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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 20, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy and warmer with scattered showers today Ond to night. Continued warm with showers tuesday. High 86, Low 70. Reader s tip Jack Fleck virtually unknown until saturday went from rags to riches yesterday by winning the if. S. Open Golf. See Page 6. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Statt vol. 91 Florence s. C., monday morning june 20, 1955 daily 5c sunday inc weekly 35t prelude to . Meeting was this meeting of All faiths at the cow Palace in san yesterday in a festival Pray for the Success of the United nations. An est rated 160m people were present. Secretary of state Dulles was the speaker. A Lodge against . Seat for red China reports grow that Peron s Power waning in Argentina by the Asso c1ated press find shipping Man s body in gutted terminal Charleston june 19 the body of l6uis l. Henninger vice president of the fire con turned Tidewater terminals Here was found this morning in the wreck age of the terminal main office workmen of a local contracting firm reported they located the body at about nine o Henninger died Friday when he entered the terminal office at the inight of the Multi million Dolla Glaze to search for office records near the Bod Henninger s wed Ding band and wrist watch wer found. Hands of the watch wer stopped at presumably about an hour and a half afle flames first burst Forth in the terminals. Hints and speculation from Buenos Aires yesterday sunday indicated to shift in it president Juan Peron less authority May be in the making in Argentina. Power giving Fred l. Strozier associated press chief of Bureau in Buenos Aires in a Telephone conversation with the a in new York stressed it was the army that had the Situa Tion in the country under com plete control. He added that according to in formed speculation new develop ments might be expected. Al Clarin of Santiago Chile a tabloid Type newspaper which in the past has printed Sonc sensational reports declared Peroo had submitted to the army and bad agreed to annul recent Meas ures taken the roman Catholic Church. The dispatch was by the news paper s correspondent in Monte video Uruguay. Abc correspondent Bob Ludley i a radio i Porc Iron the Argentine capital sunday said army minister Franklin Lucero who has been credited by Peron with the major role in crusing the Navy revolt of last thursday is emerging minute by minute As the real we Lder of Power. Peron will never again Wiekle the extreme dictatorial Power which he had when the first rebel bombs fell on government Chicago june 19 Chi Cago Tribune said tonight Diplo Matic circles in Uruguay report the Argentine army is making plans to demand the resignation of president Juan Peron. A dispatch from Tribune correspondent Jules Dubois in Monte video added that the reins of Argentine government under the present state of siege in that coun Jen. Franklin Lucero army min ister. There Are persistent reports in diplomatic quarters Here that the Argentine army is strengthening its position and making plans to demand the resigns Tio of presi demand the resignation of presi said travellers who arrived Here Charleston police pvt. Lawrenc b. Aytes who had entered the terminal to Aid Henninger als died in the conflagration. His Bod was recovered Friday night. Funeral services for both me Are scheduled tomorrow. Or. Walter b. Mckinney Presl Dent of the inc., is expected to arrive her from Philadelphia tomorrow mor ing to Survey the terminal Al iry Are virtually in the hands of Tribune said. Today from Buenos Aires reported spread through the Argentine capital that Peron had formed a Junta headed by him self and including Gen. Lucero and Gen. Humberto Sosa Molina defense minister. Dubois said the two generals have been Loyal to Peron in the by army demand the Federal police which Peron had organized As his private army went under military command the delinquency probe May Cut to crime Washington june 19 diplomats gather n san Francisco san Francisco june 19 s. Ambassador enry Cabot Lodge or. And two Veteran u. N. Delegates1 Day opposed giving keel China ii Seal in the United a soviet foreign minister Molotov yesterday paid a sur prise visit to. A n. Secretary general Dag Hammarskjold on the eve of the if. N. Commemorative sessions in san Francisco. Molo was surrounded by husky wire photo Symington says u. S. Plane Lead in doubt Buenos Aires catholics flock to mass under army s guarantee inc fiver a Tenn predicted Washington june 19 Sybil Leto that his Cross country i Vestiga a rjjyr0 United states is leading in Only 01 on. On the eve of a Mammoth birth a party celebrating the 10th an Ersary of the ., Lodge car s p. Romulo of the Philippines and Charles a. Malik Lebanon greed that piping is not peace Oving As required in the . Garter signed Here june 26, 1945. Secretary of state Dulles a ived from Washington and went immediately to a huge festival of Faith meeting. He called for a o r 1 d mobilization of moral try nth to assure the continued vitality of the United with meetings of the big four chiefs of government coming up this s u m m e r. Lodge warned against Wishful thinking by the leading did not believe red Chin met the requirements of the . Charter americans. He said they mus n his private plane Columbine he work from positions of strength. Lodge said he favored Universal a membership in the . As Long As the applicant lived up to the later he believed the red chinese would release 11 american flier still held in chinese jails As spies. On feb. 1, 1051, the . As Sembly condemned red China As an aggressor for intervening in the asked his opinion of soviet foreign Lodge was about efforts minister v. M. Molotov to follow a More agreeable line while in the United states. He replied he believed Molotov was trying to i m s e 1 f with the american people so they will think he then warned America must maintain a state of alertness. Top diplomats from various Cor ners of the Globe arrived during the Day and evening for the . Celebrations. Meanwhile much talk of Good vill came from the communist and Western Camps Here. Both sides were making an obvious of Ort to talk peace and. Avoid any . Standard of being a peace Loving referring to lied China he said a government which has been officially condemned As an aggressor is not peace Loving " he said Council meeting City Council will hold its Reg ular meeting at 3 p. M. Today mayor David h. Mcloud has announced. B. B. Gilbert newly elected councilman will be sworn in and the budget will be discussed. Incidents which would mar the fes a cities opening Omorrow. President Eisenhower sped in record time from Bis Gettysburg pa., farm to Washington on the first leg of his journey to san fran Cisco. He will Welcome the Diplo Mats of the u. N. Countries Tomor Row in the first speech of the birth Day week. Secretary of slate Dulles loft Washington earlier for san fran Cisco. His partner in the Western Alliance British foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan departed from new York. Buenos Aires june 19 Homan catholics thronged to Sun Day masses in Buenos Aires to Day under a guarantee of safety from the armed forces. Services were permitted in most of the capital s undamaged churches but priests were warned against de livering inflammatory sermons. Of Gen. Franklin Lucero the armed forces under command urmy minister Are in firm control of All of Argentina in the Wake of thursday s Brief and bloody Navy revolt which flared after seven months of controversy Between Church and state. Already the supreme Council of Force commands in a move armed at tighter control of the armed forces. Henceforth Marine and naval air units will come directly under the jurisdiction of naval zones to Winch they May be As signed. Rebel marines and naval flyers spearheaded the abortive re Volt. The government sent to the sen ate a Bill that would place religious organizations As under the supervision of the ministry of Interior and Justice. The foreign ministry now supervises them. The Senate in a Brief session approved a Bill to remove the is land of Martin Garcia in Buenos waiting to thursday jammed the lines. A cations were re established to ution of juvenile delinquency will help reduce Hie number of movies and to shows depicting crime and violence. He also expects Congress to tighten the Laws regulating the distribution of pornographic Litera Day the accumulation of Calls Ture and narcotics Kef Awer said get through since on a to interview Abc s vol Liege press All troops stationed around Plaza saying the movie and television i Mayo where the revolt Cen Industry themselves appreciate de tired were withdrawn today except those of the motorized Buenos Aires regiment situated near the Navy ministry building. Some anti aircraft guns were left near the army ministry and government House. Lucero personally inspected All lion. Hat they have portrayed too Rufh violence and brutality Kefauver expressed Confidence that they will meet the situation themselves class of air Power while soviet Russia is ahead in two probably ahead in two Symington former Secretary of the air Force in the Truman administration offered this opinion As he a5so bitterly protested Eisenhower administration cutbacks in Marine corps and army Man Power. He released in Advance a speech prepared for Senate debate Tomor of on a defense Symington said the adminis tra Ion seeks to justify cuts in ground forces on the basis of our air and because of his investigation he through codes of standards. Isaid the Public will demand a control posts before Dawn today to Check on their efficiency. The armed forces has started Harbor from jurisdiction of of More than 800 persons captured the a and put it the gov in the rebellion s Headquarters at of Buenos airc3 province. Says he is acting International Telephone comm censure according to the wishes of Presil longest eclipse Manila monday june 20 the longest total eclipse in this some scientists say the Dent Juan d. Peron declared in a communique he would suppress All attempts to disturb the peace. He termed himself commander in chief of the forces of and said it is More necessary than Ever that churches Shoukal Jizot be used for any other expression than that of Faith and Devotion with omis Sion of. Any other comment or the faithful were called upon to leave churches quietly to avoid giving any excuse to elements dying father lives to see new baby son Kansas City june 19 3eing a father was enough of longest in nearly to iday rolled an 18-mile-wide path of darkness Over Asia. The Moon blanked the Sun Over i an estimated Square Miles of the Earth s surface. The Streak of darkness started in the Indian Ocean and raced at 24 Miles a minute for Miles across Ceylon Thailand Indochina and the Philippines into the Pacific Ocean. Along the Central line flip total dec Jisc lasted 7 minutes 7.8 seconds. In the Philippines the Long interested in disturbing Day gift for Steve there were no incidents. J no Long enough to see news dispatches from baby boy As he vowed he Tina Are subject to censorship doctors doubted he could posed after the revolt do j the government today dissolved wednesday night nurses the Stephen Hicks or. 8 pounds 3 ounces and fair like his Mother into the St. Luke s Hospital room two hours after in a s born. Totality was 7 minutes 4 Sec Kefauver said the motion picture Industry has the greatest system of self regulation of any Industry i but much of the violations of Good taste were in motion Pic Ture advertising. As for combating the distribution of pornographic literature Kefauver said the Federal Laws were too lax. He said legislation now in Congress would bar the transportation across state lines of such literature because some distributors avoid uie mail regulations by using their own trucks. Also he said a tightened customs Law needed because much of the pornographic literature is brought in rom overseas. The main purpose of his investigation Kefauver said is to of attention on the problem of juvenile delinquency so the peo Piney Bill that will carry out plans to expand . Air Power whale reducing ground forces. Symington is spearheading a Emo Natick Effort to hold the army and Marine corps near re ent manpower strengths and in Rease funds for supersonic Jet fighters by 200 million dollars. And mini stration supporters predicted defeat for these moves in floor not Lionton the defense approx Ria late tomorrow or tuesday. Toned whether the president s fews should be blindly followed ple will know at the local Zambone s meditations by Alley i sett de Bishop Yuth he visit be Mam look us he plans Mammoth meet before Parley Steve was very e a member of his family said. We weren t sure he could stand it. But he Hicks a 2 1-Ycar-old office work a married his High school Sweet heart Joann Lewis last june. They Hail stilled Down happily when he an a virtual death suffering from advanced Ekinci a. I Litsi Cinitis give him one or two months to live. T3ut Steve Sel ills jew and Lold his folks he d Hiir on Long enough to Sec the baby Joann was expecting . He did Alan ouch three tunes Dur k the lonely struggle he teetered on the Ihrck shold of death. Last week stove had his Reward. To Ninny father Day the shadows were closing in Agnlin. Hospital officials reported he was Geneva Switzerland. June and Graham is planning a Mammoth Bible meeting Wilh a two continent radio Hookup Here on the eve of the big four Summit conference. The american evangelist who Drew 30.000 Swiss to a meeting last night said plans Are being ill lust Winter. Fur another meeting july 17. Brought president Eisenhower. Soviet entente he was bulge in. British prime minister Ken Anil French pre Mier Favire his i a pectin in to arrive on the july 17 Lute for to Weir talks Graham Lold the audience it is our duty and responsibility to hold a meeting which would be i Ting beginning for the big sinking and his condition cell Lenl. Are completed. He is leaving for Germany to Morro v to continue his Tiro Penn Lour Bill he said he would return Here if the july 17 meeting details supremacy eco Mang More and More Able. Of the five chief categories of democrats to attack Ike s atom ship plan Washington june 19 Anderson dam and Hep. Holi can congressional leaders that wanted a fight made to restore the project. Sen. Bridges a no re but added that the prudent is store funds for a world circling atomic powered exhibit ship. Amid signs of a growing Battle not Light bombers medium bombers heavy bombers and soviet is ahead in two. Probably ahead in two More. The United states is ahead n expanding on this Symington Aid the United hundreds More medium size bombers than the communists while they have thousands More modern Jet fighters and also thousand Over the Holifield said the president s proposal involves a crash program in build an obsolete my uneconomic he said it would pirate valuable scientists from other More important projects. Anderson is chairman and holi Field is a member of the Senate House atomic Energy committee which knocked 21 million dollars no to take this lying Eisenhower unveiled the plan in .1 associated press luncheon i speech in new York in april. To More modern Light Jet the exhibit ship out of an authorization Bill for Atonic ener he said the soviet also May with the intercontinental ballistic ultimate weapon at least in our by commission projects last week. Democrats on the group voted says Ace confessed to germ War charge said the ship could visit ports and proposed that it be fitted with exhibits to demonstrate u. S. Pro Ress in peacetime application of. Atomic Energy. The House merchant Marina committee last week approved a Bill authorizing the. Maritime and mini Strain to go ahead with two atomic powered surface demonstration vessel proposed by Eisenhower and a More economically feasible merchant ship. But Holifield said he understood this covered Only the Hull of the exhibit ship and that the reactor be approved in legislation handled by the joint atomic Energy com Mittee. Hep. Sterling Cole senior House Republican member of the atomic Energy committee said in a separate interview hand not yet decided whether to offer an amendment to restore the 21-million-Dollar item. He had been critical of the project. Against it some Republican Mem Bers supported it others abstained. For this Yessel still have to president Eisenhower at once signalled at a meeting of Republic ii May he said that Goc s calling on this Little country to awaken the if the meeting is held it will be broadcast throughout Europe and the United states and will called the hour of referring to the size of Las night s crowd which came out ii the rain. In Sakl you inn l Rivi it a human explanation. This 1 the doing of at the close of Hie service when he called for members of tile con Ivalinn to repent the crowd shul conc Forward Una so great it Hud to in directed Inlo n neigh Boring Hall. The meeting created a traffic Jam such As has rarely been seen in Geneva. In invading the spirit Ual Home of Cal Van the Reforma Tion Lender for the first Lime the was supported by n choir m 600 voices from Geneva churches. Washington. June 19 air Force spokesman said tonight capt. Harold Fischer korean Iet Ace from Iowa who was a Pris Oner of the chinese reds had confessed to taking part in germ warfare against them. Fischer from swell City Iowa and three other american fliers were released by the chinese communists three weeks ago. They Are of Back in the United states. The air fore official said the other three fliers also had con fessed to crossing inc Yalu River Boundary during the Koran War while under air Force orders. But lie said there had been no such orders. The three Oiler flier s Are . Civil. Edwin Heller , a. It. neb., and it. Roland Parks Omaha null. The air Force spokesman ii cited Hie four Tilers Are not Likely to face any disciplinary action. Lie said the whole record will be stud led Bill Intima cd the four prob ably will to Given n clean Bill of health. The spokesman s comments came in response to a Story developed by Fletcher Knebes of the Washington Bureau of the Minne Apolis tril me. It Camron tonight denied broke under mental e had mad any As physical torture. It in t music London. June 19 a Law i a swedish musician was a saxophonist and red Chi Fischer s germ warfare Confes i referred to a that when the chinse tried them b. Mead s had All pleaded guilty. It. Col Heller reached at Wynne Wood Home of his father-1 in Law was read the detail of the Tribune Sloy. he com if arc. But hey connection hat they flew territory North of the Ini Iii in. I m on that pretext the Pruis us s Itell River ii Yii ii in sell my slurry a mag Hii i. I be and i Don t Waul in any Jan thai pretext that thing to Hurt lie acknowledged making Ilie set b. Mead son of or. And mrs. Waller n. Mead 421 Chero Kee Road will be ordained by the i Kev Thomas n. Pm miners of South into the diary Nat at 11 a. In. Imlay at St. John s up Scopal i Leils in . H. The Iii 11 Oiler uni Leil Stales fliers lie ii Emilw a i confession but would not us lunar the prisoner Trio Tribune Story said the air Force has no intention of pressing charges against any of the four airmen according to a defense Dep Arlmon authority. The air Force actor done tic Story lakes the position Ihal inc Blaine l the conf semis by two years ago Gim extreme duress and that inc Airor Votry Mick in the confession by Heller Cameron and Parks is the state ment that they crossed inc Yalu under from their superiors. The United Stales contends no order Ever a issued. Permit Ting pilots to my into chinese Ler Mienl received ills Bachelor of divinity degree from Virginia Seminary earlier Liia month. He has been appointed by the Bishop to serve during his diaconate at Trinity Church pin. Knolls and Guild Hall Monck Corner. I the Hev. Units a. Rec Tor of the St. John s Church of Char lesion w. A will deliver she Cirmon at the ordination

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