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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 9, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 4-a the Florence morning news Florence. 8. C thursday morning june Nome is Cone says he used to be a senator George e. Sokolsky we must Mot Deport chinese students Roscoe Drummond big thing is decision in Billy Graham s work one of the French protestant leaders asked to comment on the Billy Graham crusade going on in Paris said he was against the Public decisions for Christ. His opposition was entered around what he considered to be the dishonesty of the thing. He said he did t think some of the people were making sincere decisions and therefore the idea was dishonest. In t that taking rather a narrow View if the persons making the decision is being dishonest and is seeking Public acceptance rather than spiritual a Little More attention to the possible Good. Those who Are willing to stand up and make a decision for Christ at the invitation of or. Graham obviously feel something of the necessity and the plea sure of Affinity with the creator. Once having made his decision he can be considered a probable positive the ministers work ing after or. Graham offer some solid food to feed the spiritual hunger. Making a decision for Christ can not be considered improper. We need More people who Are willing to make a Krishna Menon in effect tells the United slates to Deport the chinese students who have come to the United states for their Edu cation and most of whom Are stuck Here because they cannot or will not return to China. No More brutal proposal has Ever been made to this country. At present there Are about chinese students in our colleges and who have completed their schooling and have no place to return to. Tension has been grow ing among them some have at tempted suicide. Overt communists among these students about 300 of them were deported at the outbreak of the korean War. The United states has a Long history of educational relations with China the first groups of students coming Here Between 1872 and 1875 under the charge of Yung Wing who was the first chinese to study in the United states. Yung Wing set up a Hostel for them in Hartford Connecticut with a Fine new England family. Among these students was or. T. T. Wang who graduated from Yale and was subsequently appointed commissioner in drainage of chinese six dents in the United states. Among the most distinguished to graduate University in the 1870 s the Tong Shao i who was the last Premier under the manchus and the first under the Republic of China. He was a Man of unusual attainments Loyal to his country throughout a very Long life and always faithful to the United states. In my Day in China memories lingered of these already Vener Bibl e mandarins Day Init on a base Ball team on tientsin. Well nig Ston Koo the current chinese ambassador to the United states stood High in his class at Columbia. After the Boxer rebellion the United states offered to use its share of the Boxer indemnity for educational purposes. Thousands of chinese Young men and women were sent to the United states to study in our colleges and universities. The total is probably w Hen they came Back to China they called returned Stu dents and this appellation remained with them for life. Many of them went into government ser vice and business and contributed much to Trilok country s develop Edward h. Sims ment under the difficult conditions of chinese life. The foreign ser vice of China employed a Large number of returned to Lune too few of them were in Gine Eire and scientists and too Many of them pursued the Liberal arts and International Law but on balance it can be said that they added much to the evolution of their country from an Oriental autocracy toward a democratic Republic. Or. C. T. Wang for instance wrote the finst Constitution of China modelled on1 the american Constitution. In the late 1920 a whatever Money was left Over from the Boxer indemnity funds which had been used for scholarships in american universities was used in China in College and universities there Many of which had been financed by american contributions to missionary organization. A very Lotge part of the foreign office staff for instance were graduates of St. John s University in Shanghai an Brisco Pajian school of High qualifications. The peking Union medical school an Enterprise of the Rockefeller foun Dation was the Foremost in Asia. Such colleges As Tsing Hua and Yale in China Are Well known in the United states. The list of american supported schools col Leges universities and other educational institutions is too Long to mention Here. It is proposed that the United states Deport chinese students to a narrow strip that is a no Man s land Between Hon Kong and red China. What becomes of these american trained chinese is not known. There have been some suicides in this country Over these deportations. If. Krishna Menon the anti american trouble maker who is sent by Nehru wherever he wishes to go to butt into other nations affaire has his Way the United states w81 Deport All of triese chinese students to the brutality of Mao Tze Tung. It is Thot any administration in this country can be so cynical so devoid of humanitarian feelings As to do anything of the sort. Both the state depart ment and the immigration service have denied intentions of whole Sale deportations. It is suggested that Chou in Lai will test our sincerity by the number of students we Send to his Purgatory. It would be preferable to be insincere. Put both candidates on same platform Washington vice president Richard Nixon has reached some original and arresting conclusions concerning the use of television in political campaigns. He is con Vinced that a food Deal of fresh thinking is needed if to is to continue to be an effective instrument of campaigning and As a be ginning he offers the following judgments that the set speech of a presidential nominee showing him on the television screen haranguing a big rally or snugly Reading his teleprompter in the studio is on the Way out. That performances won t any longer attract Good audiences or hold them. That Only a major presiden tial pronouncement or some very special circumstances As the build up which preceded his explanation of the Nixon fund in the 1954 Campaign will produce and sustain the interest of an adequate to audience in future campaigns. That political telecasts will have to be far better produced than in the past and that there will have to be some form of audience participation perhaps an adaptation of Secretary Dulles s recent for eign policy report to the president plus running comment and ques Union the problem is one Between him Public declaration that they want to be self and his god. On the lord s Side. Whether or not their if the protesting protestant minis Ter thinks that the decision to make a decision is based on logic fear or emotion in t the biggest consideration decision is prompted by emotion rather big thing is the decision. It s up to top court s decree was not expected than conviction he could borrow a Little Jesuit Cal logic. He can forget the Means that bring the Man to Christ and pay. The minister in the neighbourhood Church to convert this decision into a positive living driving Force. Conflicting statements unnecessary regrettable Christian science Monitor Secretary Wilson has come for Ward with his judgment on the one condition that counts militarily in to Day s Power struggle. The United states says he is maintaining military capability Superior to that of any Poten tial enemy that is an Over-a11 superiority not necessarily in any one weapon or class of weapons. And it is superiority measured by some balance Between Quality and Quantity. The Secretary might have been More specific. But nothing he could say would be More realistically meaningful. What is unfortunate is that there have been the inconsistent words and actions which made his statement imperative. A High ranking air Force Intelli gence officer said in a Public address a few Days ago the russian air Force is currently at least As Good As ours possibly whereupon the air Force chief of staff called this Asser Tion and air Secretary Talbott granted Surprise at Russia s Progress but insisted that american air Power is greater. Senator Stuart Symington former air Force Secretary at once renewed his demand for a con Gressional hearing on american versus russian air potential. This took place against a Back ground of the administration s propos ing one measure to provide a trained Rudy Reserve and another to Cut military manpower in the standing army Navy and marines but without making one accomplishment contingent upon the other. As things Reserve Bill is precariously pigeonholed and the administration left in the embarrassing position of supporting the manpower cuts notwithstanding. We have no reason to doubt that Secretary Wilson has stated correctly american Power versus that of any potential of the future of Tho ref Lorvi plan and the service cuts we cannot he no confident although no immediate crisis in threatened. It id the Ovi ont inability of Rexer Wishlo for defense to speak reasonably in con Cert and to evidence legislative As Well As military strategy that is regrettable. Regrettable because it causes confusion and jars also because it seems so unnecessary. It was a sunny Day in Washington a Day like one that would be ordered. The Day before had been memorial Day and washing ton had taken the Day off. A year ago in Washington the supreme court had ruled unanimously that segregation in the. Public schools was unconstitutional per be. This was another dispositions Day at the huge White Marble court a year after the now famous unconstitutional ruling. The monday before had come and gone with Many reporters expecting the top Crau to of the coun try to spell out in detail How integration was to be accomplished where the people did t want Inte Gration. But on that monday of the preceding week o ruling had been made. Reporters went Back to their offices with out a Story. On May 31, however things were to be different. At twelve noon the court convenes. The press Secretary arrives at his office at eleven. The press office is Down stairs from the court chamber and after a list of dispositions has been read copies Are Dis patched to the press room and re portions grab copies while they last. If the Case disposed of in t important the copies last. If it is a Case like the integration order the copies Don t last. It is that simple. At a Little after eleven o clock on the morning of tuesday May 31, press Secretary of the supreme court. Bert Whitti Wigton arrived in Lions in the presence of several members of the Cabinet. Or. Nixon is inclined to think that in Mure campaigns the nominees will have to take on unrehearsed off the Cut question ing if the candidates Are to get the voters in any Large numbers to Stop look and listen. This makes a Good Deal of sense. Unless or. Nixon s advice is heeded i suspect that set. Campaign speeches will attract smaller audiences than they did in 1952. Then television was still a relative nov Elty to Many millions of viewers. Novelty will no longer be enough. Political performances on to will need to have Pace movement and conflict. This is Why i am attracted to the suggestion recently made by or. Frank Stanton president of the Columbia broadcasting co. He says that lbs would provide free television time for a series of Lincoln Douglas Type of de Bates Between the two major 1956 presidential candidates if Congress would Amend the communications Law to make it possible. Or. Stanton s suggestion has two advantages. Its incidental advantages is that it would greatly reduce the costs of National campaigns by giving invaluable to time to both sides even As newspapers give thou Indi to a alumni it Ink its compelling advantage is Thi it would creat political telecast which would meet All of vice president Nixon s tests Pace movement and conflict. The Lincoln Douglas style of political debate would be Provler All the Way. Some of its special values would be it would galvanize Public inter est in the Campaign issues As Noth ing else could. It would clarify and Sharpen the significant differences Between nominees. It would Pul the presidential candidates on the screen simultaneously and would greatly assist the voters in appraising their rela Tive qualities and qualifications. It would enable conflicting Campaign arguments to catch up with each other much sooner and at once increase the Hazard and re Duce the temptation tote ply on exaggerated Campaign arguments. I can t say that All presidential nominees would like this Type of campaigning. I am sure All the voters would like it and i can t escape the conclusion that a Campaign ought to be geared for what s Good for the voters whether it is Good for the candidates or not. Copyright 1955, new York Herald Tribune inc Drew Pearson some aides wanted president to play hand in polio mess inconsistent Walterboro . Press and Standard a lengthy statement on the Marian cult in relation to the lordship of Christ and the Unity of the in which the roman Catholic Church is publicly condemned for its stand on this matter of the adoration of the Virgin Mother has been released in los Angeles by the 167th general Assembly of the Presby Terian Church in the United states of America. This Public critical stand received the Aat 1 a oui i. Null Tui Al a jul approval by voice vote of the 905 Lay i off co. Shortly before twelve delegates. We can see no Good result from this Public condemnation of another Church s belief and customs. How would the presbyterian Church react to a Public blast from the roman Catholic Church on any of its beliefs the fact that an individual Chulua a protestant Church As the one he wishes to unite with and to worship in is proof enough that he does not care of the tenets of another Church. It is in poor taste that this blast was Given publicity. It is one thing to hold to beliefs in one s own Church but it is another to focus Public attention toward the so called faults of another Church of different belief. And Aren t we guaranteed the free Dom of worship or the Freedom not to worship by our Constitution each As he sees fit and at the same time this general Assembly approved by a vote of four to one that women should be ordained is by this la flt Numpy notion it of Vint thru nor no. Ronal to Pelt. Several reporters had gathered and were talking to Whitti Affton. Is it coining they asked. I Don t think there la by any thing Whittington said. It did t look like the court was go ing to Down decisions on Many cases he added. Evidently had seen something. Ordinarily that would have been enough. This reporter though by Good Fortune decided to walk up stairs and look in for a moment or two anyhow. When seated in the press Tion it was obvious that nothing much was expected. The Section was not full like it had been the of the now famous unconstitutional decision. Chief Justice Warren was going through the monotonous routine of admitting individual lawyers to practice before the High court. In each Case a sponsoring at Torney propose lawyer seeking admission to the court. In each Case too the Ohio jus must reply to the sponsoring attorney. Warren was making Mon of for the court unit any n fee is Chad Lor admitting a lawyer to porn Rico in Foro the coi Irli. At lost fifty lawyers Woro Lunod up boor Al him. Last of to Tow we Only a moment. He reached Over and picked up a paper from has loft. He started to read it without any show of emotion. It was the or Der spelling out How the District Federal courts were to enforce the court s earlier edict Fiat segregation in the Public schools was in Costik seconal. It took a few min utes for reporters to realize what Warren was Reading. As he began he named the Par ties in each or five cases which had been brought before the court. When the South Carolina parties wore mentioned it did not fail to strike a chord of response in this reporter. Out came the Pencil and paper. From then on it was a race to keep up in modified Short hand with Warren. He read the unanimous final court order in about fifteen minutes. When word got around that the big news had come reporters streamed into the court chamber. Several wanted to know what War Ren had Saiid. But nobody told them. It was enough of a Job try ing to keep up wit i the shorthand and anyone who had been there from the first was t going to Stop lose some of what Warren was Sayi Rug and Brief a late Comer. It was t in the cards. The nine justices including the son of the one Justice who had decided against separate but equal schools in an 8-1 decision uphold ing segregation in 1896 who had just been appointed to the top court by Dwight Eisenhower the candidate of so Many conserva Tive southerners in filed that a prompt and reasonable Start toward Inte Gration must be immediately made. And among the nine were two southerners Hugo Black and Tom Clark. It was hard to believe it was unanimous again. Lesson in English by w. Gordon words often misused do not say each of the boys have their own say each sin Gular subject of the boys has his own often mispronounced Wagner German pronounce Vag Ner a As in a. Often miss filed chaos though pronounced Kay Oss. Synonyms wasteful extra in sent improvident Thrift less prodigal lavish. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by Masto Rizir one word each Day. To any s word Kera Phle angelic pronounce Serif la t. As in unstressed a As in Al accent Ond his dream was of moving Flo us Washington a the while House has been rocked by a Back stage Battle Over How far Ike should stick his nose into the polio mess. Some advisers anxious to use the president s prestige to quiet the polio Hullabaloo urged him to go on television to reassure the Public. Others advised him to keep his hands off the controversy to let his subordinates face the to cameras alone. What worries the politicians is that the voters May blame the administration for the polio deaths caused by contaminated vaccine. Busiest backstage figure in the polio crisis has been or. Chester Scott Keefer assistant Secretary of health education and welfare who was directly responsible for overseeing the program. New chairman of the president s advisory committee on polio he s squirming to get off the Hook. Keefer was originally planted with. H. E. W. By the american medi Cal association. A High powered Public relations expert Robert Kennedy was brought into h. E. W. To Whitewash the polio bungling. Cutter laboratories whose contaminated Salk serum caused most of the trouble was the Only pro Ducer which refused to build Spe Cial facilities to produce the vac Cine. Another polio vaccine which caused several polio deaths in 1934-35 tests practically stopped All research on polio immunizing agents for 10 years. Government doctors believe polio vaccine can be improved so it can be administered without painful injections. They believe the injection itself can cause associated paralysis by localizing All the polio virus in the body around the infection. What the doctors Hope to do is develop a serum that can be simply swabbed on the Throat. Adlai will run it was no Accident that a rash of stories came of of Washington and Chicago recently that Adlai Stevenson would definitely run again. As Early As april 20 this column quoted Adlai s son Harden that his father would run. But the recent rash came from Stevenson s Law partner and made it Clear that whether Eisenhower runs or not Stevenson will. Various other democratic Candi dates have been lying Low wait ing to see whether Ike would run. But Stevenson has decided not to wait. In the first place he does t think it s fair to the other democrats Many of whom As gov. Averell Ham Nan of new York and gov. Mennen Williams of Michigan Are close personal friends. Second he thinks it s Only fair to she democratic party to have its potential line up known Well in Advance so As to require no last minute Fence building As in 1932. Finally Stevenson tells friends quite frankly that he has a lot to learn. Despite his experience As governor of Illinois As Assis Tant to naval Secretary Frank Knox and his work in the state department he says he found he had a lot to learn during the 1952 Campaign. So lie s having sessions with close friends As Arthur Scheesinger of Harvard and sex sen. Bill Benton of Connecticut to get ready for 1956. Note most Democrat leaders figure Adlai will be hard to Stop for the democratic nomination that tile Only Man who might have a Chance to do so is senator Kefauver of Tennessee. Minks in reverse it has been kept under wraps but the Commerce department s new Deputy undersecretary Brig. Gen. Thomas b. Wilson has gone through the biggest government investigation since the Days Mink Coats deep freezes and five percenter. It was touched off by a Portu Niose firm called Atla Trca which threatened to bring sensational corruption charges against Wilson in connection with a Law suit. The company is suing the u. S. Government for cancelling a Tungsten contract. U. S. Government agents chased att Over Europe investigating the corruption charges. They finally dug up proof that tie whole Story was a fantastic blackmail plot and cleared Wilson s name in time for his promotion last month to Deputy undersecretary of Commerce. Here is the amazing inside Story Wilson was former u. S. Procurement chief in Europe at which time he was approached by two promoters who wanted to pounds of tongs in a year to the u. S. Strategic stockpile. The two International promoters William Graham and Lewis Gor Don claimed the Tungsten would come from a mine in Spain. Since Tungsten is vital to the production of Jet engines Wilson made a special inspection trip to Spain to size up tie mine and concluded it could t produce the promised Tungsten. He recommended against the Deal. In revenge Graham and Gor Don signed an affidavit charging that Wilson had met them in Madrid s moist escorial bar and had demanded a Cut from the contract. When All the juror and investigation was Over however the . Agents discovered that Wilson was a Bially Miles away from the Mon pcs trial bar getting a suit tailored. They also disco edited that Gordon himself who said he d had a conversation in the bar was actually playing chess several blocks from the bar at the time he was sup posed to be talking to Wilson in the bar. Tiie Dincher however was a recorded conversation tic agents picked up Over a secret Mike in Gordon s room in the Cumberland hotel in London. This column has been Able to obtain this conversation. It shows that a mysterious spaniard named Rafael Duran stopped in to see Gordon. They talked about Black mailing general Wilson and double crossing Gordon s partner Gra Ham. Billy Graham 14 is Little Young for getting married question i am in love with a boy of and he says he loves me. I am Only h and my parents Don t approve of my keen ing company with him. Tills any Lias been married having two children aged 2 and 5. Docs that affect our Romance in any Way answer i am sure you Are far too Young to think about get Ting married As yet. In five or six years time maybe yes. But to contemplate marriage at the age of 14 to a Man ten years your senior and with two Chil Dren on his hands is in my Opin Ion out of the question. You say you arc in love with this Man. I feel sure in actual fact it is no More than a passing . You say he loves you. In that Case he would not dream of involving you in a marriage of this kind for several years to come. Such a Stop would not work out happily for you nor would it he fair to the Young children who arc. Inch on important Factor in this Case. You will he Wise to Lisle a in your in reels advice and to break off with this boy get your mind in in wort of things a healthy girl of 14 ought to be thinking about. Study hard and get plenty of recreation. Mix with other Young people of your own age. Find time for useful Hob Bies and other interests. Above All gel into the full life of a Church where you can find the sort of Fellowship you need and grow up to love and serve the there will be plenty of time for Romance later on. Suggested that the in Crimin arting affidavit might be sold to Wilson himself who might pay blackmail Money to spare himself Ebarra Ament. And the general won t to the spaniard asked Gordon referring to Wilson. If he thinks his position is Strong he wont replied Gordon. You go see Wilson suggested Duran. Do you realize though your partner Graham might kill you if he discovers your re dealing with Well that s the retorted Gordon. That is the amazing secret tape recording secured by u. S. Government agents who were Given the Job of Clearing up the charges brought against the Deputy under Secretary of Commerce. Confronted with the recorded conversation Gordon inter on fessed that the charges against Wilson had been part of a Black mail attempt Tims government sleuths proved their Man was innocent instead of guilty. Copy right 1055, the Bell Jack o Down executive editor the Florence Mol do news desires to be notified promptly of errors to any to Utt noorts entered a second cd Hurt matter at the Post office at Florence ., under act of March 2, member of t he Assoc lated press audit of circulations ant Southern newspaper publishers association the Assoc Ali a press is entitled exclusively to the use for publication 01 ail the local news printed in this newspaper. All carriers Are Independent and the Florence Morenz Newa will not responsible for Advance payments unless made at the office the Florence moral no subscription rates 1 week 1 month 2 month a Mon set j Cluj delivery 45 by mall to by . Florence j8 by mull file whore to 41.10 Jutte for on Hurt tour cry by Dun by mull Thi met m by Mill in Kuril my.

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