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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 2, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather weather and not much change in temperature. Monday. High about 84 Law to night 53. Reader s tip communism s big labor passed through the world yesterday too much notice. Story on Page 2. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto vol. 41 Florence s. C., monday morning Hay 2, 1955 daily 5c sunday weekly diem Back in control in Viet Nam struggle by deserted by his guard wild two thousand persons managed to escape a raging fire in Greensboro North Carolina yesterday when autos and a grandstand burned during Stock car races at the fair ground. A wire photo car race spectators miss major tragedy Money Bill is set crusade called history s Best for tuesday airing 8y evangelist Saigon South Viet Nam May 1 Premier Ngo Columbia May 1 1955-56 spending and Glasgow Scotland May pm Dinh diem emerged the Victory today from a hectic scram revenues licit will be in a Compromise general appropriations developed into the largest beleaguered government of South Viet Nam. Evangelical gathering in history. He said television Ard telephonic to reach the general Assembly tuesday. This has been reported by state sen. Edgar a. Brown a clays gave him a total audience of Barvell chairman of the free conference committee ii that drafted the Bill. Gomery and directions from a Crew of policemen the crowd cleared the stand and moved Iron utter Traci re infield in a Little More than three minutes observers estimated. Panic was held to a minimum As the. Windswept Blaze roared through the seasoned Haird Pine of the grandstand and destroyed or damaged almost 20 ears parked near it. One woman fainted in tie in another cd Ltd Dies after vaccine dose by the associated Tress Idaho reported the death sunday of a second child Brown would not disclose the total of the Bill or just what new taxes Are included. The Banwell senator said there also will have to be some deficiency appropriations for the current Fis Cai year but he did not specify if this showed a spiritual hunger and a response to the preaching of the simple gospel of the evangelist told a news Confer physically Ana mentally Handicap Ped negro children. The vietnamese army which for a few hours took orders from his opponent Gen. Nguyen Van by plunged Back into diem s Camp and pledged Complete loyally to him. By deserted by even his personal guard fled to Dalat 240 Miles Northeast of Saigon apparently surrendering the pretensions to supreme Power which he proclaimed in an attempted coup d eat earlier in the at a 12-week Campaign in Lon a diem firmly in control again these would be in the Bill or would with nine million in new taxes. Both House and Senate agreed there also has been the last As Long As the dispatched a message to Bao Dai of by Ding new schools Bot to Scotia one Graham spoke i who has been attempting to a my the of an increasing restly or by relay to per pose his will by Remote control sht.1 Nonu lation Alid to Vene sons of whom made de rom the French Riviera advising Groes equal win those visions for the total Deci him to annul orders naming by for Whites Sions in the Cui tent Campaign i commander of the army Ana 10 Brown said the Compromise Bill amounted to 52.253. Withdraw his summons of a con is Good and very conserva these crowds were not brought Ferince m France May 5 to choose out by Craham a f he said it contains no drastic Aid no showman in the world Ess 18 political rated by or wild can draw audiences Uke that. Ouri and 35 Vietnam Csc to surrender to govern apparently the conference com meetings were just a Little bit off m Denoun cd Bao Dai As ment forces with five companies Mittee intends to the Bill s music and a Man giving a talk dissolute French puppet and an of troops the Premier s office an revolutionary com while the ant i communist american backed Premier was Busy a consolidating his authority after 12 shaky hours the rebel Lious Binh Xuyen forces Defeated by the nationalist army in a bloody two Day Battle were reported to be disintegrating. Col. Thai Hoang Minh the Binh Xuyen chief of staff was Assassin his own officers while that the total spend would have to be somewhere be tween 127mi and 130 million to pay for state services they say the pub Lic demands. Among such recent new services i have been the now the operating a 10 million Dollar teaching Hospital at the state medical College a new state ies Are distributed tuesday. Contents a secret until printed shows the longing thiere was for the gospel. _-------------------1 Dulc a unum Field. A Man suffered a Tju the Salk anti polio Industrial Reform two As criticism was levelled at the go Vermeil s tending of school and a new state school for others were Cut when Tiey attempt i jts role in the vaccination program. De to break meanwhile surgeon general Leonard Scheele expressed rim them6 i Confidence that manufacturers of the vaccine would Volun these were the Only reported Clarily distribute it fairly despite a shortage without casualties. All were treated controls and police Powers being vocal hospitals and released. C0ntro of the the began beneath Supply was labelled a Dis eases of polio among four million length of service in the armed North end of the old covered celer a vaccinated of Imren. A Tew More forces. Ine Oasis Zuara Sam Drift Miles worded of service will be was received ignoble when it message service term Cut for free chinese Taipei Formosa Fly 1 president Chiang Kai Shek issued a de Cree cutting Down draftees Lehi said in danger off Monterey coast san Francisco May Luv Ial distress Call for voice radio. Idlxjulh.t.v4.-------------- the raft Lehi ii is breaking up in up to the time the distress Call May have to be considered Seri bounced he was being deposed chief of slate. The committee at least 500 Parsons pen shed in no actual governmental Power the two Days of civil War lows Var. Its function seems Large Day and Friday. Y advisory. Diem s next move apparently de diem Lias its action under con spends on his meeting with presi Side ration but has not announced Dent Eisenhower s special envoy any decision. To South Viet Nam Gen. Lawton if Bao Dai does t come to hi6 Collins. Coffins is due Here Tomor a spokesman said from conferences in washing decisions of the National Rcv Olu Jon. Diem is expected to ask Point tonary committee deposing him Blank whether the United states recognize the new provisional rough Waters to 30 through the whereabouts government he plans to form soon West of Monterey. The . Coast the five men on the 40-foot raft i from Cannes where Bao Dai lit is understood to de Uard received Call Fromi Ivas hidden by radio silence in luxurious Security installation government the Craft at . Put and overhanging Clouds. From his country s turmoil the sex Junful he gets the answer. Yester immediately ordered the Cutter a i when last seen at noon yester i emperor cabled diem today that Day s revolutionary Assembly ses Tive and an unnamed the 15-ton, two masted Lei Wilhe was interested Only in a voiding directed diem to form a new from Monterey to the was 30 Miles offshore and Drift civil War and getting a govern . Ice. South. A similar attempt by the Lehi grandstand. The third race of Rheiny in a he t afternoon had just Beeai halted on of Welfar have been reported by other coast guard said a May Hob sources since then. The term Hovish instead of two year in the eating mat and three years in the Navy pounded to track Accident at the time. A police it. J. Troxler was the irom distribution first to spot the fare. He speculated Cerf or who has introduced i cols vaccine turned out by the Cutter that it was caused by a match control firm. Scheele said saturday that a cigarette dropped through to a Acconci tie situation All except three of the 29 children crack in the grandstand floor. The Supply is contracted polio had been in firemen said 16 cars two trucks a ovulated with Cutter and a motorcycle were Eitnier ser rep As being to be abandoned off Southern Cal geared to be a be heavy fornia without that raft Ever get face of diem s Mem with a Broad popular the . State department this message was much its recognition of the than Bao Dai a appointed government diem now Ages to diem and a Heads. The question is would it the Craft was pounded to pieces by the _. Ideas. Mayday is the inter nation iting free of coastal currents. Past Day. Bac Down in gave the same recognition to successes of the a new one formed without the con Kem of Bao did anglers snowed in t during Freak Etc in California areas m continue with vaccine i the Federal Laws in the w firms other than that of out will not produce one do i Ita the group in Tiona cubic Cen Seter of the the new York Herald Tribune Al cites world War ii fatalities honoured with memorial services by Frances wit11ington thirty Florence scores of fishermen who respond cation address and prayer in be Dawn thunderstorm and 1.31 Inch-1 handling is of rain. Between 80 and 100 men in and children snowbound in before releasing Ifor Public use. Bear Creek area 15 Miles North East of Redlands were rescued to Day after spending the night in their cars. A March air Force base weapons Carrier county Road graders and Snow plows reached them and towed their 21 cars out the mire. None of the occupants suffered ill effects. In Ventura county Navy trucks negotiated a precipitous Mountain i of getting Scheele said this group would be referring to the concern caused aged i to 9 in most areas 5 to 9 by Tome children contracting polio some areas and 1 to 4 in others. Alter receiving Wie vaccine Roose surgeon general said a velt said the government did Cabied by mrs. Hobby to p of adequately Tell the Public that today Wil receive from Man not expect the vane of vaccine reports i ment As a living memorial those from Florence who died Dur ing the War. Members family of each Veteran were present at the ser vice. It was a simple effective ceremony conducted with Brevity perfect results. On How Mudi they . The Man dest action of Confidence in , he said have indican a have very grave de they will voluntarily follow the Salk vaccine c unto the children of Israel for or. Colvin continued his Mes Sage by saying history s of nations and of All Man Are record still thousands of others have Given a closing prayer was Given Byl also. Benjamin r. Easterling their lives. Id. Colvin followed by taps blown i or. Herbert Gross Easterling to i t , ii. Fields Harry b. Good by son or. Charleton Holladay their lives. Surely this Monument will Breiby Saunders Bridges in time to come a testament that the Monument donated there Are still people in Amirca Claude Brown of Brown memorial a. Maxim Hensn a who love their parents country and co., on a plot of land Given by cedes jr., William m. Mcleod god even More than life it. Hope cemetery is a l. Mclendon George r. Re not Only continued or. Colvin. Surely we Gular Block with the following in Mims or. A. Raymond Sellers jr., .1 i a. De by the monuments that stand today. These monuments a representative of the person Tijare grateful for these who have whom dedicated but to the civilisation in which they lived he said. In year to said or. Given their Rives it is a privilege ascription they live with us in grateful e. Lawson. Also. Harold nig White c. Today to be dedicating this ment to these Young men who gave War and these names John a Mory of their sacrifice of world Raymond Medlin jr., Francis m. Colvin people this1 their lives for their country their Henry Isenhower William James Monument Stone and Flowers S.C.i families and their god. We arc Maxwell sr., Henry Grady Stone this memorial that is Granite. It is a Symbol of permanence a sym Bol of life that will be recognized grateful to Woodland Garden clubjjr., Arthur Morrison Stricklan rain. William Walker Gardiner Tracy Howard Jackson. Mason a cot Rogers. William milling Roy. Off. A. Sonny Stafford m. F. For making this possible. We Are i Dallas be of Kirkland Stewart Jack Sci Ibsen of these Young men grateful to god for stopping our Ernest Hute Hiinson Robert Bur-1 with erected by and closing Woodland Gar who like i enemies in the rows jr., Idun 1 he said. Road in a blinding nighttime Snow i Public distribution of the vac storm to Rescue 22 other Fisher saturday a total of and sincerity. Mrs. Herbert Stro Man gave a Welcome message followed by the invocation asked by Julian Bass on behalf of vet committee s recommends turns for Jeran s o foreign wars. Presentation of colors was made Zambone s meditations by Alley or Lens Sho w pm staff is or tooth at d6v thinks Vou s Bla Tai Euse. Be a Pesky Varmint City Pilot misses plane crash injury Fayette blk n. C., 1 a two it. Bragg lieutenants were killed today when their Small private plane collided with another while attempting a Landing at 1 11. _ r i. Gannis Field eight Miles South of Here. By armed forces recruiting scr yes represented by m. M. Jct s. Turner United states Navy a sgt. Wilbur Wiggins United states army who held National colors a sgt. W. G. Ware. United slates Marine corps who held i stale colors and a sgt. James f. Mcdowell United states air Force. Or. Colvin chose the 4th Chap of Joshua for the address when and a tv1 Iw-3. Sliu 1u1 cell. Ii pm the victims were two first lieutenants Joseph l. Uick Jakc 2 stones and carry Erson 22, of Biloxi miss., and George n. Struder 30, of Baltimore. Both were attached to the 376_th _ held Vahl Lery battalion Al it. 1 lot of Kin was officers the two of scors .1s lib Mac Ter of Book text of his came to Joshua and told him to select 32 men from each of the tribes and for each of those 12 to them and one plane were coming in Iti Loxi u. Studor s sur Lai Klimik when a Btu pms Tel Liy. Wile mrs. June f. M. mid his Mother mrs. S.c., hit i top their phone ii Mil inv Der both of Halll feet in the air. Yukht l.1 .1 ii1oi t fire Nurt were demolished. H o Kors told officers he coins avg in to inc location of kor Liow Aii ii Ort about Folia Flynn 0-Rannis. Most cars jumped from his Plenc ii hit the or mid. He a Ikon Voca. Hip health meet i Ojiri in on mental to filth will i resented do s . Loni Riu it is to to to Illel Ismith Hospital treated for Shock. Here and Omad by Little to Colw on mental Over into the lodging place. Joshua said unto them. Pass Over before the Ark of the lord your god into the midst of Jordan and Lake cv1m.v Mill of Soloni. H is shoulder Neon Ling unto the no incr of the tribes of the children of . Thill this May be a sign among you Hal when your children ask their Fol her in Lime to come Sny ing what be by these stones then be shall answer them that Hie Waters of Jordan were Cul off before the Erk of the Cove Hunt of the lord when it in S.C.Dover Joi Dnn the Waters of Jordan were Cul off and these Chili be for i memorial Turner Wiggins presentation o colors and taps honoured Florence s world War Ware Mcdowell Bridgiti dead at special Mcmorine services yesterday. Twi photo

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