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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 29, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s Friday june our50thyear 190 4 hearts mended in one family Florence s. C. Daily sunday Stanford Calif. A three Brothers and a sister underwent surgery in relays thursday of Menti inherited heart defects that threatened to shorten their lives by As much As 20 years. Karen Cost clot 4. And David 18. Were wheeled into adjoining operating rooms while Kevin 13, and Richard. 15. Were taken to the intensive care unit at Stanford University medical Center after operations of and i hours respectively. All four operations were successful and the children Are in satisfactory a Hospital spokesman said after the surgery adding there were no complications. All four children of Santa Rosa teamster David co Sveljo were very nervous but eager for he operations. The children had tired easily especially the older boys who complained about being unable to run the b a ses in their babe Ruth base Ball Lafague. We re nervous wrecks. I la be tremendously relieved when it s All their Mother. Ruby costello. Murdered As she Bent Over her heavily sedated children in the intensive care unit after the operation a Hospital spokesman said. Or. Norman Shumway the Pioneer heart transplant sur Geon performed the delicate surgery on Karen and Kevin. In addition the girl also had a Hole in a major vein to her heart. Or. Edward Stinson a Mem Ber of Shumway s team oper ated on the other Brothers in surgery that was described As serious but fairly the children will be kept heavily sedated and were to re main in the intensive care unit for about three Days the Hospi Tal said. Then Karen s crib will he moved into a room with her Brothers for about a week. The family style operations were performed in relays re Quiring about 30 pints of the 100 pints of blood donated for the children. Surgeons used heart lung machines to bypass the heart oxygenate and circulate blood during the operations. The children suffered from atrial septal defects or holes Between the heart s upper Chambers. Richard s heart had a Hole about the size of a Silver Dollar and doctors mended it with a Patch of pericardium the Multi layered membrane that sur rounds the heart. Sen. Ervin questions integrity of president confirmed the Senate thursday unanimously confirmed presi Dent Nixon s appointment of James r. Schlesinger to be Secretary of de. Sense. A Washington aim san ate watergate chairman Sam j. Ervin or. Questioned thursday whether president Nixon and met Bis constitutional duly to uphold the Law and indicated that the committee wants to hear his response to accusations by John w. Dean ill. Tie committee still had not completed its questioning of Dean who testified it was my Assumption without question that Nixon was informed of the cover up attempts even before last sept. 15. He will return Friday. Sen. Howard 11. Bakerjr. R. Tenn. The committee s vice chairman said information will be solicited from the president in whatever manner can but Ervin saying you can t Cross examine a written state indicated he would like to hear the president himself. The break in at democratic party Headquarters was june 17 last Vear and indictments were returned on the mid sep Tomber Date against seven men. Who subsequently were convicted. Dean said hat Between the two dates Here were countless occasions when he imparted cover up information to top presidential aides 11. R. Halic Inan and John Ehrlichman. I was aware of the fad thai often Liard can took notes 1 knew Haldeman met daily with the Given Normal reporting channels i worked through it was my As sumption without question thai it was going to the president. As to what Point in time a Haldeman was discussing it with the president i Don t Dean said he told Nixon thai the Case had been Kepi Oul of the while House everyone seemed to know what i was talking Yaboni. It did t seem to evoke any ques lie said. "1 said it could t he contained Indef Iri Atelj there were a lot if Dean do you know anything the resident did or said at any Lime Between lire i7iliof Junco the present moment to perform his duty to see the Laws Are faithfully executed in respect to what is called the watergate said Dean i have Given the facts As i know them. 1 would rather be excused from drawing my own conclusion Al this Point in at recess Ervin said he was not suggesting anything with his reporters could draw their own conclusion. Link or said the committee would like to Hrar about the Cpl. 15 meeting from the oth ers who attended the presi Dent and a Haldeman. I m not Able to say Al this Point How we might be Able to the pms ident s perceptions of that Baker said. He noted a Haldeman is scheduled to appear before Iho com Mittee later. Dean said he made no notes after the Cpl. 15. Or Al other discussions with Nixon. Some of the a linings thai were being said in these meetings were very incriminating to the presi said. Baker said lie warned to take Dean through two prime questions Lial dirt the president know acid when did he know he invited responses about Dean s personal knowledge circumstantial evidence and sup position and hearsay. Over and Over they Well through sept 15 which Baker called really a terribly important meeting in Dean Sluck to his Ccuin Xiuji that Nixon knew by Llin what was going on. The president has said he was t aware of the cover up until March-21 this year. What was his expression the qualify of his Baker asked about the meeting. When i walked in it was warm Cordia. They were Smil ing Happy they were q. Did you say anything beyond it had been contained a. No 1 used the word con Lainen q. You told the president i did l think it can continue to be contained. A. That s very close to my words. Q. Anything else you can re Call no matter How minute about sept. La9 a. The next matter i recall was the fact we did get Inlo discussions about the civil cases. He asked me some questions about the civil Case 1 old him lawyers for the re Cli Diun Cuni Milec wore Mak ing sex Parte Lou Side contacts with judges hoping for favor Able rulings. I recall the presi Dent saying something to the effect Well hat Sec watergate Page 5a Congress continues Effort to halt Cambodia Washington api efforts by Congress to Force an immediate cutoff in funds for . Bombing of Cambodia pushed Forward thursday de spite veto threats and the Nixon administration s indications it is ready to Compromise. House conferees on a Bill extending the Federal Deb ceiling reportedly bowed to Senate insistence and agreed to recommend inclusion of the anti bombing amendment to the full House. The House rules commit Loe voted 10 to 5 to permit advocates of an immediate cutoff to present it again when the pension increase approved Washington a House and Senate conferees agreed late thursday on a 5.g per cent increase in payments for the 30 million social secur Ity pensioners virtually Assur ing that Congress will pass the legislation. The threat of a presidential veto Hung Over the measure. I however because it also includes the Cambodia bombing ban bitterly opposed by presi Dent n Ixon. The House and Senate were expected to vote on the measure Friday. The Security increase would be effective april 1.1974. Of Jan. I. As a Senate passed Bill would have provided. The Compromise version also would increase social Security taxes on higher wages and salaries to help meet die estimated billion Cost of he increased benefits. They extend Only through 1974. But at the end of that year a Cost of living increase is expected. Under present Law. The social Security tax would apply in 1974 to the first of earnings. The conference measure would increase this base to the result would be a lax increase of a year for those earning or More. The Compromise measure also would increase the amount a social Security pensioner May earn without having his benefits reduced. The present limit is n year. The Bill would Sci it at instead of the the Senate proposed. The Basic Bill would extend the present j165 billion National for five months. House takes up the once vetoed billion supplemental appropriations Bill. The Senate appropriations committee approved a continuing Resolution to fund All fed eral agencies after saturday he end of the fiscal year after adding a sweeping ban on . Military activity in Indochina to the House approved ban on bombing in Laos and Cam Bodia. As a result All three Bills seemed Likely o be forwarded to president Nixon by saturday with the anti bombing provision attached. All three thus face vetoes As Congress prepares to begin a nine Day vacation saturday. Secretary of state William p. Rogers suggested the com Promise without specifics and a key House Republican said a cutoff in bombing funds As of aug. 15 would be acceptable to president Nixon. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield however promptly rejected the Sugges lion and said he thinks Senate War critics will insist on an immediate halt to . Military activity in Southeast Asia Congress has been attaching the Antiwar measures to Money Bills vital to keep the govern ment going. The president has been faced with the Choice of vetoing the Bills or halting bombing. The idea of a Compromise without either specifics or a firm administration pledge was presented by Rogers to members of the Senate foreign relations committee at a closed meeting. Chairman j. W. Fulbright. D ark., indicated afterwards that some Sorl of Compromise might be acceptable to avoid a confrontation Between con Gress and the president that could jeopardize the govern Sec Congress Page 10a sen Weicker explodes says intimidation tried actor Dies Ernest Truex 83, Veteran Char Acter actor died at his Fallbrook Calif., Home wednesday apparently of a heart attack. A . Dollar drops to new record Low Colson defends enemies lists the Dollar dropped to record Index lows. In european Bankers views comics it is now undervalued. Page 12a. 11bg 2a anxiety about soviet intentions doctor 8a appears to have made China test editorials 4a a bomb. Page 9a. S markets 12b More people in South Ameri sports 2b Ca live under military Rule than ii under civilian Rule. Page 14a. State area 1b women 6a in weather partly Cloudy warm with slight Chance of rain. Highs in upper 80s. Lows in lower 60s. Details Page 3a. G i Washington api Charles w. Colson the Man de scribed As author of Many of the so called enemies lists kept by the White House said thursday the whole Maltor had been blown out of proportion and that he did t have anything to do with it anyway. In a Leller to members of he Senate watergate commit Lee. Colson said that one of his while House staff now compiled some of the lists and thai others were lists he d never heard of before. The containing the names of hundreds of business men labor leaders politicians newsmen and show business personalities were Given to he committee wednesday by fired White House counsel John w. Sea null. The Way in which or. Dean introduced a series of exhibits Inlo yesterday s committee hearing has unfortunately created considerable confusion Colson wrote the com Mittee. He said that his deceased aide. George Bell had compiled lists of both supporters and opponents of president Nixon but thai there was nothing odious Aboul it documents submitted by Dean indicate that one phase of he enemies project was the use of Federal income tax audits against persons. Judge frees youth funds Newark. . Api a u. S. District court judge on thursday ordered the spending of million in neighbourhood youth corps funds impounded by the Nixon administration. The order by judge i. Garth came less than 48 hours before the funds would have reverted to the general fund. The Money would have been lost to the youth program which was expected to give 609.000 summer jobs to youths across the nation. There s no doubt it was the unequivocal intention of con Gress that the amount be a Garth said. This is no raid in the Public treas Ury. Ii is just action required to release appropriated funds Garth also said the refusal to release the funds has been activity outside be statutory Lim the Money which was appropriated earlier this year has remained unallocated by the department of labor. Nixon administration officials have said the Lack of action was Nec Essary because of the state of the Economy. Legal action to release the funds was filed Here on monday by 22 neighbourhood youth corps program directors in new Jersey in a class action suit on behalf of the 930 youth corps programs across the nation. When the suit was filed on of the directors said. It s going to be a Long hot summer unless this Money is asst. . Ally. Can Riff Mit ice Homzor asked Garth to stay his ruling pending a possible Appeal but Garth said such an apr Al would Lake Loo Long and the Money would revert to tie general fund. Garth s decision was greeted enthusiastically by about 30 poverty program directors and participants who attended the hearing. This is going to mean a lot to a lot of said Tom Mcdonough Deputy director of the economic Opportunity foundation of Bayonne. Mcdonough said his program was typical of most throughout the country in substance if not in numbers. We were ready to hire 375 teenagers., most of them Wel fare recipients and now we re going to he Able to do Mcdonough said. Lle said even though the funds have now been released. Inc program this year might be shortened for some youths since it will Lake time to of align them to jobs. This task usually is done in May. He said. President Nixon has in is. Refused to amounts appropriated by Congress in excess of his budget recommendations lie said he look this stand to combat inflation. His opponents in Congress have charged him with intruding on Congress rights and responsibilities and attempting to set up he executive Branch of he government Over the legislative. Karlicz thursday a Federal judge in Washington froze Dijt Lional Money Nixon Lias impounded until a decision can be made on the merits of a re quest to Force Ilie release of he Money. Washington a sen Lowell p. Weicker or. A Conn. Charged thursday that the White House Lias tried to intimidate him and the Senate watergate probe and Salt to had asked the special water Gate prosecutor loin Stigale. In a ringing defense of Bis credentials As a Republican. Weicker also said alleged while House actions in regard to the Waler Galo Case Are not typical of the parly. Republicans

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