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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 8, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFlorence farm notes county agent the monthly graded feeder pig Sale jul be held on tuesday of this week. Sale time is 3 . At the Darlington auction Market located just off the Darlington Hartsville Highway about two. Miles from Darlington approximately pigs from pee Dee farms will be offered at this Sale. They will weigh from 40 to 125 pounds each and will be sold in lots according to Grade and weight. These pigs will be brought in from farms in the pee Dee area beginning at 6 . On this Date and will be graded weighed and penned for the Sale. All pigs will have inspected on the farm by a representative of the county agents office and also an insect or from the state veterinarian s office to determine the health condition of the pigs. Farmers interested in the hog business Are invited to attend especially those who May be interested in Myrchas a animals to put on feed in their feeding floors or lots. Pork-0-Rama As a Salute to the Swine Industry in South Carolina a special event called "pork-0 Rama has been scheduled for june 17. This event will take place at the state fairs rounds in Columbia and Fiat Antt morning 8rma monday june 8, Wos a us a reflects plight of Rural poor in s. A will feature 001 is land ing speakers interested in the Swine Industry and also exhibits which should be of in Terest to hog Farmers All Over South Carolina. Copies of programs Are available at the county agents office and we would especially like to see a Large turnout from Flornece county. It is believed that those who attend will find the Day Well worthwhile being both interesting and informative. It is necessary that pre registration be made in order to prepare for the Stag luncheon that is to be held. Tickets Are available from the Florence county agents office at each and anyone planning to attend is urged to pet his ticket and let us know prior to june 15. Cotton insect control the Cotton crop in Florence county seems to be off to a Good Start. Most Farmers have Ood stands and the crop is beginning to grow rapidly. Insect control is an important phase in the tota1 production picture of Cottun. It cannot be overlooked in the production of High profitable yields. Growers who Check their Cotton Fields regularly to determine the degree of in sect infestation can apply chemicals for insect control As needed. Those who do not by Don Kendall a farm writer Washington a the agriculture department has compiled a report on living conditions in the Ozark areas of Missouri Arkansas and Oklahoma which reflects the plight of Rural poor people throughout the country. Broadly the report Palms a picture of Low income families most of them White headed by aging poorly educated and frequently disabled men and women. The report was compiled by the department s economic re search service based on House holds and incomes in 1965. The Survey covered House holds of which one fourth were classified As deprived in terms of social and economic standards. Some of the findings income was less than the poverty level of j3.000 a year in 44 per cent of the Homes. Than half the Heads of households were 55 or Over 34 per cent were older than 65. Age increased so did the degree of poverty or deprivation. More than half the 353 per sons in charge of households since taste tempting Dairy pro third to of the Heads of ducts furnish w Al c o m e d families. Refreshments on sultry summer j economists Herbert Hoover say goodbye to Rusty get yourself a rust Buster Kaiser aluminium roofing c siding twin-rib9 wore affordable than rust because it won t need paining. Wih keep buildings up to cooler in summer warmer in Winter. Now is the time to buy to take advantage of our Carload savings Florence pc service Center West Darlington Street phone 662-5192 seen along the Roadside by la. Hamilton Clemson College Extension information service Clemson want to Plant your Garden by direct seeding there Are definite advantages especially for fall vegetable gardens says a Clemson e x ten s i on Horticulturist. Tomatoes peppers and most Cole crops Are traditionally seeded in col frames and later transplanted to the says Dan 0. Ezell. But it s an unnecessary step with fall the Horticulturist believes seeding directly in the Row gives you stronger plants and higher yields tomatoes or peppers that Are seeded directly in the now will put Down a tap Root. Check Fields regularly should adopt a regular schedule and remain on it until the bolls Are mature. It should not be difficult to see that the latter method will probably Cost More to the Farmer. 1970 Cotton insect control recommendations Are off the press and available from our office. This information card lists the recommended insecticides and rates that should be used for the Vartous Cotton growers May pick up their copy or request one by mail or Telephone. This extends the Plant s feeding there Are disadvantages too you la need to manage the Small tender seedlings in the harsh outdoor environment but this can be said Ezell. He suggests planting a bean with each Hilldrop. This will Mark the Hill. When the tomatoes Are identified and thinned you can snip off the bean. When do you begin direct seeding of fall gardens for tomatoes and peppers planting the first part of june is Best. Put three or four seed to a Hill then later thin to the strongest advised Ezell. About the Middle of june gardeners in the Piedmont can begin direct seedling Cole crops such As cowards Brussel sprouts chinese cab Bage and cauliflower. Gardeners in tha coastal Region should wait until mid july. Broccoli and cabbage can also be direct seeded of the same dates. Lettuce should be direct seeded about August 1 anywhere in the state. You can direct seed beets anytime during july. Ezell believes transplanting fall vegetable crops is a carryover from Spring planting methods which employ the col Frame to grow plants while the weather is still cold but there s no reason Why we can t eliminate the step with fall some College grads to be drafted Washington a some i through the end of May it had of this month s new col-1 drafted ass than the Pentagon had asked for classed As deprived were 65 or older. Of age female Heads of households generally had the lowest incomes 17 per cent of the the entire Survey were headed by women and 82 per cent of these had in Dairy month is observed during june Columbia the month of june heralds both the beginning conies of less than nonwhites made up Only 5 per cent of the families studied but 64 per cent of these had incomes of less than compared with 43 per cent for White families. Fifteen per cent of the non negroes in Arkansas and indians in okla incomes of less centers in the United states have caused a net migration from the ozarks area a Situa Tion which prevails in most Rural areas. Low incomes have become a Way of life for Many inhabitants of the largely Rural ozarks re they said. They have Long had to make substantial physical and human resource than compared with 7 per cent for White households. The problem of elderly Rural the relatively Low level of people was cited last week in formal education among Ozark Senate testimony by David a breadwinners is another serious the report said. Nearly 60 per cent of the fam ily Heads had eight years or less of schooling. The report stopped Short of recommending sweeping poli cies or programs aimed at alleviating Rural poverty. It did Phatel acting director of the re. Ral housing Alliance. Raphael told the committee on aging though we have had special housing programs for senior citizens for Many years the Public As a whole and Many people whose positions give them re of a Long hot summer and the j however caution against responsibility for serving the Start of june Dairy month. Lying heavily on industrialize needs of the Rural elderly Are they compliment each other Tion As a remedy because advanced age is a fact for one still not aware of these existing there Are elderly people in Rural areas who have used up their lifetime savings and Are. Changes in the economic Struc Ture of the nation s agriculture and the dominance of major labor markets in a few Urban Days Industry leaders say. June has been celebrated As Dairy month since 1939 when a National Campaign was based promoting Dairy products which were in plentiful Supply at that time. Our modern efficient Dairy Industry now offers us these healthy food products the year said South Carolina commissioner of agriculture William l. Harrelson. The dedicated Dairy Farmers of our state and nation Are on the Job seven Days a week to bring milk and other Dairy products to our table at the highest level of the South Carolina Dairy Industry is a valuable part of the Agri business Industry in the Palmetto state providing both food and jobs for citizens of the state. Dairy foods Are among the most versatile and varied that we stressed Harrelson. Milk of course is number one. Ice Cream is High in popularity As Well As butter and the different kinds of cheese. Dairy foods have an unlimited usage for our daily eating enjoyment. We in the South Carolina department of agriculture Are proud to work with the Dairy Industry in this state for the health and Well being of our citizens. We fully he concluded the importance of this segment of our land Bernal l. Green to maintain their Mort Gage payments pay their Ever rising taxes or make essential repairs to their Raphael said. Do you know that Pythion Premium Grade in a 57% e. C. Formulation controls Cotton aphids Weevils Perforator fall armyworms Flea hoppers leafhoppers and thrips effective control of All these insects at Only pints per acre. A Pythion formulation is the preferred material when effectiveness and minimum Hazard to Man and the surrounding areas Are prime considerations. Order Jour by thigh malathion formic latin today from pc service stores and dealer agents seaweed coffe Weed big trouble at Harvest time in soybeans unless you use. Dusom Clorox Lintron Weed killer plus surfactant As a directed Post emergence Spray a single Spray does this Job. Cleans up big problem weeds like Cocklebur seaweed and coffe Weed. Costs As Little As per acre band the payoff bigger yields faster and cleaner harvests. So us today Southern agricultural chemicals inc. Kingstree South Carolina phone 803-354-6111 trouble planning their next soon be drafted. The selective service system which fell men Short of Pentagon manpower demands while waiting for College graduates to become available is now about to make up for lost time. For about Young men graduating now their number is already up and they will be among the first called to fill the backlog As Well As the new Calls Over the next several Konttis. Perhaps or take several thousand Accord ing to Pentagon probably follow Basic training by the end of the year. Draft regulations provide for a variety of deferments apart from student deferments a Man holding a no student example be cause of medical disability 01 family continue to hold it regardless of whether he also becomes a student or a graduate. But a student deferred Only for the purpose of studying loses that deferment when he graduates. National Headquarters of the selective service system Esti note some College men will have lost their eligibility for month and last. Some will be eligible for other deferments but about will reclassified 1-a, meaning available for military service. Just How fast they Are reclassified depends on their local draft boards. Some boards re quire student deferments to expire in june others allow them to expire in september. Whether and when these men Are drafted depends on their standing in the lottery held last december. In that lottery All men from 19 to 26 years old were assigned numbers from 1 to 366, corresponding to tie order in which their birthdays were drawn from a big Glass Jar since then selective service has been drafting men by the number first among those in 1-a category. Calling lottery numbers 1 j through 145. Men who now lose deferments become subject to the draft on the basis of this same lottery each month local draft boards search their records for Low numbered men who have recently become available. Selective service statistics indicate that about of the May and june graduates due for 1-a status hold lottery num Bers below 145. Thus they will be among the first drafted in the future but j selective service figures that about half of them will be Dis j qualified for military service for i medical or other reasons. So about will actually be drafted under lottery num Bers already called. For thousands of others the for a fast feed Supply. Supplement your pastures with ffr-66 it s the High yielding forage sorghum rated tops in its class at n. C. State Clemson universities. Seed 35 to 40 pounds per acre solid drilled or 3g pounds in 20" rows with 600 to 800 pounds of fax 6-12-12 fertilizer per acre and you re on your Way to a summer forage feast for your livestock. They refuse to estimate officially How High the numbers fast starting will go for the entire year but in fact they have told draft Fine stemmed. Has High Leaf to Stem ratio boards not to bother giving physical examinations to men with numbers above 215. Re grows fast after grazing or Harvest maintains High production late into season when most other varieties have reduced output yields up to 5 tons per acre end adv. Aims mon., june 8 Plant ffr-66 for Green chop silage Hay haulage too. See us for seed management tips now. Key question is How much higher will the lottery numbers go draft officials have already ordered Calls up to no. 170 for june. Florence airlines to Charlotte from Charlotte . Sex. Sat., Sun. P. M. Mon. A Fri. Only . Is. Sot. A. M. Sex. Sat., Sun. 1.00 t. M. Mon. T Fri. Only 6 p. M. Sex. 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