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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 25, 1970, Florence, South Carolina4-b _ thursday Junt 25, atm Jinnet Fig students Leader has mind of own Washington a seven Ilion. Months ago curly haired the Young student teacher Charles Joseph Gonzales of la Leader said Mitchell denied open daily 10-10 thursday Friday saturday a Lii in inttt4 Fayette la., was Well on the Way to becoming a teacher in being consulted on the cambo Dia decision saying he advised the Christian Brothers order of the president Only on the Catholic Church matters he s not going to make it. I think that s a lot of hog i last year he was elected pres Gonzales 23, said in Ani ident of the 87.000 member Stu interview. He s on the Security Dent National education Asso i citation and when his us other Points discussed in the Perior at College of Santa interview. Be n.m., told him he student violence it is the could not take the Job and still natural outgrowth of a degree of be a Christian brother. I Don t condone Vio said i told him to go jump in Lence. It is not an effective Way the Lake. If they could Tell me in bringing about change it not to do ulis then i did t want i turns off the people who can to he a Christian about change. After now Gonzales is running Are powerless to make an unprecedented second As head of the student Organiza a teacher education Tion which has chapters there is no serious consider pre Holiday discount Sale and an annual budget of s375.000. The group s annual convention opens monday in san Francisco. The Job carries a Grant action of reality of the class room. Some student teachers Don t get into a classroom until their Junior or senior year. College professors have the _ fat Pina pc Iii and All past student to lecture student teachers of the 13-year-old lecturing in the classroom remained on Campus and let is bad and there they stand Lee staff people run the Washington Headquarters. his group s plans we plan a a Suup 3 we Pian a but Gonzales said he "bor-1 moratorium in the rowed at 10 per cent the classes for a Day or Terest and headed for washing ton. I could t see How i could do the Job and not be at head maybe a discuss what teacher preparation should the nation s High schools quarters. The organization Hadj High schools produce people not been doing products for slots. Colleges Gonzales and his associates i exist Only to produce better Nave ruffled a few feathers with better salaries Aba Headquarters but one High school teachers should Nea official said i Admire consider themselves employees their spirit. They re not going of the students. They should try along with the i to enhance the learning process. I or example last month gon a i think that curriculum should be determined by the students. Grading should be determined by the students and the faculty chosen by the president and de the draft i be a Stu Mandog his immediate Resigna Dent accompanied by some associates personally presented atty. Gen. John Mitchell with a letter accusing him of being a proc Irlond Nyrl up to wider 10% deeper anti skid 4plysofnylorr for safety and durability 36-Mont guarantee save 5.67 to 7.67 onourkm100-4fullply Nylon Tubeless bloc Walls regular 21.44 650x13-plus 1.78 a. . While quantities last ask got i question for Andy write it on a Post cards and mall it to Taftt Florence ing news p. 0. Box a Florence 5. C. Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-Volumc set of the world Book encyclopedia to Tony Williams age 14 of Charlotte North Carolina for his question what is Hydraulic Cycle our period of history has been called the age of Industry and the age of science the Iron age and the _ space age. In Andy s opinion it also happens to be the age of fancy language. Experts in some circles Strain themselves to use Flossy terms instead of simple words. We Ordinary Folk Are impressed no end until we refer to a dictionary. The fancy language fails to Awe us when we find the simple words for precipitation and dialogue Hydraulic and confrontation. Hydro is borrowed from the greek word for water and Hydraulic Means a system of water in motion. Certain Man made Hydraulic pumps use moving water and Hydraulic Cement hardens under water. So far. Our age of Industry has not produced methods to keep such systems operating in perpetual motion. However nature uses perpetual motion i o Cycle a stupendous Supply of water on a planetary scale. This global Hydraulic Cycle alias the water Cycle circulates moving water to remodel the surface of the Earth and Supply its living things. The Sun bestows a fairly steady quota of Radiant Energy on Hie Globe. Some of this Energy is converted to heat at the surface of the land and sea. The shape of the Globe the tilt of its Axis plus its geographical ups and Downs cause this solar Energy to be distributed unevenly. The Weathery air gets heat from the warm surface and its Wanned gases become thirst about one third of the Earth s total solar Energy is used by the air to evaporate moisture from the oceans and the moist land. This moisture becomes in visible vapor. Masses of warm air loaded with gaseous water expand and con aloft. As they Cool they can hold less vapor. The surplus condenses in liquid Cloud droplets and Fine crystals of ice. As local and global winds waft the Clouds along they grow heavier. Finally Gravity pulls them Back to Earth As Ains and snows. About a Quarter of the global downpour Falls on land providing enough fresh rain water to Supply every person with Gallons every Day. However a Large portion is consumed by plants and another portion sinks Down to replenish the Reservoir of ground water. A Large portion also runs into Rivers that Carr it to the sea. Meantime nature s Hydraulic Cycle is completing this perpetual circulation of wafer on a global scale. The amount of water involved in the system is immense. Very Day a billion tons of Precopi station Falls Here and there. Every year the downpour is enough to douse in Ches of rain on the entire Globe. Every year the Earth s Hydraulic Cycle involves about cubic Miles of water in this system of perpetual motion. This is the amount of water evaporated to gaseous vapor lifted and shifted by the atmosphere changed Back to liquid and finally dumped Back on land and sea and without this never ending circulation of water All life on Earth would perish from Thrist. The Cloudy atmosphere always holds enough moisture to dump an Inch of water on the entire surface of the Earth. However such a world wide Shower never occurs. On a global scale the water evaporates and precipitates unevenly. The world average precipitation is 40 inches per year. Rut an arid desert a get merely an Inch or less a year while the wettest Region May get 450 inches. Andy sends a world Book Globe Atlas to Richard Remington age ii of Fanon the Maine for his question does sound travel faster in hot cold air vibrating sound Energy must travel through a solid a liquid or a gaseous medium. Us Speed is regulated by the density of the medium ils Temer Patire and the elastic ii Lily of its molecules. It travels faster through liquid wafer than through air and much faster through dense steel. Warm air loses none of ils Olas Lic sound carrying Quality and sound Waves travel Fasler through warm air than Thoy do through cold air. In air Al i2 degrees Fah Roncil the Standard Speed of sound is estimated to be Hiss feel per second. This is roughly 740 Miles per hour. 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