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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 29, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaLosing his Armor Jack an person John Doicu 887 970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager Friday june 29, 1973 reapportionment again the Prospect of another bruising reapportionment Battle in the general Assembly is not very appealing but that appears a real possibility in Light of the u. S. Supreme court s terse decision rejecting the pres ent apportionment formula for the state House of representatives. The ruling reversed a panel of three Federal judges who approved the House formula last year. The tenseness of the ruling leaves considerable uncertainty As to what course to follow. What was found to be objectionable in the present formula was not spelled out and it was not made Clear whether the panel of judges who approved the present formula is expected to come up. With a new one or if that task will fall to the legislature. The presumption is that the general Assembly will be Given an Opportunity to fashion a new formula. In the past Federal courts have gotten into writ ing apportionment formulas Only when Legislatures were reluctant to do the Job or when they became bogged Down in the process. Though the court was t Clear on that Point its ruling seems to find the variances in representation too excessive to meet the one Man one vote principle enunciated by the court in the first spate of re apportionment cases. The variances to be sure Are considerable. For instance Mccormick county with a Popula Tion of elects one Mem ber of the House and so does Marion county with a Popula Tion of the decision seems to mean that county lines Are no longer satisfactory boundaries for House districts. And the implication can be drawn that single member districts cutting across county lines where necessary is the Best Way to satisfy the requirements of the court. There is sizeable sentiment in the state for single member districts. They Are viewed As the fairest and most equitable Way to apportion representation. Such a plan would Divide the state into 124 districts each with a population of roughly people although extending the pres ent legislative session to Deal with reapportionment will be costly in terms of per diem allowances for legislators and the other costs of operating the legislature it is preferable to risk ing a confused election Situa Tion next year. The confused and Uncertain situation of last year when a Long hassle Over re apportion. Ment and subsequent court Chal Lenges prompted a postpone ment of the primary argues amply for getting on with the Job now. All House seats will be filled in next year s elections. The re apportionment problem needs to be settled As soon As possible to allow for handling any court challenges that May arise Well in Advance of the primaries and general election useful lesson in economics american Consumers who in general Are not As Well acquainted with agricultural economics As they should be always re Coil in horror when Farmers deliberately destroy foodstuffs or a potential food source. A few years Farmers in the Dairy Belt poured milk on the ground rather than take Low prices for it. There was once such a surplus of potatoes that they were sprayed with a Blue Dye and thrown in heaps to rot because there was no Market for them. Only a few years have passed since some pee Dee Farmers dumped Bushel after Bushel of Sweet peppers into swamps rather than take the ridiculously Low prices being offered for them in the marketplace. These were problems of Agri cultural surplus. But problems of surplus have been replaced by problems of Scarcity and now a potential food sources is be ing wilfully destroyed for an entirely different reason. At the Core of both sets of prob lems however Are the Complex i cities of agricultural economics. The news that thousands of baby Chicks Are being drowned or otherwise destroyed at 1 hatcheries across the country is being greeted with disbelief by housewives who have been pay ing higher and higher prices for fryers and other poultry products at the grocery store. a grim affair to be sure but the hard cold truth is that economically prudent Chicken Farmers did a Little simple Arith Metic and concluded they simply could t afford to raise Chick ens. On the one hand the Nixon administration through phase in economic controls froze the Price of poultry products in the grocery stores meaning in effect that a ceiling Lias been placed on the prices Slaughter houses will Farmers. Prices for raw farm products including feed grains Are not covered. Soy bean meal an important component in Chicken feed for in. Stance has jumped from to nearly a ton in a year. Faced with the Prospect of losing a lot of Money Chicken banners like any other prudent businessman simply minimized their losses by getting out and forfeiting the investment already made. Inadequate Supply of feed grains and resulting soaring prices Are similarly affecting other areas of agriculture Dairying egg production Swine herding ranching Etc. And the problem has been compounded by incredibly bad weather in several areas destroying crops or reducing the Harvest. The administration s newly announced embargo on the Export of soybeans and cottonseed products should help stabilize the Supply and Price of Fedd but Short term prospects for better food prices and even an adequate Supply of some foodstuffs Aren t the brightest. Americans have become so accustomed to agricultural abundance that anything less seems a hardship. The forced lesson in agricultural economics now hitting Home is not a pleas ant one but it s one that is Long overdue for some. Not All ugly the unravelling Capers that go under the generic name of watergate depict much that is ugly but the hearings being con ducted in Washington by the Senate watergate committee Are not All ugly. There s the pretty face and shapely countenance of mrs. John Dean who has been pro Viding an attractive backdrop for her husband s testimony in recent Days for Roscoe Drummond sum Mitry removes worst of the cow War something pretty momentous emerges from the Brezhnev Nixon Summit. It did t accomplish everything but it accomplished a lot. re moving the worst perils from the cold War and reducing what remains to manageable proportions. If you add the fruits of he Summit to the achieve ments of the two soviet summits they come out to More than the sum of their separate parts. More important than the agree ments themselves Are the premises on which the agreements Are based. It seems to me that what we have is this a pledge by Moscow and washing ton that there will be no . Military confrontation. A pledge by Washington and peking that there will be no Nese military confrontation. These Are the premises which underlay and shape everything Berezh. Nev and Nixon and Mao tse Tung and Nixon Are bringing into being. If these premises hold and each Side is acquiring a vested interest in making them work then one conclusion seems inescapable the danger of world War Iii in our time is being considerably reduced. evident that the building blocks of a More stable world Are continuing to be Laid. The impetus is on the Side of keeping it up. Obviously the most valuable work of the Nixon Brezhnev meeting dealt with their determination to get an Early and meaningful agreement on controlling and cutting Back the nuclear arms race. They set next year instead of 1977 when the interim agreement runs out As the target Date for limiting and reducing offensive nuclear Wear they recognized that each coun try must have equal Security and that while the new agreement must permit modernization and replace ment these things Loo must be carefully negotiated so that the future arms balance will not be up set. These affirmations do not Guaran tee thai everything is going to be Quick and easy. There will be hard bargaining but one. Thing is the two inst powerful nations in the world Are setting a course to which they Are now committed in the conviction that each is going to be better off. So Many actions have already been taken so Many mutually beneficial joint enterprises Are being launched science Energy pollution control oceanography Trade and Cul Tural Exchange that the Momen Tum is clearly in the direction of More of the same. not just the . And Russia and the . And China which Are acting to bring about a detente in big Power relations. At the initiative of Chancellor Willy Brandt the lacerating inheritances of world War ii Are being wiped from the diplomatic counter. Germany s historic Border disputes with Poland have been resolved. Bonn has just signed a treaty with Czechoslovakia erasing the scar of Hitler s seizure of the sudetenland and nullifying the Munich appeasement pact. By agree ment Between the two Germany and the allies West Berlin is no longer under recurrent siege. An All european Security Confer ence including the United states will Convene in Helsinki next month. Answer by Grahn i i ii ill i ill l. I i i f i l l i i 1 am very troubled. My husband is evidently an alcoholic. He started about 7 years ago with three or four sprees a year but inv it s once a week. We have three children the oldest age 7. Should i break up our marriage of ten years or have him committed to an institution an alcoholic widow your letter is typical of so Many that i receive these Days. Any Survey of american society now shows alcohol As Nur number one drug problem. Of greater concern however is the destructive effect on the alcoholic and especially his family. The Bible is quite Clear on the evils of drunkenness. It honestly portrays the process that first May make a Man Jolly and Carefree but in the end bites like a Serpent and stings like an proverbs the writings of Paul show that Temperance and sobriety Are everywhere insisted on. 1 can l Lell from your Ilter whether your husband now realizes the seriousness of his problem. If he does and is desirous of help local agencies and qualified people Are available. You would certainly want to Check a. I would try to keep the marriage and family intact if at All possible. Short of undue physical and mental abuse your Conti million with him May be a big part of the ultimate solution. If you re a Christian lean heavily on the lord through prayer Bible study and Christian Fellowship. They will sustain you during the problem Days. Seek Wisdom on wha you May do personally to facilitate his recovery. Deal a Devotion 640-3273 Nixon Crew engineered a Stop Wallace plot Washington to eliminate George Wallace As a threat to presi Dent Nixon s re election the while House not Only smuggled in Cash to his political rivals in Alabama but also brought pressure on him through a tax investigation of his brother. Long before the 1972 election the president. Knew from his secret polling that Wallace at the head of a third party ticket would Drain i votes from him. The polls showed As Many As four out of five Wal lace voters otherwise favored Nixon. The White House therefore wanted to Slop Wallace from running for presi Dent As an Independent. Both the secret polling and the Stop Wallace strategy were directed by the president s former chief of staff h. R. Hakeman. So secretive were the moves against Wallace that Haldeman did t even confide in his brother in Law served As a go Between the White House strategy in 1970 was to Block Wallace from winning Back the governorship of Alabama. This would have deprived him of a Power base and would have reduced his ability to Campaign for the presi Dency in 1972. Haldeman therefore arranged to sneak to Wallace s rivals Dur ing the 1970 Alabama primary. The. Money was siphoned from surplus Campaign funds in the custody of the presidents personal lawyer Herbert Haimbach. Mysterious arrangements were made for Haimbach to Fly across country and. Hand Over the first to a stranger at new York City s Sherry . Not Long afterwards Hal Demart s brother in Law France Raine delivered another presumably to the same mystery Man at. The Sherry Netherland. A similar tryst was arranged at los Angeles Bank of California where Haimbach turned Over the final neither Haimbach nor Raine would the strange transactions. Sources close to the investigation told hat both men followed Blind instructions. They were never Lold Llinat the Money would be used against Wallace nor did they learn the identity of he Bagman. We also have been unable to identify the mystery Man. From White House sources we have established Only that Haldeman s Man Friday Larry Higby was in touch with for Mer. Postmaster general Winton "red4 Blount about changeling anti Wallace Money into Alabama s 1970 Public forum democratic primary. Blount could the reached for comment. At the same time that Haldeman. Sliced into the Campaign against Wallace he also requested a rundown from the Justice depart ment of its tax Case against Wallace s close associates including his brother Gerald. The Justice department sent Back a confidential Progress report to the. White House. According to this Docu ment the internal Revenue service s audit division had found that Wallace allegedly had omitted Gal fee income from his tax returns in 1967 and 1968. The charge was that the Wallace Brothers Law firm was used in fun Eling political kickbacks and that. Gerald failed to report All the income that came to him through the Law firm. After deducting Large losses from his cattle farm he reported a. Total taxable income of 1967 and in 1968. The Justice department report added thai on january 20, 1970, the was referred to internal Revenue s j crack intelligence division which handles criminal investigations. Group of agents from various Ern offices was immediately Assembly de in Alabama. Since we had exposed the Kickback schemes which led to the tax invests gation details from the Progress Dort were leaked circuit ugly to 1 sent my associate Brit Hume to Alabama to double Check the and to discuss the tax investigation with Gerald Wallace. They have got 47 agents on right Gerald said you All Are trying to beat George lace. You re not interested in my he added that Federal agents had been after him As Long As George-1 has been Cussin Federal judges most especially since he scared the hell out of Nixon and we ran the tax Story which got a big play in Alabama. In the subsequent primary George Wallace had a close Call. He nosed out sex gov. C Albert Brewer by a narrow 51.5 per Lucent of the vote. Thereafter the White House Chang j. Edits strategy and sought to persuader Wallace to enter the 1972 presiden i tial sweepstakes As a Democrat a her than an Independent. -.f. In May 1971, president Nixon Visini de Alabama and invited Wallace to ride with him on a flight from Mobil of to Birmingham. No one will Tell what the two men said to each other v during the plane ride. The events therefore May be merely coincidental. It s time for taking Stock to the editor the watergate hearings have undoubtedly reopened the eyes of the american people As to How our sys tem has been operating in the area of "free1 elections of political representation especially in Washington. . Indeed a sad affair but a Good Opportunity for All to take Stock of not o Only our representation but of ourselves in general. Crime and Cor Rupli Rin are1 As old As time but that does t mean they Are right. It has a Way of getting Back to the offender. When sen. Mcgovern was shout ing come Home most must have been too Busy to listen to him. His plea for a return to Good old time americanism is getting a late response. But better late than never. Right now we Are getting a second Chance to observe the oblivious conditions of the pre election Days of last fall. This is our Opportunity As Citi Zens of the greatest country in the world to include in our Busy daily lives the importance of being aware of the duties and responsibilities of our elected officials to promote the Best interests of our country and her peo ple. Way Back in 1876, the democratic candidate for president was Samuel j. Tilden. He was responsible for expos ing corruption in the Grant administration. He once stated eliminating corruption does not alone affect the saving of dollars and cents. You can not preserve your present system of government unless you purify administration and purify legislation. The evils of corrupt government Are nol confined to he taking of Money from the people to enrich those who Are not entitled to its enjoyment but the growth of such a system saps All Public virtue and All Public morality and at last a government of the peo ple by the people and for the people will cease to in t this ironic these words could have been written today. This leads to Hope. Hope for a ing of All wounds especially to the Young people of the president s who seemingly devoted themselves to a very sad situation. My personal in a Lerest in american politics began years ago with Adlai e. Now being a wife and Mother my 5 time is limited to Reading and of a serving All that i would like to do inline area of politics. I try to keep in a formed and i encourage other to find time to read the press to the news and be better prepared vote in 1976 we can bring this count try Back to the foundation on which ill was founded. But it will Lake extra Effort on everyone s part beginning in t our families communities Etc. Until we realize the purpose of our governs ment is not the Power of a chosen but a government of the peo pie by the people and for the we can look for More watergate. Barbara d. Leonard Florence Florence morning news Pupil Lii daily my sunday his. Iroy St. 1 member of Fott associated press audit Bureau off circulation. Southern newspaper publishers Asso elation. The associated press is entitled excl us Ivelis to die use Lor put Lvalion of All local news in this newspaper. The Florence morning Newt desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. The Florence morning news will not he response ble for Advance payments made to carriers or Independent distributors unless made directly to the off ice of Nils newspaper. Subscription ra1es by mail Independent distributors or Independent news paperboy. We. I to. 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