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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 5

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Florence, South CarolinaSunday morning March 17, 1940 morning news. Florence. 8. C. Much speculation on which Way Italy will move uneasy lie Heads of fascists while awaiting actions he join with allies or Germany or against Russia or stay Neutral by c11a11lks cupt1li. Rome of the associated press it is the Fash Ion these Days for fascist Lead ers to assure their followers that they May to compelled at any moment to Exchange comparative comforts of non belligerency for the Rigours of War. Ettore Muti the new party Sun re tiry said so i few weeks ago. Go Neil Attilio Teruzzi minister for italian Africa recently car ried a similar message to l Blac shirts in Ethiopia. If Italy s potential soldiers my observing Premier Benito Musso Lini s admonitions literally their uneasy Heads lie at night on Bulg ing Knapsacks and they never arc further than sprinting distance from their muskets. Although he True fascist is pictured in party lore As a Man eager to prove his strength Ana morale in Battle the average ital Ian does not always find Tula Tough talk soothing. Furthermore it puzzles him. If he argues he must be Eter Nally prepared to leap into the trenches it would be useful to know beforehand in what direction the trenches might face. Or May find sonic Comfort in his perplexity in the knowledge that it is shared by Many of Tiu Sage Gen hem in in the embassies who arc paid to give their governments reliable information about just such matters. These circles to give the Diplo malic corps its customary geometrical designation Are spending some uneasy Days themselves tying to decide whether to slake Iligir reputations As prophets on italian intervention in the War the Side of Germany intervention on the Side of the allies o ration of formal neutrality or continuation of uie present Suilo of non belligerency an amphibious stain particularly irksome to he British. The grounds for forecasting Italy s eventual Entrance into War 11 in first that party leaders por Sist in talking about its possibility and secondly precedent of Mussolini s attitude Twenty Fiva years ago when he campaigned successfully for italian in Erven Tion in the world War on he Side of Britain and France. At that time he said the vanquished will have a history but not the absent. If Italy Mains Abnel she will be More the land of the dead Mussolini has made it Plain he expects Italy to play a major part in constructing the new Europe. But diplomats wonder if in May not be pondering just As Quarter of a Century ago what influence Italy will have in converting the fruits of an eventual Victory to which it. Has made no direct contribution. Opposing ibis reasoning Are Hie doubts of Many experts who b j Lievow Italy does not yet consider itself entirely prepared to under take n major War especially since recent even is have so largely dissipated former dreams of Hie War of lightning less than a year ago Italy formed Germany it would no reach its Peak of military Prepa Lallon before 1012. Although she has strained in the meantime to expedite her program of Orsi Sii observers consider her is ill handicapped seriously by a Short ago of raw materials especially Oil Iron and steel. The fact be government has found it advisable to inquire to the availability of housewives Copper saucepans in the event of War need is one of the Illuminat ing sidelights on the dimensions of the Supply problem. Those deficiencies. Naturally would not be As serious if in ill were fighting with the allies As if she were supporting and subject to the British Block Ade. There is general Arre Cincil among Neutral observers hint ital Ian intervention on the Side of Germany is unlikely. If Over it was to have occurred they say it would have been at the very outset of the even when the Rome Berlin Axis was the Kingpin of fascist foreign policy italians were stubbornly impervious to propaganda Desi trn a to persuade them that the nazis were their spiritual Broth ers and that the destinies of their countries were Inglis Shibly linked. Nevertheless it generally wis agreed that Mussolini s prestige among his people was such that of would have led hem into War or the Side of Germany if he and wished. Now the German soviet Alli Ance has created a new situation. A major rearrangement of fas Cist ideology would be necessary to make Italy the great anti bolshevism Power Happy in us company of the nazi communist fraternity. On the other hand there is no substantial evidence that Italy is considering tin owing in its lot with the allies. That too in the opinion of Neutral observers would involve too violent a reversal of recent policy dominated by constantly As cried hostility to the great Pluto Ahhong i Many contend that the creation of the proper psychological atmosphere for such a switch would not exceed the Verna file Powers of the fascist propaganda machine there is not Hing to indicate that they Are Likely to be employed for that purpose criticism of the British a it French continues to to the Rule of the fascist press. The Ger mans get much the better of tli2 break. Italian newspapers have not ceased to complain of the treat ment Italy received at the Hamaj of the allies after the last War nor to remind them that Italy considers them in arrears in he settlement of old accounts. They discuss Franco British War Aims with an irony which they spare the germans. Fascist leaders occasionally take pains to recall that the policy of the regime still is Anli demo crr. Despite the silencing of Ihu old Axis hallelujah. At the same time the italian attitude toward the British Block Ade plainly shows that the government Means to keep its bait ing of the allies within limits. The fascist press always ready to bristle and snarl at any tres pass upon italian prestige has Dis played an unaccustomed complacency in the face of Britain s halt ing of italian mail and Carp boats its removal of German Uiti Zens from italian liners and the detention of supplies consigned to Italy but suspected by the British of being destined for Germany. Adding up these various the analysts conclude that even though Italy is not by rating with enthusiasm for that Allied Caus a she likewise is bursting with no desire to combat it. There is a third Way in a Hin Italy might become involved in the Russia in the Balkans. Many believe it the moot Likely of All. Italy considers herself a bal Kan Power thanks to the Albania n Conquest. She already Iris Russia she would Brook no interference with her interests in Southeastern Europe. War Slih Russia would present Italy in her favorite rope s bulwark against bolshevism. It would preserve her from 11 in j embarrassments which inter Var. Tijon a behalf of Germany or the allies tight entail. T 1 would not be against Germany unless Germany chose so to consider it. It would not of directly in favor of the allies. It might however play into the allies hands or More specifically into the bands of general Wey Cand s near Eastern army by establishing a. New theater of War in Southeastern Europe which would open the Way to out Flaim ing the Siegfried Lino. There remains the pos Sibilev that Italy will continue to sit on the sidelines of the conflict ii Spile Mussolini s earlier prediction As to what happens to sedentary Peoples in time of War it is a role with certain attract Lions some of which Are translatable in foreign Exchange. 11 is popular with Large sections of the Public. It permits the italian merchant Marine to Rove the seas profiting by the disappearance of belligerent shipping. It enables Italy to carry in Commerce with both parties the daughter of mrs. T. E. Willies of Darlington county. Micier of Henry Millar. Tindall did to was convicted of manslaughter and by judge Greco to four years. Another Case that aroused considerable interest was that of the state is. W r. Tripp. Who wins charged with non support of his children. The jury convicted Tripp and sentence was passed by judo Greene. Solicitor Long will to Marion monday Whf in the to Polar Spring term of gun Oral sessions will begin. Final discharge All Par tier. Interested Wal plan by j take not of hat ,1. E Anderson administrator of the a state j. C. Lynch has this Day map a Ili Nuon tin to the court of porn of Loren of county for final ditch Virgo n k such administrator find that the 3rd Day of april i Iii-lo., it 10 o clock a. is the Minifi appointed for a hearing on the petition. C. Kenneth Grimsley judge of probate Florence county. March 3, 10, 17, 34 Petit jury drawn for March term criminal court venire drawn for f each week of general ses Sions meet red Cross opens teachers course a list of 72 jurors who i 1 serve on the Petit jury during the March term of general ses Sions court which opens Here March 25 was released yesterday by c. M. I Ziech c Erk of court. A venire of 36 men was drawn for each of the two weeks for which the court term is scheduled. The first week s venire Fol lows Mike ate Pii Florence John Steele Pamplico James w. Park or. Ebenezer Charles w. Davis Florence m. H. Langston Glen Wood prod Turbeville f Orence Gary b. Carraway Coward Rich rat w. In Walt. Florence Charles Osborn a Unkn City Robert e. Honour Timmonsville Frank l. Kelly James Cross roads John w. Anderson. Florence Donald w. Downed Florence Alex t. Stewart. Ebonezer William j. Mckno Imbt. Scranton Joseph e. Mccutcheon Pamplico go narc Hudson James Cross roads we Llam a. Beaty Florence. Jeff arts. Florence John p. Turnage Florence Curtis k. Fimme Ford. Florrnce William b. Baker. Florence John d. Murchel sen jr., r Ward Florence Joseph c. Tallon of feta Henry m. Martin Florence John p. Carpenter. Florence Leo Hanna. Vox Arthur l. Anderson Lake City in pm Coward my b. G. Stokes Florence o Kelly a Howard Florence Hoyt pirate Olanta Robert e. Guise. Scranton Swain Miles a Nta Angus Berry Pam Palco. The second week s venire Fol lows Harlev m. Poston Hannah Henry l. Mccutcheon Liberty Monroe in Borough Oak Grove Harry Hutton. Pic Points Darby w. Smith. Eff Ngram John p. Snowden Vox James h. Walker Florence e. R. Lewis Florence Ira m. Floyd. E pm m. D. Miles Evergreen w. E. Christopher Florence Fjarlie b. Lane Pamplico Robert to keys Florence Wilson Dennis Johll Sonville wat son Timmons Glenwood r. C. Hewitt Evergreen Bushce e. Pirate Olanta w. Car Rawa y. Roland k. Young Coward James Haynos Pampico w. C. Stone Hanna w. D. Mcdaniel Prospect s. W. Poston. Johnson vile James a. Carter sr., Flor ence Harley a Poston Hannah Albert Cook Florence James h. Mcelveen. James Cross roads John g. Richards five Points l. J Carter Prospect j. H. While Hurst Florence e. L. Nally Flor ence Fredrick l. Cusack Pamplico Mclaurin Baker Florence g. L. Kithy Oak Grove Daniel l. Jones Stone c. W. Head Flor ence. Classes Start for first Aid instructors tomorrow night the Florence chapter american red Cross announces a first Aid instructor s Institute at 7 o clock monday night at the y. M. C. A. Or. Otis Marshall Field rep even native of the National red Cross will conduct the course Whizin will consist of 10 classes giving training in emergency treatment of accidental injuries and sudden illnesses with special emphasis on teaching methods. This course is open for those who arc inter ested in teaching first Aid. This first Aid class is part of the program the Florence Chapt is putting on to Cut Down on the tragically High death and injury rates from accidents. Through first Aid training Accident Preven Tion As Well As treatment for juries is Learned. Anyone who would like to in Roll in the class May Call the red insurance agents hold meeting Here slate association in Reg ional c. Man Speaks approximately 40 fire and casualty insurance agents of the Pec Dee area attended a regional meeting of the South Carolina association of insurance agents held Friday night at the hotel Flor ence with the Florence insurance Exchange acting As Host. Thomas o Berry. Pasi president of the North Carolina association of insurance was the principal speaker. E. R. Mclver of Flor ence told of the insurance schoo1 Cine sponsored Here soon by the Florence insurance Exchange. T. R. Miller of the local group extended a Welcome after the in vocation had been Given by j. W. Howard. Jim Richardson presi Dent of the stale Afi Socialino served As toastmaster. Henry Brown manager of the station association also spoke. They must go the lowest prices in Many months Hudson och Chevrolet coach Terra plane Coupe Chevrolet Sedan to i rap Lane coach Chov coach ims Kord coach 1938 Terra plane Sedan to crap Anc coach Packard Sedan i9h8 Terra plane coach Chov. Coach 1937 Chov. coach Cox motors 158 e. Evans phone 286 s. W. Montgomery Dies at Kingstree aged Man passes at Home in Florence school faculty special to the morning be Kingstree March Uel Warren Montgomery 73 years eld passed away at his Home Here about. O clock this evening. Funeral services will be held at o clock tomorrow afternoon at the Home and burial will follow at the we Linsburg presbyterian cemetery. Or. Montgomery had lived in and near Kings tree All his life. He leave.-? surviving his wife the Oriner miss Florence Evans four daughters Isabel of the Timmons Ville school faculty Elizabeth of the Junior High school faculty at Flo Renej mrs. J. B. Mayes Green Ville Catherine Montgomery Cross office phone 403-w or col. John w. Moore first Aid chair Man phone 88, to get More in formation. Of Florence and three sons. Isaac of Kingstree Steve of Kuig film and la Brand of King tree also surviving Are one brother c. L. Montgomery Creej Ivlue four Sisters mrs. Austin Tate mrs. W. D. James and mrs. Mary 1 King All of Greeleyville and t. C. Crocker Fayette Vule a c. A grandchild Florence Jean Mont Gomery is another survivor pallbearers at the service to Morrow will be six nephews o irk deceased. No foul flav special to the morning news Darlington March -16 inquest into the death of Frank Bishop Middle aged Darling ten Man who died suddenly on local Street Early monday morning was held on tuesday night conducted by Coroner j. H. Hitler. At Thea time a Coroner s jury declared that the Man came to his from natural i pc Nylon will be called to order by j l. W. Coker county chairman. Sermon to girl scouts special to the Darlington March -16 Rev. James Bowers pastor of the Central Baptist Church of Darlington will deliver a special Sermon to the girl Sobuta of Section at o clock sunday night at the first. Presbyterian Church. A girl scout troop was organized in Darlington in Janu Ary under the leadership of Marlon Graham. Darlington convention special to the morning Newa Darlington March 16 Darlington county democratic convention will be held on May 6 at the courthouse Here begin Ning at 11 o clock. At this time Many important business Matt Era will he. Discussed and the con notice to creditors All persons having claims or de mands against the estate of Ert Benjamin Leo Ward Are re Quested to present that same itemized and verified to the under signed duly qualified admin Stra Tor c.t.a., of said estate within the time prescribed by Law twelve months and All Persona indebted co the said estate Are asked to Mcke prompt payment to the undersigned. T. J. Carter Florence s. C. March 3, 10, 17 featuring. Bounty for your old stove Bounty for your old water Heater special reduced prices on All magic chef Gas ranges and Penfield Gas water Heaters save on a new magic chef Gas Range and Penfield water Heater Here is a better offer than the one that set the town talking last year. Don t miss this Chance to Trade in your old Range and water Heater. Allowed on each one. Big things have happened to the new magic chef Gas ranges. New features put new magic into your meals. Less than inc a Day will operate a new automatic Gas water Heater. Of it s a Good Trade special round do terms Only downs18 pay the balance in easy monthly payments. The savings in time food and Money will help. South Carolina electric Gas company

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