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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 25, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 176 the Only paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. A thursday morning june 25, 1970 daily Loc sunday lie pledges cooperation from am opposition Congress Economy in recession Mansfield recession is economic fact Mansfield says Senate demos Leader presents rebuttal to Nixon Washington a disputing president Nixon s assess ment of the Economy Senate democratic Leader Mike mans Field said wednesday recession is an economic fact and the rhetoric of a Radiant tomorrow does not alter advantage of an Opportunity for free broadcast time on a National network the Montana senator pledged Nixon 100 per cent cooperation from an opposition Congress in easing the country s economic pains. But Mansfield parried Nixon s Call for Swift action on some pending administration pro Grams saying Congress already has Given More authority to the president than he wishes apparently to use against tie Rise in and while praising presiden tial plans for a High level com Mission on wage Price increases As a welcomed he chided the president for not going further and establishing new guidelines in that area. Congress cannot very Well Call to the attention of particular business and labor leaders the consequences of excessive wage and Price Mansfield said. But the con Gress can and i am confident will support the president should he decide to do Congress Mansfield went on cannot itself draw up and administer a set of guidelines for reasonable wage and Price be Havior on the part of Industry and labor. But Congress can and i am confident will sup i port the president if he chooses Fer free time to major parties Mem and War and whether the to do lout of Power. But Mansfield j term is used or not these words Mansfield s speech was Broad-1aides said was offered spell recession cast by Abc a week after Nixon for tvs particular speech. That is today a fad it is no told a nationwide to radio Senate Republican political fact. It is an econom. Audience that he was forming Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania j special commissions to gauge i characterized m a n s f i e i d s wage and Price increases Al t Hough he did not envision any form of suggested or actual controls. Takes of the past cannot paper it Over the of a Radiant Abc was one of two networks to offer Mansfield free time after the 67-year-old majority Leader sought an Opportunity to counter what democrats com Plain is unfair presidential a Wilh Ces Sibil Ity to the air Waves. Speech As an interesting report no Tow does it. To the nation on the Economy Asj viewed from the democratic Mansfield said three years Side of the aisle. I ago prices Rose 3 per cent two years ago 4.6 per cent and Las while i cannot quarrel with year 6.1 per cent. Mansfield will appear at noon thursday on the Abc to radio networks. Lbs has void the democratic party it plans to of some of the contents in the majority Leader s report he cannot five years ago the typical deny the fact that this adminis a monthly payment on a traction is attempting to Deal j House was Mansfield problems inherited and i said. To buy that same House i that despite pessimistic Prog-1 today takes an outlay of a nost cations is doing a Good i month. Inflated costs and higher j the country Mansfield said is mired in inflation a employ i interest rates difference represent the things that should be Yong building take Home pay and real economic coming Mansfield said. At the same time the things that should be coming As interest rates the Cost of living and in going Mansfield said Congress naturally shares in the responsibility for correcting economic trends. But he added Congress already has done a lot. Among his contributions said Mansfield were a Cut in the president s budget last year enactment of the tax Reform act in which billion in loopholes were closed and passage of a selective credit control Law last december. Enemy s advances repelled phenom penh Cambodia two columns of enemy troops hurled a series of attacks against the provincial capital of Kampong spec wednesday but were thrown Back by a cambo Dian army counterattack. A Quick trip to Kampong spec 30 Miles Southwest of Ehnbom penh disclosed the North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops had retreated to the Southeast and heavy trucks were rolling once More Down Highway 4 to the major port of Kampong son. The fighting had Cut the Road. At the Junction of Highway 4 with several major provincial roads Kampong spec is on a main invasion route to phenom and its Security was considered important for the de sense of the capital. Airborne cambodian troops drove the last enemy soldiers away from the towns main Pagoda near noon. A column of Black smoke Rose from one suburban area and several other Homes were burned or blasted in other parts of the City. Firing at times w a s from House to House but the enemy attack was not nearly As heavy or As successful As when it Over ran the town 12 Days ago and held on for three Days. Damage from wednesday s attack seemed heavier in the civilian part of the town which also includes the regional Mili tary Headquarters. Government casualties were said o be two paratroopers killed and several others wounded. Enemy casualties were unknown. Two . Air Force jets flew Over Kampong spec but made no bombing runs. The planes appeared to be reconnaissance jets which May have been map Ping the area. Kampong spec was nearly deserted and the few residents were packing to flee to phenom penh or somewhere far away from this place where it is As one cambodian put it. South vietnamese troops who led the assault from the South 10 Days ago to recapture Kampong spec had pulled out. One Viet Cong North vietnamese Force used the same route wednesday under a cover of a furious mor tar barrage. Senators vote to nullify Gulf of Tonkin Resolution arrest 12 at Agnew talk site Denver Colo. A about a dozen persons were arrested wednesday night follow no ice and bottle throwing Inci dents outside a Hall where vice resident Spiro t. Agnew came o make a speech. Agnew Trad not arrived at cur Rigan exhibition Ham where i Vas to address a Republican und raising dinner Wien the incidents started. He managed to enter the tall without being Een by the Antiwar Demontra ors outside. Several persons including ome of the persons arrested my one plainclothes Denver to Ceman suffered cuts during be scuffling. Newsmen counted at Leasi ivc arrests when pieces of ice thrown following a verbal Exchange Between to ice Toffi cers and demonstrators. A few minutes later a butt s was thrown from the crowd estimated by on officer at about 400. It struck John Ballinger a police photo lab technician in Plain clothes in the head and he fell to the pavement blood streaming from his face. Accident kills Bridge workers Kittery Maine four construction a workers plunged nearly 100 feet to their deaths wednesday when me scaffold on the under Side of a Bridge collapsed. The acc Irenr occurred on the Maine Side of the Bridge which spans the Pisca Taqua River from kit cry to Portsmouth . The six Lane million Bridge is due to be opened in 1972. Lawmakers engage in Sharp debate Washington a the Senate voted 81 to 10 wednesday to repeal the .1964 Gulf of. Tonkin i evolution As the debate on Cambodia entered its seventh week with Sharp exchanges Over tactics of president Nixon s supporters. Although the Tonkin Gulf Indochina by next july i. Resolution was used by the Mcgovern and fellow sponsors Johnson administration As the have said they will bring it up Legal basis for sending j later during debate on military troops to Vietnam the Nixon j procurement administration has taken the i position it is obsolete and irrelevant. Calling such a procedure j contemptuous of the Normal i Senate Courtesy extended to the sen. Robert j. Dole author of an the brought the matter before the j South Dakota Democrat said Senate two Days ago in a tac j it also seems to be a Case of ical coup. War critics had planned a full debate later on a separate repeal measure. Crude and cynical partisanship for us to be playing fast and Loose with matters of life and the Sharp debate broke out both before the Dole vote i and after it on a second he Sald he Woultz move to Block a debate at this time by seeking to table any Effort to it on a second possible gop Effort to take the wind out of the sails of p r e d o min Antly democratic critics of Nixon administration policies in Southeast Asia. Bring up the amendment now. A gop Victory Barry m. Goldwater jr., Bach Elor congressman from California shares Victory excite ment wednesday night with cheerleaders after the re publicans beat the democrats 6-4, in the annual con Gressional baseball game at Frk stadium. Goldwater assistant Republican Leader a Robert p Griffin of Michigan sen. George s. Mcgovern a s a assailed plans for the gop Pian sail backers to Call up As an current has gone on amendment to the pending Many weeks and that it is time military sales Bill so they to clean up these matters and get on o other u. S. Airs Mideast peace plan London a the United states began sounding out mid lines and for a three month cease fire to go into effect jul y lie Kast government s wednes Day on a new peace plan that alls for at least a temporary i ease fire and a demilitarized a sure formication i Are constructed in the dam ishtar Umed observers one along the Suez canal sen sized zone informants said. Or diplomats reported. Lebanese sources in Beirut diplomats in London said the Aid the . Plan provides for americans also suggested . Plan have been Cool. The least will be replaced by Wash the latest . Proposals were government of prime minister Kington provided they cooperate Glade to the British and Golda Meir takes the View that in peacemaking. Arab neighbors May use a Tern Fitnich As Well As to Middle Oor Arv to prepare for Arah governments appear to East countries after a new a new offensive have s impression or contacts in Washington ambassador withdrawal of Arab and israeli orces 12% Miles from present a clearcut israeli accept anti fist fight group wants in on july 4 plans Ance of the United nations Security Council Resolution that i thai their israeli rivals will be soviet the israelis question whether i Given All the weapons they need acid Secretary any cease fire would be regard unless they the arabs Cooper m and s ate in . S no n Imam i in Guy de by Arab governments Asj binding on guerrilla groups based in their territories. Israel has been pressing for resort i ate in peacemaking. Set guidelines for a peace Settle that really works for guerrillas Washington a Mem Bers of a group called the committee to pre vent a july 4th fist Kight at tempted unsuccessfully wednes Day to get themselves included in the planning for the gala in dependence Day Observance to be held on the Washington Monument grounds. Led by Ronnie Davis some 15 Young people went to the head quarters of the Honor America Day committee in an attempt to Lalic to the chairman j. Willard Marriott but were told to come i while Louse has turned july 4th Hack thursday. Into be Only Sunno Tinc the re Davis said the group wants of fice space in the Headquarters and a part in planning the All Day july 4th affair. Included in the program will be the itch. Billy Graham in the morning at the Lincoln memorial and Bob Hope and a Star studded show at the Monument at night. We re declaring this building the Republican National convention he told newsmen in n sidewalk inter View. Richard Nixon and in into people supporting the re publican administration. He s calling for a july 41 h fist Davis said. Davis one of the leaders Dur ing demonstrations at the democratic National convention in Chicago said Bis group expects to Young people to be in Washington Over the july 4th weekend for a he said current Honor Day pro Gram plans do not include enter Laii mint for mom. Ment. This acceptance should stress israeli readiness to with draw from territories although not necessarily All territories j occupied in the six Day War in a clearcut Arab acceptance of the same a Solu inn Campha j sizing their commitment to peace and to recognition of is Rael s sovereignty. A joint Arab israeli accept Ance that . Mediator Gunnar v. Jarring should resume his peace Mission. This acceptance would recognize jarring s right to initiate Pence negotiations in and manner he May determine bearing in mind the preferences of the two sides. Israelis appear to have been Given the impression thai their first israeli reactions in thu warplane losses at the very singled and stole two bases. Cheerleaders from left Mary Ellen Terziu and Judy Beard secretaries for rep. John Buchanan r-ala., and Nancy Tate Secretary for j could defeat it a sweeping rep William e. Brock a Tenn. A amendment designed to Force 1 an end to u. S. Action in All sen. Gordon Allott of Colorado the chairman of the Republican policy committee raised the possibility of bringing up Mcgovern s Amend i Mem at a news conference i tuesday. He said wednesday Here Are ample precedents for such n Man Euver and added Mcgovern s attacks contained pretty Strong words to be used by a it is not the coloradoan said. It is certainly not crude. I know that to an intellectual like the senator from South Dakota a Mere senator from Colorado May Appeal Lott added noting that if Mcgovern wants to shut off debate on his own amendment he is Welcome to do Sens. J. W. Fulbright d-ark., John c. Stinnis d-miss., and Ernest f. Rollings . C., All attacked the procedural basis for Dole s amendment. Fulbright said thai while he favors repeal of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution he would have to Vole against Dole s Amend ment to preserve the integrity of Hie the arkansans noted that hearings were held by his foreign relations committee which reported to the Senate in april a concurrent Resolution to repeal the Resolution. It is scheduled for debate later. Of a permanent cease fire As Well As governments. The american peace Initia Tive informants said has been launched alongside a Nixon administration decision to pre serve the balance of Arab israeli Power. The . Government considers that the balance has been imperilled by soviet air Nowr and missile installations in key lion territory. Faced with israeli requests for new phantom and skyhawk planes . Authorities were said to be using the possibility of supplying these weapons to try to gel bulb sides off dead Center in the search for peace. Voice cautions on rail takeover transportation Secretary John a. Voice sees Prospect for nationalization of railroads if financing fails. See Page 3b. Rep. Adam Clayton Powell was de. Heated in the new York primary. See. Page 5c. A new vocational rehabilitation facility designed to meet the needs of handicapped persons in a seven county area will begin limited operations in Florence in mid july. See Page 2a. Index classified 51 comics 71 deaths 2a i editorials 4a markets 12a Horoscope 71 sports 51 weather partly Cloudy warm and humid through Friday with Chance of afternoon and evening showers. High today in lower 90s Low tonight 70. Do tails Page 3a

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