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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 15, 1970, Florence, South Carolina18 monday june is. 1970 jul Lutr a few 25c Enrols you and your family in this medical surgical nurse plan pays you extra Cash for doctor visits pays As much As for bedside visits of doctors a medical consultants and specialists during non surgical Hospital confinements or., pays you extra Cash for surgery pays As much As for pays for surgery in doctor s office or at to a Liberal schedule printed right in your policy plus. Pays you extra Cash for Home nurse care pays As much As for a full time registered nurse when you come Home from Hospital. Yes 250 covers your entire family for the first month. What does t your valuable National health plan Protection cover then continue at National Home s regular Low rate. What if you already own some he ail insurance so Many people discover it s too late that their health insurance does t pay All the Bills. It does not pay for services of doctors nurses specialists surgeons does not generally Jay for surgery performed in a doctor s office does not pay for nursing care at Home. They learn to their regret that these expenses must be paid out of their own pocket but now National Home brings you a medical surgical nurse family health plan that fills the Money gaps in your health Protection. It provides All these Cash benefits pays you for operations and surgery in the hos Pital pays extra Cash for appendectomy Gall bladder removal hernia Hysterectomy and All other operations listed in your policy. Extra Cash up to paid directly to you for the surgical expense actually incurred. Pays you for minor surgery in the doctor s office or even at Home yes this National health plan pays you extra Cash for minor surgery like a wart re Moval a Hemo Rhoid excision or a cyst removal. You get paid for the Cost of every a minimum of up to pays you for doctor s bedside visits while hospitalized for a non surgical National health plan pays you extra Cash for one visit per Day by a physician any physician who submits a Bill even your family up to for each hospitalization. Pays you a week for a registered nurse at Home even after you collect the Large surgical or non surgical Hospital benefits if your doctor has you employ a full time registered nurse within 5 Days after you come Home Well pay you Cash Bene fits of a week for the same number of Days you were hospitalized. Pays Cash direct to you tax free extra Cash rushed by mail to you not to doctor or Hospital Cash for medical surgical nurse benefits that can total we pay you in addition to whatever you collect from any other insurance with any other companies. Even if it s for the same illness and even if it Means you la be collecting twice in fact we say never mind what Blue Cross pays you. Never mind what benefits you receive from Blue shield work men s compensation medicare or any other insurance you May have with any other company. We still pay you the extra up to the maximum. Which Means that even if your other insurance has already paid some or All of your medical still collect from National Home and every Dollar is spend any Way you like. Full benefits even if you re 65 or Over. You re not penalized because of advanced age. Yes even if you Are 65 or Over you receive the same extra Cash checks for operations the same extra Cash checks for bedside doctor visits the same extra Cash checks for minor surgery in the doctor s office the same extra Cash checks for Home Nurs ing As folks younger than you. Can you think of any other insurance plan that provides such exceptional Over age coverage As this National health plan How can this nation 1 health plan give you so much for Only 25 for a whole month you Deal direct with the company direct with National Home. No middleman needed. That s because you virtually enrol yourself using the enrolment form right on this Page. Costly processing charges Are eliminated. So is the red tape that normally increases the Price you pay for insurance. No one need know your Persona affairs except you. And when you reply before the Date shown in the enrolment form below licensed by the state of South Carolina " enclose form in envelope wish 25c and mail to National health plan Valley forge a. 19481 Jefe so enrolment form for the medical surgical nurse Home life Assurance old line Legal Reserve company of St. Louis print office Valley forge 0435 7 08 Middle initial nerd of birth. Age i n female n occupation list ail dependents to be covered under this plan do not include name that appears above. Use sep Arate Sheet if necessary. Name please of o Check Here if you want coverage for your children. To the Best of my knowledge and belief neither i nor any person listed above has been refused or hsu1 cancelled any health Hospital or life insurance coverage due to reasons of health. I hereby apply j for the medical surgical nurse plan. I understand that i and any person listed above will be Cov ered under this policy or a recurrence of any injury or sickness i we had before the effective Date r of policy after two years from effective Date but not before and that this policy shall not be in Fores until the effective Date shown in the policy schedule. I am enclosing the first month s Premium for coverage for myself and All other family members listed above. Signature a. Dale nh-05.369 you must mail enrolment form before Midnight june or it cannot be accepted. Act now no age limit no medical examination. No Salesman will Call. Get ready for a Welcome Surprise. It covers absolutely everything except conditions caused by act of War pregnancy any mental or nervous disorders dental repair or surgery except where repair is Nec Essary due to injury to natural Teeth and any sick Ness or injury you had before the effective Date of the policy for the first two years you will be covered in any Hospital of your Choice except a . Government Hospital or a nursing or convalescent facility. Why you must act before the deadline Date. Only 25? Enrols your entire family unless we receive your enrolment form the same time As everyone else a we can t pass on the print ing and processing savings that come from issuing Many policies at one time. That s Why we must in you really can put this wonderful Protection in Force a deadline Date which cannot be extended even for your whole family at a Cost 00 one Day i form arrives too late we will not not not even Only the inbred be allowed to accept it. Ably Low Price of 25c for the first month regardless of your age. And then if you change your mind collect whenever any covered member of your Well dive your Money Back family requires surgery or Hospital medical care and we 9 Vuyrl a full time registered nurse after coming Home from the Hospital maybe hundreds even thousands of you Are still free to return the policy within 15 Days dollars will be paid to you in medical surgical and of the Day you receive it and your Quarter will be nursing benefits coverage is for your whole family refunded at once. There will be no obligation what imagine whenever illness or injury strikes you or you. The Only obligation is ours your loved ones you can receive tax free extra Cash meanwhile All during the 15 Days you Are deciding for each covered family member. Slop for a moment and think. Think How much a Long illness or Accident can Cost you these Days. How would you Ever pay those big set your Quarter Back. Be protected by All the extra Cash benefits of the policy just As if you had already said that s right you will be fully covered All this time even if you finally decide to return the policy and doctor Bills Hospital Bills the Cost of operations and Home nursing care what would you do if your pay Check stopped and there was no extra source of income to meet medical expenses that piled up on top of the same Day to Day living expenses that never Stop but now you can have the extra help you you need it this medical surgical nurse National health plan we can never cancel your policy. You can count on this National health plan Protection no matter How old you get or How Many times you collect from us your policy states that we can not cancel your Protection after you be made a lot of claims or become for any other Rea son whatsoever it is guaranteed renewable for life Only you can cancel. Does l enrolling by mail take away Tho personal not at All we give you More personal service not less. But instead of getting it when you sign up you get it when you submit a claim that s where it really Means something. And that s where National Home gives you plenty of personal service. For example we Rush your claim checks direct to you by mail not to the Hospital or doctor. To medical examination or embarrassing that s right forget about filling out one of those lengthy complicated applications. Or answering a lot of personal questions. Or being investigated before your policy is issued the Way some companies require. The Short enrolment form on this Page tells us All we need to know. Notice it does t ask for a medical examination. Or set an age limit. Nationally known and respected. This is the kind of outstanding Protection you have read about in Reader s digest Parent National geographic and other leading publications. The Spe Cial plans offered by the National Liberty corporation group of companies Are today helping policy owners in All 50 Many foreign ing benefits at the rate of More than one million dollars a month. Ijar Aetui Fqy your service was so prompt t was pleasantly sur prised. A very Nice mrs. Addie Holman Illinois wonderful that s the Only word i can find to de scribe your Michael Mcderm Orr Kansas City. To. Everyone should have your coverage. I know i would t be without Walter Tucker Fayetteville. . The following rate Chart shows How Little it costs after the first month to cover yourself your spouse and any other adult dependents. Naturally at these Low rates we can Issue you Only one policy of this Type. Each adult. 16 or Over pays the rate shown for his or her age. Age at monthly Premium enrolment per adult 16-39 Only 40-49 Only 50-59 Only 60-69 Only 7079 Only 80 and Over Only More per month covers dependent unmarried children. From the age of 1 month through 18 years. Newborn children Are covered automatically at the age of one month at no additional Cost note the regular monthly Premium shown above for your age at time of enrolment is the same Low Premium you will continue to pay it will not automatically increase As you pass from one age bracket to the next. Once you have enrolled your rate can never be changed because of mow much or How often you collect from us or because of advanced age but Only if there is a general rate adjust ment up or Down on All policies of this Type in your entire state act maybe too Lata 25f Enrols your entire family for the first month get your enrolment form into the mail cause once you suffer an Accident or sickness it s too late to buy Protection at any Cost. That s Why we urge you to act today before anything unexpected happens. Mail this enrolment form before Midnight thurs., Ilij w a Stanton. Chitman of hip a att adm. Office Valley forge Pennsylvania 1920 fifty years of service 197o this plan if undo Willen by National Homo Lilc Assurance company an old him annal company of is. Louis a i Oruil Homo licensed by your slain and Lull Legal Icse Ives Lor Llie pre Lection of i1 policy own Orf 12 Gehb i Solms and ans has about this extraordinary medical surgical nurse plan. will my policy pay me your policy pays you 3 ways up to extra Cash. It pays you up to for operations. It pays you up to for doctor s bedside visits in the Hospital for a non surgical confinement. And it pays you As much As for nursing care at Home after a Hospital slay. You can count on National health plan s medical surgical nurse Protection for the extra Cash you need it most naturally at these Low rates we can Issue you Only one policy of do i collect for doctor visits while in the Hospital we pay you to a maximum of extra Cash at he rate of per visit for any doctor or specialist of your Choice who makes a bedside visit limit 1 per Day when you re in the Hospital for any reason other do i collect for operations we pay you up to extra Cash for expenses incurred with surgical even pay for a srfl8 surgery performed in my doctor s office yes you do you receive Cash benefits for surgery even when you go to your doctor s office for a simple opera Tion like setting a broken Bone having a cyst removed Oral surgery or anything else any time a doctor does surgery whether it s in the Hospital or in his office we of Graf than one operation at the same time in that Case we pay you for the most expensive one performed Cven up to extra Cash in some much do i receive for a full time registered nurse at Home a week for Many Days As you were hospitalized to a maximum of benefits Are paid after you have been hospitalized for 5 Days or More and your doctor has you employ a full time Reg for sickness or Accident. Whal happens if i am again hospitalized for the same condition Don t worry. You can still collect to a maximum of and if you have already resumed Normal activities for just 3 months it s considered a new confinement. And you can collect up to the full amount i enrol if i am 65 or Over certainly folks any age Are Welcome to there is no age limit and you collect cult amounts allowed in and Fife too Many claims or because of advanced Aga no positively not Only you can cancel. The company cannot no matter How Many claims you have How old you get or for any other reason whatsoever a guarantee renewable for life clause has been printed right on the front of your policy and we re ill Winik not covered by this policy the Only conditions not covered arc those caused by act of War any Mentil or nervous disorders preg Nancy dental repair or surgery except where repair 11 necessary due to injury to natural Teeth and any sick Ness or injury you had before the effective Date of your policy during the first 2 years everything this National health you must not have Heen refused or had cancelled any health Hospital or Fife insurance for reasons of health and to qualify during this enrolment period you must enrol before Midnight of the Date shown on the enrol fill out the Brief enrolment form and mail it with just 25c for the first month s Protection for you and your entire family. Mail to National health plan Valley forge Pennsylvania 19481. National Liberty corporation brings you the win Hingwan la port daily nver More than 300 aution cont to rout

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