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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 2, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 2 toe Florence morning news Florence. 8. G monday morning May 2, 1955 deaths and funerals j Gary Melton i Gary Melton 21-month-old-son of Blenheim May 1 funeral Ijunior and dans Mog Dune mat Carl l Grice for Carl l Grice 23., whole Hows Melton of Effingham died about 8 . Sunday in a local hos _. Was lulled in an Auto Accident near Blenheim saturday afternoon will be held at Brownsville Church cemetery monday afternoon. The body was taken to the Home sunday afternoon to remain until time for service. Or Grice was a son of Bradly Bessie Mae Grice and was l native and lifelong resident of Marlboro co. Surviving besides his parents arc four Brothers Richard. Pital. Ivnora Annan figments Are in Complete and a Fol be announced Delbert Barfield Hemingway May 1 Delbert Lee Barfield seven month old son of or. And mrs. Harvey Barfield of near Hemingway died at a Hospital Here today a few min utes after admission. Stoudenmire funeral. Funeral services win be later by Home of Florence. Survivors include his parents. Or. And mrs. Luther Melton of of fing Haim two Brothers Henry and James Melton both of Effingham his maternal grandparents the Rev and mrs. W. Matthews of at 2 p. Town free arc Luul us Vitria. I j r or. A crop and Coy All of Effingham his paternal grand of Marl parents and his maternal great h. E. Broach of of sir Gingham. The Brownsville Section Boro co. Held monday at the new will Baptist Church Home Auto radio repair when it comes to Home and car radio repair we know our business our reputation for Quality work and fairness of Price is known throughout the pee Dee. Let our experts repair your set next time you la recognize the difference immediately. Tommy Ayres radio to service 116 s. Coit St. Phone 2-3640 Between Lake City and turn Evite conducted by the Rev. Rufus blackly of Lake pity. Burial will be in the Church cemetery. Besides the parents the infant is survived by two Brothers Junior and Jimmy Barfield Materna Grandfather Ballard Curry of Branton paternal Grandfather ack Barfield of Andrews. Swiss Don t like legion enlistees Bern Switzerland May 1 my Neutral Swiss Don t like the fact the French foreign legion at tracts upwards of 300 Swiss youths a year. Returning veterans lace jail for violating a Law against for eign military service. But the enlistments go on. So the govern ment Lairn Ched an Eudo atonal Campaign this week. Pamphlets passed out through schools and the army say the legion May Lead to Crip pling or death and is not the Way to romantic adventure. Foreigners get break in France Paris May i a foreign tourist driving in Paris Are get Ting a break in the police drive against such things As Horn honk Ling and in proper paring. The chief announced the foreigners is be handed traffic Rule printed in in Felish German ital Ian and Eft tickets Womack Lindley inc. 150 s. Dargan St. Phone 6344 radio to programs we 8 reds Roundtre world Parade in mild May Day programs pee Dee we offer fads Florence and Puli Dee data from the United states weather Bureau in Florence for he 24-hour period ending last Light. Temperature highest 83, year ago 88 lowest 51, year ago 61 mean 67, year ago 75 a. 62, p. 64 ran 0, year ago 1.57 total this month 0 deviation from Normal minus .13 total this year 12.06 deviation from Normal minus 1.43 Sunrise Sunset Mynue Beach tides High a. Low p. River stages at 8 a. Lynches Efting Hain missing Wateree Camden missing great pee Dee Cheraw Tissing great pee Doe pee Dee missing Low tides a. M., p. Details fair and not much change n temperature monday High about 84 and Low. Tomorrow 53. Wasi Hixton May 1 api Bureau report of Lempe Ramc and Rajfa Lor Pic 24 hours ending 7 ., for selected areas 1-r. Alpina 48 Asheville 75 40 Atlanta 81 All City 45 Bir Lam b5 49 Boston 71 to Duff no 73 47 cd Nook 84 49 Oli Rabo w 47 Cincinnati 46 Cleveland 79 47 Dallas is Denver by 40 d Moi Neil by 57 Detroit 79 52 Dull la 45 Alveston 06 is Houston 90 64 ind Polis 77 Jack Effle 87 35 Kan cily 84 key West 83 by the associated press marching throngs on both sides of the Iron curtain sunday celebrated May Day traditional holi Day for the world s workers. The Only violence reported was in France where celebrations Golt mixed up with the algerian nationalist movement. At least 20 policemen were injured two seriously and 70 demonstrators were arrested in a Parade of algerian nationalists near Lille France s big textile Center no figures were available immediately on the number of algerians injured. At Mau Bege 47 Miles Southeast of Lille near the belgian Border 21 More persons including nine policemen were Hurt in a similar clash. It started when police tried to break up a Parade of 500 algerians. Some of them took Refuge in houses and gardens stoning the police from behind Walls. Violence had broken out in Al Geria on May Day eve. A bomb exploded under a car outside a movie theater in Constantine while most of the audience was outside for intermission. An algerian police officer and a 3-year-old girl were wounded by revolver fire. Algeria is a French department n North Africa. Violent National so which has been erupting for some time in the French Proteno orate of. Tunisia and Morocco has More recently spread to Algeria. In Moscow to which the world s communists look for guidance the Celebration was hampered by a drenching rain. Marshal Georgi Zhukov wartime Friend of presi Dent Eisenhower reviewed a a which included ground forces and motor drawn Cannon so Large and of such unusual design As to Sug Gest they might be atomic weapons. The bad weather grounded he soviet air Force disappointing Ivester diplomats expecting a glimpse of four Jet inner Continental a embers which air attaches had spotted at rehearsals for the Cele Craton. Praised Lenin s doctrine of peace Parade Down Pep dog s Central Boulevard. Peng Ohen peeping s Ful coexistence and economic com petition among states irrespective of their social and state he did not mention Eisenhower or suspected vaccine sold in n. Jersey the United states by name blasted imperialists threats and Provo and said the Paris agree ments to free and rearm West Germany increased world tension. A piping radio broadcast heard in Tokyo and London said communist Hodna observed Day with a Call for strengthened de lenses Ond tie liberation of for Mosa. Red chinese Leader Mac mild in phrasing in which he Zhukov made a speech firm but Tze Tung watched what the Broad cast called a seemingly endless mayor made the May Bay speech. But May Day is not the exclusive Possession of the communists. Established As International labor Day by the International socialist Congress in 1889, it is celebrated in the West As Well As in the East an exception observing the first monday in september As health today announced that 280dar shots of Salk vaccine re at Vatican City Pope Pius Xii Cei Ved from the Cutter Laboratory delivered a May Day address to North America is i the United states Many Wim not Compromise with the by another dross Border Exchange communist East. In red controlled Bast Berlin about work ers matched along Unter Den Lin Den to Marx Engels Square past a reviewing stand of German rus Sian and satellite representatives. Yugoslavia paraded its troops youth and workers before be Tito. It was the three Day Holiday. Singapore violence almost erupted when excited demonstrators emerging from a five hour rally of the extreme left Wing peo of gunfire with egyptian guards across the Gaza Border. This Parenty had no connection with May Day. Elsewhere tons of thou Sands of israelis took part in celebrations. Vienna All political parties stages celebrations based on beaming president Tria s Hope for imminent Freedom be beginning of a after 10 years of occupation by Hie big four. Guatemala the first May Day Celebration since the overthrow the communist regime last june pie s action party tried to March through the City s streets. They Dis Persed when riot police appeared. London Hain dampened a la Bor led Parade and Celebration in Hyde Park the Saar in this Rich Indus trial area coveted by both France passed quietly. Castillo armas and Germany rallies were marked dutch held Guinea. Have been used. Hundreds of thousands of workers Donald Benson the departments assembled from All parts of Italy Public relations director said we in St. Peter s Square. The 79-Yeair understand 280 cubic centum Evervold pontiff speaking for 25 min or 93 packages of the vaccine from Lutes from the Central Loggia of St. The Cutter laboratories went to Joeter s Basilica urged modern so physicians and others in North to achieve social peace. Sey who used it for Here arc highlights of the cell he said no polio cases have elsewhere in the world by tiie firing of rockets by unknown persons. The rockets scattered leaflets saying the soar remains Jerusalem military spokes president Carlow appealed to the people to work hand for the coun try s reconstruction. Jakarta about indonesians observed the Day in Freedom Square beneath a huge picture of Karl Marx. Speakers backed the government s bid Tor control of Man said the new minister Nehru told a labor rally India s work ers should think of. The country s interests and not indulge in Mere trials of strength was marked through strikes. Reported. Twenty nine children in the a lion were Strick in with polio after receiving their first shots and it was reported that the vaccine used in All cases but one manufactured by Cutter laboratories Berkeley Calif. Unused vaccine has been re that City Divi and West by the Iron curtain had its quietest May a Hundred Day since the thousand West Rade of Russia s armed might turned to the laboratories Sald Borlis ners marched to the tradition Al rally at City Hall and heard mayor Otto Suhr declare Berlin must get ready to become again the capital of a unified Germany Alist labor leaders said the bag four must know West Ger Knoxville l Bock no 86 56 l Angeles 59 47 ,73 Louisville 80 48 Memphis 83 52 so Erldean 8h Jlia i 77 63 80 58 ,02 Mobile 90 51 month my 88 55 Montreal 70 47 n Orleans 86 61 new York a 49 Norfolk co Pella 73 s2 .07 Phannix 75 96 plot Sharir 74 47 sep i and me 68 ii Nirh mond 69 50 St Louis 82 52 san Fonalo 92 san fran 5fi 50 64 .03 Savannah 86 56 74 Seattle 55 39 .02 Tampa Wash ton test pattern monday Industry on 1 Arade worldwide theatre 3-00 brighter cartoon carnival 3-.3s secret storm kit Carson on your account weather vane movie matinee Tea strike it Rich vent March Lac Burns and alien Garry Moore Ling payoff Aithur fior Larry Lloldi Crosny strike it Rich valiant lady love of fur search for guiding lib rat by Tiv Fec or show Road of Welcome travellers Jian around House Art links Etc Greece May seek military Grant Athens. Greece May 1 a voice of fires 1 love Lucy december Bride Send stage i be got a secret to men in action sign off far Greece to raise the ques Weatherman vespers Burns and Allen voice of kure Stone i love Lucy december Bride studio one watch the Birdie Nocturne Talent scouts 11-00 weather sign of 2 monday make mine variety Tony Glenn show c 40 weather Hawkins news acid sports Jeff Evans show darkness at noon world of or. Sweeney b-.30 Robert Montgomery 3--15 modern romances Back stage Pinky Lee afloat and afield 4-.30 Howdy Dandy Sporl Sinen club crusader Rabbit 1 ranch brighter nay s join on your account v Carolina cookery movie matinee sky Kink Nan pc to incr or. Halon Perry Como no1 today in Charlesto 9.vj Diny Dong school Toleo time Sheila Raham show Home show Tennessee Ernie Feather your nest twelve til two Ted Mack show greatest grit Csc Chanel love of lift the Hrip incr Day 11 30 sear guiding cum rpm icon Jed you Road life homemaking ii Moore Hobert q. Monday matinee Bob Cro by on your Arr uni i ilk club feature movie in Krind Bob time 6-10 South Carolina today John news wealth i sports , Howdy Wason in nuns and Allen 30 voter of Firestone i love Lucy in pm bar Bride studio one playhouse news weather l sign on. Of financial support Lor her timed forces a to nato meeting May. The Volos earthquake steo1 has placed a fresh Strain n the greek budget almost half which goes into defense Chan Slyn on s-00 breakfast club news whisper inc streets a Girt marries companion paging new music in the morning we my 970 or St Mac music Ted Malon music of Manhattan Mai Crocker in in in 12-00 weather news Mil. From the slim Mimi belly Crocker 12-45 Debnam View Newi Cospel train 1 00 Paul Harvey Ilseok show i twp Star Jimmy Scribner 1-30 news Maiku Hammack Karu Graves Taylor news High St Hool words and mus a res Bill a Lorn Quincy Howe Boston Hla Luv o to Tow Bix it to go him to news Matisha Harp news hours 10 l Admiral Watson s furniture company 141 e Vivoni St. 7911 May Day salutes for the russian reds come the troops at Moscow s May Day Celebration. From Marshall Georgi Zhukov As he reviews a wire photo radio from real estate Loans National finance corp. 214 North Dargan Street dial 7153 do you fed fhe heat hire fool Stop Loson income in hot weather be air conditioning increases summer time business pays for it self i packaged air conditioning Quick by item Ilia if in Tawny s. Prott Tim flan. 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