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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 2

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Florence, South CarolinaPage two morning hews sunday Tuo Fenlong Marcutt 17, 1940 state Assembly faces several problems before adjournment appropriation Bill j and Power pro Cal i probe head l i s i i 40 tit legislative at i i Rady passed with no i quitting by King Columbia. March 10 when the general Assembly its 40th legislative Day thou gov turn to possibilities sine i and to a Cromli Shnier ifs 1 of the term. I the local and uncontested Ings nl1 Ali House and Senate 1 n Day mailed the 4mh legislative i tiny. Members thought changes of Early of act Viti too Remote for serious consideration hut a review or Tho i first 40 Days showed that had been far from Idle. The Constitution docs not limit the length of legislative sessions but it does set Al 40-Day limit on the terms for which members can j receive compensation and for that reason 40 Dilys is frequently refer red to As the constitutional limit. Main obstacle to sine die adjournment any time soon a the status of the general approx la j Tion Bill. The measure is in free conference but the committee is i unable to Start work on drafting i a Compromise Between Houfe and i Senate views because of Trie ill Ness of two of the Senate Mem t hers. Both senators Ward of George town and Gressette of Calhoun have been ill. Even preliminary sessions of the. Free conference Are impossible without at least two members from each body. The remaining conferees senator Mccull of Marlboro and reps. Smith of Barnwell Mcdonald of Florence and Hughs of Oconee naturally have not attempted to shirt work in the absence of the other two thu Bill will this i air As always he the Alvut on which sine adjournment will depend but arc Oulu l Mut ters of aim not equal in Par tunic which Mist hi1 disposed of heroic legislators can think of returning to their Home counties to Start political Ting for reelection in Tho primaries. Questions to tip answered should the Santee Cooper be investigated and in what fashion should the people vote in a Pri Mary on Tjie question of return in the state to prohibition should the Small Lotin business be further regulated added to these will be the prob Lem of electing three members of the unemployment compensation commission set for March 20, and the possibility that proponents i try to push through some form of biennial session legislation. Also various Revenue mining now particular problem of the tree conference appear on Chw floor of one or the it her before the session is Over. Main incl in Ali Hilmu tits of Tho Assembly so far is thy Fustur than Normal handling of Thi App Ropi a Southern symphony our ekstra to in concert Herk the Southern skin Pliny of Chestra with it Hie apr com Luck in the a Tippit pm of the woman s auxiliary of St. John s Cpl Krnoul Clun i Oik l l t Hen thursday a jury it of tin Church Milt link fund. Tion Bill in its complicated course through the Legi Shtive Mill and Tho election of an associate supreme court Justice after 71 Mil lots. A chronology of the session highlights first elected Alil ledge l. Bonham chief Justice of the supreme court and Sena Tor e. H. Henderson of Bambei judge of the second judicial Cli cult heard governor May Hank recommend pooling of All stale funds and of press opinion the Highway department could Glix to educational and club Itable institutions. Second week passed Iipp Rupi Letlon Bill. Third week semite receive i Money Hill from to committee which edit from House measure. Fourth week joint heard speeches by ii. S. Senator cd Nile Popper of Al urdu. K. I Evans administrator m the aaa and assistant agric Milhuf secret Clover i. Hilt. Fifth week House pave Pelvis to dry Virti Viii s by ing from judiciary Din Ntilis e u Bill to provide a it to dry Ivl l endure in the summer pro nary. Sixth week Senate received suggestion that Revenue to bal Ance appropriations be obtained from establishing n system of state open cited liquor stores. Seventh week Repecki de liquor store plan but added to Tai Public welfare appropriation while House rejected plan for loan scholarships at stale institutions. Eighth week Senate paused appropriation Hill which was approximately Abin o estimated Revenue and joint ses Sion elected to the supremo court. Ninth week House Defeated by a tie vote the plan to divert Highway Money. Tion Bill was sent to free Fon Lyl Picc committee. To ninth week both Immo Senate begun Moon Hunts item by out Govi i-iuii1 Maybun i Fri Kyett lion for an of san Lei Cooper. Iina1, discharge All parties interested will Hake notice that Samuel boy it and Wilhel ill Palir Ood Kvin administrators of the estate of s. J. Godwin has this Day Imide application unto the court probate of Florence county for final discharge us such and mints Straloch and shul the oth Day of april. 1940, at 10 o clock n. A. Is the time appointed for a Anji Oti tin Ion. C. Kenin Ali Grimsley j judge of probate j Florence county. March 10, 17. 24. 31 j notice notice is hereby Given that Tho partnership heretofore existing Between t. R. Elway and j m. Under the firm name of Dee implement company Lias been dissolved by consent of parties in interest. This Disso Lution effective us of March a Emo. Panics indebted to Tho partnership arc directed to Milhe set Dement with the successor to partnership t. R. Petway. 138 Koith 11 by Street poor care. T. R. Petway electric Kuni Pinnt. 10, 17. 24 r some people Are like that by Preston Ckarle were talking about with tit i had Riihl in Rutth telling Ahful How sir led o Olaui tried to got Uhi to Butler to marry her to she Rui Iii pay off the taxes on the uld Home tepid. Now then or of the a siry Bruni i on. Well it Hett la Alwil Tor a min Ute liked he was Fulling fur r Lam Ghoul she d hot in in him All the time and just Neil in t from him u Lien she found nut he was in trouble tin shoot m t Etlow. Kill be Prelly Sunn in and her Jill in pulling that nun my stut t lie a Miulan l Mari a n. I1 i Lantei any to Vidil him. So Sei Letl Uhi mind a at j tit Lar turned a Cion by a Man. Especially Asil in big t even Heap year. To she stunned out of jail and tried in figure something As Luck Inive it she up with in old fellow irom Clay ton county mimed Krank Kennedy. Frank was sort of Sissy but he Hail Money Witul hint s what scar Lett wanted. Of a nurse there was u la tilt in cynic Allty about Frank unpaged Scarlett s sister such in but two women want n inuit there Nin t any such Shinji in eth i k. In about two weeks Iris h to was married. The hint Winlin to the lumber ims Nesh in n Ini i Way. Money Sam d Irum Kliem Lull or. Ului in meantime Hail led i few Tolm i and Pill to in Liliuse Day i Mil sea Lett knew How to Insko things pay even thu limb the s were nun Ling things. Strutt St to Iii to have been put try Lucky at Gettiner of Huy bands did t the first tiling she knew Frank was shut in a Klu flux klan raid leaving her with another child and priv tidally destitute with Only to cd Ziph Hun Datul thousand dollars i in thu my Anthne be Iubelt hit kill Ashley Wilkes Anil wife Mike in Al Anlu and Ashley the Lulu i Mill tin her. Ashley us hot no Heidi la. Hell of suited to writing a Ustiy the on is it Klimt pretty s married to Lleti Hutler mute Nummey to the paid in i in old Liumes and. In it Liett is nil Srai flt ninja Armind in the upper Eire Lem. It any of Yankee Soi piety and to he pretty thick with the Stu and Oiler imposed thieves. Wieb was probably n pretty Ainars Thinn to tin. hint was about the Only Way list in i Back the Money they to Stone let from other us ugh a hell finally Tull her he d come Back and see her every couple of months lust to make things look a Light to the pig Horn a. Us away he went 10 Charleston and Nev or Letts. And Scarlett took off to turn the old Ligue Otuel h take a rest cure. So so the ending it Iii l exactly , but you kind of it l l that Scarlett finally dial inn Tiu Buck. The Book and in it Sumn of ft1 signs in Germany Point to big Spring offensive by is i. t tin associated i Ress Ith Scarlett Sii Yenji us she could Eccl id 1 Ara of Liiri out some Way in san Aftim All she said Muir us in another Ell As Sonn shed Mitchell win t this bunk. Be evils you eur Lett suddenly fixed she u in inc Ulusc and not with Ashley lint by hint time Hie wont had nut la Uund Ibal sin and Ashley were pretty Ollk a ind that made prelim Iii Nyplu a Teri Lur a while. U ill ii i Thiv were Shmit i Ami live happily Ever Ullfig. Uhi la the dope decided he did t stir left Niter All. Mir told him How much him loved him Bill he , Hull s Jusi Vimr hard and took another an h i minis Cju flu in ill tin ton stale Piaf inn can i Rev i heir Strati Leht Baik i m to Primm olt Iriah Tomt i m cum than Yoars Maui with in tin1 Walls never ulivo Setin nor ruled with a feline outsider. Thert1 arc ii out Fth in the. I inn now. Their forebears colonized the prison in tss7. The Warden Luul if Sut d an Nappi ii for n Good . La received 23 sacks of them. Takes polka poke at Doii Iruin it in i i risk a lil Vii Uil limn no in Lizul nlil1 Miil is Mill Linn us l n. Vim Limi so Nii ii in Ilii Ali Iii in sink s Linier on ii Cicle in Niilyn ii incl i Iii mini 1m i ii Iii Mil ill1 Thi it Lii us no Iii in until in his Milf ill ii i ii jul inn by thu Wall t. A Luil Hiruy i Spurl Imelli Iii it As i Llu i Iii Iii Lui 1 t in Misc in Vissi is i Lull Miili i Iii Niichi i tin Uhli Sli ii in it uni lilt ill solid Iii Llli-4 nil is Iii Iti Iii lir i m us of Lilik h t 1 l Hie h nil i i Lilli ill in Nili in i Iii l Hun i purity of Luil Ilir ii Limiti inn Wil h us Uliuli Iii Ishi a 111" ii Lizarh. Not i inti in in i url i Hidi Libya. I Hul Lii ii i Hanii Llu. Urnel l Iii a tip i in i Lumu All Tomt. Viiu in Lisi lil. Hilt nil huh Hitmi ally in u Ivy then arms Alum will Yiju Al., ii jul Llu in vhf Ili Lui Tim 111 till Sii Lili Iii. Lilli i Nikuni Siml Siloni. Will Livan in Way. Kvols will Iii Ivy so Luidl i Lien Hull Mhz u won t Lui tin i in a Lull till ill lit la Lull write i i i i Billy Hail in a no thi1 nil Lilai y Hill Linn write la Liy All Al Lily no Luil i i Litile Lili filial . Llumi. In an it i i i. i tilt isl ii . I hire Aili i. " i la Mill Willi ii in Lorun Lii nil Iii " i 1 Niini m no in int Visil of tin Ullh i lips Lulal ii Anil -1. Mill Iii Plath Unlue in history. Alre Aily it is it Navy Infin re Iii they Are turn tag of Onu Tautui Milne u nay. Orff my a Yurt s. Of course Aiti wanting of Linth by Likibi lieu Hull Long As they pm lon it in Rel Ilni of military pm rots. Of. On All kill Hom lit from of inn Fri Imus Mill that Entink on in uni Kli have ill Alt in unit Ali w an i Riff i Al in ii hint in w i i Ellils All Lii talk Pill Tiro ill i Iii pm s with All no inn by to ship ii ill i Malwal in. Mil tills Point i Kain. In is . To Neil Iii us Lii uni Lill llah. In. Miti Slit ill Anil Iba Iula pm i i arly in i Ymir Quiry Mizio to a 1 Lin All Ulii gals in of Llu Protia Wantla Enli of of Lili a Liumis u in o if in vol a on no uli1 or Kilisl climb into we Lvi Llu Numis liar ill Iii in tin i country. It obvious in Neutral by lira in Lull coi , who Linail just he fat Tullu la visit til till i Stern front was using hit Lull i heroin the null storm Lii Vaus to Iii Larni t his Ronnii i ii As to him1 in Halh Tiu luring Ihn a Ionics 7, Onu or Jim any s Pivotal chances for be with Telb Wilt 111. He Mai of Illk in i no it a us i i Ayr Imit thai Inoh Hlous Blu in a Enlil in Vii Clcil if a run Somi Lili Liasos Lur Puiai ii with i of incl in Ironi hit War in in Wisl Lias Salaili in in Nami so. If Ilu Uli Lull i Ilin i i Dii i minis in a Lias is in work in Mil All right hint Imi Ilion 1.11 rope to livid in Piialii Lur a Ioil to num. Una , Hwi Ivor. Till Block of ii Nom Las l rain infill Wlllie Ihbe stall s Mill. I i l air or inns soon no through u 1 local Bath h. Kupec Linoy t f ii 01 pensive 1ms leached even the car Toon stage. The comic we Lily i Curlin Tircui Tiki a Critdon Ali mini Vav men thick la coated with Wolik Lik a u lilt ii die i thu Uli of my Atli Ivil Titov t Villi . of i Ruiu ruin. With Uhi a Delhi in hand Tina Itami Tali h1uh7 Ovir his Tili Ouhl r. Mid Winston t let Vhill. Kit i i birr a Chiulli. An Olivious hint atom Inch in standing 1 t i of t1 the two Eltiy ies says to an other Jim let lilt. Buddy. In a they will when these Are which Poi Nous lit Llu Ollit Rit my t Iloh St tvtm1 of Elf Indian in l airs. This Vit a Muy that Iwiula ii Lias ii in Iii it a Tupi Simiu in on Hie Oln a i put Uhvin sir. Noui Iii Happy in j. By i Orp i Civi Tiiu Hiis As up i that hit1 Stulc Mitic Clinti Lulu . Twit Fultn should lie Hurne in mind 1. ,1 Tiht As an unusually win i Ami Ilia us Tuiofu Pluyer tin recite a Lily Palt in the German Cam Parikh in a Hind so , the a lilt St snowiest and longest win or in several decades has out a crimp into whatever plans Ella Germany on the of hand or great lir Isaili Ami in Hie other May Havi Hud. 2. To Leep an Urov Idle in Wintle r nun Lim his a Yacat teat of nerves i uth for the i Fickeis and and for the political Jeau i ship. Krom soldiers in Fiu Louth this writer Guined he. Definite impression that the Strain of the situation wan relieved from time to time by reports 1ml or Tion would anon Tui sue. Was u Alibi Lor keeping in the morale. It us Thieu Lippi Tuut. Such a process Howe Sci. In must i lift up . A Rumor of ibis kind in a print s Lilit " if i nne to Carolina Shad 306 in. S in t la radio Shad i Fiji i pm Shad i. Littek Slid. Hi.2iic Ali i Riib i. File Hesi Pih t a effect la i1 All it sol h t it. Roslinn a vols dully. Crim lieu flt Illers Joc Black fish 111. Is Lai by Mullet in. 13 l-2c Tusty Oln fillets in. 25c put lick Reorg Ltd Liiv Zmij. In. J5o is i kist oys Forfi it us Ami son notice Little red fish House Iii i i lion s Bachelor s Friend sox 0 pair Nua ranted six or six More pair free. Tennis shoes 49c up Triber s shoe repairing in connection 155 n. Darean phone 354 or. J. Y. Mckiiney dentist office Over Stanley s drus store Florence s. C. Hours to to 5 phone 120 free free free Cannon Bath towels size 45 Luches by 30 a 49o a none ask at super a stations in Florence Spain will base her Money on Consumers goods a i i will nor Vervlee Marmin. now Spain will bust her Money on Soivil cons Union s a Dols instead of on Goltl. That is tin1 plan Pul font in in Genera i or Iii d s new Yoiiro a Julio , a Hugh of servers Here urn us i Best blueprint available of rims Uncle ii thoum of thy Stute. J Franco Rome j would by needed to cover do Finis in our Bain of tie Elf Ltd the Intel in role Nlle Metal Point Ute to tie Romny us a emf a nation could yet Hack units without a Supply of Gold and said f a few tons of Gold St Neil in Tho Imsen Umit of a Hank pro vide strength and Toi i , How much More will the accumulation of prime mater iils and coins arable to Kulil More necessary than in for life. Which will permit our a magnificent koystoni1 for Economy a country ours Little in with or Cal push Tivit for improvement in the Fuld of to and cattle . With a very considerable Mineral j and a of person much Thuotte of Thor of like eur Poun countries pus a vast Field for Iii puff in a harmonious ii the sources of production Anil of Ron suppl Kulil could he pc if tin win id i Tia tilt Luja it n. Muff. H j j ii Cutnik v. S. I Jiapu fat Vii a Marci 10 at Church. In cling of i a Vii the Rcv. .1. T. Of the Ullio Pville re Fri hindi cd nirm born of Highl churches in the Trio cup sctt u to us Ted. Tho Gulf standing tidal Ruhh of tin Day will he by or. J. Lar Stylc of All Nln Field Hrnry Iii i it Homo Milf Slons. J dinner will i a de tie j county Church. Most economical car we Ever owned Hal s hoi the half Al ii v pulled my through a blizzard Lasi week that would t and Well of tvs again when we in. 5ilviksthbak desion ii p. Basic and sound that it never Gro Kade is so rows old.--ve5, Phi inc is easily the Moit economical car we be owned maj a i Pontiac a cur even More Lulu rims Mure Tiiu Tartu blk limn Ever hut Ilon l let ils slice Inis Leniul you Ghoul Conn nil i Tiniuc owners in nil purls of the country Lell us in glowing terms Htit i on inc is Ilie must Leon Finical our in every nil Upkeep Uncle Reedin Iron rouble have Ever owned and Many of these own ers used to drive Small ears where else can you gut a big car with All the advantages Only a ear can Oiler that is isl us to buy and just As economical As u Small cur see your dealer today Del Erial i Anlize Mich. Toms Imp Tillion list to on Mil rules flute unit Iii ii tuxes Thiu wiil Anil subject in Cli Ariae wit lion notice Leneral motors terms in suit our i urse. And saving a Lent on Gas. Look i. The gauge is Down Only five Gallons yet i of. Driven Ovek 100 Miles since fill 1 me tank filled. Never add Oil. Between changes either. My first saving was of Price. I got a car. Yet the Price was right Down with Thi 1.0wjst you say your Pontiac saves you Money four that Cost my a big Ordyk if t had be ii d61aved. Pontiac Relia Bilitz meant Money in my pocket that Day America s Rii Cir Cam ski foal sir j Vur Itig Sedan As illustrated Quality motors inc., a East Cheves Street Florence s. C

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