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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Mar 17 1940, Page 1

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - March 17, 1940, Florence, South CarolinaSouth Carolina Kair warmer along tic Coli it sunday monday covers Eastern South Carolina. Established 1894 daily and sunday Flok Unck s. Sunday a Okinu March 17, 1 j u daily and sunday pk1ck Vivio cents Coal mine explosion Paul to at least 22 men did you Ever Stop to think of to liar in Cix in Inco Iii six collections in Many Koy citius indicated Liat tic Treasury May lie pleas Anllo surprised when it totals the annual big March yield. Up until Midnight Friday when the deadline for making re to was reached thu i official guess was that a10 per cent or in Over i to lax alien a year ago be Alli Tineil. Atri ice Bluit up Turest. Service has found Plains of Suzui in be particularly Iula pled la production of i Orl so porn ducts. As a result u re cent of Lam Plains Usu said there were Many Good ? to believe that the business of growing Timber for Wood products and naval stores will become increasingly Phat 1 i Eside it zoos a veil s speech in which he bet Forth a list of ideals Nec Essary of lasting peace Bru uhf com ment from Semi official Bri lls1. Sources who declared they were in agreement with every passage of Hitler s i a month for or drive action passed the halt Way Mark yester ii with but minor signs of activity in sea warfare. Nineteen ships were reported loss during i he 2si.ll week of i i Kuropcak conflict bal five of i hem went Down earlier in the War. Six teen sinking wire reported in the previous week com pared with i he Peak of m ships sunk during a 7-Day period four months ago. Sinking by in boats were reported last week. Paris naval officials said this was due 11 the re turn of the undersea raiders German leases. A now submarine flotilla has been dispatched the French said. Rockefeller interest Ali err have a fun rumours of i be i worn a Vars. I Iown Colt Jivon to Sanim l Gilbri t Coll. In. The earn is maker n 1 Winthrop Rock Chi Lorr. Four la son of d. or. She by refused to confirm or deny tic reports when reporters in s her nou it Ibrom in lips Eily has Calif. She did say she and young1 very Good friends and Havu Boon Toyota it often recently. Wholesale dealers of Florence Lead fight on. Licenses would towns Cliar Ginger fees truckers of the world s our Lime Diu of medium of Exchange lies in this nation s vaults. The name Uncle Midas is Likely to Ink in l Oad As other Tiuch did after the gab a Feyhl by incur Iichi Soful the of Moi is fees for ouf of town wholesale houses will he be Sun cd under the Leaile ship of wholesalers in Columbia before Hie Hottie judiciary Cuni Init tool tuesday after noun. A Puring Lichti been set for i p m. Inn slay info or Chr commit Chi headed by up. Cal Riun run Nils of Beaufort. It. I. President of the Florence group said Lasi Niphol. The Flor enc Moil hit a hive 1 hat would prohibit under population charging . Incs for truckers a eth out of own mild Jil ready pity ill for a the Nike not Fri Ninn Timp Lily. The Bill atm Iiran Lai adv Chr Oliph attorney of. Klu Rineo or. Al rail. The specifically Mem to Ivy of and under under the present Law tin or Citow d it 1 i Only to fees for Mil of lows Trueline a. The Law i him becausf1 of de ii figuls of who fell i Iino Tiht fur to pay a so pair nor and often times uni Caso Nally High Liconsi fee in a number of Small towns. Tin original Law allowed town of any to charge License tech. But a cum Romish was made by of plea by the of a few hand and population Ibal iheii1 revenues would by Al Moi wiped Oul if License Feus were i inhibited. In pushing their fight licensing advocates of the new statute pointed Oul that wholesalers from Charlotte May Tell goods at their pleasure in any town in i Minu d on rage Wehel chief executive of United states i n bold peace speech lists ideals of internat ional organization needed for lasting peace Washington. March Jug , on r world Wilc broadcast set Forth today a in of ideals of International organisation without which he said no Pence pm be made on a Boisis. Onmi Wilhel Nitim of Holland also took part in the program which was in com Clion with the Christian pc reign Utvic in new York. We seek a inor in for or. Roosevelt said. It can not be rom rite if k fail to recognize brotherhood. Ii Ca Rof a Liu Iliou peace if to c Iii of in. Is oppression or Sla Valion. Ciui Jimiy. Hunan Lily by armed Rimps. Ii can Mil i Nonal priv i1 if Small vat ions must live in Franr of acis .itbrir.s. Ii ran lit a peace if in Radom trunk in if is i for tribute. U not ii to i til Ali Gen i i m in it Dent is free to Hal knowl Edge 01 those ideals which Crim inti 10 la d common ground. 1 can not be a peace in worship of god is denied the statement us he Sam of hit elements of peace i u Al in sonic Obb Cru a Here these Mig it lorm inc Basin of ration thinking Ilio Uki Opportunity come for an attempt to Oring about peace. Whether such All Opportunity May develop in. The near i Muir believed to of one of the questions to which simmer Welles Sec Ruvy of slate is seeking an answer on Lite confidential Nils Man North Parsi Donl in or Mindr Clear thai he thought an end would come to us of Force in International Mil Lions. Today me scum once More lube in a temporary i a or Hyrc gent Zed Force u so Klup to Divide men and nations from one Anut a or he said. Timi Jyh Richt unit proper to Call together the representatives of the great religious bodies which seek vol u Divide but to unite men and Tui tons i old inks hic of by Olla Cunti Nikul on to Vive officers search for drowned Man Commodore 1 Oslon object of Scavoli on Grout tee dec in bin to a ticks Sonji Hinic hid unil Sli Iran Iii mini u Honolulu him Del Luls of ii mini Hion plans for Mair Myc. Sonja Dunic i lire talk of it hotlink and blossoms Fulon inns Cut is i boil in. Inn Slid the Ronal Llull i Ina Lolli car. At ii i the Primc. Hrs if brn Taylor w 11 Prai h on a a Ullh that l n u. A hoped tint inc err of us Church ill nut Forth to or Al lie gift cent on an Twombl will be hrs a Lor if it inc i Roper of the mib Jet of the " i h 1 Cion to lir util Rorry holy in invite in. Al Chr wiling to Rio tilt mtg ire Jinrui when the pastor will preach in the hippy of tie Fine which has Hern Miowne through out lit1 entire acct in ii i Foi dint record a Ronklin convey Kiuon will be on hand Lor nil her Viccy to Day. Add Quatt Lian Hron made to scat everybody in do who Chi Utt Cid in the evening when the of the t Chw Cli will jobs with Tia it i ii Ftp Church Llo Ore should stay Homo is stir of not a seat. Will Fly to Moscow to Morrow As nation plans to i ight la stay free by Max Leal Tolki son , Iii huh i a Kimmish Coni Iii Szinn will Fly to Moscow monday Iron out Ilo iils of i lie new Hon Lars on under tuesday s Pence Iro aty while at Hun ii inc nut Ion Lac lilo and inc building of s. . Jiho in. Oniu Silivi mini.slci1 without thin Tulio will uie As lit1 disclosed i Hose Pilius and he fact that. Ions fur a Trcay would in join soon. . Pitasi Tivi Virtud it lit Cui Inin which Han hidden tin Pun in Winch Hajj a enl Pic Kinu Ihli Deli Kii Ilon Arlt. Kern try by juju Unm Hill a wednesday unil l Low 11 Oju Slick build to new i it five in Rill to nid he Flynn ugh Gnu a cd of lion Ted Well and Din in on the Busl of Foo i in n i Rule hut rur reel. Lusch Stalin did not Uund the Hal my Lotel t u is Ufi is Rel throughout. Jar. I Shii i d i i Slans Inadi no on Finland and when Kinnith Del aka this asked Mol Utoff of then a . To Offra of Allied Aid to Fin land lit i plied merely we re not afraid of them i he former Premier said he did not bail icon the proposed finnish Sinh nor we j. Iii n def Rusc Alli Ance could in a. Violation of i Iraclis hirer of the pud which refers to an a i Lumen Dirac cd Timsin. Llor Narth in Lillian cd would in to Der Riiho would he a reeled Hie until re Iid Vlco h wild inti Therri run of turn Conj no on Alhani were believed Well under Way and Roi Niciu in ill rented the tidily i a Wing favor both for Usu Pru Pufhal and inet eased defense in ensures. Finland we feed earnestly on the ii cat Ihnut of curing fur a lioinplrn.1 finns Many of them moving lie Hal of tic i Ruoti find .101 Given up to soviet he Shea. A Bijou Kuliko. Klimi Sinh Ilni Bacr in i ugh to Lac Driver y kills pedestrian mrs. J. J. Re incr struck Ity car at Juli hive Ujj of civil to tic morning mini cd Mimi a. ,1. ,1. Pc incr a of River Liinus i Ibdih ii o Luru a Many Nitrel of Imp or in Horny a Manly on 17 Lead 10 Wilma Wikton w. U Accord f info rotation obtained by w. K. Gorr mrs. Pen tier accompanied by b a him nand and Maii Knuuti child. Wen alkyl no to tic or Home aunt the big Hwy when Llic car struck her. trial of ult liver the acre Deal. Hut in in i Furt to Render Aid to mrs. Porn Sci did not Shlain inn Ali information concern Iii the Anlo nubile or Driver. Officers have obtained certain claim they Hope will h ii l to Len Carlo Sci Ikon of the Driver of file Eai. The Dro Siml is survived by her husband in child Iii. Film rail will by held in i i Hirr method isl Len nah at o a look sunday afternoon. Cafeteria society crowns pretty Queen 1 24 others feared dead alter blast in mine in Ohio devastating Gas explosion wrecks part of mine in bombing the men St. O., March 17--t at 22 Muriel Al Uvlin Lono Grapher in a real office a cars tier which carries with it title of Oil pin of n u c so i it at the pit sin Umie Tetia d spot on Broadway for he inc with in Soterin purses a con lest prove Tui aver working Uii l in Al air witty us or Klemor Kirl of wife fal sleek slow is live Al Home this week s in co i arcs diversified it in a c. I or Lii Ruckl u development of lives Dirk in Hunt h Carolina j a Jylnn crop and a method of lev up Ali Home the South cd Rolls Stork show and will Jed under Way in an Milf Ficini. Was tomorrow when farm Era o. The state begin Brili Rizik Thror sex to Pic pc dec fail Firu Kiuly lir event in held Hern for Fth third annual Occa Filon under us Aith Pich of the do v Nir As social Ion the a Lorynec Cirii Nohrr or com ii rce Nanri Mir Bye service. Tin ii Acu Ircink to t , Extension Rik rentral raid Man in to encourage diver Silica farm hit Ahvis in Frei Lei fit i m income. Man in Mcinte purpose is to educate o i i Maike. Iti Iro Lehlu Timy. Sheriff s Deputy Carl Clark of Belmont county said lie in 101 med 20 bodies had been inn my. Two men Wen killed trying to Loach 44 men entombed by Uio . Rescue workers also were report Rel to have heard faint behind Rock Barrier. Indicating Pofi filly soil he of la trapped men were still Jive. They redoubled Clio in Bri no Lam melt Mil Burner. The lad were believed to be victims of i him no , but that of Aumi will be found Accuu to r. 1. Ireland president of tic in Jami tial co. Tin mint a cl2vtist.il tint . In tonic the 4 1 behind a Rock Barrier yesterday and Cut them Ufa irom Irish air. Two nil a were killed try try u Cue them. saved 113 other miners most of whom affected by the death Dealin bind wiil Cli followed a in Urray . I of Mie Coil co., owners of the mint three Miles i South of Here declined to spoon-1 Uduc on the miners late. Inc 4-1 were from fresh nor and ii Onieu behind a Rock Barrier. Hut they i i y 11 Send ii Ley could t live through that Bibisi said Frank Opatrny uni1 of i in Rusc cd turn. This View was Nhar in by his follow win . a empty to t i Slact the imprisoned men failed. Wynta Rcpt to arc a id Ihu voc i Jou Johi it v through Cotoni made t. Force i Phi nor to Mil men Down a Oil foot Shait. A. Revised ene Elf by it. K in land company or Hii Ieni showed thai j57 men we in in in mine when Ilus Accident occurred. Many gained safety Tommy ii the nor a Hilt located at hit ring of Chr Iii or on i Way ii a i Cal Ter cd nil Over in mini John Hoot Asti of Ncik Jinny Stanley in Vokn got trn Strain averted t i. Lint Mil did nil i Able in Chr a rapped. . Neal Olin Milc Ursini n All of Chr won of Liv hit in h Imp . Kaon a i in i Jil an Milt. Grigry Sci in in. To Naif Ohio Luik uni Rel Man wit blur Public and to ii Smrke. An ii Mleh i Mim a i Lor the animals. Pulled Hurt. . I i Luik birr Milin i on by " i of mind 111 developing live Murov in Hui lied a Neil Nic a my my i in the 1 be a cuon. La Lirett ii i he a Unicel wiil i Only recently has one Linn a to the it Ilu of Many of slim move Cut Lowill beef pork inc. To Carrel wives in wih a it unruly milk production in i inn co of he mine Iron lung a lintels Mang carious observers a a hive to top for the n in thai of Iii Iron Horn thin i a i inc will gel i incr h it Day or Tonhig tin of he 1 cd h Hrul Jii l a Trinin Luccion. M he a. Lung Miok pity , Pfurr. Under Mir Wei Torlif in i i Potuin Snder. To v. Fed. The will Dnn Oil Fol i Ideiil pm Lnu h or Hrysi Niini by or. Virl Burns who Conan Trofi with i lift Roni Pliny Mann i Chironi i lie icon Iutuk ind infantile Nork tin Federal government and n nation Al found lion for inn Nulli Paiulu Sis. The ramp Aifiti for to the will be stir Ritzl o through porn maj la i Post Toi Mui dry old. It will Eon on pc i ill hindi inc the. Null line wild Tor i will by available to the Public. Irro of charge said. Its use of Luin idiom Artsil Clit i ulily h i i of to the ouija Par us Tom Vurry Piir Nitu i i the i Ati laugh their Psi Lui g bum i n Jinn or Cinelu i the infantile ii Krinic it vol m in Niico Ion Vul in o her ii Iff i. . Hannu will. It Piciw Fly is d More for of r mini in intiiniilf1 is the or jut i o ii Menis. Hi1 i id or Iii in pm of Ilin Insik Nim Tab. Utah Lurria dec inc Shock or Druc Poison Ink alcohol Eoina. And brain sur itchy and other the Riboul Cik in in Iofik operates by placing tin sub Joel s body. Except liar his head in a it ctn chamber with Gluss win rows. A vacuum Fitch up in the Tutor tar which in Verdi or Iai. Thi a i air Mitch thai i in jct a Chen Cautino to lit i in As the pressure War news at a glance Oral in no i or i Vur i am in. Pinill m huh h vol llah of i Lahty Urie. My Ion on Cirii Iii inline Vii Billmi cd Cal Nln irn. Perl Linni .in1 Vrr unil Isle he. 10 to Mai firsow Molny to Iron nut Tofuri in it Ilir. Man i.1it .iuciit.net, Ullh Pix a plus Xii Cdr May Mclore Lor United Stu to

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