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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 25, 1973, Florence, South Carolina6.b monday june Florence morning Campaign spending notice regular meeting of the pee Dee shrine club will be held tuesday. June 26. Supper will be served it red Griffin pies. 0.1.eo Johnson . Notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Henry Douglas lurches deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified administrator . Of said estate within the time prescribed by Law five months and All persons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to he under signed. Joseph Murdock lurches 2603 Vance drive Florence. South Carolina june 18. 25 july 2 Bill planned final discharge All parties interested will please take notice thai Marjoric l. Cause. Executrix of the estate of l. J. Gause. Deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such executrix and thai the Irth Day of july 1973. Al 10 o clock a.in., is he time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Palsy s. Stone judge of probate. Florence county june 18. 25.iulv2.9l Legal notice notice is hereby Given that the undersigned intends to apply to the South Carolina alcoholic beverage control commission for a License to operate a retail liquor store for the fiscal year 30. 1971 at 1201 w. Konns St. Florence. . Under the provisions of the alcoholic beverage control act. Code of i jews and acts amendatory thereto. Guy Elliott Duncan june final Mac Haugk All parties interested will please take notice that Cora Henry. Administer matrix of the esl Alc of Herbert Henry deceased has this Day made application unto he court of Alc of Florence county for final discharge As such administer matrix and that the will Flay of july at 10 o clock . Is the Lime appointed for a hearing on the petition. Patsy s. Stone judge of probate Florence county ih.25.iulv2.9l notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Garland e. Floyd deceased arc requested to present he same and verified to the undersigned duly qualified executor of said estate within the time prescribed by Law. Live months and All persons indebted to the said estate arc asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. Or. Lanue Floyd . Box 6cfl Kings Roe. . 25. July isl a l i action notice the Szalc of South Carolina county of Florence by palsy s. Stone. whereas. Olive Bernice i Oslon made suit to me Grant Thurman j. . Letters of administration of the estate and effects of Lessee Lamar pos Lon. Deceased. These Are therefore to cite and admonish All and singular the Kindred and creditors of the said Lessee Lamar Poston deceased Ihal they be and appear before me. In inc court of probate to be held at Florence county on july Al. Next after Public Hereof Al ii o clock in the Forenoon to show cause if any they have Why the said administration should not be granted. Given under my hand this 22nd Day of lunch Anno Domini 1973 Patsy s. Stone probate judge i june 25. July 2 Washington api spurred by watergate Dis closures the Senate is aiming to vote by the end of summer on a Bill controlling what politicians can spend and what contributors can give them. The measure exp Clad to be the vehicle for this year s Campaign Reform drive is being written behind the closed doors of the Senate rules committee. It May be debated heatedly and some senators will try to make the rules far More restrictive than those presently proposed. Others May try to use Ilas a platform to mount a drive for Complete or partial Public financing of campaigns for Feder Al office. At the moment. The Issue is one of formulas intended to Check an unlimited flow of individual contributions into the coffers of campaigns for the mouse the Senate and the presidency. Last wednesday the rules committee after at least one major change of mind agreed tentatively to set a limit on the Money any person or committee can give to campaigns for federa elective office in any one year. The committee will continue working on the Bill in another executive session wednesday. Backers said they still Hope to gel inc Bill to the Senate floor for debate and a final Vole by the end of july or Early August. The draft Bill s formula limits an individual contributor to giving si5.000 in presidential Pri Marics and another in the general election. The proposed limit would re strict contributions to in Senate and House primaries and another in inc Gener Al Elc Clion. A spokesman for the rules committee emphasizing that All decisions made so far Are subject to change said he Lim its would apply loan individual his wife and All children under the decision represents a re Versal from an earlier formula that Sel total contributions Al s75.000. Presidential Contr Ihu Lions ill and congressional contributions Al the present Law. Which Well into effect april 7. 1972. Set no upper limits. It replaced a Law which had included a personal limit hut contained so notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the esl Alc of Thomas f. Rogers deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified executrix of said estate within the time prescribed by Law. Five months and All persons indebted to Hie said estate Are asked to make prompt payment to Hie undersigned. Rachel l. Rogers 2320 Manning drive Florence. South Carolina in unc is. 25 july 2i masonic notice regular meeting of Mecca Lodge 407 . Will be held Al the masonic Lodge monday june 25. 1073 Al . For the purpose of trans action of business. Members requested to attend. Visiting masons welcomed. . Weathers Bee. . Robert e. Thornton. . I. June 23.24.25 final discharge Alt parties interested will please take notice that Carl d. Johnson. Expo Flor of the Slote of Julius d. Johnson deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such executor and thai the Iruh Day of july 1973. Al 10 o clock . Is inc time appointed fora hearing on the petition. Palsy s. Stone judge of probate Florence county leg a l notice is Given that the undersigned intends to apply to the South Carolina alcoholic beverage control commission for notice notice is hereby Given that the undersigned intends to apply to the South Carolina alcoholic beverage License to operate a commission for a liquor store for the to operate a retail year ending june 1974, store for the fiscal 1113 Oakland ave., ending june 30, 1973, Al . Under the provisions 301. Olanta s. C. The alcoholic beverage the provisions of the Irol act. Code of Laws beverage control and acts code of Laws 1962 and amendatory therein. Tom herring june 14, 25. July 2. 9 Many loopholes As to be All but meaningless. This acl Sanal Lempel Opul a Damper on contributions with out becoming the rules committee spokesman said. But there Are any number of senators seeking tighter restrictions and lower limits and Dif Ferenal formulas. Sen. Lloyd Bentsyn. A Tex. Is Only the latest senator to offer legislation to Clamp a limit on contributions from an individual to any presidential or congressional Campaign. The drive for Reform has been fuelled largely by reports of improprieties in the funding of president Nixon s Campaign for re election. Before the present Law look effect the Nixon Campaign raised and spent million without disclosing where it came from or where in went according to sworn testimony in various investing alias. Of the local. S1.7 million was in Cash and nearly of Hal Well to finance the water Gate wiretapping operation. Some Cash amounts were used to pay political spies finance the Campaign of a Friendly congressional candidate pad i h c embarrassingly slim receipts of a fund raising dinner for vice president Spiro t. Agnew and Send gop National chairman Robert Dole to Viet Nam. Some of the Cash contributions were allegedly used to pay the watergate defendants for their silence. The Nixon Campaign raised million in than any other election Effort in his ended the season with a surplus of nearly Mil lion. The largest single contribution totalled nearly million. Accusations have been made and denied that Many Large contributors expected favors from the government for their Money. I Antsen and other senators Are seeking among Oiler things the end of political Cash. We Insl Slop these suitcases of Sim Bills from moving around the country in Cam the Texas Democrat told the Senate Friday. The rules committee Bill has already been examined by the Senate Commerce commit cd. Which has jurisdiction Over some of ils main features. Asil stands the Bill includes the following creation of a Federal elections commission to receive reports and supervise the Law. The commission would have the Power to Issue subpoenas for persons and records and the ability to prosecute civil and criminal violations of the acl. Ii would replace the present procedure which requires re polls on contributions and spending to the clerks of the House and the Senate and to the general accounting office. Repeal of equal Lime provision which has limited broadcast coverage of major candidates. All three television networks have pledged substantial free Lime for major presi denial candidates if the provi Sion is repealed. Replacing of the present limit on broadcast and Telephone spending with a total limit on All spending by or on behalf of a candidate for federa singing on mount attracts Linville. . I api one of the oldest hymn singing get Togo pliers in the nation attracted an estimated 12.000 people sunday to Grandfather Moun Tain located near Linville in the n Ortr Carolina mountains. The singing on the Moun lain began 49 years ago As a family reunion but has grown into a Public affair. The people come from Miles around to sing and Pray. Television personality Arthur Smith acted As master of Cere monies. Part of the singing was filmed for a future segment of his Arthur Smith show. Norman Evans. Offensive tackle of the Miami dolphins of the National football league old the crowd hat god has blessed me Wilh the mind and body of an athlete and in so Many other ways. "1 have had so Many wonder Ful Evans said but the greatest experience of my life came seven years ago when god took control of my life. Arthur Smith and his brother took turns leading Hie crowd in hymns. Chemical Plant fire a series of Early morning explosions set tire sunday to the Velsi col chemical corp. Plant in Chattanooga injuring one worker. Firemen fought toxic fumes in the three alarm Blaze before bringing it under control. Two Railroad tank cars used to haul chlorine were moved from the Plant without incident. Firemen who encountered irritating fumes were treated with Castor Oil. A farm population shows slight increase Washington api the nation s farm population in creased slightly last year. The first time since 1967, but the government said sunday Hal the Rise does l appear to be statistically significant. According to an esl Imale by the census Bureau and inc agriculture department s eco nomic research service he number of people living on farms averaged 9.61 million last year up from the 1971 estimate. But the government said the increase should not be interpreted As a turn around in the Long time downward trend in the number of people living on the farm. In fact it said. The chances Are Aboul one in Fitch that the increase May be artificial and due to sampling error. In 1970, there were 9.7 million people living on farms and 10 years earlier. 15.6 million. The report issued by the census Bureau said the farm population was Low in its percentage of Young and Middle aged adults. Those from 20 to44 made up 25 per cent of the farm population. Those not living on farms in this age group make up 32 per cent of the population. This disparity in the age Structure of the two populations primarily reflects the persistent High rate of out migration among Young farm protestant body sends delegation to Aid strike St. Louis to. A National protestant convention Here sunday sent a Large scale emergency expedition to Cali fornia to support Cesar Chavez striking grape workers. The Force from the United Church of Christ about 100 Strong was scheduled to Lake a chartered plane near Midnight to join Hie workers on the picket line for a Day. With some to stay on longer. On the basis of a telegraphed Appeal from Chavez Anil reports of increasing violence against farm strikers the 2 million member Church s governing Senate late saturday night authorized the special Pil Grimage in response to the without a Strong Church Force present at this moment people s lives Are really in Dan said the Rev. John Moyers. Of York City a Church specialist on farm and migrant labor. The moral imperatives of this action Are As Clear As any thing we could do said the Kev. Ricahrd Norberg of san Francisco. He predicted the Church May have trouble on our hands but we Are prepared to live out this Chavez wired Church leaders that the teamsters Union has initiated a reign of terror in California s Coachella Valley with teamster goons using guns rubber hoses knives and ice picks against striking farm workers. Legal notice to am. and former annual rate regular postal employees and the representatives of deceased annual rate regular postal employees regarding possible entitlement to Back wages i his notice is. Published in conformity Wilh a consent order entered August id 1971 by the United suites District court Tor the District of Columbia in settlement of civil actions nos. 3593-69 and 3595-69. Ils purpose is to bring this settlement to the attention of All persons who were full time annual rate regular employees of the United states postal service As used herein the term postal service includes the former Post office department at any time be tween approximately March 4. 1966 and january 7. 1972, As Well As representatives of such employees who arc deceased. The settlement involves the recovery of Hack wages for overtime under Public 89-301, for temporary re sched Ulim under the conditions sol Forth under paragraph i a below. This notice is intended to advise such persons of their rights regarding this Mailer. 1 1 should be read carefully. The lawsuits described alive were hied on december 19. 1969 As class actions on behalf of All such present mid former annual rate regular postal employees. The named plaintiffs in i Csc suits Are certain individual postal employees and the following postal labor unions american postal workers Union. Al Cio mail handlers division of the labourers International Union Al Cicio and the National association of letter carriers Al Cio. I. Summary of the consent order in the class actions i he consent order establishes rules regarding the payment of Back wages to those prose in and former postal employees or the representatives no deceased postal employees who were entitled hut did nol receive Lime and one half for work performed oils id of i hair regular schedule As a Rchull of a required temporary schedule change As Sci Iorli he Law. A n tint m t in this Norire. The -ntlc1. It with Only inc Hrisic Condi Tion. In i i Iii. imn Iii Mill the coif it under Mil he Avail l cd la Itric Naitil inflict Iii in Putti 1c a. Qualification for Back wages under class action Onsen order 1. For inc period from approximately March 4. Ii to january 7. 1972, annual Rale regulars were entitled to overtime wages under Public Law 89-301 Lor work performed during Days or hours onside of their regular schedule As a result of a required temporary schedule Chance unless the schedule change occurred while they were occupying any of inc following positions Post master 2 Rural Carrier f3 postal inspector Road As defined in 39 u.. . 35ri 5 substitute employee 6. Lionly Rale regular employee 7 annual Rale regular who. Between March 4. 1965 and july 2 i. 1966. Were in salary level pass and above s annual rate regulars who. Between july 29. 1966 and october 6. 1967. Were in salary level pcs i i and above 9 annual Rale regulars who. After october i. 1967, were in salary level pcs 12 and above or Levels. 2. Any temporary schedule change on the pan of an annual Rale regular which was not made Al his req Ucol for his convenience is a required sched ule change for which the employee is entitled to of crime compensation for work performed of Side of his regular schedule without regard to the nature of the work performed under the Tempo Rary schedule. Temporary schedule changes made Al an employee s req Nisi for Bis convenience arc nol compensate Al the overtime rate. B. Claims procedure in refer class action con sent order 1. The consent order establishes procedures for inc filing of claims by present employees former employees and the of deceased employees who assert entitlement to overtime Hack wages under paragraph a above. 2. Claims procedure for present employees a As soon As practical after july 30. 1973, present employees Willijc notified by their installation head that their time records Are Avail Able for examination. In most cases these records Dale Back to the first pay period in which regular work schedules were assigned under s9-30i. And end with the pay period on january 7. 1972. H Fach present employee is entitled to he excused from his Normal Lour of duly for up to one hour to review his time records and will be compensated for that hour at his straight time rate of comic Asalion. In addition he May re move his records from the installation for the purpose of such review. C special claim forms available in All postal installations. It will he necessary for the employee to indicate on the claim form those hours for which he believes he is entitled to re cover overtime Back wages. Cd an employee s failure to file a claim Wilh his installation head within 90 Days of receipt of notice that Bis time records arc available for inspection will waive his right 10 present a claim. However upon Good cause shown the time for filing a claim shall be extended. C an employee May submit a claim even though his Lime records Are no longer available. 0 after an employee has submitted his claim the local installation head will review it to determine whether the claim should he approved for payment. If the claim is denied. The employee will be entitled to Appeal. 3. Procedure for former employees and the representatives of deceased employees essentially. Inc same rules apply to claims by former employees and representatives of cd Ceascil employees with inc following exceptions Al the postal service will attempt to notify former animal rate regulars of i hair rights in this Mailer by forwarding a copy of this no Isicc to their last known address on Hie with the United slates civil service commission or Llic appropriate postal service data renter. H any former employee or inc representative of a deceased employee who receives this nol ice from inc postal service by mail must re que Cal Access to the employee s Lime records in writing within 60 Days of receiving such notice or waive his right to prose in a claim. C any former employee or the representative of a deceased employee who does not chive a copy of this notice from the postal service by mail must request Access to the employee s time records within three years of july 1, 1973. Or waive his right to prose in a claim. D the Lime records of former employees arc local cd at the Post offices and postal installations where these employees worked. Accordingly a former employee or a representative of a deceased employee May request Access to such records f i by visiting or writing directly to the of each Post office or postal installation where inc employee was employed or 2 by asking any local postmaster for assistance in obtaining such records. When making the request a former employee must identify himself As a for Mer postal employee who is requesting Access to his Lime records under tic consent order and must slate his name social Security number and inc Post or postal install where he worked. The representative of a deceased employee should follow the same procedure Wilh regard to the deceased employee involved and must also indicate on what basis he or she is acting As the deceased employee s representative. E upon receiving notice from the postal service thai the records arc available for examination a former employee or the representative of a deceased employee must submit his claim As provided in paragraphs of this notice. A notification of determination of claims 1. The installation Bead or his do since will notify Llic claimant in writing of the disposition of his claim within 90 Days of the Dale the claim is filed. Failure to notify the claimant of a determination of the claim within 90 Days will constitute Auto Matic approval of inc entire claim. If a claim is denied the decision will slate the reason is for denial. 2. If. Within 30 Days of receipt of inc written decision regarding the claim the claimant fails to advise inc postal service official who signed inc decision that he either 1 accepts the decision in full or 2 rejects Tjie decision in full he will he deemed to have accepted inc decision in full. 3. If the claimant rejects the decision he May Appeal in accordance Wilh the procedures set Fonh in the operating instructions. 4. Employees who remain part of the class and also remain represented by counsel for the named plaintiffs shall be hound by such counsel s Deci Sions regarding inc Scilly mint or other disposition claims. Payment of claims when a final decision has been made to pay the claim the claimant will promptly receive pay ment from the postal service in accordance with inc decision. K. Additional information additional information regarding the contents of this notice May he obtained from Donald m. Muelha Esquire counsel for plaintiffs. Depart ment p. Suite 703. Is2r i. Street. . Wash inulin. . 20036. A copy of the consent order May he obtained by writing to or. Clyde Wilson. Claims administrator. Room 3532. . Postal service Headquarters 12th Pennsylvania ave nue. ., Washington. . 20260. The oper instructions and claim forms will be Avail Able in postal installations when the claims procedure is implemented. K. Elections available to members of the class the consent order declares Hal the named plaintiffs arc proper representatives of the entire class of present and former postal employees in tilled to recover overtime Back wages under pub Lic Law s9-30i. Under the consent order and Rule 23 of the Federal rules of civil procedure members of the class Are entitled to he advised Ihal Llic following elections arc available to them a. Any person who claims entitlement to Over Lime Hack wages under Public Law does not wish to Parl Cipale in this class action litigation will if he requests exclusion be excluded by the court from the class action insofar As his individual claim is not within the reach of Rule or 21, Federal rules of civil procedure. Such exclusion must be requested by left or addressed to the undersigned at . Box 97s, Hen Franklin station. Washington . 20044. Postmarked not later than Midnight. July 15. 1973. Any person who does not elect to be so excluded will be fully bound by the settlement in this litigation. A person who elects to be so excluded from the class will be free subject to the adjudication of issues within the reach of Rule or Federal rules of civil procedure. To pursue whatever individual Legal Rem Edies lie May have. If be should independently recover Hack wages under Public Law 89-301, he May nevertheless be required under Law to pay attorney fees to the counsel who initiated these class r. If a person docs not 50 request exclusion from inc class by july 15. 1973. He will automatically be included in the class and his entitlement will be determined under the consent order and any subsequent orders the Conn May enter in inc mat Ter. And be will be hound thereby. C. If any such person does nol request exclusion from this class action litigation but elects to be represented by his own counsel rather than by counsel for the named plaintiffs his counsel must enter an appearance in ibis lil nation nol later than july 15, 1973. I. Final hearing prior to the court entering partial final judgment the consent order referred to under i above was entered into with a View to effecting the expeditious processing of ail the individual claims involved in this class action litigation. The court has preliminarily entered in accordance Wilh Rule Federal rules of civil proc Durel a further order and decision implement ing the cons Cal order which 1 approves the detailed operating instructions under the consent order and deter minds several local issues incident to implementation of the consent order Aslo which parties were unable to reach agree Mem. The detailed operating instructions under the consent order have been designated rack pay claims instructions. The court will conduct a final Carindon All issues which have been decided by the court in ibis litigation in courtroom 22. United slates court House. 3d Street and Constitution Avenue n.w., washing Lon. . Al am. On july 30. 1973. Any person claiming to be a member of the class who wishes to he Beard in this matter by an attorney other than the attorneys who represent the orig Inal plaintiffs in this litigation will be afforded due Opportunity to be heard thereat by his at Torney. Provided his attorney so notifies the undersigned clerk of court in writing prior to july the court will upon conclusion of that hearing crier an order cafe join partial final judgment disposing of All issues which have been decided As of the Date of such final judgment subject to the court upon being advised by the parties that All aspects of the controversy have been settled entering the final judgment contemplated by the consent order As heretofore amended. The parties have reached agreement to submit to final and binding arbitration individual Dis Putes remaining upon conclusion of the . Postal service s processing and decision As to the individual claims in lieu of court proceedings thereafter. The consent order and implementing order and decision and the parties agreement for final and binding arbitration As finally approved by inc f our upon conclusion of the indicated final hearing will govern the processing of All individual claims including any arbitration proceed Ings. In. Counsel fees and expenses the matter of counsel fees and expenses for services heretofore rendered by counsel bringing this action and of counsel fees and expenses for services which May be rendered hereafter by orig Inal or other counsel will be determined by the court after he Dale of the final hearing v. Communication with court to be Only by pleading or motion any person wishing further information about this litigation May communicate with Donald m. Muelha. Esq. Counsel for plaintiffs whose address is Sel Forth under in above. All communication with the court shall he by formal pleading or to lion with copies thereof served upon counsel for the parties. Please do not write or Call the court. James f. Darcy f clerk. United slates District court for inc District of Columbia v Dale junes 1973

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