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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 11, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaIage4 Tittl morning news Florence 1. Dangerous world of unreality George e. Sokolsky of Price in Ford wage pact Roscoe Drummond report on vaccine Only confirms muddle apart froma lot of technical data and protect the Public interest when it s t s to Many it is significant that the Ford Reuther agreement was reached without a widespread strike. It is regarded As a. Sign of management labor statesman ship. If the avoidance of is the major objective of policy As Well it May be then this Settle ment is a Mark of statesmanship. The terms of the agreement Are unrelated to a guaranteed an wage which never was pro posed and iks been accepted is a method of company addition to state compensation in of a Layoff. Should business be Good and cars be made in vast pro fusion and no layoffs occur this agreement does not alter present conditions. So far As the enormous companies Are concerned the additional Cost of this plan will be absorbed in the Price of the car and by economies of production involving increasing automation which May result in decreasing new hiring. So far As smaller companies Are concerned they May have to go out of business if they cannot set up the reserves. On the other hand a Large num Ber of smaller companies have be come relegated to the position of suppliers to the Large companies upon whom they have become financially dependent. In effect they Are sub contractors and list follow the leadership of the larger companies As . This is strictly a Cartel operation no mat Ter what the lawyers Call it and reduces Competition which is the heat of the capitalist system. When there Are Only three producing companies in the automobile Industry As Well May happen now the element of Competition is lessened because Competition is Only real when Small companies Are crowding the heels of the Large companies. Its object is to keep prices Down. The automobile Industry has thus Jar not discovered the Law of diminishing returns and therefore can afford to be venturesome on the Assumption that the american customer can absorb its share of new production. On the other hand it is evident now that the used car Market is doing very badly. The used car Market is an Lement in the Price of e by the Exchange of i two year old cars for new oars plus an additional pay ment it is impossible to sell Large numbers of new cars reason Bible prices. When dealers however cannot dispose of used cars they dislike taking in the old cars and find sales resistance on account of Price. I it used to be that Large numbers of used cars were ship Ped out of the United states. Such american cars Are now meeting Competition from British and Ger Man cars some of which Are really american owned. Vauxhall and Ford in England and opel in Ger Many Are principally american owned companies making Good oars lower. Prices than Ameri can cars. They Are often smaller and less expensive to operate. This Competition will increase. The Rootes group in England manufactures cars which Are increasingly popular in the United states. In this country the weakness of the used car Market has produced a curious Phenomena in some areas namely that new cars Are sold As used cars. This is a form of bootlegging to give the Custo Mer a discount without violating a sales franchise. The companies fight this trend hard wherever it appears. Nevertheless it represents a response to sales resistance which May be accelerated if prices Are raised As a result of the Ford Law agreement. An american car is Good for Many More years than two and the Public Learned that during the War. The manufacturers responded to this knowledge by Rad ical styling thus making old cars to appear older than they really Are. The Public has responded positively to this change in taste and business has been Good. But automobile prices Are High even for an inflationary period and the question that arises is How much highter can they go. How much More can be put on the car to meet the Cost of Reuther s Vic tory if it is Little the Public will not mind and will say that it does not Hurt and that it is less costly than prolonged unemployment. If it comes High sales resistance is bound to rear its dreaded head. This then remains a question of Price. Ford pact shows it s a from the standpoint of Public interest significant aspects of the new Ford United automobile workers contract seem to me to be these h demonstrates the Long and Good Road we save travelled away Tan go Vermaat interference at Van. Collective bargaining table. Table. Here government took no sides there was no strike a contract Emiren try satisfactory to both sides Wais negotiated. This is a far cry from the policies of 1946 to 1949 w the better results. The new Tord contract How effective and Ade quate Coffee Cirive bargaining can be when each aide is exercising its own and when the foot of government is not trying to tilt tie Scales Jthn Bugas Ford vice president ipod alter Reuther have exam billed collective bargain ing at its beet. The and substance of the Ford . Negotiations show the mature try of both labor and management in the Art of collective . Each Side knew the other s strength and weak Ness. Each Side knew Fuhere was a Point Beyonta which the other could not be pressed. Both knew that Concu Iatron was better for every body management labor the Public trial by strike. Finally the new contract demonstrates anew How a competitive Enterprise system rather than a planned Economy gives Botti labor and ownership the. Best possible in tie world can real Lake shame Waiges compare with what american Industry can pay and with what the american worker earns and receives. And the same is True of take Home profits Lor american ownership. If Ford general motors and Chrysler were operate int under a copy Carlyl system As prevails so widely in West Ern Europe upon production schedules dividing up markets keeping up to Stead of carrying on vigorous Competition nothing like the new Ford contract would be possible. The Radical fiscally Uncertain dangerous pattern fears which Many of the first Blush head lines suggested Are without foun Dation. They largely vanish on Reading the Fine print. The con tract avoids most if not All of the economic Pitfalls attributed to hic guaranteed annual wage. _ the Ford workers have won an important and valuable new fringe Benefit comparable to company paid pensions and com Pany paid health insurance. The new Benefit is supplemental unemployment compensation and the Best evidence is that u will Cost the company less than its own Amer native offer to help Ford employees to buy Ford Stock at reduced rates. In appraising the Content of the contract it would be Well to banish from our minds the annual what u new about the contract is not in nil is not full wire and if by no Means unqualified Day Ruar aniseed. What has been accepted is a plan to work toward a fund which would supplement benefits ulitto Alliy up i to 28 weeks so that a Laid off worker would get 65 per cent of regular wage. The Cost to Pord will the Equi. Valant of 5 cents an hour fat hourly workers until he supplementary unemployment Benefit fund reaches it can t go beyond that. The economic perils of the co called guaranteed annual wage Are that they would impose an in fixed and unforeseeable lability on me company planning almost impossible and accumulate an obligation which could t be discharged. The new Ford contract escapes these econ Mcd evils. The supplementary unemployment Benefit fund is foreseeable and is fixed. It is the fund that is fixed not the liability. If the fund is not adequate to provide the maximum benefits then the benefits will no be Maxi mum. The three year Ford contract rests upon two economic principles which have been carried to a High degree of Utility in the United states tie principle of competitive Enterprise and the principle of High wages to sustain purchasing Power. These principles serve labor and ownership alike. 1955, new York horrid Tribune inc. I Drew Pearson Ike seen taking Nixon s Side in bitter fight with Knowland distribution of the anti polio vaccine before the tragedy of the Cutter brought the facts to Light was conducted in a haphazard Way which amounts to something near criminal negligence. Because the testing did t reach the same High standards which or. Salk established for his own vaccine tests a number of men women and children Are dead today who would otherwise be alive and one of the greatest medical advantages Ever discovered has been thrown into temporary for some people permanent disrepute. The fact that the report released by surgeon general Scheele announces a whole new set of safeguards in the preparation of Salk and other potentially dangerous vaccines Only Points up the fact that these precautions come after the tragedy and not before. It is astonishing that a Federal department As mrs. Oveta gulp Hobby s department of health Educa Tion and welfare armed As it is with top scientific and medical brains could let thousands of doses of killing vaccine get into circulation. This newspaper is committed to a firm belief in the value of the free Enterprise system. But it also believes that government is elected to govern Loose with a minimum of supervision to make the Salk vaccine. Most acted in a responsible fashion and built special facilities for Manu facture and testing. At least one firm the Cutter laboratories did not build any special facilities for vaccine Manu facture. The results of that Are now obvious. To turn an Industry Loose in a dangerous Field was to let the theory of free Enterprise run riot. It would be of Lin because that would be endangering his Liberty. The department of not too much health education and welfare muddled on this Salk vaccine problem right to the bitter end. Somebody even flubbed the release of the report and when it was discovered that readers of the new York times and president Eisenhower were getting the report simultaneously it was turned Loose for the rest of the press to fight Over at 1 o clock yesterday morning. That seems to be typical of the Way mrs. Hobby s department is run. It would seem to be belter for All concerned if she would go Back to Texas and clean House. Letter to the editor to the editor your publication of the editorial of the press and Standard which condemns the presbyterian Church for criticising the roman Catholic stand on the adoration of the Vir Gin shows a Complete and utter Lack of understanding of the pro Testant Church and the protestant principle. There is More much More involved Here than the nicety of being accepting and tolerant of a neighbor s religion. Throughout the history of Chris Qianty prophetic and protesting voices undoubtedly inspired by god have raised their voices in wrong protest whenever that which was out of Harmony Ami the reve lations of Jesus the Christ was presented As doctrine. Whenever the truth of Christian Ity has Bee n clouded by the ele vation of the conditional to the state of being unconditional which is nothing save idolatry then protest has been made. Be fore the time Martin Luther there were great and saintly protestants within the roman Church who raised their voices when the Church became guilty of idolatry. No group which has upon it the divine imperative to maintain so Jar As is humanly possible the purity of their witness to the reve lations of Christ can keep silent when a segment of his Church Falls idolatry. By the logic of your editorial you would have told Micah Isaiah Ames it Al to keep silent dear fellow Don t disturb your neighbor in his worship. It Means so much to this kind of false Liberal ism makes a mockery of truth. Respectfully submitted s the Rev Larry a. Jackson interpreting the news initiative shitting to allies in Europe Gaw gesture of Faith in future of America for Good or ill the guaranteed an Nual wage principle is Here and As pointed out by the business writer Sylvia Porter its going to transform much of american Industry bringing both some advantages and also plenty of headaches. Unquestionably the idea thai Juir chasing Power is to be maintained Dur ing a temporary business Lull is a Good one on the other hand the financing of the fund from which the Gaw is to be paid cannot in the Long run mean Wing except higher prices to the Rich of All automotive products As Points out. Today. However there is no doubt that most thinking people will be willing to Trade insurance against serious Depres Sion for somewhat higher prices and that s what Gaw amounts insurance for the whole Economy. I lie Auto Industry in particular now a care much of the foundation of our Industrial Economy. Without a a Mil lion men and women have no work thousands More would he on part. Time. The steel Industry would to crippled the whole Economy of the nation would run Down. Just As the Gaw will help to Iron out the peaks and valleys in seasonal employment it places a great Premium on keeping the Economy of the nation running at top Speed. No company can afford to Guaran tee wages for any length of Lime if it in to making a profit. No matter what s written in Gaw contracts it will be valueless if the companies treasuries Are empty. The willingness of Al most certainly general con cede the Gaw principle is heartening because it demonstrates that these Industrial giants have Faith in the nation s future. They literally believe that there will never be again in the foreseeable future a really serious slump. Because a slump if it comes added to the Gaw Burden would wipe them out. Nature Prou cos things. There wive no i Likit bowls until Man made Llu a. Political pay dirt is the kind thai throws dirt on the opposing party. Suppose he. Slock Market was t booming. Now that would be a real by j. M. Roberts associated press news analyst nato s supreme commander Gen Grue Nitsie says Western negotiator now have be Hind them the military Striper Moraty they have always thought they wild need before they could Man Euver Russia into any real Bast West settlement. Sis of now the general says tote Weil can defeat any soviet Daggres. Sion. It s better news Tor the United states however than for her european partners. For Gruenther says uie Ajjie Edge lies in atomic weapons and strategic air Power and seifts of an ultimate Victory. He admits it will be three or four a Gorman army will be in the Field before Europe could in held firmly against the first communist thrusts. Asho describes the situation however insofar As Europe is concerned the West has attained the position of strength Jar Winch it has been Ever since uie full extent of Russia s expansionist pol cies was revealed. The deter rent against War exists. Negotiations or a stalemate Are for the moment the Only Jik Cly answers. Russia indicates she would rather have a negotiated Stalc Mac bran a merely passive one. A negotiated creating us that the rods arc not to be a Virili As Imoh As they would Thoni just the Opportunity want Tor Nim. So a Ouw i a c1m1h to Lair Thiis Sefl a fat but the allies Don t have to be stampeded into bad St tue Nona now As Gnu Orthor says. They Honvo the strength to approve or Robort proposals without Mirin Rewt Tow that Mimir Romont m nor two Mil my gift Kiriti to Art Vinct c big four conferences. She has made arrangements for a certain amount of face saving Over her abrogation of the peace treaty clauses which require her to re move her troops from Romania and Hungary after Austria is evacuated. Secretary Dulles says he of Lily expects her to her present military posture through tie stage setting of the Warsaw military Alliance. If Gruenther s military estimate is Correct it Marks the beginning of a period in which Russia can be required to react to Allied initiative As the allies have for years been required to react to russian initiative. As a matter of fact Russia is doing that now As the result of plans for rearming West Ger Many and As the result of Amer Ica s firmly expressed determination to defend Formosa. A do Facto cd Jakc fit has developed there and russian leaders have been Burily expressing the Hope undoubtedly heard in pc Iping thai tensions there can be a taxed. Look and learn by a. C. Gordon 1. Which game has made the most rapid and remarkable growth in popularity in the . During the past 20 years 2. What american City Chews More gum per capita than any other cily in the world 3. Whose deals is mated at the end of dip bal cd put of Noesis in the Bible 14. Who was Piume minister of England the time of the. Callon of Edward Viii 5. Which is conceded o be the oldest of the wind instruments answers 1. Softball. 2, Hollywood Calif. S. Phut no Joseph. Stanley Baldwin i. Whitt. Waig Hington. It is now Well known that the feud Between la two gentlemen from California sen. Knowland and vice president Nixon is one of the most vitriolic in this capital. However it is not generally known that Nixon has been making it Clear with Capitol Hil colleagues that As far As Eisenhower is concerned he is winning the feud. At a recent off the rec or luncheon with other Mem Bers of Congress the vice pres ident not Only needled his fellow Republican from California but posed As the spokesman for Lite and gave advice that Knowland would have to pipe Down on his criticism. He stated thai whether Ike ran again would depend not Only on his desire to Lead a More tranquil Home life but on whether or not High republicans kept on sniping at him. The president wonders when his own party leaders keep opposing his major policies in incr National said Nixon obviously referring to his colleague from California whether he is not in an anomalous position and whether he is not divorced from at least an important sector of his party. In any event he feds this kind of criticism very deeply hurts. A congressman wanted to know whether it also hurl the to hear sen Mccarthy sounding off with one of his Dia tribes against Ike. Anything Mccarthy says does t bother the president in the least he notices in at replied Nixon. But with a top Man like different. Nixon has pretty Well won Eisenhower Over to his Side in the Knowland controversy. Ike has even agreed to some Nixon political strategy to build him up As possible successor. You can Jot it Down that con Gress will pass some kind of a superhighway Bill during this ses Sion. In talks with gop con Gressional leaders Eisenhower has Pul the Highway pro Gram almost at the top of his list of must Bills. The other Day Ike received some unexpected Aid from speaker Sam Rayburn of at a closed door huddle with democratic members of the House Public works committee Rayburn was plainly nettled by the com Mittee s delay in reporting a High Way Bill. If the House does t enact a Bill we will be playing into the hands of the warned the texan. They will be in a position to say that we democrats used our majority in the House to prevent action on Highway legis lation. I know you Fellows have a lot of things to do but please make this the first order of Busi Ness. Time s running Rayburn did t blueprint the line he expected the House Bill to Fol Low. In fact he and others at the meeting voiced general approval of the Over All objectives of the 10-year, pro Gram of super roads proposed by the Eisenhower administration. However the speaker strongly objected to the administration s formula for financing Highway con by the establish ment of a corporation which would sell Bonds to pay for the Federal share of the program. I can t understand that kind of exploded the texan. The american taxpayers Are the ones who will eventually have to. Pay for this Road building whether or not the administration tries to hide the fact by the establishment of a Cor operation or some other device. It will still be a Federal Obliga Tion and it s sheer dishonesty if Billy Graham kingdom can t be question can you explain to me what Jesus meant when he said whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of god As a Little child he shall not enter he referring to the innocence of a Little child if so How can that apply is .l.g.f. Answer when our lord said these words Mark 10.15 he was not referring to the innocence of Little child. I think that is Clear for two reasons. For one thing Little children Are by no Means As is sometimes fondly imagined. I have four of them and i ought to know. In the second place uie gospel does not declare unit before a sin Ner can Chut god s kingdom he must heroine innocent or try to nuke himself Beta Ian lie is. No. Lie is invited to come to the Saviour just As he is and to throw Hal self in utter Trust upon the saving mercy of god. And thai it jeans meant when he spoke receiving the kingdom of god is n Lillo child. To was referring to the Little child that is the Bubo in is gift earned done for him. He is the passive recipient of another s love and Oare. So it is that we receive the kingdom. We can do nothing to earn it or deserve it. It is the gift of god s love. By simple and Complete Reliance upon Christ we accept his Grace and rejoice in his salvation. This is what the Bible Means when it says by Grace Are pc saved through ephesians you ask me to indicate otherwise by setting up some kind of a portion. I m for direct approx nations to defray the Federal store of the Cost. Let s put it Public debt and be done Adlai Stevenson had some sri cant off the record talks withold friends in Washington the Olier Day. He made it quite Clear lat he was running whether Ike an or not and he also Laid the Grotto. Work for his own Campaign. His Campaign manager willbe his old Friend Steven Mitchell of Chicago who recently res Gnedas chairman of the democratic la tonal committee. Chairman Pul Butler who succeeded him not be asked to do any work Cori though he s Friendly to anti. Stevenson does t think it Woith be fair to other democratic Cane dates to get Butler mixed up h the nomination race. Oscar Chat Man former Secretary of the Interior who handled Stevenson organizing work in the Wisl win also be dra red to organize ii West again. Stevenson regards sen. Kefauver of Tennessee As the Only formal Dable opponent he will face for. The nomination. Talking with friends he expressed the kind Liest sentiments toward Kefauver and the wish that some other elements of the democratic party presumably Harry Truman and speaker Sam different. It was Truman and Rayburn who largely turned thumbs Down on Kefauver for the vice presidential nomination at Chicago in 1952. Stevenson did not seem to agree Witti Republican pundits that Eisenhower is a sure fire Winner if he runs. Too Many he to3d friends Are paying too much at Tention to what Eisenhower is go ing to do. I Don t think it makes any difference whether he runs or he went on to say that a paper curtain had been drawn around Eisenhower to make it appear he was not responsible for the acts of his administration. The Job of the democratic party and the democratic candidate Stevenson indicated is to tear Down that paper curtain and show that every president is wholly responsible for his administration. While he did t mention him As a candidate the Only Republican Stevenson referred to in Onnen caring terms was vice president Nixon. He said he regarded him As one of the most deceitful men in Public life. A Nigger individualist is one prefers to use his old style Lawn Mower. Job had Pali Tecc but he never had someone to throw away a paper he was trying to save. Lore it k. O my tin Home no pm Pill in m knit Rel u Clui Mailer till. Port office .1 s.c., Soow it Skursch i. Main Lite o the. Agio Cluj Pron. Audit m in Tuth to Cwi Piir Hub Liberi Ali. Aum Livirt u Colw Lodr u ii in i in ill i. Mai a Rind in Usu . M i. F. cont Clou mid Mic Mornini will in m rate 1 Witk 1 1 City delivery a by Mill to by Sec. Florence m mall Mil he i str 11810

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