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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 28, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaDiann to Naruis sunday june 28, 1970 a a spotlight report alaskan Oil Boom or bust i editor s note next month is the lower 48" states which the proposed pipeline route j Alfornia destroying for All loss to the state s Economy the second anniversary of the were desperate for the cargo crossed land that rightfully time the Northwest s huge would be million after one alaskan Oil strike one of the and would be a willing am belonged to its people. A Salmon and shellfish industries year and More than biggest in the world. It was sex lucrative Market. Federal judge in Washington they claimed. Million after three years a petted t o bring Opportunity and they heard talk of million issued a temporary injunction in response to the con lot to lose when compared to growth to a chronically in Dollar contracts and billion to keep the pipeline away from sen alienist suit the Federal total budgetary expenditures of Pover shed state. But so far All Dollar returns tossed about those lands. Court granted a preliminary in just million in 10 years of it has brought is grief. This casually like Nickel chips in three conservation groups in Junction against issuance of a alaskan statehood comprehensive dispatch sex pick up poker game. A second suit offered the permit to build the pipeline Many alaskans Are furious amines what happened and and the people of Alaska courts testimony from experts Road effectively stopping t be with the Federal government what the future May hold. Wanted their share of the pot. Who described the horrors that pipeline As Well. For causing any delay in the alaskans and Alaska could result if the pipeline Ever even without the two court vast Oil production program. By Jean businesses drained their Bank broke a vast toll in wildlife injunctions the project has run they Are shocked by Hickel s associated press writer accounts and borrowed to the destruction and wilderness and into trouble. It came to the attitude. They cannot condone Washington a when limits of their credit to buy watershed pollution. Surprise of Many from the zealous opposition from the fever of tie Black Gold Rush and build themselves Ini o a they noted thai the Oil com Secretary of Ini Erin Walter ,1. Naturalists and conservationists swept the frigid alaskan Tundra position where they could zanies wanted to Bury their Nickel a Man who became a and indeed from some of their two years ago it carried Hope accept the contracts and fill pipeline in permafrost millionaire in Alaska and later own citizens and expectation to a the orders the Oil Boom was particles of soil and Rock served As governor of that their distress i s in chronically impoverished state exo eded to produce. Sims bonded in ice that never state. Ders Vandable. Their future is at but now for Many a skans the state s construction com melts. But. He conservationists stake. And to alaskans in Hope has turned to fear sex Nanies alone re to r Ted by said hot Oil flowing through 1 Ckel issuant statement after Vern Menf Means Cei Rajni Peca Tion to distrust and in borrowed million to rhe pipe would melt the ice statement assuring that the Snow and fog in Siead of Midas wealth they Purchase heavy equipment for causing the pipeline to Sag p Poehne could and would be pr0pnrtjons j Means land that building the 800-mile Swap and probably break. With Cren tally he 6m won t grow anything and would not pipe for trans alaskan pipeline is unloaded at Valdez construction of pipeline is being held up by snarl of conflicting interest face financial disaster. Use in ---------0 in the Early Days of the great pipeline and the Road that Gallons of Oil in every Hasi Zert that he a Nubia not , rugged to support alaskan Oil Boom the people would run nearly half its mile of pipe they said the project to Cven heartjes1 life heard Petroleum company plan length. Potential enormity of any spill i1 no was j a. Environment is something ners speak of the state s North when the equipment was in was indescribable. Done and in alaskans have to fight every slope As the richest Oil Field place the shelves stocked the danger of breakage from u gement on lands claimed by Day jus Al stay alive i is an Ever discovered in the warehouses filled Alaska open earthquake was even greater Alaska s natives. Enemy not an inviolate Friend hemisphere maybe in the de for business. But. Nobody they contended. The pipeline Belay in me project has con to pipeline Breaks whole world. Showed up to buy. Route crossed three seismic sued nearly a year and of spans pollution and they listened to plans for the Black Gold Rush was zones one More Active and nobody can predict How much ecological changes Are potential sucking the Oil from beneath caught if Only temporarily in More violent than the infamous longer it will be. For some problems and speculation. And the Arctic ice and sending it a dense Washington Legal san Adreas fault in California. Alaskans it already has been Righi now they be got. Economic nursing South through the most Thicket and extrication pro a severe spill at the too Long. Loans Are coming due problems that Only the pipeline ambitious pipeline americans mixed to be a Long process. Pipeline s Southern terminus and overextended companies project can cure Ever devised. Stevens Village a speak of a the Center of a disastrous 1964 Are in danger of going under. They heard thai giant native Community on the Yukon Ouake could pollute Ocean and the smallest companies tankers would carry the Oil to River brought suit claiming beaches As far South six Block area Urban renewal project would give Florence s downtown a new face by Carl revnolds morning news staff writer an ambitious Urban renewal Pri Granv hopefully to be approved for downtown Florence is to be a massive face lifting for about six blocks in the East Evans Street area. Davis Byrd planning director fir Florence who has been working on the prospects for gaining Federal Aid to finance the re vitalize Tion of the d o w n f o w n business District said Federal Grants totalling approximately million Are being sought to implement the program. According to Byrd. The East Evans Street project if approved for Federal monetary support will be similar to the renewal of West Evans Street s downtown Center bu1, will go much further in that it will involve considerable slum clearance projects. The first phase of the downtown face lifting was completed a few years ago with the development of the promenade and the new Back door face listings of some stores. Even so that project still is being phased for Cimpl Tion and is in addition to the East Evans Street project Byrd has explained. What Byrd has envisioned for the East Evans Street renewal development is the restoration of several blocks covering More than 37 acres of land for several land use schemes. They include slum c Learance residential Imp r o v c m c s business revitalization and the in migration if some types of Small specialized industries compatible with the employ ment needs of the adjacent residential neighbourhoods. Basically the project Calls for a mixture of land uses All designed for the optimum development of the renewal area consistent with City building codes zoning ordinances and the like. But the main Point Byrd stresses is that the project is designed to enhance and dramatically improve t h e value and usefulness of the Eastern heart of downtown Florence to the status it once enjoyed. The area considered for the development is the Section of Florence adjacent to and East of Dargan Street bound cd on the North by front is reel on the South by Cleves sure of and on the Eastern Edge by la Allee Street. For funds to finance the renewal project Byrd has sought financing through the . Department of housing and i1 r b a n development soliciting Aid in filing applications for funds through the housing authority of Florence. Initially an application has been Sii Boillod Iid s regional office in Atlanta. Ga., and is being considered for funding " a wird used in Federal budget circles mean ing the first application submitted by the housing authority of Florence has been submitted by John m. Daniels. It Calls for the housing authority in addition to the Multi million dollars earmarked for Low rent housing developments for Florence to obtain for Survey and planning studies. Frim this study will emerge recommendations for the types of improvements sought along with suggestions As to his the renewal program can Best be utilized within the most reasonable time table schedule and costs within reach of financing abilities. The planning department through the City s housing authority is asking for Hud to ultimately provide for the renewal. That amount should go a Long Way toward implementing even the most ambitious and auspicious Pri Gra can be conjured by City planners even with the auxiliary visions of the professional planners Eric Hill associates of Atlanta ga., a firm hired to undertake a major study for Flirence s future develop ment. But professional and painstakingly Ling Range plan Ning notwithstanding t h e Urban renewal project is destined to failure without support of the Federal Grants. As the project now stands the area encompassed by the planned project is considered with several but very few exceptions As a dilapidated slum and blight area by planning officials. Planners Are Quick tie empt some business enterprises and private Homes trim their appraisals of the slum or dissipated portions of the area under scrutiny. Those sections which in clude both business and residential properties would be regarded As in a state of condition not necessarily requiring any improvements except in some slight instances to bring the structural appearances into focus with the general modernization and Motif of renewal designs and specifications. General speaking according to the planning officials the Urban renewal is a deliberate although expensive Effort to bring new and re freshened brisk Ness to Laad areas in the Down two heart of the City which Are now grossly under used Bas factors is million. Improvements paving sewage and drainage systems also Are considered As major portions of the monetary items in the proposed budget. Under the. Complicated terms if Federal Grants either the housing authority of Florence or the Florence planning commission would become Legal landowners of the acquired lands. They if the acquired lands Are jointly controlled would have the land lordship As previously authorized in state see downtown Page 12a Arctic Ocean Feo Pforr toy Dit Tonry Wollt Alaska he natives of Stevens Aspa or Iii Karl a those in Fairbanks Village have a Good Case. Are in the most serious danger. Volle apparent objective alaskans Don t like to talk is to keep the pipeline away about How bad the snowballing from lands they claim their economic decline could get. Lawyers have said publicly that but impersonal figures show it is a negotiable Point and that How bad it already is. The suit might be dropped in return for guarantees that unemployment this Spring we be used on reached 13.6 per cent nearly he Road Ana pipeline con three times the National strucij0n projects. Stevens average and this figure does t villagers desperately need the include the state s native in rec _ far More they population. Last year it was 8.1 per cent still far from Good conservationists have but better than most years in a argument5, ,d0. Alley Alaska. The serious increase t so. This year is attributed to he a Barbara and the shores of Lack of jobs available for the m w pc k people who immigrated to Wirk and Sticky in the Oil Boon hat Al Ife in ils 1 he state labor department says further delays in employ thee h it want Tel j a population growth loss this year and rising map locates Propore-3 to in e re Joe it Snake 800 Miles across Alaska 12.800 with a three delay. This is no Small loss a in flows of under finn North year and Hui is Manv americans won t stand for in a a shoddy and dangerous pro state with a total population of fid he wants he Jet to Only the department estimates the see Alaska Page 7-a the t in Roth could easily stand for trouble should Florence gain the initial appropriation for the trouble ahead land use study and Survey and subsequently obtain the additional monies in excess of a a significant ques Tion is How and for what will the Money be Well much of the Money would be Purchase lands from Ian owners who would sell rather than speculate on participating in new ventures. Student fed up with Trie War at faculty0rank and several were in fact More than half of the j million is estimated the acquisition of such lands the exact figure including allowances for inflationary Gallup report by kor go Gallup , . The number of americans who think we were wrong to have become involved in Vietnam has in creased in he latest Survey closely approaching the All time High recorded last september. A majority of adults 56 per cent believe we made a mistake sending troops to fight in Vietnam. In the previous Survey in april the percentage was 51 per com. In september 58 per cent held this View. The proportion of citizens who think we were wrong to commit our orces of Viet Nam has More than doubled Over the last five years. In august19g5, one year after the Bay of Tonkin incident 24 per cent of All persons interviewed said they believed it a mistake to have become involved in the War. The percentage climbed to 35 per cent in to 46 per cent in 19b7, to 53 per cent in ims t o 58 per cent last fall. The proportion of americans who feel that we were wrong in becoming com muted in Vietnam now clearly exceeds the proportion who in the Early fifties Felt our involvement in Hie korean War was a editor s note Kotc files were sacked and buildings programs of military one Calls caution there s any grave stands fur Reserve officer were firebombed. Uniforms training in College with an the violence against says maj. Charles Hyland training corps but the t might stolen and trucks were Over cer s commission upon gradual Kotc installations and about assistant director for Roth just As Well have stood for Trou turned. Parades were cancelled Tion. The1 department of de the deeper problems besieging programs. But we re being we on the nation s campuses cadets were booed. A com sense contracts with scores of Kotc. But there is no panic. Cautious we re watching it very de on past disorganized and last Spring. As the Symbol of the Mander took three Shotgun colleges and universities to con More than 500 Roth units Are random growth patterns military establishment at the blasts into the front of his duct the programs on their Cam turning out officers Al 353 col close i and Nlle Desense of which ran rampant without a schools it bore the Brunt of an House. Uses and uses Kotc to recruit Leges and universities across the facials Don t see any major sex systematic design or pattern. Tiwary protests. But what of the the Pentagon called it the students and teach them Mill country. And for every College Odus from Roth they Are future for Roth is there More most violent Spring in Roth tary history management and dropping military training five responding to provide in history. Leadership As As the prac have applied for Roth pro centimes to make the program by Richard e. Meyer less noticeably nine prestige Lical pursuits of Drill tactics Grams. Officer pro More my associated press writer schools were dropping Roth. And the care and use of Wear auction has increased each year w Ashing t 0 n a other schools weren t meeting on. Since 1966. And the services say he incentives include moves million a significant Nues an officer a the their quotas of officer product Kotc has been the single big the Quality of Roth graduates double the Pentagon s 6 Pentagon caught Tion and their Roth units were Gest producer of army and air is improving every year. Subsistence allowance for like a lightning Rod it Drew being phased out. Fewer and Force officers. Of the offi the caution is torn of a feel Lotc students to increase the the storm of protests and dem fewer schools were compelling cers called to Active duty this ing there May be More trouble number of Roth scholarships on stations on the nation s col students to take Roth classes fiscal year. Kotc produced Al ahead. Or. George Benson Dep and a study of ways to pay he Leges and universities during enrolment was falling. Some most thousand Uty assistant Secretary for Edu full Cost of Roth programs on the troubled weeks of Spring schools were stripping Kotc of More than officer candidate pro cation and director of hot Campus. 1970. Academic credit. Others were Grams and More than the programs told the association it attracted the vengeance of denying military instructors military academies. Roth. Of the United states army last Sis just veral were says a Pentagon planner will fall he thinks the Peak of Roth Case the p non arrives the Odds with the president and asking the Pentagon to pay the place about officers on opposition is still to come. The s e r v i c e s a r e s t u d y i g for confronted by a marching sym full Cost of hot activities on Active duty again next year. Question is whether it will drive alternative methods for officer Bol of the military establish Campus. In the office of the Deputy As enrolment Down far enough to procurement More enlisted ment on their campuses. The Reserve officers training Distant Secretary of defense for Hurt production. Men processed through officer classrooms were stormed of corps offers and four education officials show con i Don t think at this Point candidate schools adoption by rhe army and air Force of the Marine system of summertime officer training and More men commissioned directly from the ranks. Most of the exodus from Roth has been in Eastern schools particularly in the Ivy league. Harvard and Dartmouth Are dropping army Kotc at Sie end of this academic year air Force Kotc in 1971 and Navy hot in 1973. Princeton Yale and tuft s will drop Navy Roth in 1973. Brown will abolish its air Force program in 1971 and its Navy program in 1972. Colum Bia ends its Navy Prog am next year. Boston University discontinued air Force Roth last july and drops its army program this year. Colgate commissioned its last air Force officers this term. In addition Tufts Grinnell College in Iowa and Kenyon College in Ohio Are dropping air Force Roth because they can t meet the Pentagon s minimum production quota of w officers a Survey by the association of american universities shows Roth enrolment has dropped 40 per cent nationally in he past four years. Freshman enrolment says the. Tatj Liaa fallen nearly 50 per cent. Vietnam War disillusionment approaches High Point mistake. This had reached a High of 51 per cent in april 1952. The sharpest shift in opinions on . Involvement has come about among persons with a College background. In the Early stages of the War College people were most inclined to Back our presence. Today the reverse is True. When we first got involved Over there i thought we did the right said a Hal year old executive interviewed in the latest Survey. I thought we were sup port int a regime that could stand on its of n. Now i Don t feel this a Youthful employee of an electronics firm also expressed disillusionment it seems to me we went into Vietnam without thinking things out in Advance. As the War went on it became apparent that we weren t in control of the situation l but an office worker from Philadelphia feels no differently now than he did earlier in the War we did what we had to do we Are indirectly defending our own Basic freedoms by being Over a local of 509 adults were interviewed in person in Hie Survey which was con ducted May 22-25. More than 300 carefully selected localities were covered by trained the Gallup interviewers. Following is the question asked latest results and trend in View of the developments since we entered the fighting in Vietnam do you think the . Made a mistake sending troops to fight in Vietnam Vietnam a mistake no is Iii aug. 65 31 35 36 25 24 51 48 49 59 61 18 17 15 16 15 yes to Opin per per per cell cent cent latest april 3-5 Tan. Lfi-18 sept. 69 March aug. 68 april 68 March feb. 68 dec. 67 oct. T.7 july 67 May 67 feb. 67 .16 34 .12 8 15 ,13 10 in August when the korean War was two months old a Large majority of the american Public said it had not been a mistake to enter the War. Opinion changed sharply after red China entered the fighting in the Winter of 19511. The average citizen at that time Felt that War against North Korea was one thing but War against red China with its armed hordes was Quile another. The trend of sentiment he korean War follows a

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