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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 16, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 167 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Caroline Florence s. C., tuesday morning june 16, 1970 daily inc sunday fail to dislodge enemy in cambodian area phenom penh Cambodia a a task Force of South vietnamese and cambodian failed in three attacks monday to., drive enemy troops out of Kampong spec and to break a blockade of vital supplies fron Cambodia s sole deeper water port. J although heavily outnumbered the North vietnamese and Viet were Well entrenched in the provincial Capi Tal on Highway 4, the Only route Between phenom penh and the seaport of Kampong som once known As . As Day Drew to a close cambodian infantrymen edged closer to enemy positions but it was More of a probe than a Seri Ous attack. The battling at spec neared the end of its first full week and opened a wide govern Niento credibility Gap following i positive official reports sunday j night and monday morning that the town 30 Miles Southwest of phenom penh had been retaken by government troops. The relatively Light casualties indicated no major Effort had been made to dislodge the ene-1 constructive my which by holding Kampong spec has Cut phenom Pelm s Supply of Oil delivered by sea. Conscientious objectors gain new court decision charges distortion of War news Agnew lays Down guidelines for rational dissenters Detroit a vice presi Dent Spiro t. Agnew Laid Down leaders if we lived in a country where we did not have that free press where we did not have his guidelines for rational Assurance that every Deci dissent monday Sion that we made would be night hours after he charged held up to the closest scrutiny much of the nation s news me and the most effective possible Dia distorts coverage of the Sochina War. Agnew s Busy Day of speech making spanned several hours and one third of the continent. The capital has less than two weeks Reserve remaining. The burned out hulks of three gasoline transport trucks were on the Road into Kampong spec together with about 10 bodies bloated and unidentifiable. A reinforced North Viet namese and Viet Cong regiment j Antiwar demonstrators holding the City has set up three or four heavy antiaircraft machine guns atop roofs around the Central Market. In prepared remarks Tor the gop group Agnew stressed his support of dissent so Long As it irrational and constructive. The objects of his criticism 1 by demanding Unity by de six battalions of government troops and two South Viet went nameless monday but a a bouncing dissent we might find new has previously been critical j ourselves standing United but of the Eastern press and some standi st that t h t Antiwar this nation is All is As a government an end to self it is a by Agnew told the International j product of he said. Federation of newspaper pub Lishers in Washington i find it Agnew said the word Rheto Ric is badly misused and came to its defense. He called rhetoric the use of Public discourse to in a possible reference to his earlier speech Agnew quite Hiram Johnson Early twentieth Century governor of California. He said Johnson called one j newspaper publisher a Man who sits there in senile dementia with a gangrene heart and rot but he said he parts company namese armoured units perhaps j Vietnam War is being Emp a with to jul djs. Extremely frustrating for end ample that Only one Side of the sized by some of our most in Mer in All virtually encircled the town but. Had not entered it. The perhaps men. The . Command in Saigon tempt at said no american advisers or combat support were assigned fluent Al Are Agnew Sion networks und that a rational dissenters have never been More needed than said a rela per air Force comes off slant timely Sulla of anti Intel l i my Idiu. Nuiji Iyub involve lec nals. Hayfi snatched hip de against american involve ment in that War without any at Lect als have snatched Standard of dissent from to the cambodian South Viet namese task Force. The dry is Well beyond the Nixon he 21.7 Miles limit established for . Operations in cambo Dia. In other action South Viet namese marines claimed killing 110 North vietnamese and Viet Cong in three Battles around prey Veng 30 Miles Easi Sou a cast of phenom penh. Twelve marines were killed and 37 wounded spokesmen said. Enemy forces were said to be tightening their grip around the Agnew said coverage of the hands of the ters. National Dissen Ting bran Reform grimacing at every now what have i Ever said about the press to conred with Agnew asked. In what he called an update j of aristotelian principles the vice president Laid Down 13 rules of rhetoric that he sad would be Public persuaders should adhere to. 5-3 ruling backs ethical refusal Washington a the supreme court exempted monday from military service ill Mounir men who oppose War on Strong ethical or moral i grounds even if this opposition is not based on Reli Jurious belief. The draft Law said Justice Hajro l. Black pro exemptions for All those whose consciences spurred by deeply held moral ethical or Reli Jurious beliefs would five them no rest or peace if they allowed themselves to become a part of an instrument of War the 5-3 ruling interpreted the Welsh whose 3-year prison conscientious objector classify sentence was upset did not base cation in the draft Law and put his opposition on religious train under its protective cover ing. He stated he believed the youths who oppose War for Elhi-1 taking of Cal Long As they and be morally his draft conviction overturned Elliott Ashton Welsh ii of los Angeles whose draft conviction was overturned monday by the u. S. Supreme court talks with newsmen at the office where he works As a commodity broker. He also does work As a computer Engineer. Court ruled he had Strong moral or ethical objections to military duty. A alleged massacre of vietnamese ancient ruins of Miles Northwest angkor 185 of phenom j burglars keep their Cool Wilmington Del. A burglars wanted to keep their Cool so they figured they needed air conditioners to do it. Delaware state police president Nixon later monday i reported monday that 17 air welcomed the International con d i t i owners three press group to the White House and praised Freedom of the press. Standing in the White House. Civilians in my Lai has been heavy but he said virtually nothing has been written of uie even More atrocious Slaughter of vietnamese civilians in the major City of Hue by the terrorist enemy Agnew then flew to Detroit to j address a Michigan Republican dinner. Penh and new enemy Monetra East room he said there would dehumidifiers and six water coolers were taken Over the weekend from United electric Supply co. Estimated loss was Lions were reported in provinces see Cambodia Page unhappiness in the United states and among free said. Serious oversight noted companies hit for Apollo 13 explosion Washington a a the eight member Board i Liaise or. And John l. S Vigbert Here to their beliefs with the Fer Vor with which a religious objector believe in god. Chief Justice Warren k. Bur Ger and justices Potter Stewart and Byron .11. White dissented. And Ronk. Whit dissented. The ruling reversed the conviction of Alliot Ashton Welch a los Angeles Engi 1 sneer who refused army Indue i lion in 1967. I a selective service spokes Jan said the Agency would have no comment pending examination of the High level review Board monday which included Apollo 11 Astro linked an unusual combination naut Neil a. Armstrong re pm of mistakes and a somewhat amended in the 914 Page report deficient and unforgiving de i that the oxygen tank in the ser sign to the explosion that end vice module be redesigned for angered the Apollo 13 Astro i future Apollo flights including nauts and cancelled their Moon i the removal of All electrical explorer tells of Oil flotsam in open Ocean United nations it. Y in a second draft Case tin court ruled 8 to 0 that local boards must reconsider the 1a classifications of men who make new and serious claims for exemption before they arc inducted. A Courtesy interview will not. Do Justice Stewart said a registrants claim is Nei ther frivolous nor refuted by other reliable information in his file. The decision reversed the conviction of Joseph Thomas jiul Loy a 20-year-old Antipoverty worker from Prestonsburg ky., who refused army induction after he was denied a . Classify 1 cation. In a third ruling the court held 8-0 that states May not deny the vote to persons living jr., was Miles from a norwegian ambassador on Federal installations Earth when an explosion ripped Edvard Hambro received a apart one Xuyen tank and run a message monday from explorer the Federal workers cannot be apart us Maui and up a con. Excluded said Justice Marshall lured a second. The tanks sup phed oxygen for breathing and for the spacecrafts elect Cal Landing. The report accused the space Agency the North american Rockwell corp. And Beech air Craft corp. Of permitting inadequate thermostatic switches to be placed on the spacecraft. It was a serious oversight in which All parties the re port said. From inside the pros-1power. Sure vessel. In anticipation that changes would have to be made the National aeronautics and space administration earlier postponed the Apollo 14 flight two months until next dec. 3. Apollo 13, with astronauts James a. Lovell jr., Fred will get mental tests the astronauts made it Back using oxygen and the propulsion system of the lunar Lander which was hooked nose to nose with their space Craft. An eight Man International Crew trying to Cross the Atlantic on All indications Are that an the papyrus boat Ita ii. Electrically initiated fire in xxv least Ley slate income. Atlantic is gasoline sales and use taxes lumps of subject to state courts and Lidi fied. Asphalt like criminal Laws and Uherc 1 fore have a stake in policy Deci Hambro is head of the Norw Sions by the stale Ian . Delegation. Heyerdahl of norwegian Leader Gen tank no. 2 in the service module was the cause of the a the message radioed Friday from a ii was received by Washington give standing mute but to him. Slightly author g. Barkley monday heard a Federal judge said led monday to the Istratov Thomas 0. Paine. It Jalc Erdahl s message made is now known that the tank con available by the norwegian trained two protective thermos delegation said a member of tatic switches on the Heater As inc Crew made a Day to Sembly which were inadequately Survey of Oil pollution Over and would subsequently fail Dur i 4011 Miles covered since the a defense psychiatrist acting ground test operations at a Safi Morocco. May Kennedy space Ujj Barilov is accused of i Torcini. Of incr him sent to a mental gunpoint to take to see whether he was sane my to the of the Day he hijacked a Twa air Tho Ash Glon liner and demanded million to Cater to ins whim which Mia som. Included Landing at Dulles air port near Here taking on the 10-minute proceedings in of million he de eluded no Opportunity for the Mandod of the Federal govern 49-year-old Barkley to plead his mint and then taking off with guilt or innocence in the out releasing the 51 passengers. The Ives of air piracy and inter Fenny with the duties of the f he. Barkley to let them return to Dulles so he could try and claim this May come later after the rest of the Ransom the Fri psychiatrists at the Lewisburg i shot out the plane s tires and pa., Federal institution report j hoisted their men aboard. The whether he is competent to i Pilot capt. Dale c. Lupe was stand trial As Well As their Opi i shot in the stomach As he unions about his mental condition1 lunged at Barkley. The decision rejected an at tempt by Maryland to disqualify for Start and local elections the 500 residents of the National institutes of health in Bethesda. In the area of criminal Law the court unanimously strength radio operator Richard ened the Protection against Gnu in Clearwater Fla. Ble jeopardy As it reversed the voluntary manslaughter conviction of a Georgia Man who was tried twice on he same murder indictment. In other actions the court to a Federal appeals court the Case from Minnesota that tests whether communist parly candidates May he barred under the Federal communist on March 27-two weeks be it described ii fore the april 11 launching of and said they had Lieen control act of from running Apollo launch Crew varying quantities difficulty draining liquid oxygen uninterruptedly every Day from the tank. To vent the Roxy flotsam varies in Sim Gen overboard. Technicians i from tiny particles to lumps As turned on a Heater in the tank to no run is vhf convert the liquid to Gas. Twa Crew. Cosmonauts break endurance record soviet cosmonauts aboard soyuz 9 have broken the space endurance record of the United slates. See Page 14. Index i Sill skyjacker ordered to mental Hospital monday for shackled Auther g. Berkley shown arriving at Alexandria va., hearing photo by Sonny Smith extensive tests the hijacking. Ii asked Mil if psychiatrists say Barkley is lion from the . Treasury for legally insane now no trial will injuries suffered from the gov be held until his mental Condi Erna Cut s unfair practices Tion changes. They can say he is and claimed he was held As a fit to stand trial and have slave and taxed without rope qualms about his sanity during Isen tation. Last March the court the hijacking Hartley s lawyers turned Down a similar petition said after monday s events. From Barkley appealing an in the judge agreed to keep Lornal Revenue service judg Young Brouhle shooters face acid test in automobile repair Sec Page 13. No. Trials of individuals linked with the Sharon tale slaying have been delayed briefly. See Page 10. Deaths classified comics a dilo rials Markels sports women Barkley in Iho Alexandria jail for at least one More week to Mcnol thai. Barkley owes in unpaid income taxes. Weather partly Cloudy and warn through wednesday. High today upper 80s Low tonight in 60s. Details Page 3. For office. A hearing to the item. Lames a. Groppi the Catholic priest convicted of re sisting arrest in a 19h7 rights demonstration in Milkau Ike. The obscenity conviction of Donald p. Walker an Alliance Ohio newsstand opera Tor Over the complaint of chief Justice Burger that the court was without justification As suming the role of a supreme and in reviewable Board of censorship for the so states a i year Effort by Julius Epstein a historian to obtain secret government files on the t or Ceable repair Ilion of anti communist lius sians it ii end of world War ii. An by car los Marcollo new Orleans Raik cts figure sentenced to iwo years in prison fur intimidating an Fri agent. Stand. 5 to 3, a ban on Public showing of the film Titi rail follies in Massachusetts. Mental inmates at a Hospital in Uridge Baiei arc depicted

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