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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 8, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaSunday morning May the Florence morning news Florence. S. Page California s swaps beats Nashua summer Tan in richest Derby run thai the Palmetto league can wind up its to Joo season Wilh the standings any closer than they were last year but there s nothing in the wind to indicate that the upcoming Campaign won t see the Loop continue toward bigger and better things. It s started out like it will be the by Chandler Louisville May 7 a Chestnut Speedball owned by a former Arizona corp Uncher out and one Quarter classic for 3-year Olds Lien make it stick in a Pul sating stretch dash. He became the second California bred horse to Best All around year the Palmetto has Ever had. There Are few people who know exactly when the Loop was formed. But in its Early years teams were composed strictly of local Talent. The players wanted nothing but a j Chance to play Ball and if there was anything left after Light Bill had been paid it usually went toward financing the trip to the next game. It was about j947 that they Slart a importing Talent from outside the Stone s throw area it was a pretty fast league by 1948 and in it was is i timoted to be close to the Speed of a in organized Ball. Then it was regarded As a Semi pro Loop and 49 we to the Palmetto about the same As 29 was to Wall Street. It was the year of the crash because no matter if Tver Budy in the county came to see the games there just was t enough to pay these a few of the teams fought the favored Nashua today to capture the run for the roses. Capture the 81st and richest the Winner owned by Rex Ells Worth California s leading thoroughbred owner and Ridden by Champion jockey Willie Shoemake Kentucky Derby. A screaming crowd some at Churchill Downs saw swaps take tile Lead after the the Eric Jar never gave Nashua an Inch As he swept under the finish wire Toj twee a him am was Erab siu8.400 from the total of the fastest derbies on rec-1favorite and his place and show i Price was and s2.40. Summer Jan at 9.2 Oaid s3.00 to show. Nashua had been made the 8-5 starts and his fifth Victory in a Nashua from the world famous mrs Ilonne Galbriath s Well Belair stud of William Woodward or. New York and Ridden by the Premier jockey Eddie Arcaro regarded summer Tan finished j ten 3-year-Olds the survivors third 6 a lengths behind Nashua from a list of 125 nominated in gave it a big try. But swaps drool from it across the finish line with More lengths Back was Rac Hoy Sta length and a half of Daylight be the dockers caught swaps City s outdoor card gets into full swing february started in the smallest Derby Field since citation beat Riv als in ims. But there was no con test for the others As swaps and Nashua fought it out for Suprema people should take Santa Anita Derby winners More seriously. Swaps grabbed that affair last february and is the third Winner of that race i Cosne East and take Kentucky s mint Julep Gallop in the last four years. Sleek son of the imported Khalid out of Iron Reward in a flashy minutes 1 4-5 seconds Only two fifths of a second slower m Jean s Joe from the Murvain Sla imme Doltl la last in the final Quarter mile from the head of the stretch to the Hill Gail coupled the two races for Calumet farm in 1952. And Andy Crevolin s Grey Little deter track and Derby record Hung up buy whirl away in 1s41. The Tim Elble came in fifth followed by Fly ties Twenty grand 1931 Winner Ling fury the other half of the the fourth fastest Derby Over Jain Hoy entry Harry m. War Honey s Alibi. Harvey c. As run. I the huge crowd in Holiday i kept one Eye on the weather _ itch other on the tote Board. Cal i Whites trim Blue abcs a the big pot which surpassed determine record s102.050 Bank Roll rail swaps grand total to s23u.g50. And All except , Clifford j was won this year. G. Rollie Joshua had to Settle for second Money As Arcaro missed held on the next year and they toe went broke. By Bill City recreation director a outdoor season got into full sawing Laist Weir As the efes Little the City dubs Tennis tourney to other plans for a City must have been Here i this was supposed to have his sixth Derby and Willie it was a fast league but it was appreciated Only at ended its third week of. 1 l 11. T City for. Bega there was at one time a move to ban for life any pal j Metlo league player from organized baseball. Some of Fellows in of got tired of their stars from class a a and the elks farm league be leagues quitting for the higher salaries and less work Gofigan practice games and the Junior the Palmetto. Rumours had Bobp Newsome making As Infra mural program for pitching one game at Hartsville on a percentage basis. And Lake City s Hardin Cathey and a Lew others became the weren t too far behind this figure. Surprise of the elks league As Bui after the crash they went Back to the local boys and Price Neva Mccarter s boys began to make expenses again. The league made a great have won three of five stride last year when teams started using More College place with ent and the Crew cuts will practically be the whole show year. From preliminary reports Carolina Clemson Furman s his Ana gins to into ii 11. _ to 2-Ycar-old who a neck decision. But they softball league South Carolina recreation society interest please Call and let us Champion 2-Yoar-ow no Naan a Nick d m in the Moose Utu Ney will be held in and we will Start do to Ted year in rolling on it. Tho shoe was gaining his first. This brought Nashua s total to but it was a Sari Day for the bdaii1 Silks and Trainer sunny Jim Fitzsimmons Winner of three previous derbies. The 81-year-old Fitz was not present. Wofford Newberry the Citadel presbyterian North Caro Lina Duke Wake Forest Davidson n. C. State Rollins m. Frank Sharpe has Tapeni on one of the thankless and most important tasks in town As he had Florida Alabama Oklahoma Ohio state Georgia Georgia handled the dumping in All elks teachers and Georgia tech will furnish most of the pal games Wiki the Metto players this year. Al begun umpiring bases for All this move toward the College boy has met he can attend approval everywhere. To his coach it s the Best thing that we need several More who will Tver happened. Here a rising Star can compete against Otherl give three or four hours week College players in about twice the number of games he take Nefie two can in one year of collegiate Competition. He can Send to form freshman to the Palmetto and get Back a Man with the a and Prience As a senior. The major leagues As Well As boys who did not Inake baseball also appreciate the new trend. Now instead untie. And will be Able of hiring a lad out to the lower minors for a year or two to do so should More Volunteer they can watch him in the Palmetto and Tell what he can trip up do. If he s really Good he should step up to class a or year Olds or even the majors. If he s not they won t even bother with organi a Sci into Lea gues. We him and can advise him to go to work at another put them All to playing but the appreciation of of was shown in a gift of made we must have interested persons u the league. Help besides having better Talent the league has More teams the Moose Little league began ,1 if Vinyl in up Vernl Vars. Six entries this time Are its workouts last week at Junior and will be than it has had in several years. Six entries this time i Hien flip jul Diu 1ij us Hemingway Lake City Florence Mullins butter within the next two weeks. The Georgetown. All of them look solid. Lake City would have Exchange team is coached by made Money last year had it not had to sink most of Fitsim Unrein Defee White Dixie Jurf income into a new Park. What Hemingway did t make at the Gate was made up for in donations. Georgetown and Monlross c win be in always break about even. The Only other entry last year. Charge of the kiwanis team. Lamar is believed to have lost considerably. We two c0achcs for the of Mullins is just naturally a sports minded town and like Simist and another coach for the Lake City will have a tobacco Market to help draw. Folks Exchange along with a Volunteer who bring their tobacco to Market the Day before just Tam his ally like to take in a Ball game wait. There have As the kids been few years when a High school team from Mullins did t opened ils season in win at least one state championship and it goes almost with. Fee City o0p Wuh a vie out saying that it s hard to find Good standing room if you re Over Vurlice guards As Don running late when one of these championship teams takes the Gardner hurled a no hit same Field. Then too Mullins had been dominating the Border in the other Belt league it played in for the past couple of years or so few league has and All this has just naturally created a big sports crowd. Eight Sames on tap for this Florence is just about the opposite but there Are three Wick. Come out to Junior High Young men Here who feel that things have to change some and enjoy the games _ free of Day. They Are Sprunt Schipman of the Coco cola bottling farm had two co., magistrate Pete Hyman and clerk of courts sessions during the week Odom. Schipman got into the business of building a Mally of the newcomers to club about three weeks ahead of the others but says Are already showing signs new partners could make it go by themselves. He recalled move up from this league to the elks Lite league. Plans Are Toi Forni an outlier Lite league next1 their campaigns for the offices they hold. That Archie is the hand shaking est Man in the world he said and he knows just about everybody. Pete s another Hustler when he was running for magistrate he got a map year for the Briggs school area of the City and went from one end to the other talking to. The sunday everybody in every House. I believe they la work for base Juu Ball the same Park Field. Any Church interested this Trio has t promised a Pennant but they have in getting into this league please promised a winning Ball club a Ball club and Oneie Aii hoi. The league is restricted that is made of clean Cut Type of athlete also they pro Ito Nen Over Mise promotions. Ladies nights civic club nights merchants f the school league nights Little league nights Pony league nights visitors nights and special nights will feature give a ways recognitions and comedy. In other words they Promise Good base so. With these promises it looks like the Palmetto has in solid Sisters and with the records the players bring with or boys win Hoid an outlier meeting thursday night at the teen Afie. Canteen at and a churches j Are invited to have a represent a live present. The league will Bej open to All boys under 21 who Are not playing City Lea give Ball. Them from collage none of them Are Likely to be old going font ardor Redlegs out slug cubs to card 8-7 Victory in Home run Battle Cincinnati. May 7 to Cabo Cincinnati Redlegs edged the Chi Eago cubs. 8-7 today in a Home run sinking match with pint Bou thu Maii s Tsirik Nin circuit clout in the eighth Over coming a two run Chicago lend. Thin Man s blast his second Homer this season As a Pinch hit Ler landed in the empty right Field bleachers. Most of the bleacher fans and other customers had left during an hour and 30-minute rain storm which halted the con test in the seventh Frame. Wally Post also homered for the godless while the cubs Bob Speake Harry Chiti and Dee Fon Art Fowler started or the Beds but was knocked out in the sixth inning when the cubs exploded for five runs. Corky and Bob followed Fowler to tic Mound Wilh Lindy Man Urcin jct Iii credit Hie Victory when to entered the contest in 111 Sci Anckle Collum finished Lor mists. Of 3 Cincinnati to in 1-3, Dave 3 in 2. Collum 0 in i. It a a ii o Al Valentine l-3. Hooper 00, 0 5 Oto Milf .21 5 .1 3 i Minan in 0-0. Polk 5-4. Juffcoat 0-0, Ca 1 3 .111nn.lon.3ll 3 0 0 in Van 3-3. Collum 0-0. 1 1 of Tirum n 1 1 0 in of i i 0 0 000 la Lark. Inck Voli. it Kowler. W Avis 2-1 1. Bar -4, Ilal Vanlant. T Hanks Vonly. Chill. 1 Ollil. If Friski Oft vis. 1 2 Ohhi. Of 4 2 1 Niklus 5 1 3 10 if 3 2 1 i 2 i i m 3 1 1 of 412 0 0 ii Mil 4 i 1 000 fowl Al p 2 it 1 0 0 0 11 0 01 Llo Iii i. P 0 0 0 in 0 0 0 ii 0 a-3.288. Win 0 o 0 o m 11 out for Cpl Kim p t it u Touli in Davis in Wei. Sumter wins two net titles Columbia May 7 we Frank Bryan of Sumter easily conquered Irie Davis of Spartanburg for boys division championship in the an Nual state High school Tennis tournament. To won in straight sets 6-1. S-0. Bryan teamed wih Don Knight of Siiter to beat Davis and Ned Anst Elj of Spartanburg 6-1, a for Ilie boys double Crown. Janie of , no won hirls1 for Pic third sir Nikit Lime yesterday won i girls Iii Iblis to Lac with Julin Blakc also of Belton. Lutey beat two other Helton girls Ann Blake u Vissr is in 0 u 2, i Olton i s Kou. A him Fred m1 Harmon in a annoy incr As Hutler or Hooper in ath. It Walkert for in for Minarcin in Al. Iurii Nikoll Wei up cake. Hanks Komly 2, Clit i. Toni Lei Tim Nan Kluser Wsot Joblonski 2, Post. Mrm Gllnn. Addink Nill spin of 2. Fondy 2, chit i 1, Miksis 2. Term pc her Kim to Muir Man 3. Ail polm 2. . Ali Hakr. A Only. He chill Van a. I no this Nim. So Hur Sois. Ili Kirr. Hanifl Kondly. 3. Cincin Ruilt b he 1 Oltre 2. Jeff i 2. Mann Rren 1. Itah 2. 4. Col Cash or terms Ellison air conditioners factory to you Womack Lindley Florence s super Market for air conditioners offers the Advance 1955 Gibson at less than obsolete 1954 models. You can t buy a better unit than Gibson with push Button year controls factory to you for rooms up to 425 so. It. 179 95 save Cash or terms Money Back guarantee of Quality your Money will be refunded if you can find an air conditioning unit of com parable size regardless of. Make or Price that can out perform the 1955 Gibson air conditioner Only Gibson offers so much for so Little Gibson offers exclusive flush mounting. Takes up no room spacs. Draperies can be closer. Looks smarter exclusive Gibson push Button controls. 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