runway two Nev steel hangars sufficient for 1 aircraft and a s m a 1 id ministration building. H. E. Avent chairman of the Marlboro county a i r p o r commission has announced the employment of l. D. Spec Rowe As manager of the Airport. In discussing the Airport will Industrial leaders sen. John c Lindsay expressed the Hope o Lany that feeder line Servici o Charlotte c o m m e r c i a mines will soon be available t the local Airport. The total Cost of the Airport including land paving hangar and other construction came t of thid o u n Marlboro county has provide be fourth the state one fourth and government the ther 50 per cent. Still needed Are office and Ece lion room furnishings Ater cooler fire extinguishers icing More paving and a parking area As Well outside lighting around the hangar and an air compressor industries of the area whose personnel Are users of the Airport facilities Are being re Quested to assist in filling these needs. Command changes at Beach base Myrtle Beach col Evan w. Rosencrans w i 1 assume command of the 455th tactical fighter Wing at a formal Wing Parade and change of command Here Friday Al Myrtle Beach air Force base replacing col. Garth a Reynolds who has been Wing commander Here since july 1969. Col. Reynolds has been appointed director of command and control Deputy chief of operations of Headquarters u. Air forces Europe Lindsey in station Germany. The incoming commander is presently serving As vice com Mander of the 4531st tactical fighter Wing Homestead fab Florida one of the units which participated in brass strike i during the last two weeks in april. Bank announces a fresh Supply of Home improvement Money. Darlington miss Dar announced Darlington Jane Hursey has been selected As the Winner this year of the Dar citizenship award for St John s High school presented by the daughters of the american revolution. Miss Hursey a daughter o or. And mrs. B. Edward Hursey was selected on the basis of dependability integrity Leader ship Ari character the Dar said. She was recently chosen As the most talented senior girl she was the 1969 St. John s Talent Winner and has provided singing entertainment for numerous civic clubs and groups including Lions kiwanis mental health association the Golden age club and the Darlington chapter of the physically handicapped. She composes the lyrics and music to most of her songs. She is current Secretary of the St. John s student body and a member of the Pep club Anchor club future teachers of America French club and bulletin staff. She is a manager of the girl s basketball team and a teacher s aide at St. John s grammar school help ing slow readers. Outside of school she has been past state vice president of the girls auxiliary a Baptist president of the first Baptist youth Council and a member of the Church choir. She received her first class scout award several years ago and is still an Active senior scout. Miss Hursey plans to attend Furman University and. Will najor in elementary education. Cha to admit girl students Maxton n. C. Carolina military Academy an All male preparatory school will become co educational beginning next with the enrolment of girl Day students. Girls have been admitted to the non military summer sessions in previous ears but this will Mark the first regular school term with urls in attendance. According to Clyde Parrish director of admissions and Public relations this is the rend today. Throughout the country All male and All female schools Are welcoming members of the opposite sex to heir facilities. We Are quite in cited about this program. Darlington briefs by Rubye Arnold morning news correspondent Darlington mrs. Marcia Erkins Darlington county has resigned Library position to Barrian accept a it was revealed by Hornton Crouch chairman of he Darlington county Library Oard. She has accepted the position f Field consultant with the Louisiana state Library effective june 1. She will reside Baton Rouge. Mrs. Perkins came to Darlington in August of 1968. Be four those plans. Your Money s Here for a screened in porch or a game room or a Nursery or a Carport anything you want to fix up or add on. Fast. The action Bank scholarship Darlington a Darlington student Larry Sobiski who is attending Newberry College received three scholarship awards at the annual Newberry College awards Day. He received one of two Aid association of lutheran Grants awarded to students based on achievement character leadership personality and dedication to the service of the Church. He also received the Richard iou Tki pm Khi Ottell of l 318 Well Evonie 910 South Irby sing 199.1 Hoff minor Rood by u. S. Supreme Darlington county school Darlington the county schools will remain in enforcement division to the supreme court unanimously effect. Lamar to maintain order. Children refused monday to review a violence erupted at Lamar More than 30 Whites were teachers e school desegregation order in Darlington county a few arrests on riot disrupt in s which brought violence and their trials Are still pending. Dee sea e arrests when it was put into weeks after the order was the Appe effect in february in Dart implemented. Angry Whites in asking the supreme the a d in ton county. Overturned empty school court to overturn the lower Rusu e the refusal to review the buses which had brought court s order Darlington a citizen order of the . 4th circuit negro students to a school school officials said the that Hel f court of appeals was made and clashed w Ith police. Midterm switch to new around d without comment. Gov. Robert Mcnair sent schools to bring about a them e the action Means the lower National guardsmen state unitary school system was Albert 1 court s order for full Highway patrolmen and opposed by parents of both address d desegregation in Darlington agents of the slate Law White and negro children. S no Union 6 m by Kob Wood 1 m j associated press writer y pm. Columbia a the f ministration of the University 01 r Sou a Carolina agreed monday i w demand that no Law f enforcement officers be Sta-3 Vii toned in the student Union build-5 ii spokesman 3 ill also said efforts were being r Iii made to improve Communia i u tons Between students am Bobby Cremins school officials. Talks at rally the announcements u Mac Diss City to from one stud into use a Lur Imin port Bob Yeai of t Lete i stud that Opp Straci he Lias othe Scho he s Stop Scho mini to h to to or mus tort help a Fidfl for s i Law from Gree Plau he tiny Dent of t an firm Publ Glar then kept its g unde Aeroff Ime scar e at a rally of 150 to 200 Dent students at a Small Park near the Campus be removal of Law officers i the student Union had been of the major demands of ends whose protests turned flashes of violence on the Campus last week spearing at the rally and no students to give the and stration and faculty an of Unity to solve problems was y Cremins Captain of last s basketball team and one lie school s outstanding ath. Emins told the protesting ends you Are the ones must now offer them this in Unity and Stop Emins said in an interview and appeared at the rally a student wanting to help r students. I played for this of on the basketball Aid and now i want to any further violence at my of. I was asked by the and stration and by the faculty up the situation and to talk e Emins said the students try to show a Little sup for the people trying to bearing on behalf of the nitration was or. Paul a vice president student affairs ller s announcement that officers would be removed the student Union was Ted by cheers and loud apse said hearings would con on the cases of those Stu a arrested after a takeover he student Union i Nin and the f 1 is ration dents he at the lie return to forts will catch up filler been issues Studer ministral which i damage ords. He also been take students of a 9 p. Week by also up was or. 1 senator s f on Marijus i Elizabeth. . The son of sen. Ernest f. Hollings -s.c., was arrested on a Mari Juana charge on the new Jer sey Turnpike and was release monday under Bond Pend ing a hearing. New Jersey state police said Michael Milhous Hollings 19 be oldest of four children o sen. And mrs. Hollings was charged with use of marijuana sunday after a Quantity of the drug was found in a car in which he was Riding. A hearing on the charge has been set for june 1 in municipal court. Holl jigs did not enter a plea at his arraignment monday. Young Hollings was travelling with a companion believed to be a fellow student at the University of Virginia. The companion who was not identified was not charged. Police said tie North Boum automobile in which the two were Riding was flagged Down and a Quantity of mar Uana was found in the vehicle. They did not say who was arrested Ana charges the arresting officers added that Hollings was polite ant Alert when questioned and was very they said he was Clad in an open necked shirt exposing a strand of beads underneath and wore sandals without socks. Hollings is a Sophomore Al the University of Virginia which is in recess due to student protests about . Involvement in Cambodia and the slaying of four students during Antiwar demonstrations at Kent stats University. Hollings and the other youth were driving to Nan Tucket mass., to seek summer jobs As painters. Sen. Hollings was at his Home in Charleston s.c., when the arrest occurred. The senator who said he now plans to be at the hearing issued this Brief statement from his Washington office As a father i am personally Hurt. Like every other Parent you raise your children As Besl you know How. Sometimes they disappoint you. This is one of those 0 olde . Makir Bourt Apple a Cor thieves Cona Italy a a struck twice by thieves shed a letter to the Burin a newspaper advising that Money was no longer on the premises and that oods were stored elsewhere r guard. Therefor it is Coly useless for you to lose and pay us any further l .m in Ever . Until noon and women Are urged to take advantage of the test by county health Job Marian f. Eich memorial scholarship in memory of Richard Eich a pre ministerial student and student Leader at Newberry who was killed in an automobile Accident last summer. He also won the Peabody supplemental scholarship Given to students ofsignifican1 character and scholarship. He is a son of or. And mrs. H. L. Sobiski of rotarians Darlington four new members have been elected into the rotary club. They Are Jack Coates administrator of the Wilson Hospital or. John Davis veterinarian Richard Coxe with forestry and farming interests and Tony Lewis of the Monoco products Spring Rai 1 r i i .1 free a 7-piece new officers Darlington. New officers have been installed by the women s club of Darlington. They Are mrs. C. D Kckeown president mrs. Frank Groom vice president mrs. Frank Kurgan treasurer and mrs. Pierce 0 d o a Secretary. Installing the officers was mrs. Billy m r s Carrie Mae Griffin of Florence senior vice president of the department of South Carolina ladies auxiliary to the veterans of foreign wars will be the installing officer on tuesday of the Darlington . Auxiliary officers for the coming year. Tie installation will be at a dutch supper at the Darlington restaurant. The members their husbands and friends May Pap test Darlington a free Pap test clinic will be held in Darlington on wednesday at the health Center. The hours will be from drive donated Johnsonville t h e american red coated Wear eve is yours free with h i b 1 Ood Mobile under sponsorship of the United fund Agency will be at of any Gas a during our Spring 1c Are 1 Plant tuesday from . Until 11 . In addition to accommodating Plant personnel the Public is invited to participate in the blood donor restaurants pm they t ten Ctm Lrol it to fire. You 1 they Alsip Iwic for the same Low burning srum tuesday May 19, 1970 5 the emotional reaction by parents and teachers against full scale in february is and lid. I came in March and resisted in organization of a citizens protest organization that held a series of meetings the county. One of Ras attended by Hep. Watson 11-s. Who de a meeting at Freedom of Choice Liat was organized after the desegregation plan was ordered has promised to bring court actions against the government to seek a change in government policy on school reassignment. In the weeks following the implementation of the order several private schools have been organized in the county and two of them Are proceeding with construction plans. Uie first floor of the department a spokesman building. Those Stu Ifor the faculty said who Are cleared i he said the faculty was at tempting to solve problems pre help them ise Nedby dissident students he asked that the students give the i faculty this summer to f Jid so said warrants had hit ions. De for about two Doz some 125 arrests have been the Aden students involved in the and made since the first outbreak building takeover last week. Angry students resulted in with state and City to to furniture and acc juice and National guardsmen Hast monday and tuesday and i said no action bombarded officers been taken so far against those with bricks rocks and bottles. The officers tuesday swept. Of a 9 . Curfew ordered last j across the Campus making arrests in an Effort to enforce he also speaking to the students curfew. Several students were Bill Campbell of the injured. As american As Dee j. W. Were making Good Kentucky Bourbon when mom s Apple pie bubbled in . Dant olde Bourbon.234 years of America in every come it does t Cost More Sibi ight Bourbon whisky 80 pb30f . Dim distillers co. , 4th annual n Lii Dot Tittl ids a Ting for Only 199s 0 milk Trimle other Gas ranges As Low As Quaker Delux. Is a Mulh graded sae 10w-40 he motor Oil blended from elect cuts of 100% Pennsylvania Grocut Publ Oil stocks. It is formulated to acc Etta manufacturer s most performance requirements. Extra efficient Long lasting additive compounds make deluxe motor Oil the Best Choice for motorists who desire the ultimate in engine lubrication. Purchase from local supplier distributed by Central Oil Supply co. 210 n. Irby Florence s. C. 662-8188 watch for our opening the tale of the Fox i Irish Gas because i erasure Heller unil Illi Liml Flahiue list Flar Tir. Edit it hts to lire Sicilli i omit Oil an electric Range. Why wait you won t find bigger savings for another 12 months peoples1 natural Gas Florence Darington Hartsville Sumter

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