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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 25, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather fair to partly Cloudy War ii Kettle temperature change. Possible widely scattered thundershowers. High 92, Low 68. Details Page 12. Florence edged Sumter 6-5 last night in 12 innings of buddy Nidiffer hit two doubles for gales. Story Page 9. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto vol. 96 Florence s. C., saturday morning june 25, 1055 daily 5c sunday inc weekly russians Down . Navy plane sees rejects peace plan san Francisco june 24 of state Dulles today rejected in Strong words a seven Point peace program put before the u. N. By Russia s v. M. Molotov. Shortly after his eagerly awaited speech to the u. N. 0th anniversary conference Dulles saw Molotov at the direction of president Eisenhower and asked for an explanation of the shooting Down by russian Type migs of an american naval patrol plane Over the International Bering Strait. Avdic Oceolo that incident occurred wednes Day the same Day Molotov out fined his peace proposals in the u. N. Meeting. It was reported that Molotov who has been trying doggedly to show a peaceful front Here told refrain from the use of Force or the threat of Force in International relations and from the support and direction of. Subversion against the institutions of other coun Molotov s seven Points included agreements to withdraw troops Dulles he knew nothing of the from Germany Stop War prop incident but would investigate. Settle the i a Eastern both Dulles a Rad Molotov Are and dismantle military Ling san Francisco tomorrow and bases on foreign territories any russian response would Bej dues said seven Points Are not made to the state it is enough to adhere to Molotov Dulles talk took place the charter. Jin a private room of the opera Dulles looked ahead with con Alfouse. Wiere the u. N. Meetings Psi durable Hope to the _ big four soviet foreign minister Molotov heard from Secretary Are in Progress. Eisenhower of state Dulles immediately after Dulles made his speech in the j in his address Dulles said the i Toke Geneva United nations at san Francisco yesterday denouncing Molotov s my the spirit of the u. N. Peace plan. Dulles sought an explanation of the shooting Down of the u. S. Navy plane Over the Bering sea. Molotov listening to Dulles unprovoked attack1 draws congress1 Washington june 24 United states an of iced today that a slow moving lightly armed Navy Atrol plane was attacked wednesday by two russian Micro it fighters Over International Waters Between Alaska and Iberia. One engine set afire by the attack the plane crash and burned on Remote St. Lawrence Island american territory in the Bering sea. Seven of the 11 Crew members vere injured. Itch Harbor North Pacific Ocean map locates St. Lawrence Island in Ameri a Navy Neptune plane crash landed wednes a wives Homo mayday. Tobacco Industry at critical Point Dukes said the United states Les Hopes to find this spirit of adhere the Secretary s 28-Nrinuiie speech to the charter shared had been endorsed in Advance president Eisenhower. The press-1 no continued we can Dent opened this conference Toncre new procedures or at Raleigh. June 24 to is in a very Crit the result of High new arrangement the Coop u1u will use its own funds to partly ended. Even my Toto and Lettu problems say Hail of bullets poured into plane his delegation their hands. Politely mapped us mining up the american reaction to Molotov s program Dulles we shall not at Geneva pure to act As a world directorate with the right to determine the destinies of others. Good solutions do not come from such a Over mask. But would investigate at once and communicate with Dulles again. St. Lawrence Island where the twin engine plane crash landed is less than 100 Miles from Siberia june but we could t leave 200 Miles Southwest of Nome american planes outside War zones Nee 1950. Threw a Shadow Over forthcoming big four peace talks and stirred an angry protest in ingress. White House press Secretary Csc i Jcu. This is mighty close to the incident the 13th attack on Holland added. This is a far More serious incident than the attacks on american planes in the area North of Japan and in other sen. Monroney a okla called it a cowardly attack by trigger Happy sen. Morse id Ore said the United nations should step into the situation and Call the russians to an a sen. Purtell a Conn said then filled in details saying the incident portends an almost in american plane was armed Only j believable Lack of interest by with one .50 Caliper machine gun i Russia in really lessening world Ames hag Ray first announced the inexplicable and unwarranted attack while touring with presi Lent Eisenhower in while afield n. H. Defense officials in Washington and did not return the single round of fire from the migs. Military said the plane was on a patrol out of Kodiak Alaska huh Ftp i. Aiassa w Hail of Machin gun bullets mediately As the injured men had Alaska. The _ l.wejtl1 flown t leva a Tai a Hail of machine Jun As uni pm Jiuu Uio Uit .-1-wm flown to la Mendorf alas nine and fuselage of the american i the injured men were begin. Air Force base Hospital patrol bomber which was Ning to go into Shock and we spent in Congress the incident tour a Mneri spa three hours Eivins Tiliema bitter reaction and brought of a in i be a Crit will use its own Iorns had. Do not come irom such a Over to Lac Bering sea three hours giving them bitter reaction and As the result of m0. Sauce the and will one extreme cry Simpie we shall seek to find procedures Day by a russian Mig. The at the time of the Lut of concern production and a drop in cigarette a reduced interest rate. Meu Iod of bringing an end to what such that All nations directly Pitot reported today. Consume Man tobacco growers were re elected in addition to corned can fully assert whatever try Inthav and weeks were fee charter of the United nations rights and views they have. Or Williams Deus to director . Blaylock it. Richard h. Fischer of Pitts Burgh pa., said in a phone inter stabilization san ice. A device p i Uja t. Lemuil . Stock holders of uie flue cured to Bacco stabilization coi a. That u a surplus of flue cured Leaf is at an All time High. Raleigh general counsel. Directors j. E. Winslow Greenville George l. Pate of Row and George of social Security shaved in House Ouk. R., j i View from Kodiak naval station ing. The Burn cases were m con Start o peace conference that ordnance had just pain and not quite sol sen. Cap Chart a Lnell. Was no panic tensions. The Navy said the plane p2v5. Had a Speed of 312 Miles a Puuri out i per hour scarcely half that of night that has been routine for the Jet fighter. Two of the Crew Mem past year and reports indicate Bers were said to have received that there is no explanation for i fractures and five were burned this unprovoked j four escaped injury. Hagerty reported Molotov said the Navy had reported the crash he was unaware of the incident i yesterday without mentioning the russian attack. Hagerty in announcing the at tack used the phrase crash asked if that meant the plane was shot Down he replied i did not say his terse announcement did not mince words about the origin of the attack. He said the Navy Nep tune patrol plane while on a Rou Tine flight Over International Waters in the Bering Strait area was fired upon by soviet he added that the commander of the Navy plane it. H. H. Fischer. 30, Del Ray Oaks . Was forced to make a crash Landing on Ched brought cd sessions of concern about its there was no fright. Facts on Ilu big four Summit con not even after the crash. The gun Ference in Geneva next month. Hot oases were joking and this is an incredible Way to a said Truan plane when the bulk Tets struck the Navy bomber in Fischer said 11. T . this act unmasks the insincere is. Lawrence Island m american attic bomber was la of the russian peace offensive careless and i differ about complying with acreage in this Williams added Leiti. Is Chisling against his neighbor and the ofter tobacco producers of this country he declared the Fate of the to Bacco control Price support pro Gram rests on the growers and not on officials in Washington and if growers lose their program Mai it is lost for a Long time to come. The stockholders re elected three members of the cooperatives Washington june 24 w _ Loun m of a members of the House ways and r Aid e. V. Floyd of a Georgia Market May open july ill Iii unto. Board of directors. At a directors meeting. Carl t. Hicks of Walston Burg Vas re elected president and l. T. Weeks of Raleigh was re elected general manager and Secretary treas tree. Hicks told stockholders of the Coop which operates the govern ment Price support program that at any age. During wire i Judi we Wei a cruising about 180 Lawrence heading South knots 210 mules an lieu the russian was sighted tenant Fischer recounted. Russ plane made one pass. We did t have time to fire Back. We at about 8.000 feet and when age 55, Means committee reported today they tentatively decided to Cut Back a democratic plan for social Security changes to help older women and disabled workers. But they said new benefits for other groups May be added before eligibility age to go. They finish putting Cial Security Bill. Under a plan originally agreed reached age 50. On by the democratic controlled the committee members were commit Levi majority the age at unable to say what the Cost of the or is Cuci Siljus m lilt about 40 Miles Southwest of sen. Jackson a Wash a the attack on our plane was i _ Fiu inexplicable and Hagerty Siad. Charles Shields father of air Man Charles w. Shields. 21, of Clawson. Mich., one of the members said he Lead talked with the e Imendorf Hospital Firel Aid Otner groups we -0------ Tup men Given Insi an they finish putting together a so 2. Restrict the payments to the e pc ome Down and our bomb Bay Lank exploded half Way to Imp 24 is 4 which All women become eligible douol.4s, a. Une 24 unit would legislative committee recommended today that Georgia s tobacco markets open on july 21. Agriculture commissioner Phil Campbell chairman of the com Mittee Sadd tiie decision was made after the nine member com Mittee had surveyed All of Georgia s tobacco counties. He said the opening Date will be lowered Ruiu Qiju i tabled workers under the system estimated for the original demo would be Able to get payment i cratic plan. Ment Price support Jig Saia Ine opt Norg Udo qua we As growers must stand up Joe somewhat later than last year end fight against unfair proposals estimated that about whether Hiey involve taxation were on hand As the unfair this was a studied the question Erin cd to the controversy Over to committee recommendation Bacco and its effect on health. Inow a Jwj be transmitted by Camp tic past Vear Hacks added has Bell to tie norbit Carolina Ware been a trying one for the for their concurrence Active sales of Leaf bought under Campbell then is empowered to the supp t program have not been finally set the Date Satin factors and the Stock it now Campbell s committee was set holds is the highest on record for up after complaints that markets opened too Early to have the Best this time of year. Weeks told the stockholders of new arrangement with the com modify credit corp. Under which the stabilization corporation will save next fiscal year acc Loans the cooperative the Money it uses to buy Leaf under the support program. Since it was Cre ated weeks said the Coop has paid acc interest totalling 19 Mil lion dollars on the Loans. Under advantages last year. Security lowered from 65 to 62, and Dis u new provisions would be. Through our Landing. The flames were i Fth and the getting out of the r Coroner s jury exonerates Man in charred body inquest Lake City june 24 a Coro Ner s jury tonight freed John Hart Field of Johnsonville of blame in the death of a Friend from Rocky mount. N. C., who died in an Auto the car when it left Highway 341 six Miles East of Lake City at a High rate of Speed. Hartfield testified he left the car to go get a wrecker. When he re hands and faces. One Man broke in ankle diving out of the plane. He thought it was going to explode. Everyone got out under their own Power. We were met on the Beach by a couple of skin boats full of natives. The natives were wonder Ful. Their prompt action had a lot to do in saving my men. They the burning plane streaking Mollie fire Early wednesday. J turned the car was afire. Invest Kentucky will integrate soon Frankfort by. June 21 integration As rapidly As Cor tons warrant is the goal of Ken Tucky schools. A state Board of education Resolution ado Ted last night directed the superintendent of Public instruction to advise school authorities to that effect. The Board took no action on a Resolution by its Only negro Mem Ber urging the enrolment of negro children in White schools this member of the armed services committee. Sen. Holland a Fla mid the Russia attack was a matter of concern especially because american patrol planes in that area arc charged with protecting .-._. Against a Surprise attack on Amer Learned that his son had burned lean Continental installations. I hands. Down and loaded blankets and lots jury recommends death for state Man in rape Washington. June 2-1 a. Day. District of Columbia jury today Mallory had been in Washington found a 20-year-old Spartanburg. About six weeks when the fall. The Resolution also would have earmarked september. 1956, As the Date for full integration. Or. B. Stacy of Pineville. Board member said he believed Many Kentucky schools Are await ing Only a Green Light from the of first add equipment boats and met the men on Beach. The Board to Start integrating. The . Man guilty of raping a Washington woman and recommended the death penalty. The special recommendation by the jury of five women and seven men makes it mandatory on judge Alexander Holtzoff to sentence an Drew Roosevelt Mallory to die in the electric chair. Took place april 7. 1954. According to the married. 38 year old victim the assault occurred in the boiler room of if apartment building in which she lived. The Man denied the offence. Or sense attorneys contended Mallory was of unsound mind. H was the first time since feb judge Holtzoff said the Maxi Ruai a. Igloo. A jury has imposed i mum sentence in a rape Cass it the death penalty for ithe jury does t make the death e a p the judge said he will sentence recommendation is 10 to 30 Yean Mallory. Who is a negro on tues imprisonment. Hartfield was ordered held told Coroner Clarke that to h i either a cig Aret or match the body of o. V. Batchelor do a retired Atlantic coast line Road employee was found in a car batche.-. Which Hartfield had been Rocky mount when he Stop Florence county Coroner Joe Ped to see Hartfield Coroner Clarke said Hartfield was driving Clarke they took the entire Crew to where a Public health had set the car ablaze. Imanse spent three hours bandaging land giving shots. An air Rescue at Gambel when we Batchelor was Enro Ute to Florida Council moots half salary raise for police firemen Rawbone s meditations by Alley by Charles Moore work to keep Down expenses. Morning news City editor in noting the former City Florence City Council tentatively Council had promised a Gran ii Alreed to give firemen and police a cd scale for fire and police Ingalf the scheduled salary increases vm1 promised last year during a six Lour budget conference yesterday. In other business Council went on record to require physical examinations for All new employees. Ordered the pedestrian signals at Evans and Sarifan streets he shut off u see if it would help relieve the bottleneck at the intersection. Voted three to two to cont vue the annual suppers Lor City work ers except Iivo firemen and police department personnel Lasc year that would five them a s15 in crease a year Over a five year period comical Nice pointed Mil a deficiency is expected Elliis year. Cilman Gilbert said i think in creased vacation benefits would he a Burner Lio Osl to morale when he noted the City is already faced with a deficiency of councilman Mai and s. Chase or. Voted with him unsuccessfully on Rojc Rtin uie measure. Councilman Louis 0. Yar Boroug h s motion seconded two injured in boat blast at Briar Clizie by ii. T. Wili Xioxg staff correspondent Myrtle b1daoh. June or. Jesse t. Anderson that Many have coins Bivions a 14-foot Gar Wood superintendent of education a rated am Larser Cruiser were injured this Carolina told the Florence formed thus giving .1 by thu . When the exploded in uie club yesterday. Motion seconded by Dis ii Mii traffic to buy one new police car it Evans and Dargan coi mailman next year was rejected by Council b b Gilbert said mrs. May w. Stevenson often were backed up three ire Leod and Gilbert four blocks bemused of the opera however the whole Council a Tion of to Lac traffic lights at View Ovid the Purchase of intersection. City manager d. Barbot said the lights at that Corner changed every 60 seconds while Worth of police radio equipment and two new riot guns to bring total to Gilbert and Chase were Clafli Tisou a very of at. The other intersections they asked to represent City Council in changed every m. That Means an appearance before the trustees e other intersections Are feeding school District no. 1 to seek seconds More he noted funds to expand the City Redrea maj David h. Meleod Saidi Tion program throughout the Dis method of promoting employee relations. Changed every w. Means Jau Aixian auce a Liuio Usu appointed too councilmen the Oiler intersections Are feeding school District no. 1 to seek to seek Aid from Florence so Hook a seconds Moi a he noted funds to expand the City Recica District no. 1 in expanding the u rom Arnm Wou Ihnut City Roo reason program to i Cludy All District children. Voted Down recommendation to buy two new police cars. Went on record to Back Mic Flor ence gales base Ball team "100 to other traffic Ullh its in Konns be synchronized the wit area trial. The i trunk it s n cd inc Flint the state schools head urges Calm fairness by Bev Ballard mine staff writer the citizens of South Carolina and that the s75 million allocated by o per of Bonds on the basis of Pupil each year. and waterway just North of Briar Oliff. In Conway Hospital Are Pergy Kinsman of Slimmer suffering from third degree hums and John Wesley Burns of new York who was badly shocked by the Accident. The. Former Florence county school superintendent expressed the Iii Nickii that people in the state arc definitely ready now Anil that we contemplate no Chiniks i Eilum Lionial set up this he cited a number of statistics anon he Furth i pointed the fact miss Kingman is said to have concerning the negro Juri Ped Ovea Board when the sex schools in South Carolina. In his c Whu Daren lights during the school Don t licit out in the rec run inns pop Orient to see if the program. Said of the pedestrian Licals will in discussing uie a Surpri traffic. Imral Council the Park depart and it cd or cite Lee i value t .0--. Vollner i Kryml uie inclusion of mrs. Stevon Jon s motion to make Mil Ronsi my on the Ivor Tiff for if to Bield i i n tilt Siwwi Park. Timmy rom mooring Ami on or , depart Mcnol head for City find Lorn Cwm at Phosion occurred and unable to swim she was rescued by Pete Cunningham of Slimmer who was also aboard the stricken boat. Seeing the pair struggling in the water capt. Jmel Luick went out in boat from Shore and rescued Eliom. A fourth Man aboard the boat was t identified. H was owned by c. J. Cunningham of Sumlor. Pole Cunningham snid the cause of Uio explosion was the backfiring of the motor which in turn ignited gasoline. Hie Croft was towed a share by be const guard is total loss. Association with the negro school people. Or. Anderson said majority of negroes seem to Bej satisfied with the present school facilities in this As Long As South Carolina is under the present statutes we can never have integration because the Law will cause funds off to schools where rules he continued. No school official Hoard member or trustee in the Stair s 10.1 districts i involved in the cur rent Nacar suit county to to Cut mixing of1 except members of the Clarendon or noted. Or. Jesse to Anderson amounted to Slio million. Liun of which has already been spent the further which has already jumped 100.0ho Lfl-15 and i i per year h . We will spend s173 i on building programs dts ing Tho next year and a he i i. Or. Anderson was introduced by lion b. B. Leitzsey principal of Florence Junior High school. President or. John w. Jones jr., who was installed list Friday in fit. Took Over duties As officer. He recognized Vito a i after introducing do a Grimsley the club s six Insor or Luis coining year. Visitors were John m. Alai lie of Klo recur schools or. Cie orce s. , la Lairry Milton m m. My. . Bill is a j. Lle Rivil a Learon. Visilio Niville. And Kenneth Charles a Lenny a

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