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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 2, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4 the Florence morning news Florence. 8. C monday morning May 2. 19s5 weep for the Walrus said i deeply with sobs and tean he sorted oat those of tie Larrt size. Holding his pocket handkerchief before his streaming Billy Graham Roscoe Drummond need legislators who la curb taxation in state tuesday the state will it a look at the new general appropriation Bill one written by the free Confer ence committee. It can be expected that this version of the Money Bill will contain something like ten million dollars in new and extra taxes. A few weeks Back when the Senate passed an amendment to the Money Bill placing a tax on retail advertising the merchants of the state quite properly voiced Strong protest. The protest was Strong that the House voted against this amendment before refusing to accept the Senate version of the Bill. This same tax May be included in the free conference committee report along with other if it the people of the state have set them elves a proper pattern for action. The protest voiced against the advertising tax was an example of the opposition that should Greet All new and extra taxes at the present time. We must Stop this program of adding taxes to meet Public desires and demands and extra taxes must be saved for Public for Public wants. Members of the general Assembly say that increased spending Neces sary to meet Public we Are letting these legislators forget that there Job to keep spending in perspective. No matter what the wants and desires of the voting Public spending Bac Down Over far East n f in. Policy int dignify attitude of heart important thing question uie lord near to Sims that he heir ind understand whispered prayer and does he Honor prayer whether one lying darn Kneel ii or Nundini c. K. A answer yes god not Only an Swers the whispered prayer but he also answers the in uttered prayer. Even More wonderful he often answers our prayers before we Pray them. The Bible tells that he close to at All times. He wants his children to Fen help and guidance at any time and in any place. Our pasture in prayer has Noth ing to do with his hearing us. In George e. Sokolsky our private devotions we usually Kneel often in Church we do the same. But there ape times when we Pray standing or even pros trate on the ground. Many of godsaints Pray on their Beds during the night watches when the Yafe unable to sleep. Attitude of or body the important thing. And never forget god in his infinite love and mercy has opened lip to his Chil Dren both the privilege and the Power of prayer. Prayer releases Godalmighty Power and the greatest spiritual Battles Are usually won on the Field of prayer. Whit your question write Billy Graham care of the morning news Disney movie has unusual morals should be kept in line with Revenue and with a proper level of taxation. We cannot keep adding new taxes each time the state budget and control Board brings out a new and larger spending program. For too Long now the pattern has been to increase Taxa Tion to meet the demands of the Bud get. It would seem that no one has thought of the Radical measure of reducing the budget to conform with Revenue. General Assembly members say we need this extra spending to meet new there a Rule of thumb in economics declaring that you Don t buy what you can t pay for. And rather than pile new expenses on top of existing expenses it would be Wise for the people to Start giving these demands priorities then when things get. Tight buy those we must have and let the others wait. One of the greatest political evils of our time was the development and enlargement of the philosophy tax and tax spend and spend elect and voters of this state should put the Breaks on this program Andtart elect ing those who can spend the least Dur ing any Given term in office. The Man who does t play a part in boosting taxes and the Man who builds part of his program around budget reductions a candidate for a statute on the state House Lawn. To get onto a serious topic for a change my dog Joe will not be admitted to a movie theater although from what i Sec going on in such places he would be have better than Many. And it too bad because Joe would enjoy Walt Disneylady and the because this Sweet and Fine a melodrama the limited mind of a human could conceive. The Book was written by Ward Greene a southerner who moved North and got himself subverted by h. L. Mencken and such Medie Valisto but who somehow retained a capacity for understanding dogs which the Mark of the gentle Man. I do not know much of Walt disneyancestry but of All who try to produce amusement on the screen he the most humane avoiding the tricks of making humans act like dogs which they cannot do without stooping to the vulgar. Not that dogs Are vulgar but their imitators always seem to be. Lady and the a delightful melodrama in which the heroine lady a Sweet Young Spaniel and the hero a gentleman of confused parentage but of Philo Sophic min. He a tramp who finds foraging and pilfering and evading the dog Catcher not Only necessary for survival he not hand fed on Kennel rations but joyous because he does for him self. The tramp a free Enterprise who takes what he can get where he can get it according to his own rules of social and moral conduct. Naturally he a great fighter All must be who make their own Way in the world. He and the lady Hook up through the circumstance that some hum ans prefer cats which a subject that we shall leave to those who understand such things. The lady finds herself in the umbrage situation of being driven from her own Hearth and Home in which however remains the baby. Now no matter what humans do to dogs the dog everlastingly Loyal. That the one Quality of dogs that Man must envy. Only humans foul their own nests oth Secretary of state Dulles has backed Down again on the subject of Formosa. He now says that he wants a ceasefire out in the Formosa Straits and Hepre pared to do just about anything to get it. Thata Little different from state ments coming from the state depart ment Only a couple of Days ago when everybody was saying that the chinese nationalists on Formosa were our Al lies and that we could t talk to the chinese communists without taking Chiang Kai Shek along with us. Now the line that a ceasefire could be negotiated with Chiang which has been True All along. It now very Clear that even the state department can see that it has painted itself into a Corner with the unrealistic far Eastern policy which Baa been pursued Ever since the Eisenhower administration took office. Step by step despite nil the pompous of or. Dulles in the past he being forced Loback Down in the face of the harsh realities of the situation. His Bluff has been called and he now seems ready to admit it. This of course makes our position an in enviable lie at any Ronfor Enrri table with the chinese sit liner herons the Ingle. True they can t afford a major War. They can t afford it be cause they Haven t got the equipment or the resources to spare. Or. Dulles can t afford it because the american people will not stand being thrust into War Over a few Rocky islands off the chinese Mainland. Meanwhile the slate department running around in circles trying to find a face saving Way of doing what they should have done months ago. We re glad we re not or. Dulles. Itgoing to gel a lot tougher for him before it gets any easier. An american one who thinks he has a perfect right to cues an Umpire and tax collector. What a nation itsome Job to keep the cows contented and the White House squirrels in their play area. Just about the time one starts enjoying life another has to bring up the threat of inflation. It c wonder what caused International tension before the Bear that walks Biko Man got out of his Cage. A Man dons l. Acquire polish by or intr riven the Brush off. Ers of the living world realizing How wicked such things can be. A dog would sooner die than betray his master or mistress or their baby. Humans there Are who even betray their country or turn up their noses at old friends and rela Tives or who change their names or sometimes their faces but a dog Loyal. And the great dramatic Strug Gle takes Between love and loyalty. Lady goes Back Home and put in the dog House and chained up which Only a human can do to a dog. And the tramp disconsolate but what can one do with a lady however the rat comes on the scene and imperils the baby and lady hysterical because of her great love and loyalty. And the tramp hears her bark id and comes to the Rescue and a terrific Battle ensues in which loyalty conquers and the rat killed. Would it were among humans who unfortunately often permit the rat to Triumph because there no sense of loyalty and virtue has been drained away in a service to false gods. The ways of humans Are obscure and Are usually senseless that dogs must have a hard time understanding them Al though the tramp does rather Well. We always say of dogs if they could Only Walt Disney lets them talk by Means that Are his alone. And they not Only talk but sing. And if anyone Ever heard an intemperate Barber shop Quad Tette sing Home Sweet he in for a nostalgic treat he gets a Chance to see lady and the for Here Fine sing ing of the ancient kind not the groaning and moaning which the humans like to Call music these Days. Nay these dogs have somehow caught the spirit pleasures and palaces though we May and for anyone who not a sullen teen Ager discovering anew what Adam and eve Learned from the Serpent this grand sing ing. So altogether a wonderful time was had by All except the fat lady who loved siamese cats when american cats would do Well anyone knows. Of and the rat. He died. Copyright 1955, King features major Thomas m. Nial a prints a guide for House Hunters if you re a Veteran planning to buy a new Home with a i loan the veterans administration go ing to try to protect you against getting a bad Deal. It la make an appraisal of the property to make sure the Price you pay not higher than the a reasonable value. It la inspect the Home during constr action to see that itbeing built according to original plans and specifications. But the a can t guarantee that the House properly constructed in All respects nor can it Guaran tee that you la be satisfied with the Home in every Way. Thus Therea big Job left for you. Tie a in an Effort to help you with the Job has put out a Booklet called to the Home buying vet Itavailable at Allva offices. Here arc a few questions the a suggests you yourself when you re Home Hunting the Home suitably located for schools churches shopping areas transportation and your Job the neighbourhood Well kept and arc the other Homes similar in Type and Price Range to the one you want to buy does the urea have local zoning Laws or deed restrictions which will protect your neighbourhood the Homo locale it that you. Won t in1 bothered by noise dirt and danger from highways urn other streets with heavy if not already installed will there.1 be adequate streets Simiu walks curbs out gutters you should be Noble to answer these questions to your satisfaction before you consider buying a Homo in addition to this should Check the size and shape of the int to make sure you re satisfied with ii. Also you should know what the lot will incl Iclef in the of Lawn shrubbery walks driveway Etc. to the House itself the a has these pointers to help you floors if the floor Wood be sure the joints Are tight and that it properly sanded and finished. Walk Over the floors slowly to Check for any spots which noticeably give under foot. If you find such spots that part of the floor should he corrected. If the floor Concrete covered with Asphalt tile make sure the tile joints am smooth that Itproperly fitted around Corners and fixtures. Doors try All the doors by opening and shutting them a couple times. If they stick or have Large cracks around the Frame make sure this corrected. The outside doors should have weather stripping. Walls two types of Wall finishes Are generally Wall Board or Gypsum plaster. Make sure that you re getting what you expert. Also see that the finish or Good and has no Bubble spots or other imperfections. Windows Check the windows for proper Light and ventilation. Open and close the windows a couple times to see if they fit prop Erly. Bathrooms look Over the bathroom for Lowel tars sip dishes Ami Oiler necessary fix Tures. If the Light switch located you Ean reach it while in the tub Itdangerous. A severe Slick could result by standing in the tub of water and turning on the switch. Kit Ikin sure you line nil the items of Kitchen equipment you re supposed to act or hut they or included in the con it net. Check to Sec k they re of food Quality and Bricker controversy gets another round Washington amendment debate with us. There no doubt that Public re action to the renewed proposal to alter the treaty making authority of the president and the Senate will greatly influence what con Gress does on this Issue in the next few weeks. It particularly important therefore that the real differences of the fictitious or exaggerated differences first priority. Question. Exa Cuy what the Bricker amendment. Answer. It would add two new provisions to the Constitution 1 to state that no International agreement can be valid if it Vio lates the Constitution at any Point and 2 that no International agree ment can become operative in the United states unless it deals with matters specifically delegated by the states to the Federal govern ment. Question. there any area of agreement Between senator Bricker and the administration answer. Is. President Eisenhower perfectly willing to support an amendment which would add the must precise pos sible guarantee that no treaty should either Short circuit or trans Gress the Constitution or dilute the Bill of rights. Question. What the area of disagreement answer. This the clause in the original Bricker amendment from which the president and Secretary of state Dulles totally and unalterably dissent a treaty or other International agreement shall become effective internal Law in the United states Only through legislation which would be valid in the absence of International the bracketed words have been removed from the amendment which or. Bricker has re introduced. He agrees that the removal of the which does no alter the substance or effect of the amendment. The effect of this provision far reaching. It Means that a two thirds majority of the Senate would no longer be sufficient to bring a treaty into being within the u. S. This would have to be followed by a majority vote of both houses of Congress. It Means that Many treaties could not become effective at All unless the president could negotiate the approval of 48 state Legislatures and 48 state governor. The Constitution provides that of nato troops in the u. S. And because the states have never delegated Power to the Federal government to Deal with foreign troops in the u. .s., the treaty would under the Bricker Amend ment require action by the 48 states to become valid. Question. Was the Bricker amendment Defeated by Only one vote last year answer. That has often been printed. It inaccurate. In its original form the proposed amendment was obviously headed for defeat that the senator never brought it to a vote. Two diluted versions were Defeated by 20 and 14-vote margins respectively. What was lost by one vote was a further watered Down George substitute which senator George say he does not intend to revive. These May seem relatively complicated questions. I think that two very uncomplicated questions Are the Federal government the sole Central instrument. Senator i. At this met fever should Brickeramendment would go to Back to the situation which prevailed during the articles of con federation and distribute part of that authority Back to the 48 states. Question. What a fair example of a treaty which could no longer be made operative even by a two thirds vote of the Senate answer. A Good example the nato status of forces treaty which was ratified since the broker amendment failed last year. It provides for special treatment of american forces abroad. But be cause it provides for the treatment we make it More cumbersome and More difficult for the president and the Federal government to conduct foreign time when our Security depends upon americadecisive leadership 2. there any real Concrete opposed to Ger that we will lose our freedoms unless the changes in the constr Tion which senator Bricker and some others want Are not made those who want to keep the Constitution it Felt that the answer to both these no. Copy right 1955, new York her Ald Tribune inc Drew Pearson French fooling Gen. Collins Over political situation in Vietnam Washington Unsung hero of the Salk Saga the Rhesus Monkey of India a flabby bowled Little fellow with a Short Tail. A Friend of the people who Monkey around in medical laboratories he helped More than once to crack a Lough research problem. Without the raucous Rhesus in fact there might be no Salk vac Cine today. Actually it was Harvardor. John f. Enders who in 1951 paved the Way for the Salk Vaccinedevelopment by discovering that polio virus could be grown in a Cul Ture composed chiefly of chopped up Monkeykidneys. Later it was found that the Indian Rhesus was the most suitable applicant for the Honor. Today or. Enders Little remembered in the midst of All the publicity for or. Salk. Nor has anyone proposed an award to the Rhesus for his important role in the Conquest of dread polio. With no Home grown monkeys and an urgent need for the vac Cine we Are at the mercy of in Dia for our Monkey Supply. This almost caused a crisis last month when american animal welfare groups raised an outcry Over the treatment the Rhesus was getting from the National foundation for infantile paralysis. Sympathizing India halted shipments but later resumed them after assuring her self that the National foundation was acting humanely. Meanwhile the animal welfare groups Are keeping an Eye on things even to the Point of meet ing each plane it wings in from India with its anthropoid Passen Gers aboard. To inoculate All americans up to 21 years of age will require about monkeys. The going rate about per Monkey. In other words the will Cost some lot of Monkey business in any Manlanguage. Heretofore the Job of procuring monkeys for vaccine production has been done by the National foundation which runs a Monkey Motel at Bluffton s. C., with accommodations for guests. Now however commercial producers of the vaccine will step in to the picture with Monkey farms of their own. They Hope to Speed Salk vaccine no one throws a Monkey wrench into the going communist while american politicians and a Good part of the Public have been worrying about some islands off the coast of China Small they Don t show on any map a chunk of Southeast Asia once described by Eisenhower vital about go go Down the communist Drain. It Southern most important part of Indochina left free alter the Geneva conference bowed to the reds and surrendered North. This time Vietnam going Down the Drain not because of communist invasion but because of bungling neglect religious rivalry and Franco american bickering. All the communists have to do sit on the sidelines and applaud our Bone Heil plays. Here Are inside details of Whylhand Vint in this Uny War weary country which Eisenhower lire described vital to the tree world. Prime minister Ngo Dinh dim of Vietnam a Strong anti communist in honest Lender a Strong Cami Olic but he also Anil French. Opposed to him lire not Only a Cronin sods but the colonial office in noted for its old fashioned policies and for being out of with ult French a Walt opposition to Premier diem scarcely defensible. The in and probably More economic than re Tungsten that we value from Gigious though the two Are com that area would cease coming. All bind. For years tie Buddhist India would be outflanked. Burma tests which now oppose him have would be in no position Lor de from drawn their chief Revenue the River pirates and the brothels of Saigon sometimes called the Paris of the Orient. This Revenue what also helps support emperor Bao Dai in style on the French Riviera. Premier diem unalterably opposed to these vice regimes. He a new Type of vigorous Reform Leader who wants to bring a new Era to Indochina. Hitherto he has had the backing of Secretary of state Dulles who incidentally has had his Backbone stiffened by car Dinal Spellman. For not Only Are there a great Many catholics in Vietnam but also about a million refugees in the communist North indo China trying to get into free Southern Vietnam. Opposing Dulles however his special ambassador Gen. Joe Law ton Collins sent to Indochina to try to save the rapidly deteriorating situation. Collins a great combat general the Man who captured Cherbourg and a sincere though unskilled Diplomat has been sold a Bill of goods by the French that Premier diem must be dumped. No religious question involved far Collins concerned because col Lins himself a Catholic. The Basic Issue the return of French colonialism. Many members of the american embassy staff in Vietnam vigorously disagree with general col Lins. General Collins however seems to be won Over by the French seems to feel that pre Mier diem too Strait laced to Deal with the kind of enemies who Are trying to undermine him. One Cable he sent to Washington re ported that diem did not know How to Deal with venal people. Meanwhile Premier diem not permitted by the French to his army of 140.000 men to subdue a rebellion started by the Binh Xuyen Buddhist sect of former River pirates which has in army of Only the two other sects opposing him can Muster Only men and could be handled easily if tile French would let diem move. Note i Donald Heath for Mer u. S. Ambassador was re placed chiefly because the slate department feared he did t stand up against the French. But today general Collins Tough combat officer that he has succumbed to his wartime associate Gen. Paul Ely the French High commissioner. Note 2 general Eisenhower addressing the governors Confer ence in Seattle in the summer of 1053 stated now let assume that we have lost Indochina. It Indochina goes several things Hap pen right away. The Kra Penin Sula the last Little bit of land hanging on Down there would be letter to the editor to the editor my Hatoff to the person who had the inspired thought to paint Over our mailboxes and trucks red White and Blue. We Sec far too Lite of the colors that represent our great and free country. Somehow at the fast Pace we live today we just Don t think when we pass the Post office to look up and see our colors flying in the free Breeze that blows Over our land and remember All that it has taken to keep it there. We Loo easily forget to thank god that never again in this coun try has it become necessary to see by bombs bursting in air our Flag was still s e. W. Jr., lessons in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused do not say quoits Are an interest ing say quoits an interesting often mispronounced raconteur a pronounce Rakon tur a in at o in on u in fur principal accent Oji last syllable. Often misspelled inoculate Only one a not two. Synonyms backward rear Ward reverse retrograde retrogressive. Word study a word three times and it let increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day to Dayword superhuman above the Range of human Power or skill. Such a task seems look and learn by a. Gordon 1. What the most popular significance of each of these num Bers a 365 b c 44 d 32 e 212? who commanded the British Fleet at the famed Battle of Trafal Gar 3. What animal general considered the most Graceful of the 4. What orchestra instrument in its literal translation Means answers 1. A number of Days in a year b number of feet in a mile c number of units in a Gross d freezing temperature fahrenheit a boiling temperature fahren Heit. 2. Horatio Nelson. 3. Tile Antelope. 4. Piccolo. Tim Florence Morlani Newi Deitrei to m notified prompt m Trio i m it i re Ortr in lured u Mccond Clist Mailer 11 the 1 Oil Ollice t Florence. So. Under h Ulirch 1, 1497. Member of the associated pret audit lure ii of no Southern newspaper Apoc Billmi Trio Amoco need Preu i emitted Exielu Irli to uie for publication 01 nil Hie local Newt printed in Ihli Kiwi Pinr All i Errlin Are Independent Contr Sciort and hit Florence Mol of Newt will Lor i menu unless. T uie. Ollic. At the m subscription rates 1 Bio. In 3 months month 1 week City delivery m by mall to by Sec. Florence .33 by Mill Cli cohort 1 or 118.20 8.20 ii6.ho for on Kuril Ronam Sim Dij Dell very of eur Ltd my Rix 4un by Mill m of Murii m 7 Mil in Kuril

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