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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - May 1, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaWork the dinner so it would t Burn while she went out to look for a straying four year old. Today the More appliances you have the More you re expected to i got a steam Iron Joel expects me to press his suits instead of sending them to the cleaners he scowls when i ask him to help. Chil Dren and a Kitchen Are a change for him. But How can i the in this Era of servant less Homes is a wife unreasonable in expecting the Man of the House to lend a hand avoid jams just when she is preparing supper and when the children need her most. Nora s self pity probably stems not so much from the amount of work she does As from being confined with the children. So they can enjoy More Freedom Many Young mothers set up informal cooperative play groups or organize cooperative Nursery for Iii in throw and Fullr Var Filer. Home i m practically a prisoner in my Home five Days a week yet my husband thinks i m Lazy or unreasonable if i ask him to give me a hand. He s just Plain act to life there Are Many ways of dividing responsibilities fairly and reasonably. Who does what is far less important than How you feel about what you do. When a husband and wife Start feeling abused and accuse one another of selfishness it s time to take Stock of routines and attitudes. Discovering and remedying the causes of Nora s excessive demands would be the key to their situation. Customs and living arrangements have changed markedly in the last two generations. When Joel and Nora compare them selves with their own parents they come out with widely different conclusions As to what is fair. Nora remembers the help her Mother had and decides her Load is unbearable. Joel thinks about a father who insisted on service from a hard working wife and considers Nora s lot too easy. Here is one trouble they need to talk Over reasonably and Good hum redly. It is possible that Nora is being pushed beyond her strength so first of All she should get a thorough medical examination to see whether there is a cause for her tiredness and tension. Then Nora and Joel should Analyse How she is using her time and equip ment rearranging the children s Mealtimes or naps might ease things and make it Possi ble for her to get out with the children and see friends or even take a Short rest herself. Are Nora s housekeeping standards too High perhaps some of the cleaning she asks Joel to do on week ends could be eliminated. What the House might lose in appearance would be gained in Joel s willingness to help when his assistance is really needed. Is Nora always hurried and harried because she attempts too much by planning her House work More carefully she might be Able to it would be worthwhile for Nora to find out whether such groups exist or could be started in her neighbourhood. It would help too if Nora and Joel could go out together More often so she would have some of the adult companionship and fun she misses. If she were less discontented she would be better Able to recognize Joel s need to relax when he comes Home. Going out Means hiring Sitters but in some neighbourhoods families have solved this problem with a Sitter Exchange whereby members of the Exchange build up credit by sitting for other members. Then when they want to go out they use this accumulated credit while a neighbor sits for them. A wife who is sympathetic interested and affectionate is More Likely to find her Hus band willing to help around the House than one who greets him with complaints. If Nora were to give Joel a Hearty Welcome each evening he probably would t feel that he was being imposed on if asked to take Over the supper bedtime routine with the children. Compromises that take account of both Nora s and Joel s needs Are the answer to such questions As who gets up with the Chil Dren on saturday morning or during the night or who cleans up after dinner. When feelings Are so strained that a couple cannot work out a satisfactory plan for themselves a Counselor can often help them to a better understanding of each other s problems. When arguments arise Over the division of responsibilities it s important to look beyond the jobs themselves. More companionship More affectionate encouragement More enjoyable experiences can fortify you or your mate against the times when children Are irritable and Dis washing is monotonous. If you Are finding satisfaction in at least one part of your daily life it is easier to be generous considerate and reasonable in what you ask of your spouse and easier to meet the responsibilities that come with hav ing a Home and children. 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Quick my Thrifty it Ort Iii Oil a Toni Clymn May i. 1955 a mite weekly Magazine

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