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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Florence, South CarolinaJohnm. James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager sunday june a valid Point raised should Utility companies be allowed to raise their rates under Bond pending . Public service commission decision on the increase application. Tom turnips cd a candidate for South Carolina attorney Gen eral has attacked the Law which permits this to happen and the news and courier considers it a valid Point. To quote the news and Cour Ier the inequity this creates today is that when a rate in crease or any portion of it is denied the Bond provision re quires refunding of the Over charges with Only 6 per cent interest. That s Only a Little More than half the 11v4 per cent prime rate Banks Are charging their Blue ribbon Industrial borrowers. Or. Turnipseed denounces this practice As amounting to forced lending by Utility customers at sub Par interest and he is eminently Correct. To extract millions of dollars from its customers at Only 6 per cent in Terest a Utility company has Only to file a huge rate increase application and put it into effect under Bond. The general Assembly has a duty to the Public to remove this Law from the books or to Amend it to require that the refund interest be the prime rate existing at the time the Rales were increased. It would be better however to repeal the Law outright. It is the counterpart of the file and use Law insurers have for years attempted to foist on the South Carolina Motorist happily fore warned by what has happened elsewhere the legislature so far has rejected file and use in insurance. Such Laws whether applied to electricity or Auto insurance always result in higher rates. With the higher rates already in effect the Burden of proving them excessive Falls upon the consumer and the regulatory Agency. Since few Strong voices speak for the con Sumer in South Carolina and the Public service commission is a frail Reed both sides of the Story Are Seldom told in Utility rate increase the Florence morning news agrees. The Law As it now stands is a trap to catch Consumers and serve the interest of Utility companies. It should be repealed. Together Triumph tragedy by any definition president Nixon s reception in the Middle East is a triumphant demonstration on behalf of new found Friendly relations Between Egypt and the United slates and a Good augury for More peaceful conditions throughout the Middle East. The one exception is the palestinian matter. To emphasize this exception Palestine terrorists timed another terrorist action against an israeli Kib Butz to coincide with Egypt s tumultuous Welcome to or. Nixon. Ii was at once mad and sense less. But in should be viewed in the context of military disengagement on the syrian and egyptian fronts. It was Only last october when Egypt and Syria launched an All out attack against Israel to precipitate a furious Middle Easl War. Thai now is past and along with it has come Hope for a shift ing of emphasis from War to Large scale social and economic development in that part of the world. If that much can be accomplished there is Hope that an atmosphere May be created in which the highly sensitive palestinian Issue can also find Resolution. Trustworthy the first Law reference in a Leller to the editor on this Page today to some recent bad publicity affecting boy scouts brings timely Assur Ance that the pee Dee area boy Seoul Council is not tarnished by any such practices As have been charged against boy scout leaders in the Chicago area. Appreciated because he is a valued Mem Ber of the Florence morning news family and a Young Man of exceptional Merit we Are most appreciative of the initiative of the pee Dee photographic society in attempting to generate a fund to help defray the extra financial Burden he is experienc ing As a result of his serious ill Ness and we con Sider Sonny and his associate Florence morning news photo Grapher. Johnny Ellis two of the most accomplished news photographers in the business. Besides then Good cheer and warmth of spirit Are a Joy to us All. Wholly aside from actual need a generous response to i to initiative of the pee Dee photo graphic society will be a therapy for Sonny As Well As a very appropriate and timely expression on the part of donors of their appreciation for skilled crafts Manship and irreproachable character. Instructions for contributing in the fund arc contained in a letter on this Page today. There the Chicago Tribune published a Story which later was widely circulated by the wire services that some scout leaders in Chicago have been cheating by padding their membership roles to meet growth quotas As Parl of the souls boy Power program. As a followup to this revela Tion the National boy souls organization has been trying to avoid its very own watergate by acting to end rather than cover up the falsification of member ship roles by some of its officials. Lei us Hope that the boys who constitute boy scouts will take this Reform Effort As their exam ple rather than the cheating by their leaders. It. Would be sad if boy scouts took their oath to keep morally straight with a Large Grain of Salt supplied by the elders of heir Organiza Tion. Are Happy to be reassured by pee Dee area Council presi Dent. Alex Harvin in his letter today that and moral rectitude Are genuinely Cardinal in the functioning of pee Dee Council programs. Oops elections create some intriguing circumstances. A favorite one of this year was the Small town in wis Consin which simply Worgol to hold ils election for mayor and Council Public forum scout integrity is Basic to the editor in reference to recent unfavourable publicity on the boy scouts of America he pee Dee area Council which covers Florence Darlington Chesterfield. Marlboro Dillon Marion. Horry Claren Don Williamsburg Sumter and Lee counties is in the business of training the youth of our area to have the ability to do things for themselves and others training them in scout Craft and teach ing them patriotism courage self Reliance and Kindred Virtues using the methods which Are approved by the boy souls of America. This certainly Means teaching that integrity must come first above All other things no matter what the problem is. I know i speak for our officers As Well As each Board member professional staff and each District and unit Volunteer. The scout Law covers Trust worthy first and then Loyal helpful Friendly courteous kind obedient cheerful Thrifty Brave clean and last but not least reverent. I deeply regret the newspaper account on conditions in Chicago but i do feel that i know the facts on the pee Dee area Council As they Are today. I feel our scout executive Roy me Collum and our Fine professional men on our staff today would not do any thing that is not ethical. We have membership goals activity goals advancement goals training goals camping goals and other Quality program goals that the volunteers and professionals set in order to improve our service and program. Goals Are just a measurement of How Good a Job has been done if they Are reached. Our main purpose is to give a Good Quality Gram to As Many youth As possible and i am sure we have some of he Best Volunteer leaders in the movement. I would like the Public to know that the pee dec area Council and the boy scouts of America believe that the integrity of the Bra is its greatest asset. We consider and have always considered ourselves account Able to the american people to Sale guard it. We will not and have not recommended condoned or knowingly permitted any practice which would place our integrity in jeopardy. We believe confidentially that careful study of membership practices through out the movement will show that integrity prevails in an overwhelming majority of councils. Any exceptions will be dealt with immediately and we will do All in our Power to teach the youth of our country using the methods which will build Good citizens for tomorrow. One of the greatest problems facing our youth today is making the right decision when the Competition is so great in the sports Field or in the business Field. Integrity must stand above All else. It is Good to be recognized for performance in sales business or education but above All any gain made by unethical Means or cheating will not last Long and is wrong. Alex Harvin jr., president pee Dee area Council Summerton fac auditorium draws Praise to the editor this letter is written to publicly congratulate Francis Marion College on their Lovely auditorium and the personnel that staff it. On May 24 our school of dance held a dance recital in their auditorium. The Young men that work for the College at the auditorium were competent cooperative and courteous. They were both willing and Able to help us with any problem that arose and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them. From the signing of the lease agree ment to Locking up after the recital everyone was courteous and efficient. It was a genuine pleasure to have our recital at such a Nice auditorium with Nice people. Florence Patsy Hathcock an inflated at a River s Bend some High drama the great pee Dee River bends sharply at Hunt s Bluff a Headland on the Marlboro Side below society Hill which during the revolutionary War was Long Bluff. A Little background is necessary to this Story. Following the fall of Char Leston in 1780, the British were confident that South Carolina was virtually subdued. Soon thereafter sir Henry Clinton in command of the British forces that had been sent South in a new strategy of Conquest returned to the North leaving lord Cornwallis in command of Southern forces. By James a. Rogers among moves to insure British control Over the entire state Corn Wallis sent troops to ninety six in the Western part of the state to Camden in the Center and to Cheraw in the pee Dee. Major Archibald Mcarthur with his battalion of 71st highlanders was dispatched to Cheraw. He arrived during the month of june and called into requisition the Parish Church St. David s As Headquarters for a portion of his troops. Tradition says that Mcarthur and some of his officers were courteous to the ladies in the Vicinity of Cheraw and that they in turn accorded such civilities As seemed proper. But the soldiers under his command were not so considerate. They plundered persons and Homes in the neighbourhood to an extent that caused a rising spirit of rebellion Between loyalist tories and partisan whigs. Soon after his arrival in Cheraw Mcarthur divided his forces himself leading a detachment Down the River to Long Bluff where he made his head quarters for a Short time. While there he offered a Reward for the capture of Thomas Ayer who a Short time before had made a bold foray against persons whose Lawless deeds in support of the Crown had made them obnoxious to the whig inhabitants. After capturing a portion of them Ayer had them hanged As an example to those who might be tempted to emulate their conduct. But that is another Story. Mcarthur s Forward position on the pee Dee caused the concern of lord Cornwallis when information reached him that Gen. Horatio Gates recently appointed commander of the Southern department was moving on Camden. Accordingly he ordered Mcarthur s detachment to withdraw across Black Creek and join forces with two British battalions to form a More compact defense. When the British moved out of Cheraw the whig inhabitants took up arms. In Advance of his departure Mcarthur arranged to transport by boat sick members of his troops Down the pee Dee River to Georgetown. They were placed in the care of a physician and it. John Nairne of the seventy first regiment. Protecting them along the route was col. Robert Mills himself a former doctor and his loyalist militia of the Cheraw District. With departure of the boats Mcarthur withdrew from Cheraw and began his Retreat towards Black Creek. But the boat trip was destined to be ill fated. The aroused whigs determined to intercept the expedition and chose Hunt s Bluff As the most favourable Point to do the Job. There they could occupy a commanding position with a Clear View of the River upstream. At the River s Bend they erected a Bat Tery of wooden guns immediately upon the River Bank. Commanding them was major Tristam Thomas a Well known and respected member of the Marlboro Community. When the boat flotilla Hove into sight Thomas ordered his men to engage in a demonstration signifying their intention to destroy the boats and their occupants unless unconditioned surrender was offered. The Surprise was so Complete that no resistance was offered. Only col. Mills escaped through the swamps and made his Way to Georgetown. The other British officers of the militia were made prisoners by major Thomas and with More than a Hundred men taken prisoners to Cross Creek now Fayetteville in North Carolina. But there was a fringe Benefit from the operation. Just As the action against the boats was occurring a boat rounded the curve of the River from downstream Laden with provisions for Mcarthur s men. This too was taken and its contents turned Over to the american army. Coming Early in the struggle for South Carolina the Brilliant exploit at Hunt s Bluff was just what the partisan cause needed to stimulate unyielding resistance to attempts at British Conquest. The devastating partisan militia campaigns by Marion Sumter. Pickens and their Galaxy of followers were yet to come. The Bicentennial Back on course Washington John w. Warner former Secretary of the Navy two months ago took Over the Helm of the american revolution Bicentennial administration. Friends of the Bicentennial May wish devoutly if vainly that Warner had taken the Helm two years ago instead. There is Hope that the by at last is gaming Centennial Effort momentum. By James j. Kilpatrick this observer expresses Hope. It is something Short of conviction. If Warner pull this Effort together and to achieve a Bicentennial Observance that appropriately celebrates the past and holds meaning for the future he will have brought off a Miracle of Public administration. When Congress first authorized an official Observance of the 200th anniversary of american Independence a Bicentennial commission was brought Sonny Smith fund1 initiated to the editor the pee Dee photographic society Lias As its Motlo photography is a True reflection of one s no one in our Community has Ever exhibited this rare Quality so beautifully As our own Sonny Smith Florence morning news photographer Extraordinaire. His sensitive renditions on film of our wonderful City and ils people Are temporarily suspended because Sonny is hospitalized in Charleston with a dread disease leukaemia. He is responding to treatment but proper medical care is lengthy and very expensive. I am certain that there Are Many people who would like to express their love and appreciation for Sonny and their Hopes and prayers for his recovery in a tangible Way. At our own initiative and with the consent of his family we arc initiating a fund for assisting him in this time of his very special need. All who feel moved to participate in this expression of love Are requested to make their checks payable to Sonny Smith fund and place it in an envelope addressed to Sonny Smith . Nnx470, Florence. The Money will he placed in a Bank account under that same designation and made available to him to assist in the heavy extra expenses incurred by his sickness and hospitalization. This we believe will be an appropriate expression of love and concern for a Tnie florentine whose spirit has cheered the hearts of Many both As a photographic Genius and As a warm human being. This letter is being accompanied by a Small Check to initiate the fund. We believe there will be Many to respond in a similar manner. Pee dec photographic society i Eric Leiden charter member Florence into being. Lyndon Johnson window dressed the commission with some first class men and women and there after neglected the body altogether. Richard Nixon treated the commission even More shabbily he made it a poli tical football and indifferently kicked it around. By the summer of 1972, just four years before the great anniversary the com Mission was wholly demoralized. Us chairman could provide no respected leadership. Its director resigned after a management study spoke of his irritating and insensitive idiosyncratic the commission was founder ing in politics. The staff lacked any Clear sense of direction. In december of 1972 a coldly critical report from the House judiciary committee left the arc Little More than a sinking Hulk. Congress then proceeded to scrap the old commission altogether. In its place the new american revolution Bicentennial administration emerged. The presi Dent announced Warner s appointment As director in March and on april 11 Warner moved into the Arba s office on Jackson place. This correspondent found him there last week. The new skipper is a pipe smoking 47 year old Virginia lawyer tall dark haired ruggedly handsome. He ought to be playing one of those doctors roles on to. His first task is to get his new 11-member Board in operation. By the end of july he expects also to have a 25-Momber advisory Council in being he has drafted Sydney h. Eiges a top executive of Abc As his new communications Man. He has named James Gregory Barnes As his executive officer both appointees incidentally Are democrats. Florence morning news published Dally and sunday my s. Irby St. Frs Publ audit Bureau of circulation Southern newspaper publishers Asso Cla on the Assoc aled press is in lined exc us to the use Lor publication of All local news a 1m not Iho Mornini news will not be respond we Lor Advance Payne Only Mulc carriers or Independent Iliili Vulors made directly laconic of this news Ajir v do inti inti. News we. To. 1-Mo. . Yearly 3.jo 10.40 m 41 aft circuit icon Tel la Iionia number a i in Mcgeo n l. F

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