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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 25, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaFace 4 the Florence morning news. Florence. S. C. Saturday morning. June 25, 1053 doing thank you pc n on Marine showdown Roscoe Drummond new jury Law designed for future betterment at a recent meeting of City Council the City adopted a new jury system for recorder s court. This new program is interesting and should prove to be of great value to Florence and to Justice in our municipal court. Several comments made at the meeting could be interpreted As being unfavourable to the court and to past administration of Justice in our municipal court. We Don t think this is the Case nor that criticism was intended. With the limitations placed upon Justice by the antiquated Laws in Force Florence had a municipal court that compared favourably with any other Community in the state. The new Law is not designed As much to Correct past errors As it was to provide for future improvements. Last year City Council named a committee to make recommendations for improvement in the municipal court setup. The new program is not the one suggested by the City s committee. Those recommendations went begging because of inaction by the Florence bar association and the county delegation to the general Assembly. The program being accepted is one passed by the Greenville county legislators. It can be used in other municipalities and it meets most of the stipulations set Forth by the City s committee. One suggestion made at the recent meeting merits future consideration. Or. B. B. Gilbert suggested a Public defender to help those not Able poem ploy Legal assistance. This May have to wait for happier financial Days but certainly there should be assistance for the defense when there is trained Legal prosecution. All of Florence can be pleased to see this new addition to Progress in Florence. There was indication enough that changes were needed. Little could be done under the old Laws were needed. Thanks to Greenville county s delegation Florence is Able to take progressive Steps and the Energy and interest of City Council did t let the measure wait around for action. Washington in Washington this week tiie Senate staged a close vote which tested party Unity on each Side of the upper legislative body. The Issue was the democratic move to override Eisenhower on the size of the Marine corps. That Effort squeaked through to Success by a 40-39 margin. The Effort was led by senator Stuart Symington former Secre tary of the air Force who also sought to change the defense pro Gram in four other respects. The Eisenhower program won out by forfeit in these tests. When the Pentagon announced Early in the week thai More Money was being asked for production of two new fighter planes that took the wind out of the air Force policy changes Symington was asking and he let his proposals drop. But the democrats pushed a showdown fight on the Marine corps question. The question was whether to go along with the president and Knock several thous and men off the proposed strength of the corps. The corps having Long been dear to the hearts of americans there was considerable Senate sentiment to oppose tie president on this reduction. And when voting time came the lines were pretty closely drawn. Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson was literally sweating it out As he ran from one vote to another trying to line up the necessary strength. It appeared thai four or Jive democrats were going to vote with the republicans and the president in favor of tie Cut. One of these men was Russell Long of Louisiana. Senator Cha vis of new Mexico was another. Johnson managed to swing them Back into the democratic column. But when he came to Sena tors Thurmond of South Caro Lini and Holland of Florida he met solid resistance. Johnson applied the pressure to thur mond. He reminded him that he wanted to become a Mem Ber of the armed services committee which was headed by senator Russell of geor fila. The hint was pretty obvious. Russell was trying to defeat the president s proposed reduction. Thurmond was trying to get on Russell s committee. He could please Russell and majority Leader Johnson by reversing his Vole and going along with the demo cratic strategy in the Senate. Acreage Cut must hot Hurt Economy of pee Dee Many South carolinians Hail feared would be the result of the a Raleigh meeting actually happened. Growers and other sections of the tobacco Industry sat Down with depart ment of agriculture officials to take a cold look at the tobacco Supply and demand picture it was generally realized that another Cut in car care quotas was almost inevitable. This is bad news fur our state s tobacco Belt because Many fuel that the South Carolina quota is already unfairly Low especially in View of the fact that North Carolina did t even Plant acres of its allotment this year. How Ever an Overall Cut in production must be made if it is needed to safeguard tin flue cured tobacco Only agricultural Price support program which has consistently shown a profit since its introduction. Realize they cannot allow themselves to get into the same position As Hurley growers who Over planted to the tune of acres last year and have virtually wrecked their entire pro i am with a huge slash in quotas having to be made. All the same the South to Birco growers Are entitled to demand that if a Cut is made certain minimum acreages must be set at the same time in order that some Small growers won t to entirely deprived of a Cash crop. With 1hc ruinous Harvest of last your it will some growers two or three years to get hark on their icel and a severe in acre ape Rotilio mean untold throughout the South Carolinn tobacco Belt together with severe a care cushions on the. Economy of the area especially the pee Dee. He s real Brave one letter in yesterday s mail was real Brave. It told the editor what the author thought of the editor and it did t use too Many a july Fostir Leurer words. It did t use a signature either. Apropos of nothing it included the statement you know Why i must use a pen Well yes we. Do. The writer used a pen name for one of two reasons i lie s ashamed of the one he Lias 2 he lacks the moral Fibre and courage necessary to identify him self with a positive opinion. People who make bold Brave state ments and threats from the Security of unidentified mail and phone Calls must have an interesting mental and moral makeup. They Are probably the people who veal Lipelis Oil of wearing hoods and burning i uses. can i eel real big and import ant will out having in Sliu Wilder responsibility fur their opinions and actions. Perhaps the reason for the Lack of identification comes from the author s knowledge that it in t quite proper to Send threats through the. Mails. That however is to be doubted. It is much More Likely that the author is another of the Many who managed to Muster up enough courage to Wriler rough Sellors but not enough to sign them. However senator Thurmond rave it to Johnson straight. Let s ret one thing straight right Thurmond told him. I be rot to vote my Johnson did t like thit at All. In fact Many democrats in the Senate were disappointed. An influential Senate official said Thurmond might have lost his Chance to get on the armed services committee with that one vote. The feeling was that Thurmond did t stick with Tine party and parly strategy on a vital political Issue. And that 40-39 vote was so close every vote counted. But Thurmond did not see it As party Issue. He was viewing that vote As a defense measure and not considering the political angles although president Eisenhower would probably note with interest the fact that two southerners hol land of Florida and Thurmond were the Only democrats who stuck with him. And it is Nice to have the president s Admira Tion for various reasons. Senator Olin Johnston voted with the winning Side and with his party in the Senate a thing he does regularly. Jot Whon sees the president and the republicans in a Dlf Ferant Light from that of his fellow senator thur mond who supported Eisenhower in 1952. The Spartanburg senator charges the republicans with intentional discrimination against the South in Many ways and he has repeatedly attacked tie republicans and Eisenhower on the farm pro Gram now being followed. When it comes a test Between the parties Johnston is not going to be found on the. Presidents and the republicans Side unless it is a most unusual Case. He Dis trusts the administration and the motives of the men who Are at present running that administration and therefore they have a hard time convincing him on any thing. Thurmond on the other hand likes or. Eisenhower thinks he is a great american and accepts Many of fee administration s pro Grams. But he has voted almost As often As had Johnston with the democrats though in recent weeks several votes have found him refusing to go along with his Senate to their Chagrin. Letter to Ike top four meeting dear or. President undoubtedly at least one drawer in your desk is already full to overflowing with folders marked Summit conference secret and containing tidy briefing papers from All Hie appropriate experts. I would not presume to Burden you with even one More memorandum were i not truly convinced that i have something for your consideration which Many Ameri cans instinctively feel and would like to say to you. Unexpected As it May seem coming from a newspaper columnist i am not sending you a Bulg ing package of advice As to what you should do at the big four meet ing but i am taking the Liberty of offering a report on what seems to me the visible if unexpressed sentiment of the american people on one vital aspect of the meet ing. Some people you know arc filled with extravagant fear that you will get trapped into a commitment which will look innocent on the surface a commitment which we will Honor hut which the soviets May not live up to and the free world will be worse off than if the conference had never been convened. Some people Are filled with extravagant Hope that by the drama tic gathering of the four Heads of government the cold War can be called off the bitter tension re solved and the deep differences which Divide the soviet world and the free world put Well on the Road to being liquidated. Most of us know that you will go to Geneva made wary irom past experience and yet determined As you said at san Francisco this week not to reject any method however novel which holds out any Hope however faint for a just and lasting there is of doubt that we All earnestly and impatiently and year singly look Forward to the time when we can be freed from the wasteful sterile crushing Burden of armament. From the continuous seemingly never ending High taxes which we have to pay to keep America militarily on guard. From the disc upon of our Homes our families and our lives by the draft and All it entails. From the tensions the bitter Nesses and hostilities which Are the currency of the cold War. From the fear that is May get into Way by that the Hydrogen arms race May end up in Mankind s sell destruction. All americans would like Allol these things to come to pass the Federal budget greatly reduced lower taxes Freedom from disruption tension and anxiety. Who would to but what 1 want to say to you or. President what i want to say with Confidence that 1 am not alone in saying it is this or. President Don t give us what we want if you have the merest lingering flickering doubt that the soviets Are offering More the Shadow the substance of a safer world. You have rightly said that you would go anywhere do anything explore any method which offers even the faintest Hope for a just and lasting or. President Don t give what we want if you have the faintest doubt that the method the russians offer would not Advance a just and lasting peace. Yes we All want to put behind us this terrible preoccupation with things destructive we All want As you remarked at the u.n., to dismantle the terrible apparatus of tension mistrust and nuclear fear. But or. President Don t feel that we so impatiently so yearn singly want these things that you need have any compulsion or temptation of any kind whatsoever to put your signature at Geneva or afterwards to a commitment that could have any effect other than to strengthen the cause of Freedom of free Peoples and free nations. 1 know thai such e thing is farthest from your thought. What i am saying is that in my observation you have a firm poised. Ports you in this intention. Possibly the soviet Union after devoting itself for ten years to making in impossible to have either a just or a temporary peace. But that is not my first Assumption and i suspect it in t yours. It in t even my second Assumption. My first Assumption until proved otherwise is that after Disho Noring most of the agree ments at Yalta Afler enslaving the nations and the Peoples of Eastern Europe and depriving them of their Independence after condoning and aiding the Chinksa communist aggression against the Republic of Korea plus a few other things the Kremlin is not altering its objections one Iota regardless of what it May say at Geneva. My second Assumption that if soviet objectives remain unaltered then the suggestions which the soviets will make at Geneva in the name of peace must be appraised to see How shrewdly they Advance the soviet purpose of undermining and dominating die rest of the world. If the soviet Union has come to the Point where it feels it must abandon some of its measures o aggression and subversion it has come to this Point because of the strength and Unity and accumulated opposition of the free world. My conviction is that anything weakens the free world from within increases the danger of aggression from without. Most americans do not want you to reject any method How Ever novel which holds out any Hope however faint for a just and lasting but or. President. 1 feel f can assure you that you need not being Back from Geneva any of the fleeting comforts of peace if you have the slightest intuitive Valion about whether the russian Are dealing with the real article or rather Are again crying Pence peace when there is no respectfully yours Roscoe Drummond copyright. New York her matured Public opinion which sup Aid Tribune inc Drew Pearson George e. Sokolsky violent excitement does solve Issue cracks m the Iron curtain find us acting real backward violent excitement is being generated Over the Mccarran Walter immigration act with a View to having in which is a word of emotional rather than reasoned Content. The realistic questions that seem not to be asked these Days Are 1. Do we want or need any More immigrants 2. If yes How Many 3. If we do need immigrants what kind do we need shall we select to Lite according to vocations approximation to the american culture or haphazard those who of impose the current restrictions upon immigration adopt the View that suffering humanity must have a place to go to and that the United slates is As Good a place As any for them to come to. Personally i can have 310 private objection to such a Posi Tion As both my parents were immigrants and had they not been admitted into this country i naturally would not have been native to it. I might today be living in fear and trembling in Bialystok or maybe by now 1 should have bal a killed either by Hitler or by Stalin. But the Public position is Dif Fernt. We now have a population of . First it is a matter for scientific appraisal not for agitation to determine How much of a population our o Square Miles can maintain on nil american Standard of Liv ing. Sol undly it u a matter of so to in logical study to provide Datu i the of varieties of Peoples in our culture. Perhaps there Are Liliose who do not regard this As important who believe that a conflict of cultures within the United states will serve us better than the preservation of our traditions. As ail americans with the exception of the native indians arc the descendants of immigrants a and Well document cd experience Lias been provided guide Muiir judgments. Certainly the popu lation pattern of the United states has been radically altered say since immigration cannot be an after thought. newcomer becomes the progenitor of an ii Reasing part of the population. The question in in who slut it is Muri in in lieu i us Lupin in favor in i latin Ami Westi male it ii Tutu Al Qiliu a the i july aim in a ii Llu is. Tile Milsht in made that those who in in Sii Clit upon planning our future a Jim she dim that there might mime planning about immigration. Actually none of these questions Are realistic in the present pull Ticino Elan dec. Pressure tinny exist among a ii h former immigrant group which favor Ihler Man kind. These groups no Potter Raul Parl Irula in Lars civics Nanri in Polilli rally crucial Stales. Also there Are those who believe that human suffering should be dealt with urgently and that a theoretical discussion of immigration problems is today academic and of no value. Also on both sides of the question there arc demagogues who blur the Issue in their own private interest. The Mccarran waiver Immi Gration act is a codification of some 200 Laws on the subject immigration and naturalization. It took four and a half years of investigations and hearings to bring the Bill before Congress. It was passed in july 1952 Over presi Dent Truman s veto. The quota system was in exist ence when the Bill was passed and was included in it. This quota system provides that each coun try outside the Western hemis phere May Send immigrants to this country each year equal to one sixth of one percent of such nationals who had reached the United states by 1920. By this method immigration is established on a cultural rather than a vocational basis. Communists fascists arc not to be admitted. One of the most serious prob lems that faces the United slates is the illegal entry of immigrants who come across our Borders with out the exercise of any jurisdiction. It has been variously estimated that Between 3.000.000 and 000 illegal aliens live in the United Stales. Nobody exactly. If in is possible to Gnu a illegally and such an entry be comes legitimate by a sort of Qualler s right Why have immigration Laws at All Billy Graham Washington the contrast Between v. Molotov the glowering Illman cred russian foreign min ister who antagonized everyone at san Francisco 10 years ago and the obliging mild mannered West Ern hat wearing in Toto who charmed the diplomats at san Francisco this week follows a carefully Laid out pattern of soviet policy which has caught the United states napping. For approximately 10 years we have been complaining about the Iron curtain. But now the Iron curtain is being lifted just a crack and we Don t a inv what to do about it. It in t much of a crack to be sure. Though when you compare it to the Days when russian soldiers who had conc in Contact with the West in Austria or Berlin were not allowed to min Gle with their own families when they went Home for fear they d describe the wonders of the capitalist would even that crack is significant. This summer a whole slew of visas is being issued to Ameri cans to visit Russia. They Range from sex senator Benton of Connecticut to Claude j. Desautels. A legislative ass slant to Congress Man Aspinall of Colorado to Vir. Cell j. Greenfield of Sears Roe Buck in Washington. The visas Are being issued simultaneous with Che visit of soviet Farmers to Iowa plus the free and open Chance Given to Hill Hearst to Russia and with tile proposal of Swift University editors to visit the United states. Mrs. Chipley says no but instead of taking advantage of this rack in the curtain we god help you find proper course Ueston i have not been a Christian for very Lone but lately i have been concerned about Christian conduct in general. The Rte her is silent on so Many tilings unit Are problems to or. Ihrer Aii i ran ill Cdr on surly Multrus it Riillo Lyrl . Ans kit 1 do nol have a list o prohibitions nor to Vin of ii inns to do. The Christian Faith is not nex alive but nit liar Calls for a certain course of action that is produced by ii righteous heart and decided on basis of certain principles. I might simply suggest few such principles. The pain Ciple of Christian love is first. The Niblic for none of in Lively ii Nln your action and conduct must he motivated by inv. Second you mum do a Harver you do As unto the lord. This gives he primary motive in your action. Can you enter into any act Vily and do it As unto the lord third you must do All tilings in inc who has been with a Price. The Bible says thai your . Whatever therefore to Inpil in. you Are Imu Uhl with a Price Tufie i v glorify Tod in your Billy. We Mavrer the fore is injurious to your body whatever causes a weaker person to stumble. Or whatever fails to strengthen your personal and character must of necessity be contrary to the will of god. When in doubt about Cornin things on which the Bible is slur in play Safe by riving god the Fil of the doubt. Prayer when and Olli red in of nil will help you to god s will about things. Have reacted As if shot Hen Sov Iet University editors wanted to come to the Usa the unimaginative mrs. Shipley stale depart ment czarina of passports put her a obliging foot Down. The editors not come. When tie Des Moines Regis Tor Tribune proposed bringing soviet Farmers to Iowa the red tape artists in the state department who incidentally to be friends of Joe Mccarthy raised Finger print technicalities. Finally fingerprints were made unnecessary by appointing the Farmers As officials. When a russian orthodox Bis hop overstayed his passport by a couple of Days in new Yerk mrs. Shipley yanked him out of the Usa. Thereby causing the russians to remove Rev. Georges Bisson Nette the Only Catholic priest in Moscow in retaliation. So it has gone. Instead of taking advantage of the new crack in the curtain we Hove missed All the cues. We have completely lacked imagination. We have built up our own Iron curtain instead of realizing that we have far More to sell than Russia far More to show if we can get to visit us. Movies to Moscow 1 would like to suggest there fore that since the stale depart ment is so stodgy about people to people Friend ship the american people themselves concoct some ideas on How we can win friends behind Che Iron curtain. As a starter Here is an idea in a John 13. Elliott of los an Geles who writes i the United slates through the voice of Amer Ica offer to furnish Russia motion picture films of american life to the value of for exhibition in theatres throughout rus Sia in Exchange or like value in films of Flussi an life for similar exhibition in this or. Elliott on to Oid that Mich a pro Rel would require some Good Faith and some Safe . But Hinl an assortment of pictures showing All interesting phases of american life and also of russian life would go a Long Way toward breaking Down mis understanding and help attain the Long Range goal of peace. I agree with him. T3ic russians might balk at first. But they seem in a mood to be conciliatory. So now is the Lime to Lake Advant age of it not sit Back and glower As Molotov did 10 years ago and As certain Mccarthy ites in the state department Are doing to Day. Exit or. Stevens Robert Stevens who now Steps Down As Secretary of the army is one of those sincere. Businessmen who really want to serve their country but just Don t understand the seamy Side of poli tics. His family founded the giant .1. P. Stevens company which Ope rates textile Mills around Green Ville . And though it s one of the biggest in the textile business the Stevens firm has t engaged in the Price cutting of its big competitor Burlington Mills in order to Knock out certain weaker companies. Stevens himself will go Back to head that company. He has a son now working from the Bottom up getting no favors learning Hie Trade. Probably Stevens would have. Left the Washington scene an efficient hard working unknown had it not been for senator Mccarthy who Al first he shunned and feared. Ii iras later when he decided to stand up to Mccarthy unit got into trouble. How definitely thai Era has puss to is now illustrated by the imm takes Stevens place Wolvier Brucker sex governor of Michigan. Brucker came to Washington a Strong Mccarl Hite. When Alpoim de to the defense department As general counsel he was still am Carthy Ite. But one Day he and to go m to see Mccarthy to explain Why Jot s two Fiuero i nets surim and Tom were scr Rily risks. Mccarthy gave him Ihre dressing Down of his life. Ali by Vlad him out . By the time he left snicker was Ilia most anti Mccarthy mail in town i copyright 1955, the Bell Syndi Cate Moor m moral of Nihi a Marti to in you fatal promptly of Wron of any a Peru. Kult rid m Conj Tutti Ini tur the putt of Fulci Flor Rocc . Midi k w mix to 3. U97 member of the Hresil audit it Toul hard Newi Pultr t Blu Bari also Lallon it i rom in fit Mil Val to uie us fur pub Lex ton 01 my local Neivi it nod in Dili All Currlin Jim and Lyle i a Oisiu a morning Newl will pm tyls in Lam at if of Tim subscription rates 1 week City deliver m Kyj Mill pc by . Florence .19 a Mill claw Hurt to 1 1 month a him i in Sill i Mil him jute for Lubier Puon an in new found no 1f la War by b7 Mill m mull in

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