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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 5

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Florence, South CarolinaHappy Small Fry Tricky make life hard at third base for one who is not Overly enthusiastic about Junior sports it s not easy to live with a member of a Small Fry girls softball team. There was an initial investment in a Glove Hall and Bat for backyard pre season prac by Joeb. Rickenbaker that was not so bad until it was discovered that dad was expected to participate in the practice sessions. She wanted to be a Pitcher. _ and an hour of squatting behind an imaginary plate in the backyard made dad realize that his legs no longer had the elasticity of a few r years ago. When regular practice sessions began there was another Shock in store. Dad would have to help. The coach a very Nice lady admittedly was completely unfamiliar with the game of soft Ball. Thus Little was left to do than become a reluctant Volunteer. Fortunately other fathers since have been Able to assist and about the Only chore so far has been a Little coaching at third base during the game. There is very Little similarity Between the rules of Small Fry girl softball and those of adult softball. In fact it is possible that the third base coach May have at one time Cost his team a few runs. Someone probably the Umpire shouted last Batter As one of the tiny Mem Bers of the team came to Bat. That seemed strange since there were no outs. Suddenly the Batter struck the Ball and everyone started running. It was an obvious out and third base coach immediately started holding up the runners at second and third. This was a no no when the last Batter hits the Ball everybody runs and runs around and around the bases and then takes to the Field the inning Over. The bewildered third base coach returned to a rather Cool reception in the dugout and was properly informed that the last Batter must empty the bases one Way or another and the runners should never Stop running. There is another Rule that must never be violated. The third base coach under no circumstances Liall Ever touch a runner. No Friendly encouraging Pat on the shoulder As they round third and head for Home. Not even if the run Ner happens to be his daughter. After a severe admonition from the Umpire the. Third base coach Felt like a dirty old Man. He was not sure whether he was being accused of giving the child a shove toward Home plate or of being a child molester anyway the team has won a couple and lost a couple. And the Young player who wanted to be a Pitcher has been replaced on the Mound. She plays any position required of her. And she does it without complaint. She has Learned that it takes ten people to play the game. And the Pitcher is no better than the team behind her. And it is Good that she and her teammates have taken both Victory and defeat with the same Good Grace. I am still less than enthusiastic about organized Junior sports. I still see too Many parents put too much emphasis on. Winning. I still Ste children humiliated by some coaches and parents. Although not so yet in this particular league but these Young girls soon to be Young ladies display a great Joy in the game. It is still fun to them. They can fight hard to win and still laugh when they lose. I think they May have outgrown us. Legislature needs month More by Llanier associated press writer Columbia a South Carolina s 3974 legislative session will probably have to be recessed until after the july 16 primary if All priority Bills Are to be passed. At any rate the tentative target Date for adjournment of statewide business by the end of this month now seems unrealistic unless the House quickly agrees with three import. Tant measures the Senate Hopes to Send across the corridor in the next two weeks. Last week s revised estimate that state revenues for the next fiscal year will be More than million above the amount anticipated will certainly Speed up House and Senate Premier sunday crossword Puzzle by to Paquin girl yellow and 1 supported 5 Queen of sign Sierra 9 Scarlett s 13 latvian Haymes or drunkards 101 preceded in shackled 92 rodents 17 hourly Jug 104 obstacle 10 word spree 49 the Mark of 19 wings 20 tripping 22 unique things 23 immortalized in song 25 dress material 26 journey 28 Glenn Miller hit 30 ram Down 61 style of Type abbr 62 tibetan of 63 popular song 65 sailors 67 approaches 69 respect 71 jabbed 72 poetess 75 106 land measure 107 injection 108 famous general 111 Rudy Vallee hit 3u Alexander s 117 general Tenor 118 venetian cabby 120 11 greens wards 02 of a religious season 13 Blue 14 Small particle 15 musical groups 16 farm buildings 17 flexible Marsh Marigold 53 pretty Little poppy 56 rail Birds 57 Indian mahogany 58 bearded 60 goads 63 member of the family 64 Alaska perfectly 36 Bittern s cry 98 form of instrumental blues 100 garments 101 celestial scientist abbr 102 valuable violin .103 new England City Center 31 77 121 a foot comb White straight drink. Water 32 girl Low cum 34 enrol .35 european mild Quechuan 36 portico insect 37 till we South plan 39 nest a friable 41 a but girl a nucleic 44 Charles 46 report average time of solution 66 minutes. Agreement on the budget Bill for fiscal 1974-75. But speedy House Accord with the Senate s version of Home Rule legislation and a revised article of the state Constitution dealing with finance and taxation is highly unlikely. The Senate itself has not completed work on those three major measures. The House would have to accept the Senate s versions carte Blanche if the june 29 statewide adjournment Date mentioned by sen. Rem Bert c. Dennis is remotely possible. The Berkeley county Democrat is chair Man of a House Senate adjournment com Mittee. The committee will holds its first meeting tuesday morning and Dennis has invited House speaker Rex l. Carter and senior sen. L. Marion Gressette the Senate s president pro tempore to attend. Carter Gressette and Dennis were contacted by the associated press for their views on adjournment. In addition to the budget Bill and the legislation to implement a Home Rule constitutional amendment for counties. Carter and Dennis said they think the legislature must pass an automobile liability Reform Bill that is now being considered by a House Senate conference committee. Gressette and Dennis viewed passage of the property tax Resolution As a and car Ter said he too would like it to be approved and submitted to the voters in november. But if we get into that we won t get out of Here june 29, he said. Something must be done to assure manufacturers that we mean said Gressette. Industrial firms Are insisting that Steps be taken to make property tax assessment ratios uniform through the state. If we Don t do it we face a multitude of Law said Dennis. The two senior senators said they favor remaining in session through the first week in july if necessary to pass the Resolution and to recessing the session until after the primary if still More time is needed. Gressette said he has not discussed that possibility with gov. John c. West but that he would favor a Short recess with compensation for legislators during the interim. We be got to be Gressette added. After All those boys have got to run for re election. All 46 House seats Are to be refilled this year. The 46 senators still have two years left in their terms. Long walk half Block of City sidewalk can be seen quite a ways to go from this perspective caught by photographer Johnny Ellis camera. Silhouetted thus the Man at top seems to be ascending a Ray of Light from heaven or climbing a rung less ladder or maybe just fighting a mighty tall sliding Board travellers can usually find gasoline in the Southeast Florence morning news sunday june solar Energy use May Only be few years away by Brian Sullivan a science writer Washington a a major change in american living solar Energy to heat and Cool buildings throughout the country May be Only a few years away. Or. Lloyd 0. Herwig of the National science foundation says the Sun can be everybody s Lucky Star an even greater source of life and Energy for the United states and the world than it is or. Herwig and other Energy experts share the belief that within three to five years people will be Able to Purchase commercially designed components and systems for solar heating and Cooling of Homes. The systems will still be getting substantial Federal support As did nuclear Power. Somewhat farther off but still feasible these specialists say is the construction of Central Power stations to collect solar Energy and distribute it to a network of Homes and build Ings. Suddenly solar Energy has come of age says Energy expert s. David Freeman. A landmark in the transition from government sponsored research to commercial use takes place tuesday and wednesday at a National science foundation psf workshop in Arlington a. Some 500 architects and engineers govern ment officials Home builders manufacturers researchers and planners will hear reports on solar heating and Cooling from such firms As try systems group of Redondo Beach calif., Genera electric and Westinghouse. Favourable reports of solar heating of four schools in Osseo minn., Warrenton va., Boston and Baltimore represent the first such Large scale experiments carried out by experienced commercial designers. Based on such experiments one scientist said the psf plans to move ahead to overseeing the selection and design of the most promising of the heating and Cooling systems. We re moving in the next two year period into Large scale experiments in a wide variety of buildings in As wide a variety of locations in the United states As we can work said or. Herwig advanced solar Energy research and technology for psf. The solar Energy program is part of the psf Rann pro Gram research applied to National needs. I Hope that what we re doing with heating and Cooling of buildings is making the or. Herwig said. Within five years we expect to have commercially designed components and systems people can Purchase with the expectation that what the Purchase will be reliable and one Survey has found that Many people would accept an but this first Cost problem will put off Many other people warns Energy expert Freeman the director of the Energy policy project of the Ford foundation. The Federal housing administration and private lending institutions base their Loans solely on the initial Cost of the House thus discouraging solar Homes he says these institutions Are an obstacle to an innovation that costs More at the outset but that would save the Homeowner Money Over the life of the he said in a new Book Energy the new it s fair to he adds in an interview that for solar heating of Homes the hangup is the first the Cha. Freeman says should be urged to revise its loan requirements to encourage residential use of solar Energy. The Best potential Market for rapid solar Energy develop ment is the residential he said. The technology is simple and enough solar Energy reaches the roof of an aver age Home to meet heating and Cooling Freeman says that existing Homes Are not the Best Market for commercial solar Energy units because of the reluctance most people would have in committing themselves to such a major repair but even relatively Small percentages of new solar Homes would mean big savings in the nation s total Energy budget. By Freeman writes most new Homes being built could Well be solar heated and cooled and the savings could at once be measured in millions of barrels of Oil each the Arab Oil embargo and its consequences primarily the huge increases in the Price of Oil have spurred a new interest in solar Energy Freeman says. I have the feeling that for the first time it s beginning to be taken very seriously. It s Clear that rapid increases in the Price of Oil is responsible More than advances in technology for the feeling that solar Energy is feasible. If we have a diversified he adds we could provide a sizable proportion of our Energy needs by the year 2000." the Oil Price increase played the role in the push for solar Energy that is usually played by economic forces. Up to now. One solar Energy Engineer noted there has been no powerful advocate for it. There s no vested interest in the government or private sector nobody s been pushing says Arjun b. Makhijani of the f o r d foundation project. There s also been a Penny pinching attitude on the part of Freeman says. A source at the psf said solar Energy heating Cooling units would find their first acceptance in Small apartment buildings or other Multi family dwellings where the Cost can be shared. Other candidates Are new communities new shop Ping centers and new clusters of commercial buildings. Another source said he thought heating Cooling units could be added to Homes at a Cost of from to depending on the climate and Type of House. Or. H. Guyford Stever director of the psf and chairman of the president s advisory committee on Energy research and development says preliminary results of the studies by try be and Westinghouse indicate that solar Energy systems will be most Cost effective in the Northern area of the . For heating in the Middle Region for both heating and Cooling and in the Southern Region for Cooling. Or. Donald a. Beattie. Director of the psf division of advanced Energy research and technology says he thinks the new interest in solar Energy May allow workers in the Field to leapfrog some of the detailed stages of development. Tho answer to this Puzzle appears in today s paper by Rick Scott associated press writer travellers in the Southeast will have Little trouble finding gasoline this summer if one extended automobile trip can serve As an example. Recently i drove More than Miles from Raleigh n. C., to Texas and Back covering some ground in every Southeastern state except Florida. Some findings gasoline supplies seemed to be at least As Good As last summer especially during Daylight hours during the week. Many service stations Are now Selling gasoline at night. Seldom did i have to leave my chosen High Way to find fuel. Gasoline costs More. The least i paid was 48.4 cents per gallon for regular at a Texaco station at Salado Tex. The most i paid was 57.9 cents per gallon at a Shell station in Knoxville tcnn., late one night. No stations gave me premiums such As tamps or glasses. Few Drivers arc obeying the 55 Miles per hour Speed limit which is uniform in All states now. Most Auto travel was averaging about to Miles per hour some faster and fewer slower. Watch or flashing headlights from oncoming traffic. This was a popular method to warn oncoming traffic of a police Speed i rap ahead. The Tipoff seems to be growing in popularity with the lower Speed limits. Speed Law enforcement was most noticeable in North Carolina Arkansas and geor Gia. I saw few Highway troopers in the other states i travelled. This trip was confined primarily to inter state highways and 1 found gasoline widely available at night though usually at a higher Price than at stations open during the Day. Sundays were about like weeknights fewer stations open and higher prices but still no real problem gelling a fillup. None of the 24 stations where i bought gasoline had any Purchase limit either on Gallons or dollars. At night along the interstate i noticed the tall Bright service station signs in Many areas. Karlicz this year when supplies were very tight these signs were dark and the Stal ions below them were closed. Most of the trip i was Able to shop around for gasoline. When there was a station on every Corner 1 checked prices and bought the least expensive. The easy chair by David Rainwater housewarming the last Call Lor wedding presents. Teenager to dad you Ihrk you had it Lough in school. Somo kids in my class have to Park three blocks tax Lorms will be so simple next year they can be filled out by a filth grader providing his major is advanced accounting. Wiretapping two kids Wilh braces kissing. On the average folks who hurry through life got through in quicker. Relax see us at Home furnishing company 204 North Dargan Street Florence s. For comfortable All weather Patio Furni Ture

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