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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Florence, South CarolinaFat Stock show and Sale will open Here tuesday weather Booth Carolina dlr. Rising in in Northwest portion sunday Mon and Warrner. Buy Wii at Vou want when you want it through the classified of tic mocking news covers Eastern South Carolina. Established 18-.4 daily and sunday Klo Kence s. Sunday Mounic. Ma11cii i i. I Uki daily and sunday muck five cents Hitler recalls amb did you Ever Stop to think ten persons k Dor to great Britain Lerr Hitler flushed Wilh the easy Success at tending the culmination of latest conspiracy cast his roving Eye toward Kumasi in yesterday with the demand that King Carol Kraut him sweeping economic Sowers Over is nation or els.-. Who j at Liik last that j 33-passenger ship chamber of deputies plunges to Earth t t i i Washington Kiaie Voles Complete rower to Premier Daladier was built to operate thru Suli Stratoz Hyrc a Linkk was on test flight two officials of dutch airlines included in dead As plane crashes Chamberlain Cabinet in meeting Vav after assailing Hitler won t czech be he was betrayed and Ali Ped by the wily Hun turns Iii i j b toward the russian hear j that he ski Soreil at the Mun Ich conference for Aid in flopping Hitler s of Central Europe. We Don t he can Iii ugh help from that Quarter for Dor i Lii Virit has already forestalled hint there hav ing his blood ally Japan recently of troops to the us asian Iwider. Tin killed two of dutch s. Glen a Louii Rimol. 33 r ten sikh the plunged to eur their . Jutin airline.-, an Hall s a a Lalton Paris London More to in i i s t Russia s a i d against nazi economic pressure on Bucharest disclosed War referendum amendment is Iback for vote. March is the re Kiuber of Dei Niters lot Premier i Daladier dictatorial i tonight As informed Wiur ters a i move 10 relm soviet nubian Airi j to a triple front again German earn Cilc per Smirk on Ilum Wii. I the Saciri is to cute Ladier demanded to enable France i to move fast hips a of 331 to k4 in taif chamber Reemt Prival at tomorrows a forc Soik conclusion. In another move to put the inc Niue or liner in Ortler. The pre into tire parts and crammed called an err Ncncy Cabinet the Pilot still in Intino his con fusion for to Morrow at Irons my in Fli Slit Pwi-1 members v. Parliament said he _ lion ail Suiku i approval of decree Rill it tons Tiff trility los Ismail a 1 in to tie colons Arnm a i lube the iwo Prus am. Number of military service i Pittman. Often Loren French of ref Tali. The on foreign t r y seek speedy approval be cause of european developments Washington. March 16-.i1 the Flleta Tor a Natch Pittman a Nevi. I Lulu Man of the senile Toreion x int nitty. Tali to i or the neutrality Icsis Laton t. To tie Sale of any Ameri can products to a Arrtie nations exempt on a Cash and carry la he announced he would Nib Init Resolution Modulo Tex Al sex Mph i hat a u is 0 i i Pilot Lor by fur the storm for he is a jealous and Ai ii Loo and tin fact that Hitler has completely removed him Frum the front Jafie must he Discoid or Tiido to his euro to nay the least. Lie no Ploum waiting for the Ivy Prelc Conquest of he fore throwing his u la. He has helped Franco nine Liaf nillion for Tler final Anarch on Madrid and that mighty army flushed Wii l Victory will present a real hacking to his colonial claim. To in knt nce. A. A or Kusmi. A. Cram. Luis ill exp it. Kyl trawl Iii Tell hoeing tit lot. c. Writ. Or. 111.111. Llulia Hull i trill cent Incila it i on. Ike ins Rohli nig Llu Piug lore l ill t Fol Anil .-3lei rep uie air storm Purcha the stun nun or Aurrli to Lute muted Park am Ondon Lor a reply my than 48 hour on that Supi Wrt they could give a Calm us Nari drive the Giorni matits. Irvn unused in Ivre to thru ii m _ i Rin net will con a i Rololl i 6 a forr lion relations in Nam discovered i c a i in loader s Lake nth of lir Kim the na.1. Nut re it civic no. turn sir con i Roii Vincnt Darling t o n merchant suffered heart attack on fishing trip in resin Are in a to whether the irs Malm treat in tits i. Pc ration in event. Cd a War Pitt Man Lep led any Natum that con Nils Hie would have the aha Vitace tin e or Ihk Ursol ution. La course we will control i tier j raid he hid born working the i legislation Lor seme time und i that it Init an out firm tit of i Lar to seizure of he Ovakian p Oil Lleti 1 he added that the Irei. Was not intended a part Ziy i Ottoo Lute to King Carol and army officials debate future considering Kern tiny s new position they plan Kui Nania s defense France and Britain work together against to Block j reported nazi Rumania rejects French British attacks of his Conquest of Czecho Slovakia declares they lacked every political la ital and moral basis envoy Tot Ondon to make a Kel out von a Kuratli is named it Iblis protector of Ipoh Cinius Moravia in Mon March is limit urn and stance today Srnel note to Grant ice his of off Cho ind Arteil quickly to . Mun a -f.v. I to. J it i n r Aullma Rolv. Ilu Nii Al n in it win sail yrs Irving to to Tarvas will v lie . Called in Hui to a tin Cli Ull cil Ali Finnla a future cd 111 Trade i tue a Lent almost As a . The two from Macica ton Moil i i rope with the threat to Itji Tanilli. minister Clem Berhlin and i rum i am t Van . Lii r. A i All unjust to arc Ith ment vote Day that the mat Houll h or Vised. Raim it Iii i Llian hat Atli Niilre this to wintry . j so Lerir fit the a Trato liner Nat a like. A viral Miles from Dalai in Ordyn Iron Prawur tour ind or in legation ind Cun Mitt to German d by col. Vlad int in Mann a tvs non i nun in Toul i i Ilic they o in Clui s Tinb Tiomi to Hollcr. 1 a tiring n to the of stale at ing Tun. l a w in Iii Mit i it o i u i . Tul. m r. O on or til of lir a blurt in tier a rare it p it brr Wen Tran a Linhrt of Pitlo of Lili a Lii to Nib i Jucs by us data Tirui Tania until nov. 30. He Rulu a apr rail i Kitun. March 19 Uci Germany tonight promptly reject i no ill tue and Mich it Nucla Lonj of her com guest of cd Chc san Ali. De clarinet they every Lecal Ana moral balls at the same time Chancellor Heller called Limor his Ambi wader to u Lidon. Herbert vein do Takii to make a Ailun Tikran by Britain in fall inc her Derlyn envoy Back to inti on 11 Vance Alk Gitlic ill talk s Lead also called her Lle Ilin a Obj Marioi Home to the Covern Mcnol announced that us rejection of the Lar Labh and of Vicli Linail Bejel Dell veil to the British and French Amba suders. Win rat her in the had idiot in Clur Zmyj thai in Coccho a Joakola illegal and a violation of the i Midi Aci Milit. of enrol Ai renerts of Torii a Hale Ann t Rraci if i twi Empl to. Thu full or wine Ltd hit rather tin in Iii of Cryll item the Relner nuns am mini t4i. 1 1 no on i. It Umi Loiti in it was i Ideiil 1 a Weill no of Uldal Al Mil the for ten Porrov at up to join to no Rit ii its in i a Vita Jii u the ilium Ailiin Virji Stirm Kuiv Eric input Ait of id Wei Iii a vision tit of h.i7i to Xii i Iduru ii ill Lukocs Illy. Or rpm 1 Htu Tiou i i to mind. Spur Rotl in air Rioni Jav Titi i to Leto i i Ronli Alliv lie Linn s i first move in stand i no Lut j Pieliv t Rind Imit h u pin Iii la Ami Nairi n in i Iii Nikutin in Guiou ii Railroad leaders study new plan f o r legislation claim that Only temporary help assured Ito ill i i Mnich Yolk. 13 Iii ulc i Collie i atm Rall read executive mini Wall Street said lot Lav 11 i 1 Elf v Werr study tin a Nen. In Jim hum anum it Railroad As a last to stave Oft National l7atli n in cd did to Siek of their pro Diosal in thu the con trans. In till move they Noil the Laik i Ihu rain to icon Doln 16 report on Tiloi Menli in a Cantril k Ripe. I. I 111 Ink Lull u had Hill ten. to ill Maui Usi Wiull 1. Fin leu to sunday. In a Bdl ton to prior Tiu Lea Cllon to Germany in Vauni or crr Chi Shn Akla. It mail the envoy Pru ably mud be to Recurt on an incident in Muhln mention of Hitler in the Louv of Roin Moriis thurmay. This incident waa the cd trip. Ion of Hitler by Allied i if Coop or. Criner is it lord of the Admir Alty a i a Christ Iier Jurety traitor mid Bruker cd oem in Rte Iii ii Ikon Filc tact that the of Ilir Hoin mat no our Talon to the Tiey ilk1 Nail Kovczun Rel to protest Al it i while Europe Aniio ii by Iii i Hitler Nolc of the Mil leu. A just Hll lir rods Iroini ninl.1 to .1 Schict it Pollik to a to Merlin. He Leit to lieutenants the tvs to the Sill a mid ironing out n-l.itloli5 lakh. Orr s Iro Tittor. Ates the fur liver rom Washington make a triumphal entry into or rid. Lin at p. M. P. M. Est a Noay. He nun Uil Daren Konstantin Van Kurath Lonner Gennan minister and piers Dent of the no. Rrt Cabinet Tuncil. Reicle pro von Vcctor of a Lohela Morisli. Niti Atli. It pc mob a Only tar k until Neil Dii Ivre to Riel your ene Niico Lixe that Power lest they get in the Rirl blow which is always an advantage in any Kinin of a a Chaitu in the neutrality Law of i c can bring every economic possible to play the terrors of Japan Italy and Germany. Already he has used the first mean at band Icart l Mir i.-. I la wire n i Broil la. 111. Two Arlt 1 i Ali r Atvin Ruthm or. Truett had we to the Ike an Vutci tie on a i shins trip with a Rem pan Blore in . Joe Edwards. And the War. Re rpt in cute of h old Mient Sci time at prior la the tragedy. The k anti nerd on Ives in hrs Ittis Linurd on Turl Lri radio Kyc May Treasury swells Al Leader brands Lewis i Lyell in Tarin on winks to second to Ai in Lundin my Enlik i i till Way a who e of Railroad has shown i up a. Alulus in to rec Lallon that it fico Hail that Hie. International at a glance it -iililiur.1 in. K Tel Hurd nil the Timco Aid _ Liy j. j Adi j to Hitler by in a Sun int. .1 a 25 tier cent stiffer Tariff made goods Clit Erizik ibis . Mai ii i .1 lims by lie Cio h i juried Klimt la t hit infiltration of Coni Muti Tun Iii it that ill. Unity pc i Liin commune and Coin orders Kalra Ivr on Piu Dvirts tacit Scicli sends l. S. Sees More Revenue for u. S. If income tax Cut Tzumi ird Bill tall. Stance to Rev Ilei Mounir Sci i a cd soviet Aid in Lik tins Gernian threat thu Hynch Jull d Home irom incr in to re ims tie Toni tp.tilc3 my lie control be Wakiji Niton. March it. I if 3 my the la Al no the Ilins each i Hunts .Iitl tests Rcd in unit ii and Tirol to had an to a lint fall Laili Uati Landing will Start Fil next p. I Rey like Cio. Ninny i at wrist held. Djit la. O i Ilem an extra a. I pc unit of the All j met 1 j v ill not make the. . The Mil aeronautics aul Huritz j Toi inv on Many dec Ribco As Lineti j of Btu i the All. And Anncil Intel Locay that arrange. in Irma ii Ami unc in tin Cio ton Ulic Nhen it in enter. Have been try with Al is i pro the air corps to its 1 i two v. Wjk Lor Unity and arced b ill eau Nimit and Exi Nti l to the to Lopre at a Rasht held in the Way Frum Emir apr and i Livieri m Cominb Cox Ritj pleased to note that love Rieur to the i Cicitt la 1 by is sprueil. Ihn Alt. Juy Butnik is making cons Able Progress with i . Rutting of the Ami Down to re on state Anil a. Ira Dir. Larcil Laic t Calloni Ilmi on iller.-1 solution of the re slip irom the ecu Elict to twin Cio a1u v. Who a Lomnie Tler in ii ii i i 1 both mme mint pm in Juii. 1937 a Raj Iii l to inane tie unit Cilkai of Uit Trainr Union inor Myrtil in ult i Tiit Ilic Pirty Lui Tjung the if 1 Iii tin Hilo Ihl. A he Jim r win m i it Fli u if it Rollin to . i r of c Muni a Lull 1 p i ii tin rlf-r.i of r i Nijiu i r i Ali Vida vat. If it 1 Nasht it tvs Rel i Tim in next to Sijub if taif re Chr in n i lir t t Iff m around porn i tfx cd i Lovirus an plot if. Ily mfr Pink inc tiny i it or Liam Liiv it liar licit than i k cast Ilif Fittron Kcf Jin uth Wrren in the j Miki up Lils of the a lilt with outlined by u1ho.u of Pic Cio. Or. Jam or Jill a and inc m or under Utler us Lucic Chi Fri flu in Rev. Ii i h .1 .1 m i. I 111 i do in.--. I h in. L1 in. I ill i .11 to Iril in. Lii Lii it in ii in to n " i i in a Lii ill a. Orrl 1 to Iii t i a my it. Maui stirs . I in in no in brr .1 i m j i u mint Irv Ritly the Iii i s Itiat if to j slut Len in jilt Tendon As arty Irpel Arij moral Sci thu Lonu Uii ambassador Clumber Dalai unify tenons l dec in Lull Publ Tranni r t Tai oilily Senate concur Srnec n the Mill r. Fair Jenc t Toul j h six lib Arnif Runcy i lunch i id nil Lorp. Alt i ill cow measures. I a Rwjr rrp.r1ril in to Mai . Washington u s. Or dry All ten or i 3o rent Tariff Oil Many Germany Amerl neutrality j Iii lil h v l t air Bibl Nonu nun Vii Gei i Umili t us of the Coni Ofallon us a Trade Union Unity of _ if j4it i Lute Citer 1 in this Commonwealth in i in Many clo Kaiou. hid in Sti tement basis. _ _ Cavot and of Irr Usu fill rare l by Urc hit Atrul unions All us for u any r or. Tull tin i a Mirin i urn hum Tullu oiled in io1i s Fil lir of ii 1 la a n tic j it of u to 1 it .1 flon to i by if. . A m l h ii Iii 1 if i lax nil in Ely. Ilifrr.t.-. Iho old us Midi .1 to arc to be rtt Umed Here next icon Llotd on Titt oot r Rlou of Hulit pm or to Pilot Fie petition of ii a Litas Virv a i to in Altol Iii nifty l j in mall to the More talc Tuc thin reported to hav Acree on 1-Flrti in f truth in u o Mmry by . Ii Wijdi in Tami ihi1 Pir Stirr i i i Al of it 111. The i i nil a Ali Rev m ahi3u4 i a Chi Uruu Wittl Ancius fur str or Rel chief Tiluy Alj. Has Luiu in 1rtjri.il i Oul Nii a Sci c Junco of Pic. Ute . In Tolj a Milt Hyrc tin Elf n Una item for Imam Bill Neil. C 1 or Jar reply or to Roo Nulon i liw Mcmilon. Tiv Adail. Carib Trio ukr inc Trump Romp let a Recti Ranc. Blok to halt tray tic to Idun menu. Lluvia Leniu cow match on Gernian Advance bul withholds Foll Cal comment. Nut Vianest. _ i Nunu Jude Rulch Niv of Nicioli in for Raoul 10.000 reported or air red to appear for h act Pajl of Imit

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