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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 15, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFirey protest a Young girl one of thousands of Radical japanese students who took part in a huge demonstration sunday in Tokyo tries to escape flames around her when she was caught by an exploding Molotov cocktail thrown by one of the students. The bomb was thrown at police two of whom Are running in the background. Extent of the girl s injuries was not known. A Nixon intervention seen damaging in Senate vote monday june is Woas elections approach Ulster atmosphere charged Santa Barbara leaders rap police action Santa Barbara Calif. A Many business and Community leaders including a Deputy District attorney who says the cops went Are siding win youths who charge a mini i inn 11 111 rid. I. I11ciiiuc1s in h ail 11v. a _ to Ftp the House of . Left like miss Devlin complain one thing an Ulster Man does Tives resisted. Rioting broke the College com the unions he unionists Are not doing he is a protestant or about. The go eminent in London to w Hunt. Timp 4 after now holds 10 of the scats. Enough in Mieir provincial gov Catholic. Had to step in. Trouble broke out june 4 alter Bim Ern ment 0 Mee he div rights that goes Back to the Battle As a consequence the ballot Washington a some republicans believe president Nixon s intervention in last week s Senate fight on u. S. Cambodia policy May have Hurt the administration cause More than it helped. I Don t see any votes that we got from it and it probably seared away a few one leading gop senator said privately after the 52-47 vote against the key Effort to water Down the Cooper Church Amend ment. Other republicans agreed and said that the same thing Hap j ing to help Cambodia. Opened a Little Over two months ago when the present the a in the week after Nixon s let Tolfe weight of his office into the or Republican Classi unsuccessful Effort to win con fied Eller As a toe Dine dance nightly Superb meals pleasing atmosphere the tale of the Fox s. Irby Street live entertainment nicely featuring Johnny Barr combo t fit mation of g. Harrold cars 1 amendment who ended up a Well to the supreme court. La was sen Jamef b Pearson r-kan., who is also a although White House press cosponsor of the Cooper Church Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler told amendment and will support it reporters after last thursday s on final passage. Vote that the president has Noti but a Trio of crucial demo endorsed any amendments in Crais slipped off the Fence and the current Senate fight the Camp of Byrd s oppo on s june 4 letter to Republican cents Henry m. Jackson of Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsyl Washington Jennings Randolph Vania had clearly been accepted West Virginia and b. Everett of 17 Young persons were indicted by a county grand jury on charges stemming from rioting and the burning of a Bank of America Branch in february. In the following week More than 650 persons were arrested most for curfew violations and failing to disperse after six straight nights of disturbances when hundreds of marauding youths bombarded officers with rocks and bottles the Law clamped Down last wednesday. Some 375 youths were arrested at a sit in. The next afternoon gov. Ronald Reagan placed the National guard on standby Alert. During the disturbances the streets of Isla nearby Community of residents an estimated of them Stu patrolled by a Force of 250 sheriff s deputies High Way patrolmen and City police Many of them specialists in riot control from los Angeles and other cities. Howard Parke president of the Santa Barbara county bar sent observers into Isla Vista to investigate allegations of police brutality. They were not Parke says. But they were rough and enough persons rights were he adds to make it sheriff James b. Webster alls allegations of police excesses organized tinder sheriff r. L. King adds if there is any proof that an officer used brutality in making an arrest then he will of course be by those involved in the debate As an endorsement of the subsequently Defeated Byrd Amend ment. Nixon said that amendment goes a Long Way toward eliminating my More serious objections to the Cooper Church amendment and then refer ring to a second proposed change added i should Hope that the Senate would also adopt an amendment permitting . Support for asian nations will Allen s 1210w. Evans st. Quantity rights reserved Olanta s. C. New 3tcre hours 8 a. M. Til 9 p. M. Saturday 8 . Till 7 . Ladies first Quality nylons pair 39c pork loin sliced pork chops u. 79c dry cured smoked sliced Kraft salad bowl Mayonnaise 39cat. Sunny Tenn. Frozen sliced Stra cherries 3c89c red White bread Pullman loaf 29c Golden Ripe bananas Loc in. Beechnut strained baby food 10cjar Jordan of North Carolina. Before the Carswell vote Nix on entered the fight with a letter i to sen. William Saxbe a Ohio that caused considerable consternation among supporters of the Florida Jurist nomination. the president s Power to appoint and the Senate s to advise and consent on nominations. Said if the Senate attempts to substitute its judg ment As to who should be appointed the traditional constitutional balance is in jeopardy and the duty of the president under the e Constitution in gees lives has usually dominated parliamentary elections. For Wilson any intervention would accomplish Little in an area where labor has been traditionally weak. But this time there could be some cracks in the unionist front As a result of the Northern Irish strife. Extremists on the left like miss Devlin complain Bir Ern ment to meet the civil rights Nadette Devlin and Gerry Kin. Complaints of the Catholic i Belfast Northern Ireland a Ulster is approaching the British elections thursday in a charged atmosphere protestants Are pitted against roman catholics in a Battle that has brought barbed wire and occupation troops from London. Ulster As Northern Ireland is known will elect 12 members of the 630-Man House of . Protestant based unions past two years when the Catho Lic minority led by civil rights activists such As 23-year-old miss Devlin raised its energetic head. Civil rights were demanded. The protestant based police in solved this one Long ago with i were charged with brutality Itu. _ . Linb not it Ftp. Grounds. The Basic problem is that the thirds protes Tant and one third somewhat unsure if they Are Irish or British. South of the Bor Der the largely Catholic re Publ its own Flag its own Money and its own government. The Irish unionists linked indelibly with the London conserva an Independent Laberite. Prime minister Harold a in son seeking his third straight mandate and conservative Jority. Extremists on the right like the Rev. Ian Paisley com Plain the unionists Are getting too soft toward the Catholic i Leader Edward Heath have Jority. Elected to pay As Little attention in eng and Scotland As possible to the Ulster voting j Wales the Campaign has dwelt for Heath there is a solid Jon immigration taxes inflation and foreign policy. In Northern Ireland one finds an entirely different in disturbance Street fighting. Of the Boyne in the 17th Century ing will be guarded by there King William preserved British troops who have been the protestant succession by de j Here to keep the peace for More eating King James ii and from than a year. The soldiers Don t like the barbed wire and the peace keep ing Job which Means getting that time on Ireland was divid i de for religious reasons and the 1970 elections Only Point conservative seed six counties which swear Alle Giance to the British Crown. The unionist party Northern ire this up. Some of the steam be Hind it was generated in the pelted by Young Hothead every now and then. Land s link with the grudges on religious ask got i question or Andy write it on a Post cords Ana Moll it it to Flornes mom ing news. P. 0. 111. Floroski i c. A. Andy your name shirt laundry service shirts Are done the Way i like them saves me hours of work wry we re easy on Shirls. We starch them to order Light medium or heavy or none at All. We replace broken buttons. Try us today. 1 for free we will laundry 1 shirt for free if you return 1 shirt we laundered with missing Button. Cherokee Coit 324 w. Evans st. Florence s. C. Peru continued from Page 1-a smashed to a total height of about two feet. What had been a Street running past the Cathedral away from the Plaza is now a corridor of rubble. Street lights and traffic signals barely protrude above the pile. In the remains of a building facing the Cathedral one can see a Telephone sit Ting on what is left of a Wall a modern dentist s machine stands out above the second floor ruins. Walking in a the Plaza in to an area where streets had been a bit wider and therefore have a path open Between collapsed Walls one sees women digging in the ruins. Children play nearby dirty ragged. Pasted on the Corner of a now destroyed building is a notice from the City Council dated 11 Days before the quake reminding residents it is necessary to paint and improve the fronts of All buildings in standing virtually untouched in the midst of blocks upon blocks of destruction is a two Story House with Bright Green ironwork Over the windows a Cage hangs in the Garden with a Canary inside singing. The House is of Concrete Brick. A Man standing in front says it had reinforcing steel As Well. Other Stark contrasts Are to be found in Huayllas Canyon. Travelling away from Guaraz one passes Village after Village virtually levelled by the quake. Then one reaches Monterrey noted for its. Hot Springs and Thermal Baths. A paved Street leads to the Monterrey hotel open and doing business As usual except that every window was broken in the quake. Another 20 Miles Down the blocked by landslides so the traveler must one car walk around the slide and seek another car truck or comes to Inhat once was Bungay. There is no destruction to be seen As in Guaraz. A Wall of mud stormed Down from the slopes of it. Hua Scaran simply covered Bungay. Florence s finest charcoal Hearth restaurant Holiday inn smorgasbord monday thru Friday sundays also table service Andy sends a Complete id volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Thomas Hines age 9, of Poland new York for his question what happens to quake Crevice most earthquakes Are not Strong enough to make cracks in the ground. But once in a while a mighty temblor topples Down buildings and Mountain tops and cracks open crevices in the ground. When the shaking stops people set Busy repairing the damage and usual y the new buildings Are better than before. The Earth also gets Busy repairing the changes made in the ground. And usually the new geography also is better than before. Our Earth is always changing and remodelling itself though most of the changes Are very slow. A mighty earthquake May leave a Gash in the ground maybe several feet deep and Many Miles Long. Dirt and Loose stones slide Down the sides sometimes even before the Nua Yno stops. Later More Rock slides Tumble Down to the Bottom of the Crevice. Rain and melting snows Wash Down ions of mud. In desert regions tons of Sand blow in and pile up on the Bottom. Sometimes tumbling streams Settle in a hollow and create a Lake in the Bottom of an old earthquake Crevice. In time a Crevice of this sort is filled in with dirt and rocks. It May take thousands of years to heal the gaping but the Earth is very patient. However before the Iob is done there May be other earthquakes in the same Olace. Each one Ooens the crack deeper and wider. The patient Earth cannot fill up the growing Ere ice fast after perhaps a few Mil Ion years it May become a vast ditch several Miles wide and hundreds of Miles inn. A monstrous earthquake Crevice of this sort is called a rift the largest rift Valley in the world runs from North to South in the Eastern part of Africa. This is the great rift Valley. It took the might of Manv big earthquakes to make it and the Iob most Likely went on through Many thousands of Vears. But the patient Earth has been toiling to i move it All this time. At a reset the Ereat Crevice is 3d to 50 Miles wide and several thousand Miles Onmon n ares its Rock c i is Sten Down in Steen terraces of roam a Laski Down to the Bottom and fill seven Large to voc i. . Landslides have covered the floor with to Hio Chi warm mire feed Reen forests that thrive in a Roujon Peri pm Naff its s Des. No is Ipp of is a seen c wonderland. L pcs Arp he to Ahful in other was. There is do Valv of the thine River. Fere h Ness b e for the dense Black Forest it p l rift Val pvt rave Forest scenery. In fibrin proc Arleen crevices s de by top ski of around Between them Sank Down i it Prame the heart Ful desert Region we n is a a. Ii snal. The remodeler earthquake than before. Vinna Irp mov Diann in and where in the world. Cav Virr Lien s after a few thousand years. But ton in and again in certain Partlin Ipke zones Are faults and weak tie part i s outer crust. Here a might Ouake in pm pro Mem s or so. The same Crevice May nor Onri it poise. Creating a Valley. Finally in Vears. The restless zone stops s a Chance to put the finishing touches of rift to t sea aft a few n Anri mrsh he Remote Ltd Sconers. A Rook Atlas to Kathy Cornelius 14. Of him in Kiln. Alabama for her qute Tion u n notional Forest the Early settlers beheld the Beauty of this continent and passed conservation Laws to protect some of it for future to enjoy. But Many later arrivals Forest those sensible mans. However a few nature lovers wanted to Reserve certain areas of Scenic Beauty and their natural of Loev. Fina la Thev or shaded Congress and in 1891 a National conservation policy was established to Reserve cer Tain forested regions. Today our 150 National forests con serve forests deserts and other outstanding wonderlands with their natural wildlife. These untouched regions Are designated by the president and managed by the department of agriculture of the Federal government. Lumbermen ranchers and water Power companies May use some of these National resources under strict government control. However the vast regions Are reserved for present and future americans. Most of them Are open for Public admiration and recreation. However if campers and picnickers pollute these National treasures they can and will be closed. Elect b. Hicks Harwell probate judge the Man who knows Law paid for by a Jaycee Friendt w. E. Stallworth g. L. Mike Mikell co chairmen Ceylon government wins away from West Colombo Ceylon a prime minister Siri Mavo Bandaranaike s two week old government in a Sharp swing away from the West announced Sun Day it will recognize North Viet Nam North Korea East Ger Many and the Viet Cong s provisional revolutionary govern ment. It also said it would suspend relations with Israel until the jewish state withdraws from Arab territory occupied during the june 1967 War. Domestically mrs. Banda ran ending its 22 years of Dominion status under which they country owed allegiance to the British monarchy. Ceylon has been in dependent since 1948 but had continued allegiance to the Brit ish ruler As head of state represented by a governor general. No specified dates were Given for implementation of these for eign and Domestic policies Al though mrs. Bandaranaike said it was her government s intention to take the action during its five year term in office. Mrs. Bandaranaike s comm Aike s government announced coalition was swept that All foreign Banks would be nationalized and that new Soe to Power in a 26 a Ming 115 of Ciali Zed Banks would be established to finance development in Industry agriculture and for eign and internal Trade. Outlining proposed policies in the traditional throne speech read by gov. Gen. William go Gallawa mrs. Bandaranaike said Steps would be taken to de Clare Ceylon a free Sovereign the 151 elective seats. Most of mrs. Bandaranaike s statement was taken verbatim from the coalition Campaign manifesto issued by her left leaning Freedom party and the country s two communist Par ties both of which Are part of the new government occupying and Independent Republic key portfolios in the Cabinet. Drug store specials professional service plus discount prices Lactone toothbrushes 64c assorted Reg. 89c Val Rex special Breck Safin conditioners Creme or lotion Reg. Val Rex special 1 Gillette right guard antiperspirant 2 extra of. 10 01. Special Reg. Val Rex special 1 Johnson s Shower to Shower 01. Reg. 89c Val Rex special 66c Breck shampoo 7oz. And of Reg. Val Rex special 83c Ponds cold Cream 1 la. Special Reg. Val Rex special 1 Colgate 100 breath Spray 69c Reg. 98c Val Rex special hyper Haze 6 of. Reg. Val Rex special Vizine of. Reg. 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