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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 9, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaAndy Caff Butl late lifer is if it was t forthepi5eons be off like a Dick Tracy dead and her real father search begins. When a couple die in a fire news Check newspaper files for such a fire in 1961 ves based on Sinkys Ace of12-and she said she was three at the time to Gold be1961. News stories give addresses. Quiz neighbors who May have known her real utile Abner Send ver. Dad v 1t-when Toth ,----r1 he wears this other this cop Dom t pm wit Bot there s evidence into main o his n i said my is a cop a Harvard join a cops cant afford More m splendid idea j i you buy a re Nurst c a Pogo Blondie wait dear font Hans up lets sat out of come on be More fun than a barrel of monkeys i Litake a Barbel of monkeys an Yold Cav a poes it Esb feel wooo to get Home after a hard Dav atthe office Mary Worth that s Verv a reassuring mrs. Worth letmea55ure you children that i Don t take Connie s objections seriously i do not believe Happy marriages Are the is however i am a practical person l and since Money the Lack of a prime cause of , i do wonder if two frequently unemployed actors Aren t taking quite. A Gamble i 5u5pect that your aunt s generosity about our toward you would a wonderful end rather beatle Baily Jhuri Ifil Juni 9, 1970 from the Puroll Righter Institute general tendencies your thinking is unstable today and you Are in the mood to break up a Good and beneficial situation now in effect for the unknown. Avoid the advice of Well meaning friends but rely on the sound thinking of a Wise and influential Man. Aries mar 21 to apr. 19 listen to a partner who wants to keep you from going off on some Tangent at the Price of neglecting important duties. Be Wise. Get Busy Early and achieve a great Deal. Be Happy with friends this evening. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 an unpleasant situation at Home can be settled quickly if you take care of financial matters promptly. Be diplomatic and All Straightens itself out quickly. Gemini May 21 to june 21 you can now find the right solution to present problems that have been troubling you for some time. Others will respect you More for your decisions. Dress just right to make the Best impression. Stop being so lackadaisical. Moon children june 22 to july 21 if you listen to the advice of an expert you find you Are Able to handle those problems that have seemed so difficult. Take care of duties for others although they May be Boring. Be gracious. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 if you listen to what Wise friends have to say instead of being so stubborn you get right results now. Use that smile More. Charming others will work wonders. Be Happy in the evening Virgo aug. 22 to sept 22 show you value the Friendship of others although they Are doing things you Don t particularly like. Be Wise and listen carefully to the advice of a prominent person. Show that you have real ability. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 although you feel friends Are asking too much of you Don t let them know it. Be gracious. Get out of that rut and do some tall thinking. Get those ideas that will help you to Advance. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 doing those things that gain approval of higher is Good mow and you get the right results. Be careful not to break any rules arid regulations that apply to you. Show that a person of Wisdom. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 Don t jeopardize Security to get into new ventures Little about or you get into trouble. Listening to suggestions of a Clever associate is Wise. Join forces enthusiastically. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 be conscientious in handling any duties with others and steer Clear of arguments. Get at that work ahead of you but with the approval of fellow workers. Be kind to mate in the evening instead of quarrelling. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 be objective and you can relieve those tensions now existing with associates. Don t make critical remarks. Be sure to encourage another person or there could be a serious Severance of connections. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 do something very charming for one who lives with you and gain favor with this person. Be careful during working hours or you May incur damages of All kinds. Be careful when you Are driving. If your child is born today. He or she will be one of those delightful people who is a bom trouble shooter. Teach this child not to be so forceful with others or there can be a Good Deal of trouble. Anything of a manual or sports nature is Fine As outlets for your most energetic child. Don t try to Force your own ideas on this youngster or you will get very Little response and even bad results. Give the right religious training the stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for dec Ember is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter. Forecast Florence morning news Box 629, Hollywood Calif 90028 contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker r in a Leklert Chumin Limmis l Maui East dealer. Both sides vulnerable. North 4q108 from the re wants a Complete sock Check in the officers Bap Sene Pau Hal track. So Vou to do a stupid thins like me meant Stock Check k73 West East 76132 495 v93 a Kussi k6 4aq5 q 10 5 2 South j109 aj9 the bidding East South West North pass 2 it pass 3 it opening Lead nine of hearts. Perhaps the most striking aspect of Sylvia s game was that so Many of her triumphs were the result of some Gross mis Conception of a principle she supposedly had assimilated. Sylvia never intentionally varied from what she understood to be the Correct bid or play. As a matter of fact she would Al most we openly follow her part Ner s suggestions even though it seemed to her that Many of the principles they vociferously espoused were in total conflict with one another. One Day Sylvia was playing As usual in the expert game at the club and became Declarer at three no Trump with the South hand. West had no really Clear Cut opening Lead and chose the nine of hearts in an Effort to find his partner s Long suit. East signalled enthusiastic approval with the six but Sylvia who had been told time and again of the Virtues and advantages of the hold up play at trick one followed suit with the seven this extraordinary play was but one More example of the lengths to which Sylvia would go to please her partners. West continued with a heart and Sylvia captured East s eight with the ten. When she now led the Jack of diamonds West won with the King and unable to return a heart shifted to a Low Spade. Sylvia won with the Ace and led another Dia mond. East took the Queen but was absolutely helpless. A heart return was obviously futile since Sylvia still had the a a so East returned a Spade. Sylvia won and played still another Diamond finally establishing Dummy s Long suit to produce nine tricks. Later analysis revealed that Sylvia would have gone Down had she won the opening heart Lead with the ten. East s hearts would have become established before Sylvia s diamonds and the contract would inevitably have failed. O 1970, Kins features Syndicate. Inc tomorrow the Cue bid. 4-9-70 crossword Puzzle across 29.bipt.tes 31. Mitt drink 6. Fencing Mfd b2.romintoiii 10. Glum 11. Unwind 36. Sun god 13.1m 37. Rubber 14. Beneficial 39. Pitfall 16. Card game 40. Lilt j8. Mellow a prayer bad 19. Exists lunch Waw 20. Old Nick 45. Bonder solution of Yak verday s Puzzuo 22. About a. First Man 23.footlikipirt 47. Toxic protein 2. Part of a Down Dynamo 26. Inferior rubber i. Bohemian 3. Negative 27. Sinister dance 4. Curved letter 31 of Mirt. Of 5. Shakespearean King 6. Break out 7. French delicacy cd Araette 10. Disarray 12. Rabies 15. Climbing Vine. Jawa vehicle 21. Nickel Symbol. 23, spiced beef 25.beginning 26. Assail with missiles 27. Attempted 28.loss of speech 30. Greek letter 32. Frighten 34. Black and Lustrous 35. Copycat 37. Part of the Eye 38. Rail Bird 41. Finale 42. Pilfer 46. Alternative i by or. Herbert Spaugh marriage to succeed Shouk be in divine partnership Man woman and god. Too few people entering into marriage particularly teenagers have any idea that marriage is All about. In Arade Magazine l1 o y c Shearer gave some advice to teenagers Don t get married. Teenage marriage in the . May prove workable in some cases but statistically it has the least Chance of Success. At least 50 per cent of All teenage marriages end in divorce or separation. An estimated 50 per cent of teenage marriages Are forced by the Bride s premarital pregnancy. Teenage brides who Are not pregnant at the time o marriage become p r e in a n i soon after. Teenagers who drop out of school for marriage rarely go Back. Most teenagers have no idea of what marriage is All in recent years the majority of Domestic cases which have come to me for counselling Lave been those who married As teenagers. Most of them Lave been married for several years but have experienced a progressive deterioration in All phases of marriage rela i o n s h i p s unfortunately children who did not ask to come into this world have been involved often. These marriages reflect failure in the Lomes from which they came. The Home which is to succeed and enjoy happiness must emphasize discipline Mutual respect and love. Recently Vangelist Billy Graham in his newspaper column answered this question will you please give us advice As to How to keep our three teenage boys from Drifting into in reply he. Said let me suggest certain Steps in their order with the understanding that in All of this problem you need god s help and guidance. First of All you Are in no Posi Tion to train your children right unless you yourselves have Given your hearts and lives to Chrisl. When you have done this you Are in a ask his help each Day and up y Tor your sons. Then As christians be sure that Christ is Given his rightful place in your Home. clues consistent on your part and daily study of the Bible and prayer. Have a Short time of Bible Reading and prayer together the first thing in the morning before you separate for he Day. Then make your Home , find of place your sons Joy bringing their friends finally remember that to u can reach out to your children through Earnest prayer for god o keep them from. _ will final discharge All parties interested lease take notice that Lewis executor of the estate of Alvie Luke Lewis deceased has this Day made application unto the court of of Florence county. For Inal discharge As such executor and that the 26th Day of june 1970, at 10 o clock a.m., is the time appointed fora tearing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county May 26, june 2, 9, 16 elect Patsy s. Stone judge of probate there is no substitute for experience paid pol. Adv. By Patsy s. Stone Mutt Jeff r Mutt i just saved a life 303 in fainted Bath and i pulled Csc citation notice the state of South Carolina county of Florence by Dorothy s. G r i m s 1 e a probate judge whereas Mary Helen Peterson made suit to me Grant her letters of administration of the estate and effects of Sam Peterson deceased these Are therefore to cite and admonish All and singular the Kindred and creditors of the said Sam Peterson deceased that they toe and appear before me in the court of probate to be held at Florence s. C. On june 24, next after publication Hereof at 11 o clock in the Forenoon to show cause if any they have Why the said administration should not be granted. Given under my hand this 8th Day of june Anno Domini 1970. Dorothy s. Grimsley probate judge june 9, Halo s they la do it every time All season Hooks hut spa has Beem pitches ill practically no hit Ball in the local league today a big league scout came to look him Over that s All brother

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