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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 10, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence. 8. C ifr1day morning june to 1955 after us the deluge congressional quarterly Joseph and Stewart Alsop Hoover reports hit censorship in bipartisan Way endangering nation Republican censors menace your Liberty on today s editorial Page is the second in a series of articles on censor that could be of value to the russians. If we have a new weapon and the rus ship written by Joseph and Stewart sians Don t know about it newspapers Alsop. They Are telling the american people that the first amendment does t mean too much to the administration. The articles Are not in the nature Don t want to print pictures of it As a service to the reds. But what about the other Side of the picture How does it protect this nation to withhold information that the Washington ice two 3 cars after Congress with one harmonious voice set up the second Hoover commission that body is creating dissonance of a Superior order with each passing week. Reason is that with each succeeding report the commission is recommending Basic changes in Well entrenched Federal policies and programs. Som e of the proposals go so far that the Eisenhower administration ostensibly a Strong commission supporter is showing signs of embarrassment. Most vociferous congressional critics have been democrats who see in the commission s proposals an attempt to repeal the new Deal. But republicans have indicated that they also find some of the recommendations too Toto handle. Although some of the proposals can be dealt with at the adminis Ira Ive level Many of them Call Lor new legislation. Chances Are that Congress will do much about these in the remaining weeks of the current session. As sen. Bridges in . A Mem Ber of the commission said june 3, Congress should not do a Hur ried Job in putting the recommendations into with the release june 6 of its report on overseas economic operations the commission had is sued a total of 12 reports con Taining 239 recommendations which if fulfilled would result in an estimated annual saving to the government of at least si.85 Bil lion. Several More reports will be released before the commission completes its work june 30. What Congress intended according to Many of its critics in and out of Congress the second 10 the first has improperly Medd led in policy areas of no concern to a commission on organization of the executive Branch of Gover mint. For example on March 24 rep. Wright Patman d Texas charged in a House speech that the commission has gone Way beyond the Power granted to it by the Congress and is taking Over a lot of legislative duties which belong to the Congress and Patman affirmed a statement by rep Carl Albert d okla that the Hoover commission was created mainly to suggest procedural changes in the government and not substantive changes which of course is with in the province of the but a study of the record Indi Cates that Congress did in fact intend that the second commis Sion propose substantive policy Cha Gas. This is revealed both in the legislative history first and second commissions and in the Law establishing the latter. The first commission set up in 1947 and likewise headed by former president Herbert Hoover spent several months arguing Over the scope of its mandate then decided in Hoover s words that it is not our function to say whether Given Federal policy or program should exist or not but it our function to see if we cannot make it work on this basis then the commis Sion in 1949 made some 273 recommendations most of them were procedural and Many were adopted either by Congress of the presi ident. When a second commission was proposed in 1933, however Hoover supported a move to give it pow ers to investigate and recommend policies As Well As administrative a vital clause a Hill was drawn up and favourably reported by both Senate and House government operations committees. Former sen. Homer Ferguson r who sponsored the Bill along with rep. Clar ence j. Brown r testified that the language of the Bill was intended to make certain that this commission has full Power to look into the activities of the fed eral government from the stand Point of policy and to inquire Washington consider the Fol lowing moral problem. A widow lady is told by her trustees that she has a Nice Little Oil Well Down in Texas. Then competing inter ests prove a More valid lease so she docs not have an Oil Well after All. Do the trustees warn the widow lady that maybe she had better not buy that yacht or do they spare her feelings by sup pressing the bad news the Little problem has important current meaning. It bears very directly in fact on the much larger moral problem of uie Eisen Hower administration s attempt to enforce peacetime censorship by More and More so ingest Security rules by More and More flagrant harassment of working reporters and by other methods new to the american system. Here for instance is the Biz Arre and rather frightening inside Story of the administration s hand Ling of a recent piece of news of the very highest National importance. For two years the Eisenhower administration has based both its world strategy and its defense pro Grams on America s assumed air superiority Over the soviet Union. For two years the country has been told that we were Funchal jul lab us mum the government be per Lenge ably stronger than the rus forming this activity or service and if so to what the device used to make cer Tain was a clause added to the declaration of congressional pol icy. This Aid Congress wanted to promote government Economy by eliminating non essential service functions and activities which Are competitive with private enter with this added clause the Bill creating the second Hoover com Mission sailed through Senate and House by voice vote without de Bate and without dissent and was signed by president Eisenhower Juv 10, 1953. Judging by the commission s re ports the authority to recommend elimination of Federal activities has been interpreted liberally particularly As concerns Federal lend ing agencies business Type enterprises and medical services. But the commission has taken pains to cite this legislative Man Date in tie preface to most of its reports. Repetition however has not served to still the critics. Copyright 1955, congressional quarterly sians in the air. At one poin Secretary of defense Charles e. Wilson even assured the american Public that the soviet air program was purely defensive in Char threat to us in Short and shaped entirely by our threat to them. These assurances were pleasing and the country believed them. Then just before and after May i the soviet showed their True air Power. Planes equal to ours in All categories from heavy bombers to supersonic fighters were ostentatiously Dis played in the famous Moscow overflights. Drew Pearson in some vital categories it was made Clear that the soviets were far ahead of us in others it was proved that they were rapidly catching up. Secretary Wilson s defensive theory of soviet air Power was shown to be Mere wish fun drivel. After this of course the Ameri can Public was in the exact Posi Tion of the widow Ady after she lost her Oil Well. But Public trustees evidently Are permitted to do things which would be regarded As very shocking if done by Pri vate trustees. There was determined Effort to suppress the news in Washington which was Street Corner talk in Moscow. Secretary of defense Wilson particularly fought Lone and hard against uie slightest hint to the Ameri can Public about the Moscow overflights and their revolution Ary meaning. In the end Wilson had to give ground a Little because word was received that an announcement about the overflights would be made on May 13 in Britain. A Brief colourless announcement was approved by the president saying Only that the overflights had occurred and had shown certain russian technical Progress. It was like the trustees telling the lady not that she had lost her Oil Well but that maybe production had dropped a bit. It was Couch however to break the Story. Under the usual threat of reprisal by Security investigation and in other ways one of these reporters obtained and published a Large part of the relevant facts. Shortly there after the Complete ugly truth was printed by aviation week in a Brilliant and detailed article. At this Point on May 24, Secre tary Wilson held one of his inimitable press conferences. He made the laughably phony suggestion that the russians not hav ing g. A production , of course were just hand making All these new air planes. With his usual. Hdearing complacency he further insisted that he saw no need for any step up in our own air production Effort. Curiously enough it is authoritatively reported that the Secretary of defense really meant every thing he said on this occasion. Meanwhile however the dreary old democratic process which had been suspended while the censor ship still worked had now been set in motion again by the failure of the censorship. Senators Symington and Jackson pointed out the shocking danger of letting soviet air Power surpass american air Power. Large segments of the press took up the theme. The widow lady having heard the. Whole of the had news at last became extremely and that made the trus tees a bit nervous. There was another Sharp de Bate inside the administration. It briefly appeared tint Secre tary Wilson might be supported in his desire to stand Pat. But in the end Secretary of the air Force Harold Talbott declared he could no longer defend a. Failure to do what should have been done Long before and Tal Bolt s arguments won the Day. Therefore Congress has just been asked to authorize expenditure of extra to step up production of our b-52 heavy bomber. Production of our f-100 fight Cri is probably to be increased too. These moves Are the direct result of the failure of censorship. It took just about six weeks bar rage of Public criticism to Force the obviously necessary action. Even now what is being done books too Little and too late. But what would have happened if the censor ship had worked copyright 1955, new York Herald Tribune inc Reynolds forgets past history when called by House group of a complaint. These reporters Are not people should know Why can t the complaining because a few people Are making their jobs difficult for them. They Are telling you that censorship is placing your safety your Security and your Freedom in danger. Censorship is an old Story in government. Government employees especially in the top echelons have always made a practice of telling the press american people be told things our enemy knows cutbacks in our military program Are no secret. They have been debated in Congress discussed by the president and defended by Good 01 Charlie Wil son. Now we discover that the russians have air Power that is in some respects George e. Sokosky making productions out of to politics senator Richard l. Neuberger used to be a Newspaperman a Magazine writer lecturer and therefore is an adept in the Little As possible. Secrecy and official Superior to ours. It would not help the Art of Public relations. As a Dom have Long Beon synonymous. But this new problem is a i tie different Little More serious than anything that has happened in the past. When the Eisenhower administration took office there was n great show of doing away with the executive order banded Down by or. Truman the order that let each department head act As censor and close the doors to the Public. This order however has not been changed. Every department head is still rating As censor and the net effect is to keep from Ibe Public facts that could prove annoying or embarrassing to the administration. Joseph and Stewart Alsop Are giving their main attention to the most dangerous Field of censorship the keeping from the Public information that the Public needs to know. No news Paperman complains about censorship in matters of National Security. In Oik Wauls in print Iii Onida Liyim russians for us to know it would Hurt the administration for this to be known. It has been known for quite a while. Our intelligence reports have indicated that the russians have made great advancements in tie Field of air Power. Yet our administration leaders have told straight we Are far ahead of the reds in air Power developments. This is the sort of censorship that is designed to help the party in Power stay Power. It has nothing to do with Security of National defense. This kind of censorship provides for defense of the people in office. It serves to Lull the american people into a sense of false Security it convinces us that our leaders Are doing just Fine that All the world is until we Wake up one morning and find our Little world tinder a pile of Aslies jul this Ruu Wilry Loo Vul to to am i i Lii Almuly in. A Challenge to elders in the theatre thurs Day afternoon who threw their Popcorn boxes ii Iii cups have looked like diameters in the Nick Honorl but. They Ilmi l Rale thai Way fun Knirr has juvenile problems hut. We Ilon t have Kraii Kuters in our Public schools. The problems that existed in North manual trades a Ijeh school in the movie can t be related to educational those teen Axel s were Don t have any in Florence. Hut to do have youth problems. Do have educational and teaching prob lems. Do fed. Al. Times the hopeless Ness of Ilie task in Al Templiner to fret through Leen a ers. Kor these reasons and others the Jungle is a Good movie. Distorted yes. None of us can Ever con Zeive of Florence to Rettier to the Point problems in Florence but tin re is a lot thin hrs take place in the blackboard Jungle that can be Learned by parents teachers and teen agers in Florence. Gross exaggeration is an acceptable Means of tet Jinjr a Point across. Ivr haps the movie did t use exaggeration for the problem it was relating but to apply the problem to Florence docs re quire a lot of to brins it Down into proper perspective. The Bilic Klinn Junkle was about run red hot juvenile in fuel cell Iii some of is of Ivins term and it in t supposed to have. Ili in is a Good movie. Presented. Graphic Little Shock intr. This is a new world we re living in. Our teen a jives Don t carry zip tuns and switch Blade knives you can forget hat part of the idea. There is a part i hut Yon can t i or Hie part that shows what happens to youth and to education when Hie or War in Lucli up with the Gulup oilily and Lurk of of hip older new senator he has few opportunities to expose his capacity for statesmanship if any. Nevertheless he manages with rare Gen ius to get his name into newspapers Only by quarrelling Over the White House squirrels who like All of their kind have a penchant for nuts. So the Oregon senator Junior to Wayne Morse proposed that candidates for Public office who employ television to promote them selves announce in Advance whether they use make up or Tele promoters. Why not thai they Wear Grey suits and Blue shirts Why not that they have hired Cho so writers or have borrowed their speeches from the National committee Lor an effective con Gress Why not that they Are members of the ., although they Call themselves democrats or republicans if they arc to Tell anything Why not Tell All on television a Wise Man will use a Little Pancake or in1 will not a Fumble . If senator aloes a nov Liis. He Mih lil Ivis win Libish i Listorto the even of the most Beautiful. And our senators the Oregon Junior must admit Aru not particularly Beautiful. In fact lie himself could not compete in a miss America contest to say Noth ing of masculinity As uie no longer Young Gable has or the younger Marlon Brando who seems to have broken the hearts of numerous Icen Pigors. Senator believes that a Ca Tulili if every right to him or rom pal his jowls in Bald or however Iho viewers have a Sci dial Rishi in be informed that he is relying this use of theatrical imagine. Senator Wayne Morse announcing to the viewers that he May look tall but is As Small As Tom cwt a that he May look Nunilo Pale but really has a blow Shadow not Only it five o clock luit any time uial his hair is i Ami his Xvi Brou air and make him Liml like John l. . Having used five minutes of a program including the commercial to May now proceed to use the Ranii hindi a of his time to explain Why we should Trade with lied China. Perhaps senator Neu Ivi or would prefer to have the then Rural props nude and nil and that would leave Ilic senator Only h or Man i a Iii apr Racli which be Lonk i amt. In fuel. Senator nriiborgoi1. Not or Annj much to Fin in Chr Sunn la yet desiring to make headlines even if it is in seeks to end uie sub siltation of play act ing for reality. This is quite an undertaking for a campaigner who to be any Good at All employs forensic gifts As the lord gave him or As he gained under promoters of personality As Dale Carnegie. It is not believable that the sen Ator did not use a few tricks himself to get himself elected to the United slates Senate from Oregon which usually has two re publican1 senators but now has two democrats one of them by slow conversion. As a matter of fact television m4y revise All our concepts of campaigning and it often makes me wonder if Abraham Lincoln could have been elected president without the assistance of some Mich a master of the Art As Robert Montgomery had television been in Vogue in his Day. I witnessed Robert Montgomery directing while the president spoke at the Waldorf Astoria once and it was delightfully done so that every body said there is Robert Mont immediately before the president started which is i assumed what tilt a Lii invt was cd Prou vat do As Virv to Lump 4s i .lrl1 Wylli la he it ads a ii i. Perhaps As television Prog fist a we shall have announcements As these during a Campaign speech written by Elmer zilch material prepared by the Make up by Helena Rubenstein suit by Saks fifth Avenue shirts by Seewaldt and tinman Cigar lighter by Dunhill music not heard by Courtesy of James Caesar Pitrillo sponsored by the National committee for an effective Congress. Washington it s funny How Short some people s memories Are. Or else How convenient they Are. To illustrate Here Are some flashbacks into the past regarding a problem which is quite acute today. Flashback no. 1 took place in the office of old Harold 3 ekes when he was sc-erctao1 of Interior in the Days when this country was desperately trying to fathers took they pushed Back the frontiers of tile nation 1. A government guarantee of their loan. 2. The right to Ami time their investment in five years instead of the Ordinary tax depreciation of. 20 years. 3. Inc government to buy All aluminium except a margin allocated to Small manufacturers. 4. If the Market dropped or if prepare to defend itself for a War government purchases decreased that had already started in eur Ope. Ickes at that time told me How he had called in Richard Reynolds head of Reynolds metals and argued himself Black and Blue in the face trying to persuade Rey nolds to go into the aluminium business. Inc government needed More aluminium he told Reynolds and also needed to Start some Competition against the aluminium corporation of America. He prom ised Reynolds a big government loan also promised to buy All the aluminium it produced. He also promised cheap government Power rates irom Bonneville dam in the Northwest. But Reynolds Hung Back finally Sadd no. Reynolds left his office Ickes told me. And went to tie station to take a train Back so the old Curn Midgeon phoned him. Asked him not to Lake Pic train but slay Over another Day. Reynolds did so finally yielded to Ickes Appeal. He agreed to go into the aluminium business. Flashback no. 2 took place after the War in uie office of Jess Larson head of the Gen eral services administration whose Job in was i dispose Isie stuck Milf strategic1 or univ future. Alivado tin1 had sold its surplus aluminium plants Al bargain to Rey nolds Alcoa and hoary j. Kaiser. But the korean War was on and More aluminium was needed. Both Reynolds and Kaiser at this Point were heartily against govern ment interference with business but not against government guarantees of dividend s. They wanted the Fol lowing guarantees before Kiev would pc the usual american Bynnes risks which their fore Billy Graham the biggest thing is god s worship tile companies could turn the plants Back to Uncle Sam in two. And a half years. Sweeping As these demands were Larson agreed to them. The korean War had created a terrific demand and aluminium was badly needed. However the Rey nolds company wanted even More. It proposed that in Case of Price controls its aluminium should be exempt from control. However was too much. It was too much not Only for the government but for Robert Pat Terson former Secretary of War and attorney for the Reynolds company. In front of the govern ment negotiators he remarked gentlemen we have for that ended the private aluminium requests. Contracts were signed for ions of expanded Alum Winum production divided Between Reynolds Kaiser and Alcoa. Flashback no 3 occurred duet Recto Iolj in the House Small business committee called to investigate complaints that two of Hie aluminium big three would not share their raw product with Small Ilu Mimmi manufacturers. L in with Iki War on. Lilt advice Lolcus Ull vol i in ilk nation had Givnin. There was a tremendous or Nurul fur Ahi i mum Evem in peace time that tile government had to release pounds scheduled to go into its own Stock pile. The Gamble on America s future which Reynolds had refused to take without government sub Sidy and guarantee had proved a sound one. So the Small business committee wanted to know Vaty a fair share of the i kinds of raw we Vire Mir government had Uri had not gone to the Anait if acl Urei s. As under Wilcer she original govern ment run Trail. Nirl Jire Reynolds ,lr., Iris called before the Small business com Mittee As a witness. In t it True that the govern ment really put you in pig asked congressman Sidney Yates Democrat of Illi Nois referring to the production of pig or raw aluminium. Replied Reynolds they did not put us in the pig business. We borrowed the Money from rec. We went into business with our own credit. The government has been paid Back every bit of the Money the Story that i have receive pressed Yates. Is that the government sold you an aluminium producing Plant for something like 32 cents on the they sold declared Rey nolds. It is almost 40 pair cent. However the government put those plants out to 500 or 600 other peo ple. We were the highest bidder. Anybody else could have bought them and some had a lot More Money than we Reynolds forgets or. Reynolds ingratitude went even further. Under the contract his company signed with the government two thirds of its production was to be sold to the govern ment and to Small users in order to prevent monopoly. But Here is or. Reynolds testimony when Cross examined by the Small Butsin Chii committee. The purpose the government he said was specifically to provide raw materials for our own fabricating recognizing that we could not lease fabricating plants unless we had an assured source of Supply. There fore it was not contemplated that any of this Rontal be sold to Mil Side i jut How Vacily in mint peo ple Turret. In a i with ast Kutser showed that it had allotted Small business considerably More than required by the government while slant Alcoa once a monopolist had leaned Over backward to Sel l extra pounds of raw aluminium to Small fabricators. Copyright 1955, the Bell Syndicate inc we learn that Jack Benny is a delightful comedian on the Golf links. Hit rags Are up to Par. It seems that when a Man gels Silver in his hair he usually a Emres if and in his walk. A Back area is on that is not Ponet Ralpd by tourists or uranium Hunters. Oaks ton 1 Mil u void ii Man recently converted through Lisle numb to your broadcast. In uie town a Licor 1 live there arc several churches lint they arc not . Shall i support whom or incl my spiritual scr ice in some other ? an3wkr the Ehn Reli is dirt s Witeli Ilion on Walji for Nic fill in Manl i ills per Insp in Nalii la Jonwll known it is nil Button mid priv Ileff for oin Sliwin to an part in tie won k of the Church. The Cli Uii Cli in your Community May not be All that you for. But in that Church basically holds to the Bible give in your support in prayers Ami service thus making it More nearly Whyl Christ would have Ropoc on to Pray for its revival and Wilness Iii Hilly to nil that Orrial hns a Long. For you. Who to Ehi Yieh in worship to a rip us Well r a River. Gel to amp ctr Nurt lip will Mol blow you Milf. John x. A blur i talk Idun cd Law Norance Moniati do Loti 10 notified Luoius Plaj Tonra my a Sporta edit cml u second Alibi Mailer at port office at Florence s.c., under jul i March 1, Ini member i that All Claud Prthu audit Bureau of and Souther newspaper Publ Hora aug Callon till associated Preiti la Nell Ltd mrluilv.1, u the for Publ Kallon tit ail local Newt a rinsed in Usu new Piper All Carrotti Are Independent Contra Clora and Florence morning Neffle will not m Kwiw Nalleli for Advance Paymela made Al in. Of lace of the Klerence. For Olaf in subscription rates 1 Ink 1 1 Montzi it City delivery m by mull porn Sec. Florence is rear 118.20 by Fli where m pm he for Lubarr Lytten i Rural route Sundu he curler and fix a mall Thi mini by mull in runt

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