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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 10, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaAndy Capp will love me when ver r Dick Tracy tink Yfe Stepfather name was Burns. No mention wows first Host i found the Stob of the fatal fire March 1q196i Ooden ave after you question their local photo studios wedding pictures Mav have been made in 1957. When tin Kufe real father married. Her Mattie Abney a nudist col div them r y trial what i Ai Mimi ship i and while he s mingling with the other nudists p0go i wins in in Pace we Gey Priam off Iffla Nowat hmm. Peature Blondie Quick up your House and see if Yoo Reat Home but loss i m what it fakes you think i a at Home because i just read your fi6ures on the Fridley com track v j 6-to, if you were Here i would be hit you by Mary Worth dramatic Art 5chool Here in the. Viu Afie 6ut we Hope the enrolment 15 Small then Thad win have time to write a play Why Fowler fra1ier, whose. New one we Are out next a Fortune. Out of his Law hit i Learned Long ago that love Aid youth s dreams can t be snuffed out by logic 50 i Promise you two i la not goodnight children and Good Luck. Beatle Baily i la make. Some Day i la 6enepal some Dav i u no he Nome none fun ring Uruu wid misday Juni 10, Carroll Rioh Tir from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies a Beautiful Day and evening for you to get everything about you in perfect working order. Think How you can Best improve your health. Handle routine and household chores More efficiently so you have More free time in the future. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 you Are Able to handle obligations and chores efficiently and enthusiastically now no matter where or with whom. Co workers Are very cooperative. Be very careful with strangers. Do not Trust people you do not know. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 do whatever jul improve your appearance and general welfare. Show others you Are a very charming person. Be very Active in the outside world and accomplish a Good Deal. Be Clever. Gemini May 21 to june 21 if you do favors for Kin and others who mean a Good Deal to you you find More satisfactory relationships Are established. Locate those items and persons who make your life run More smoothly. Be Happy. Moon children june 22 to july keep those appointments on time and do necessary shopping. Be sure to make out any government or other statements. Contact persons you want in your life later on. Be Wise. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 do All those Little duties that make your Home More attractive charming and efficient. Add to value of property. Get advice from a Clever person in business How to increase income. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 if you will just talk Over your Aims with Good friends you find they will help you to gain them. Go out socially and meet people who Are very worthwhile. Try to be As financially Independent As you can. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 get those personal duties handled that make you a More charming person. Then get rid of problems you May have. Get advice from expert for advancement. Evening is Fine for entertaining Good friends. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 out with Good pals although they May be quite demanding. Get out of that penurious attitude you have. Be off to the social Early and have a Good time. Do not get Home too late in the evening. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 get Busy at career duties Early and do your work so efficiently that you make a Good impression on others. Get into some civic work that appeals to you very much. Be very Clever at it. Capricorn dec 22 to Jan. 20 Success for your fondest dreams Are Bright although they were discouraging before this. Show you will listen to Wise suggestions. Stop being so cold toward others. Be Happy. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 you have been putting responsibilities aside because they were annoying you but you can get into them now enthusiastically. Show True feelings toward attachment. Be highly romantic and get right response. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 a Good Day for Long talks with associates and getting the right results. Have a better understanding for the future show that you Are interested in Public work important civic duties. If your child is born today he or she will be one of those fascinating Young people who will be a Whiz at detail so teach Early to take care of own clothing and toys and establish the habit of neatness Early. Anything connected with research clothing diet working in a Laboratory Are Fine Here. Send to a Good College and give a course in Public speaking As Well. Don t neglect religious training. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for dec Ember is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter. Forecast Florence morning news Box 629, Hollywood Calif 90028 contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker crossword Puzzie i. Mellow 27. Mem River 4. Hang loosely 8. Cavil 29. Bony 11. Mokri Salmon 31. Toil Powch 32.0ijmt 33.rjtttebird 34. Him High supper dish 43. Antu Kent 44. Ear 45. Honey Buzard 46. Blushing ourth Caliph Uch Gure of speech fruit ,19. Silver thaw 20. Snarl god of flocks vote Down 1. Moreover Par Lime 2s min. A Hewri talons solution of yesterday s 3. Stimulating 4moaii 5.bravo 6. Harsh 7.headland 8. Clinker 9. Kind of 10. Average 16. Expert 18. Jardiniere 21. Spherical 22. Likely 23. Witch Bird 24.salute -. 25. Gossamer. 26. Hawk Parrot 27. Of aircraft 30, flipped a. Coin 32, wine vessel 33. Black -35. 36. Long Story 37. Crest France 39. Russian Village 40.lamb 6-10 s of experience hippies crusading against drug Evit Nashville Tenn. A they look like hippies they talk like hippies and they act like hippies. All 37 of them camped tuesday in Nashville s Centen Nial Park. But the hard drug scene Man they re against it. The 37, some As Young As 15, left Atlanta monday in an aging Green bus such drug to crusade against use and abuse by West dealer. Both sides vulnerable. North 4a1092 West 8643 9 q 10 2 109652 k 8 1 3 East 4.aq South vakqj63 94 pass the bidding West North East South pass pass pass pass 4f opening Lead two of Dia monds. A Cue bid of the opponent s suit is an All purpose weapon that varies greatly in meaning depending on the circumstances in which it is used. It May signify interest in a game or slam it May be Lead directing it May be simply a waiting bid to Force partner to reveal his hand. Consider North s two Diamond a club return through Dummy s bid after East opens with a Dia mond and South overalls with one heart. North has passed a hand that is nearly an opening o 1970, King features Syndicate inc tomorrow key play. Bid and he certainly wants to Tell partner the glad tidings by making a Strong bid of some kind. A raise to two hearts or even three hearts would not accurately describe the nature of his hand particularly the indifferent Trump support. A jump to two no Trump with Only one Diamond stopper is equally unattractive. The. Cue bid is Likely to do the Job Best since it youngsters and oldsters alike the Young people Don t get on j soap boxes but they marched through downtown Nashville tuesday talking to anyone will ing to listen. Bill Dawson a coordinator of the group called human improvement project hip said it contains a number of for Mer addicts who want people to know How dangerous narcotics can be. Some of the people making the trip know what it s they can Tell it from expert said Larry Beard a hip member. They go next to Memphis. Memphis is the Crossroads for drug traffic in the said Dawson 18, and the Young people plan to establish a Down town Center there for drug users runaways unwed Moth ers and anyone with personal problems. A 24-hour hot line will put in service hip has be up a similar Center in Atlanta. Its program is direct against the use of hard drugs but not marijuana. We Don t consider grass a says Dawson. As Natter of fact we expect it Wil e legalized in this country within the next four which is a major attraction in Centennial Park. We re living like a said Dawson who it s a wild scene Man. It s together Ness and it s Dawson Beard and Greg Morris a staff worker at Tjie group s Atlanta gave their full names. The others identified themselves As and similar names. Dawson said the party a Liged in age from 17 to boy said he is 15 and another girl said she is 16. If the current crusade is Romigh Jie South is successful Dawson said other similar trips Are planned through the nation. Forces South to reveal both the possibly in California within the nature and strength of his Over Lgth of his Call. South is of course delighted to invite a game by jumping to three hearts and North naturally bids four he learns that South has very Good hearts. There is not much to the play provided South takes the pre caution of following Low from Dummy on the Diamond Lead. East wins with the King but whatever he returns South makes ten tricks after drawing Trumps and losing the Spade finesse to East. If Declarer makes the mistake of going up with the Ace of Dia monds at trick one he can be Defeated with proper defense by East West. At one stage or an other West would take the Lead with a Diamond at which Point King would Down one. Put the contract 6-10-70 next four months we will never have total Suc Cess because of the said Dawson but if we Pul enough pressure on pushers and suppliers maybe we can at least get it off Hie the salvation army fed the group during their stay in Nash Ville which included a visit to the reproduction of the ancient greek Legal notice notice is hereby Given that Cynthia Harrell has sold All of her interest in town country sportswear located at 1206 West Evans Street in the City of Florence South Carolina to j. T. Killen on the fifth Day of june 1970, and that j. T. Killen has agreed to assume All the debts of the business. J. T. Killen june 10, 17 hallo s they la do it every time Mutt Jeff i want vol to Wake me a tomorrow Mormimo Sevem . Of yes sir will and Wake me ring my phone and Don t bang bang on my door and startle Burns the fireman sets soaked to the ski nth ree or four times my and loves it but How does he react at Home when a slight drizzle is in the offins will Vou walk . The Corner and mail these cant they wait look at 1 this up. I la Ketch Earth Galaxy losing glue new York a our Milky Way Galaxy is to Sung its Gravit ional Energy the glue that holds its millions of stars a surprisingly rapid rate a University of Maryland physicist reports. Eventually in the far future this Means that a Star like our at the edges of the Gal Axy along with the solar system break free of the weak ening Gravity and Fly off space. One estimate places that at perhaps hundreds of millions of years away. The Galaxy does seem to be losing its binding Energy at a great or. Joseph Weber told the third Cambridge conference on relativity at the Institute for space studies Here. This another physicist said that something Tastaca is happening at tie Center of the the Force of Gravity Whicke tugs us to the Earth s surface holds All Large celestial bodies together even though it is fee weakest Force in nature com pared to nuclear and electro magnetic Energy. Albert Einstein set his general theory of relativity in 1916 the idea that the Gravity held around bodies like stars should produce Waves if the Dies Are in some kind of motion. But because such Waves would be extremely weak if they existed scientists won dered How to detect was not until june of test year that Weber produced convincing evidence that he had detected them. Weber told the conference he measured the flow of the National Energy picked up by his sensitive instruments the i in a series of Steps computed the Energy being lost from the source of the Waves in the Center of the Galaxy. It appears he said that the Galaxy is losing Energy at a rate equivalent to the mass of runs each year. But what is causing this tremendous flow of Energy remains a we can t account in any Way for the source of these one physicist observed. It re Mains a huge this work is Impo runt to a controversy Over whether bin Tein s general theory of relativity is right or wrong in describe tog gravitational

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