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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 6, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather mostly fair today Wiki Little Dianet in temperature. The High will near 90 and the Low 62. Details on Page 11-a. Reader s tip Florence is Back in Palmetto us must of new mood com ing in organization. Sec Twy on Page 1-b. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto shot vol. 45 Florence s. C., Friday morning May 6, 1955 daily do sunday. Loc weekly 3cc approve Money Bill session ends May 14 atomic fury burst Over Yucca Flat yesterday before Dawn when Hiis mighty fireball erupted few seconds offer the blast Ond been set off. The blast lit up Las Vegos 75 Miles away brighter than in Daylight. Shoot to Milf order Given in Bell strike expect less deficit than first thought Columbia May 5 general Assembly today cleared the Way for ending its session May 14, a week from saturday it did so by enacting a general appropriations and tax Bill for the next fiscal year. In the Wake of sending the big closest to atom blast were these four army officers in a Trench Only Yards from Atlanta May 5 to kill orders were issued today to halt violence through in Good shape left to maj. George l. Alexander of in one of the Many trouble spots in the Southern Bell Telephone go. Strike. Mayor 9rouna Ieru s Goerge Dempster of Knoxville tenn., e the orders to a special police squad which ill to gov. Timmerman Legisla Tive leaders advised that a current deficit May not be As bad As expected. They also outlined speedy enactment of necessary deficiency spending. Both matters have been of con Cern in the drive for adjournment. Timmerman has until Midnight monday to consider the Bill for possible vetoes of any items sections or the entire measure which includes an estimated million dollars Worth of new or increased taxes. The 1953-36 appropriations and Start All Over on a new Money Bill a procedure that probably would have added Many weeks to Tihe session. The Assembly also sent the governor a Bill to regulate the classifying and marketing of eggs. Work would be under tile supervision of the state commissioner of agriculture. During passage of the egg Bill Che principal argument for it Attiat South Carolina was becoming a dumping ground for second rate eggs that wore being rejected by other states with egg regulations. Issued machine guns and tear Gas. The action followed two explosions Early today that wrecked two Telephone Cable distribution boxes. One of the explosions was in the City and the other on the outskirts. Dempster said he would assume full responsibility Lor the shoot to kill order declaring they asked Tor it and this has gone As far it two men were arrested Forques toning in the explosions. Dempster s statement brought immediate condemnation from w. A. Smallwood Cio District director in Atlanta. Smallwood said wild accusations of a Man who does his think us Wuhu Atti u. Ii ice twist i ill -3. A Oklahoma Mai Richard t. Weather Wall of Minneapolis Minn it. Col. John l. Beebe. Of 01 capt. Karl Akin Ontario Calif. W lax Bill had included a tax of and the Senate sent the House pills additional on cent a gallon on pharmacy and Amateur radio Oline for the final six months radio bl11 would Al Unis Vear. This would have Ham operators to get special i kit in i automobile License plates showing their station Call letter. Both House and Senate struck one the pharmacy Bills would company in Lafollette near Knox-1 be permanent. Union spokesmen Ville ordering the company to re reiterated earlier statements that Frain from engaging in acts of i there would be no settlement of violence intimidation the army strike unless discharged work strike Breakers in Defiance of were and from attempting to discredit the Union. We wonder does the mayor in tend to shoot to kill uie company agents against whom uie judge has issued his injunction or Are or. Dempster s bullets Only marked for Cwa people regardless of their Smallwood added that the Laws of Tennessee and of All states As cell As Federal Law gives us the a Union source in the rail strike said in Washington thai reinstate ment of workers accused of Dyna mining Railroad property is the Only real major stumbling Block to settlement of the Lin strike. A dispute Over health welfare benefits resulted in uie strike. Telephone workers failed to agree on a new contract the company insisting on a no strike clause. The Union claimed this was shot wrecks unhurt survival City May 5 Savage atomic test explosion today severely damaged doomsday drive smashing Homes and other structures in this civil Lutense the practice of licensing eluded by a free conference com assistant Phann racists persons who Mittee Fiat revised the Bill. Rol Censed pharmacists but purpose was to help meet a pre no Are allowed to work under the dieted six to million Dollar supervision of licensed Phanna deficit this year. Toward which three million Dollar general Omer Woid set a Fine of up Reserve already is pledged. _____uo_s5qo or up to 18 months in jail an m Revenue obtaining drugs under false was noted by sen. Brown of barn pc tenses. Well chairman of the free Confer ence committee in remarks to the Senate right to strike and no Power can secondary saying the Basic cause intimidate of differences was wage diff even there was no apparent Progress trials and arbitration. In negotiations to Settle either the a. T. Jones vice president of Community. Because of this he said the legislature will be justified in carrying Over consideration of any minor deficit until next the House ordered enacted a Bill to prohibit from Hon Oring narcotic drag prescriptions written by anyone other than a medical doctor. This would eliminate prescriptions by naturopathy Hep. Britt of Amwell speaker but while the 35-Kiloton blast Smashe d buildings in survival City men and women in close up trenches and soldiers in Stout tanks Camu through acid to on. The House spent two hours on of the House told the represent i a Bill to double enforcement of Bur Tives that a needed Bill for Defi Jer and Barber shop health Laws i client appropriations can i before giving it Kejr second read be handled speedily by amending . Caring Rad radiation Safe suits indicated today uie firings would civil defense photographers a reinforced masonry Block next to withstood the mighty Shock and searing fire. However a radio transmitter in real Alert on West coast reveals defense muddle Colorado Springs colo., screaming and civil defense work Hay 5 mix up in air defense communications caused a real ers scrambling in Oakland Calif., and Ouier cities. It was Short enough that whole Western United states morning today. At mid Shine air Alert in most of the states such As Colorado and be b Vada were not alerted. In Many cities and states it was i a yellow Alert meaning air attack is expected Utah Oklahoma a the air Force blamed it Missouri Kansas Texas failure to notify the Western com Louisiana used Only a White Mand of a training flight of b47 military Alert signal Jet bombers. Response to the Alert from Speed to confusion. That went to military units varied t n Sacramento persons including legislators took Refuge in air Force Headquarters in Wash asked the air defense com Mand for a full explanation. It Wou d be on this system that the air defense of the entire United states would depend in Case of a genuine attack. The alarm at . Most lasted officially from three to 10 minutes ranging Over a dozen states from Louisiana to the Pacific coast. It was Long enough to set sirens Zambone s meditations Fly Alley at chuch Pat a few 3im6u.h cd let in but 1 of Der him so up i i in. B. I. A the California Capitol basement. At Mcchord air Force base near Tacoma. Wash., interceptor planes scrambled within two minutes. In Nevada there was no Alert. Nothing found amiss with Cutter shots yet san Francisco May 5 Cutler laboratories reported to Day that so far it has found Noth ing wrong with any lot of the Salk polio vaccine it distributed. Cutter made vaccines were re called last week after a number of children inoculated with them developed polio. At a news conference called by the company today or. Fred Cut Ter vice president and Secretary said Cutter is still producing the vaccine although distribution has been halted. One question the company has not been Able to answer he said is Why polio developed in some children but not others inoculated from uie same bottle of vaccine. The Man who got the signal was new arid did not know what to do with it. In san Mateo county Cali fornia just South of san Francisco there was none because the Boss of the sirens was Home sick. Radio and television stations in Many cities went off the air but there was no time to Start the civil defense con Elrad official broadcasts on selected Chan Nels. The Continental air defense command in Colorado Springs and air Force Headquarters in Washington d. C., said a Canadian radar station sounded the alarm unidentified planes were approach ing Over uie Pacific. Actually they said the planes were a flight of american b47 bombers in an exercise of the strategic air command and the Continental air defense command. Retired minister Dies in Hospital the Rev. Lenn Birgs Johnson 57, of 156 n. Carolina dr., retired bail list minister died at 10 p. In. Yesterday at a local Hospital. Surviving Are his widow. Mrs. Vcra Hodges Johnson of Florence a daughter mrs. Harold Harrison of Greer three stepdaughters mrs. W. Mbrown and mrs. J. R. Gregg both of Florence and mrs. Floyd Hopp of St. Four step sons. W. P. Tanner j. H. Tanner and w. W. Tanner All of Florence and Charles Hodacs or. Of Marion n sister mrs Cal a Wii of Mill Lens and brother Monroe John-1 of Florence. Mass of wreckage. This was the Darling family Home occupied by mannequins whose Fate is not yet known. Presumably those in rooms on the first and second stories were destroyed. However two Manne quins in a wooden bomb shelter in the basement were not moved by the blast. Father and son were covered with dust. A one Story Frame House on the same Street also was destroyed no wed a inuit the Block House was knocked off could survive unhurt an atomic to Ujj. Bomb explosion of virtually major a Gas tank containing heating Foree at a distance of slightly less fuel and a transformer and electric Ithan two Miles. Infantry traces Protection of the personnel carriers wore More than 200 soldiers with a half dozen newsmen. When it was Over Urey knew men soldiers on Way to Elbe reunion new York May 5 wining h was army veterans finally took off substation in the same a Rea also i crouched in trenches a few a House approved Revenue Bill now before the Senate finance tee. This will save Many Days of otherwise required committee consideration and make final adjourn ment possible by the end of next week. Term Nemraji has Given no Indi action of his attitude toward either spending or tax provisions of tie Assembly give Unis state s approval to Delaware and West Virginia entering the Southern regional education compact in which a number of states joined several years . Football got attention in uie House. The representatives gave unanimous consent to dispense with tire Rule required committee reference for a Bill to make big in in rep i survived the tremendous Yards behind me Mhz Money Bill. If he the photographs disclosed. In a civil defense Trench his veto message will by thursday a statewide Legal Bank to nerf two Miles from uie blast it was a read action when Holiday. A precast Concrete House stood up under Impact but its windows were blown out. A 150 foot radio Tower strengthened by Guy wires was Bent. Air showed that House trailers were overturned two Miles from ground Zero. A newsman passing by in a Heli copter about one hour after the explosion caught a glimpse through the dust shroud below of shattered timbers poking up out of debris a tall red steel Tower which pc one of two Ino foot still standing above reunion with uie russian so they met on the Banks of the Elbe what Lay outward from blinding silence the shudders of an Earu quake and then the crash ing Roar of furious sound and a Hurricane of dust Sand and Stone to associated press science re Porter Alton l. Blakeslee. It struck in Waves hammering and 13 men civil River 10 years . I closest up Edge j at six women defense volunteers. Awed dazzled with hearts thumping they experienced a prime lesson of atomic adequate shelter and knowledge can often save human blood and life. White fire seemed to Jet sound Lessly from the dirt you were staring at. Before its Glare could j the Trench rocked with the legis the Assembly opens its 18th week at noon next tuesday. The appropriations Bill appeared half dead yesterday when the Senate accept d it but uie House rejected the Neasure on a 67-50 Roll Call vote. Today a motion to reconsider the vote was successful and the representatives accepted the Bill on a voice vote without further debate. Had the non acceptance stood the Assembly would have had to big thursday is the state fair Day of the annual Clemson South Carolina football gome. It already is a Legal and school Holiday in Richland Columbia 1 county where uie fair annually is held the to Hirid week of october. By passing committee reference meant the Bill could be enacted at this session even if the Assem Bly adjourns next saturday. The measure was by Hep. Fink leu of Florence. We Are hoping to Plant a Little beyond doomsday drive seed of said William destruction obscured Weisel Cincinnati. We know Weiju Najj civil defense and atomic in Stop the cold War overnight Eagy Corn Mission officials could but we Hope that this trip or drive in Eft a dust and contrib speeding through the Earth. We Hope that this trip win Fly or drive in Bute a Little bit toward Lingerin bits of Trench Wall caved in. That had barely passed when the Sharp Boom stunned your ears lace was lashed with flying 1 " male stones rained subsided the group which Calls itself the american veterans of the Elbe on the opposite Side of the shot vanished in the s unearthly meeting had accepted an invite Tower which vanish Tion from Russia but found when twinkling of an Eye a they got to new York they did t heat vaporized everything near the said an air defense have enough Money for the an atomic Battle command statement because of a communications delay within the air defense system Western air defense units failed to receive the notification in time to avoid calling the so when the Canadian radar Sta Tion made its report the alarms wont off throughout the West. Atlantic trip. G they appeared on the strike it soldiers on some tomorrow Rich lbs television show last night made an and the explosion was an armoured task Money was advanced for round trip russian government take them from Paris to Moscow and Back by plane. 55 medium tanks and sup tickets to Paris. The porting armoured personnel car Lens. Shut safely behind the three Inch steel turrets of the tanks and uie j i All l Rill fing radiation had in yellow nimets As the airborne pressure wave smashed overhead. A male mannequin seated in a chair outside the Trench whipped backward a Rock torn Hole in his head hurled to her Back was his who d stood beside him. But heat of the bomb seemed nol to have scorched her dress. Ten seconds from the Flash you could see the huge atomic Cloud acing skyward flashes of vivid National Congress dismisses boo Dai Saigon. South Viet Nam May idea of .1 constitutions a monarchy 5 foot stamping shouting the s a a in earn. Of establishing 4.000-Mah National Congress de a stable government in the coun round like that which May await deployed there at the hour of cleared by acclamation today the try. Rute Tutt Over South Viet Nam As chief of leader.-. Gen. Nguyen Thanh state. Phuong. Commander of the Cao at the same time another con religious army promised the made up of 700 local Narf erg group that not Only would Piwin Kil councillors and Tinbo be Dejk sad but the Moil chiefs. Vim guided that Bao Dili s would be abolished. Purple Here and there in it the mushroom reaching like an umbrella that seemed almost to cover Powers ix1 Given now to american supported Premier. Ngo Dinh diem leaving it to an rioted National Assembly to depose brio Dai. Both congresses called for red gunfire blasts Quemoy Flat c o Tot i us Rombly and set up i workable Kov 1% j a mice. They diem in us c meantime a use his a t i c 3iuci Oral elections within four to six months Uchoa a the National As Krable Kov troops Bikih buyer viol Taipei. Formosa May 5 in the Chine co Iii units today loosed one of the heaviest shillings of the year in the Quemoy across Formosa Strait close on the heels of their first Aerial thrust in the Matsu area. The defense ministry said that in 45 minutes red artillery on Amoy fired rounds into Little Quemoy Island four Miles away. There were no further details. Quemoy 22 Square Miles and stoutly defended guards the West Ern flank of Quemoy largest and strongest of the offshore islands. Nationalist planes Only yesterday so locked five Small red gunboats in Amoy her bar Nanri claimed three Riam Irod. They also Fnu lit off an Allock by four mi015 Jet fighters to Miles in Rah of the a nisus Tho App Parance of the Mios for i the first Limo Noar Matsu Ond Little More Hun 150 Miles North of for Mosa itself was not unexpected. The communists have finished a big air base at Lutiao 200 Miles North of the a nisus. Nationalist officials predict the reds will follow the same tactics in the Matsu As they did in uie to chins farther North. The nationalists quit the Tae hens after the fall of nearby is land. The rods first made occasional flights Over the to chins then bombed them heavily and invaded Al Jiangshan. There is speculation that the in leu Kroup Island of knot of will be the next h is but four Miles from the lied Mainland. Mils a main is inn in the group. Is 9vi Miles from Uip Mainland qum by with or without u. S. Help. Unconfirmed nationalist press Miles West of the elsewhere in reports Suid the communists had set june 15 As the deadline for completing work on air bases at Soochow 40 Matsu and urea. The report was considered Likely however As work is known to be going ahead fast. Nationalist quarters said uie communist coastal buildup has been pressed with great vigor Ever since hed China proposed to Dis cuss with the uni cd states the in sir of tension in the Formosa urea. Foreign officials viewed with Reserve however a Inlao news Agency re Perl thai the Commin this Limp Nullon Aliss any lifts in to and in i Meh simultaneous Ihry will Al rat for the Balsus and against Formosa South Korea and South Viet i indo China. Tatar Agency of the Interior ministry said the report represented uie View of authoritative but Obser Washington. May m r pro morn a would to cons Ali t his Nam s Erik Oid to the a Genitive con Milu i s of Trio sil.500 annual pension z two congresses split Over to a Jive full privies is in Der Cov kiss wanted tin form a provisional Govi Annn i which would prepare for the Vot ing. The second group favored give dive himself full Power to Inre ill g to Trio asserted that conferences Nunke Pioso prep actions. On uie establishment of an Overall when All details of their formal communist far East military Toni have been Fra by Ligon in diem will Forward Ahcin to Numil had been Goi since the Middle of april. Jim Wiki a thai h Gen. Peng . them. Bau ome ment. China s defense minister was said emperor of the Miriall Indio him thl a the . Which goos in to House would provide a i Nual for widows of presi Contros in the past occasionally has voted presidential widows s5.000 a year. They do nol now gel automatic Horn Hie Kovenia in both a at-islati1 of Annam. Was appointed do. To Federal income

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