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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 19, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather fair to Porky Cloudy with Little change in temperature. High today 78 degrees. Low about 60. Details on Fogt 8-b, header s tip president Eisenhower yet Fer. Day denied that the United had fallen behind Russia it. Or Power. Story Page 2-a. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Statt vol. 59 Florence s. C., thursday morning May 19, 1955 daily 5c sunday inc weekly state Assembly meet forced by governor s veto Columbia. May 18 if a partially vetoed general deficiency will rail the general ask com blvd into a full meeting the final Day of its 1955 session May 27. At tilsit time the legislators will have to override or uphold gov. To Merman s stamp of disapproval on these sections of the Bill a s21.000 item for approved House accounts including new chairs. At though the vetoed item in the Bill is s21.000. The veto message lists t at this discrepancy possibly could result in of parliamentary order against the veto when the House considers it Mav 27i. A s05.000 item for the state Bud Jet and control Board s civil contingent Furel. A s585 increase in the salary of a Legal assistant to the tax commission. A provision to authorize the i kt3tc Highway department to i charge 30 cents for packaging and mulling motor vehicle License plates. Timmerman noted in his veto Mckage today to the Assembly meeting this week and next Lor local legislation on3y, that the House already had sustained his veto of the new chair item which was included in the general appropriations Bill. Lie based his contingent fund veto on the fact that of it was specified for governor s Man Sion repairs it seems in conceive Timmerman said that an amount could be wisely expended within the Sciort tame re mining in the fiscal Timmy Nan Sadd the salary hike for the tax commission Legal assistant is inconsistent with pres ent legislative policy and unfair to other of ploys meriting Cornar Eble the 30 cents License Plato mail ing fee the governor said would an extra charge for License plates upon people living Greorge i some distance from Highway de would me apartment offices. One should not by a total of to be per Alizad for choosing not to live close to a state Highway department office. Moreover the exp tra 30 cents Chairge would not bring the in any substantial Ike hints . Seeking to Roll up Iron curtain Ike defends mrs. Hobby s work then says she May quit Post Mink Coats and deep freezers Ore in the news again As maj. Gen. Robert p. Hollis commander of the Philadelphia quartermaster decor tells the Senate investigations subcommittee of alleged payoffs in military clothing purchases. Story on Page 6_b. A wire photo greyhound makes offer in strike Charleston w.va., May 18 i Atlantic greyhound corp. Nade a wage offer today to its Drivers on strike since ponders red plan for Neutral states Morse Dore that she has been Ivory Eisenhower Washington May 18 Eisenhower disclosed today Washington May 18 Eisenhower Oveta gulp Hobby May leave the Cabinet but emphasized it had nothing to do with her i sketched in Broad outline today great issues for negotiation handling of the Salk polio vaccine. With Russia. Means to us and not just go by the president said mrs. Hobby to the United Las done a mighty magnificent Obas Secretary of health Educa Ion and welfare. He said she had told him months ago she might have to retire from Blic office because of personal her husband is ill. The president said that if mrs. Guilty of bad administration that comes close to immorality in handling the distribution and safety testing of the vaccine. The president said he did t think he would waste his time on Morse s accusations. Ilir j. Urai Ulii. Tiiu lieu i. Hobby resigned he would regret ill but he quickly aided that mrs Vint Vincin Piffl Flint. Hobby has been highly As to reports that she would re sign her Cabinet Post the presi Dent said she had placed him on notice Many months ago that conditions might arise that would compel her to leave he did not say what these conditions were. Mrs. Hobby s husband former gov. William Hobby of Texas has been seriously ill with praising her handling of he vaccination program he said she has ran it with the aim of etting serum quickly to the Chil Dren who need it most. There is now enough Salk vac Cine on hand the president re in red to give the first shot to every american schoolchild in the first and second grades. Eisenhower came to mrs. Hob i by s defense at his news Confer j arthritis and recently was under once after a reporter asked him treatment in a new York Hospital. To comment on a charge by sen if she has to go i will be very said. He called her a Symbol of the fact that properly trained women of this country arc just As capable of carrying heavy executive jobs As Are the on the Senate floor yesterday. Morse said mrs. Hobby ought to be fired for Gross mrs. Hobby was in Houston to Day at the Side of her ailing Hus band. Her Secretary said there would be no comment on the pres ident s remarks. Morse reiterated his opinion that mrs. Hobby should be fired. He added in a statement issued Here a is to be expected that presi Dent Eisenhower would defend Secretary Hobby s mishandling of the Salk vaccine program because he too is implicated in her Gross would press soviet rulers to raise i the president emphatically re the Iron curtain in Eastern Europe ejected any criticism that Nego and abandon the use of internal a Tilting Wilh the soviets involves tonal communism As an Mcnol for making trouble and ex-1 there is no appeasement in my tending red Power in free Conn heart that i know he said. Pics. Furthermore he said that he he held open the door to con just could not believe that Ameri Side ration of the idea of build in up a Daniel v. M a r o n e y or. Of Charleston president of division 1493. Said Union Cei Ved the offer yesterday verbally april c in the company s 10-statelfrom Federal conciliator Joseph system. I Wright and have received no copy a letter signed by president of the letter. Engle said the offer he said the offer already has increase d or. Salk says polio cases after shots coincidence series of neutralized St North to South through Europe. Diplomats have speculated Russia May want a protective suffer. At the same Lime the president told his weekly news conference that he believes certain sectors of the american Public in macs Tio ably will have to make adjust ments in thinking about relations cans generally suspect their government in general is Apt to fail nto that trap of appeasing the soviets for some Prospect of immediate gain. The discussion of the president s approach to a big four top level conference some time in the sum dominated discussion of for eggs issues at his meeting with reporters. In response to questions to indicated a Hope that the soviet defense minister marshal Goorgin Zhukov whom he knew at out last month. Most District Bell employees Back at work bight out of ten employees Are Back on the Job in the Florence of Southern Bell Telephone co. Troy e. Preston manager yesterday. I of the 520 area phone company workers some 416 or 80 per cent by e working Preston said. He add-1 de that this percentage is higher than the statewide average of 78 per cent. Live Jan. 1, 1956. The Union div Jet the new offer. Rejected after a vote 01 the cents Over negotiating committee be or to the it is inadequate and be of the Way in which it was 5 to 12 per would Union company Neotia a option of have been in indefinite re boost of 2.1 since april 13. The striking j become furnish service in All or of Ohio Pennsylvania Sion 1403 of Virginia Kentucky Tennes employees North Ca Rolina South Caro o accept or Georgia Florida and the Dis of Columbia. Florence District was worst hit in South Carolina when the of communication workers of America Cio began two ago More than 50 per cent were off the Job. said service is Normal now since the 80 per cent Are work ing a s a Day week rather than the pro strike five Days. He said the Nam bar of employees returning did not come in spurts Rater a few coming Back every texan sets new filibuster Mark Austin. Tex., May 18 Wagonseller of Bowie March 31. _., Pittsburgh May 18 if by. Be i Jonas e. Salk declared today be leases of reported after injection of anti polio vaccine Are Cleao by another urged the Public to Calm Down and put an end to con fusion about the vaccine. Or. Salk and or. William Mcd. Hammon spoke at a scientific meeting of the Allegheny county medical society. Or. Ham non conducted the Field trials of Gramma globulin during the polio season in 1953. Or. Salk told the group expectations about the vaccine be adjusted to its limit Havn received shots of the vaccine most of them school children. The u. S. Public health service stresses that there is no evid the vaccine injections were Texas senator set a new National As soon As Corbin quit the sen ate adjourned until tomorrow with out a u10 water Bill he hours opposed. Corbin s was the fourth Mara Thon filibuster of the session. And filibuster record today. Kilmer Corbin 35, of sat Down after talking 28 and 15 minutes against a tax plan to finance water projects. This broke by nine minutes the record set by fellow senator Wayne Beach police chief for the condition another disease. There is no pres Lent evidence the vaccine causes sort of reaction. That the with Russia. Specifically he declared that a policy of absolute in 1945 might not anti the opposition to Trade Wilh the com Watn his chief Premier Munsil Stales is undesirable that what the United states and the president Friendly nations require is a who he soviets should ble Trade policy. Ich Osc As the personnel of their the president said is delegation. But if marshal Stu Olov the greatest weapon is the hands were there he and i at least would of Tetli Olomai. 1 would say Nave a Chance to Luik personally As Long As we Are not helping the Jared i think to talk Over events War making Powers directly of since 1945 among ourselves and other people we should study inc we might just get some item o question objectively and what it value out of it 1 am not Spon sible for Najiy of the no no vaccine has any allergic effect cases. As far As can be determined the evidence at hand the in a i sections have no trigger effect eject to. Washington. May 18 a Jan activating polio virus already new delay in further releases of he body. Salk polio vaccine was disclosed tonight pending wlm a Public Symonia calif., May 18 health service spokesman called tests show a vaccine made he pm another look see at this whole Jive administered very confused through milk in the disclosure came when a minitry to two of the three kinds reporter asked Why there had of polio in 14 to 23 Days a group been no report on the findings if. Experimenters reported today. These results Are much faster than with the Salk vaccine now Sawmill Burns at Lake City Federal inspection team has completed a visit to inc., product of killed Budt Reese Arsics reported Wyeth laboratories tie vaccine 80 to 90 per cent of a Marietta a. Country. The Salk fictive in preventing paralytic made from to. I in response to questions by Doc gives Protection Agad nist All three since the vaccination program tors from the floor drs. Salk and began last month 77 persons Inonu Hammon made these Points lated with the Salk Lake City May 18 Twenty Keels Brweington. President of atom City firemen saved a Rural fire department Estimar led la Tabor you jul fax in total loss cd Flamos were 100 feet High when nid Glit As wind swept flame Des Ino and his men began laying lines troyed a Sawmill it the Moore to the pand. Lumber and trading co. I trucks from the Rural and the loss will in into were used in a m i of Rio Llars a i employee Tho Firo with another parked being administered throughout and at least 21 men Cwm be Highway 52 As a standby. Miu vaccine have every report of weak Knees idl Trvll v Ulic or 11 developed polio. Of these five and fever after injection that had Salk in ail. Seme of dip million been checked indicated some other types of the disease. It lakes several months for immunity to develop fully after the Salk injections administered by have died. In ail some five million been checked Len Mac Needle. Famous educator or. Bethune Dies Dayton a Beach fla., May 8 Mary Mcleod Bethune. 79, leading negro educator presi pm situs and founder of i Bethume Cookman College Here of a heart attack tonight at Hor Home. She was president of Bethinne Cookman from its founding in 1904. To 1042. One of a family of 17 in Mayesville s.c., in 1857. Or. Be Thune from a Plantation Back ground to become one of the Best known negro women of Iier time. She held degrees from 14 colleges and universities find from several foreign governments. Jirtle Beach May 18 a 20-Ycor-old negro ran berserk Here today and up in a Hospital with a Bullet wound in the shoulder. Charles Snipes formerly of ride Ville was reported shot self defense by chief of 1 olice w. Newton after the latter re Sirand cd to a Call from a negro tavern on the Hill Section of Myrtle each res Aidinoff a disturbance. The shooting look place after chief Newton arrived on the scene and was threatened by Snipes who brandished an a. It came As pay less state senators j itched to go Home. J at the moment Corbin broke the record. Sen. William Moore of interrupted and asked for j unanimous consent to pin this i medal on the sen a Tor from Lub Bock who is now the world s Cham Pion Corbin shoved Moore aside and shouted this is not a laughing matter. If the Senate wants to take it As All then Corbin continued for eight More minutes. He began at . Cost yesterday and quit at . Today. Corbin said he d had nothing to eat since noon yesterday but was not very awfully he sipped water almost constantly and mopped his face and neck with a soggy hand chief. Southern baptists planning to build seminaries schools Hartsville cabbie to Miami. Fla., May 18 than 10.000 ministry students Are now enrolled in Baptist seminaries and colleges but leaders of the Southern Baptist convention be Gan moves today to prepare for higher enrolments. Presidents of the five seminaries sponsored by the Church group re ported that seminaries will be needed if these anticipated enrolments the convention which began four Days of meetings this of the organization on lotto. N.c., was elected president Monroe f. Swilley jr., pastor of the first ballot. He Heads a Church Alliance with churches and More than eight million members in 30 states. Or. Warren succeeded j. Storer Tulsa okla., who was in eligible for a new term after serv ing the past two years. Warren a native of North Caro Lina attended College at Wake for est and later served As pastor in several Kentucky and North Cairo he second Ponce de Leon Baptist and flames were leaping feet when firemen arrived p. M. I Hartsville. May 18, api sonic 20 oily Rural and the Kri Sunlly beaten body of a 58 City firemen fought the Blaze. Car Huixi Driver was the firemen Laid More than 1.100 Here tonight. Slier feet of Hose to brins water from if Stokes of daa Mington coun a Pond to the lumber Yard Al robbery As the motive the Southeast City limit. Pm slaying of Brad the firefighters saved the planer Mill and the Yard where stored Siokos said Brad Siitia was found lumber is stacked. Practically Des clump of Bushes be troyed was a boiler room. Tween his cab and a tobacco barn night watchman Willie Stoml South of Hartsville. Kins first spotted the fire and gave Waunet Ulas missing Tihe alarm at i p0iicc first thought Bradshaw Tho Sawmill. Had been closed lot to to Natii an an repairs Mill forc Topsy by j. H. Of Darlington count a recovered no Bradshaw is survived by his widow. Ing. Appointed a committee study the Post Wijit of new Seminary. It i de a 10-million-Dollar budget or. Camper c. Warren of c elect vice Hambo be s meditations by Alley somebody Kum u Bob keep he. . An no allow in an in Sunui the Slali Lixi a Smith said nned has by would comment for Publ colion on Iii Aldini to for Llic the prop of of Suile auditor work Sinit i but All indicated thu pro Cussins a excl Dom Iscis study. I child ecu town any the lick if mid More I.A. a third of Llic Money will be sent to 050 foreign missions scattered about Tho world. The largest amount by spent on missionaries working in he United staus Ami Liiv Iii I.A. own had i com i Niento . But Indk Ati d i might hit six months instead of i very Tims schools would be fam Jol Hor capita Smith said in a civic Hin ii hero mils week that the stale s and the lowest income per school i id. 200-million-Dollnr investment in Wool Plant was to lev co Onuis of the year is Siluio Ilion exists he in operation but each Olness would we More than any other stole of in a Jam. If necessity is the of in 11 o n d the months. N inc too of overcrowd link and of n waste i it is stalk Iii Ink of classes would spread a 22 per rent Nord like Visi in venal in then Soith a Virolla cer pcs Whir ii now Are used Only 75 cent of the time. Lanly Hen in to position in to initiate Dif Miciu is Tulton. Our stale should take the n Yorlli Ami i limit i Oun Lii s. Ii Mif of Trio Dallur I.A.air Tho mi1 annuity Mimril Rutiri Vincnt in nos or ministers and other Baptist religious workers Lair five seminaries radio and television i up Prim a the Southern Natl no Hospital no new Orleans. I.a., Anil the american in Tisl for negroes no Villa. Trim., which is a Nelly Kenn sorted Sun Hern Bop Tsu. Church in Atlanta said the pres ent struggle of the free world and quenching flames in Lake City lumber Yard lire ins night was Robert Sullivan a rut , after a wind swept fire eve cd o Moore trod info to

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