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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaSukarno observes birthday Jakarta Indonesia a former president Sukarno bedridden by falling health celebrated his two birthday Satur Day comforted by his second wife two his daughters and his two sons in the mansion where he is kept a virtual Pris Oner. Only a handful dose rela Tives were permitted by Mili tary authorities to visit him. They say Sukarno needs much the sex president weak his face puffed and Pale was car ried by Burly attendants to a sofa in the sunlit lounge the mansion where he is under con Stant medical care. There she chatted in a hoarse whisper with his wife Martini and his two married daughters Ruch a wait his favorite and Mega Wati. He talked briefly about cambodian situation and re marked sadly about Prince no rod6m Sihanouk s ouster. Just like he said refer ring the similarities in the ousting Sihanouk by the army and politicians and his own fal from Power after the upheaval 1965. Sukarno questioned his Daugh ters about the cambodian Situa. Tion and said that he knew Well Gen. Lon nol who ousted Sihan Ouk. He is the quiet he told them. Just like Gen. Suharto is the army Strong Man who eased Sukarno out Power and succeeded him As Indonesia s president. That he is not allowed to take his weekly drive around Jakarta any More and grumbled about his Strid confinement in the rambling mansion Jakarta s outskirts. They will hot even let him walk around the Garden any a family source said. Sukarno a health has been failing in the last few months news analysis Slat Antt burning sunday june 7, to 7-0 by Promise bolsters cambodian government by John t. Wheeler associated press writer cambodia1 is under pressure Only 35 Miles i West pin Oppenh. I fall District capitals Are now so common they Barel in High command phenom penh a has been irate staggered by a series Long attacks the military by a the most spectacular front but it scored the Diplo attacks last week were those Matic front saturday a battalion Headquarters at be vice president Nguyen Cao to Only it Miles Southeast and the former president Trou bled by a worsening kidney ail ment and virtually crippled cannot move around without help. His legs apparently Are powerless. But family sources said one reason for the tightening upon Sukarno s movements was that military authorities were an gered when he was photo graphed walking the Lawn the House some time ago. The military is keeping Sukar no out sight and away from the him. Even the family had to get special permission from the Mil itary to visit him saturday. An informed source close to the family commented i think the army fears Sukarno still has some influence particularly in Java and his appearance May unset the stability won with difficulty by the reunion was marred Only by the failure Sukarno s for Mer first Fife Fatma Wati the Mother the two girls to a near. She is reported to resent Martini. Plane car Highway aircraft corp., Lakewood colo., Hopes to interest one the nation s big Auto producers in this new Model. Cruising Speed is 70 . With 40 Miles to the gallon. Top Speed for the three Wheeler is 110-120 . No Price tag production Date for the aircraft styled car has been set. Model Vick Melvin does not go with the car gents. A news analysis hew hew chief will inherit confused troubled Agency by g. C. Thelen . Associated press writer Washington a Eliot Richardson will inherit a huge Complex and troubled depart ment health education and welfare when he succeeds Rob Ert h. Finch As Secretary. But two its key agencies appear to be erasing recent reputations As administrative disaster areas for the Nixon administration. Successful image mending efforts by the office civil rights and the food and drug administration Are viewed As hopeful signs for Richardson who takes Over As soon As he is confirmed by the Senate and Finch moves to the White House As a top Echelon adviser to president Nixon. But Richardson now under Secretary state stil have plenty notably continued even heightened internal turmoil in he health and education arms the department. Only the welfare segment he Mammoth department has remained rela ively free upheaval in months. Hew often called the domes in Pentagon has a budget and a plethora Ai programs and regulatory Active ies affecting almost every face . Life. Two Finch s new appointees . Charles c. Edwards he Fra and j. Stanley Pottish Ger at the civil rights office Lave turned around their once dispirited agencies knowledge Able administration men say. Edwards s formula has been ast vigorous decision making recently expedited approval the drug a Dopa for Knock Heads together to get his Way. No one can a for not making decisions the past four five he said in an interview indecisiveness was a common complaint administration officials about Edwards predecessor . Herbert l. Ley . Edwards concedes that his charge ahead technique has run him aground several times in Finch s office. For example is proposal a detailed warning to Consumers about dangers attendant with the use Oral contraceptives was watered Down by the Secretary s aide. Edwards also faces Sharp treatment Parkinson s Dis willingness to Nixon family Marks graduations at Retreat Washington a the. President and mrs. Nixon flew to their Camp David Retreat near Thurmont md., saturday for a family party to celebrate the College graduations daughter Julie and her husband David Eisenhower. The presidential helicopter left the White House at . Not. Accompanying the Nix bus were daughter Tricia Florida neighbor c. G. Bebe Rebozo and Rose Woods the chief executive s personal Secretary. Planning to join them at Camp David for an evening party were Mamie Eisenhower widow Dwight d. Eisenhower and Julie and David Eisen Hower. They spent the afternoon at Westtown pa., to witness the High school graduation David s sister Susan. David has completed his undergraduate studies at Amert College Amherst mass., and Julie hers at Smith College Northampton mass. Neither at tended the commence Meri exercises and the family reunion was arranged As a substitute. Also arriving by automobile for the family festivities were Susan Eisenhower and her parents ambassador to Belgium and mrs. John s. Eisenhower . Milton Eisenhower the late president s brother . And mrs. George Horkan jr., David s godparents Middleburg va., and presidential physician . Walter Tkach and mrs. Tkach. The Celebration had been scheduled As a Patio party but it was foggy raining and cold at Camp David. The weather forced the president s helicopter to land at the baseball Field in Thurmont rather than at the Retreat about seven Miles away in the mountains. There was no explanation Why John was included but it was presumed this referred to the fact saturday was the 26th anniversary John s. Eisen Hower s graduation from the . Military Academy at West Point. It also was the 26th anniversary the Allied Landing in Normandy in world War ii which was led by then Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower. From two congressional commit tees critical both his speedy techniques and the Content some his decisions. Pottinger has gained the Confidence his civil rights staf with vigorous initial actions to wards ending most formal segregated school systems i the South by this fall. The pried Shriver indicates he decide soon Maryland race Charleston w. A. A r. Sargent Shriver said sat urday he would probably make officials say Allen squandered a final decision next week Bis remaining influence at the whether to run for governor in White House when he denounced Maryland the Cambodia incursion at an afternoon news Confer simmering discontent among a enc Tvan 1 to Arrivi .1 government doctors flared last by South Vietnam pledged before his departure for Saigon that South vietnamese troops would not abandon the govern ment Premier Lon nol an in formed source said. Although no military phenom penh and the thus near the famous City ruined temples angkor wat 185 Miles ment was signed by s two Day visit a senior member his delegation said major Assur ances had been Given indefinite military support for Cam Bodia. By also told reporters that ancient animosities be tween the two countries was a thing the past and South Viet Nam had no territorial ambitions in Cambodia. The source who is close to by added even if the Ameri cans told us to get out we would ignore Washington. We will Send troops to defend Phum penh if necessary we will not leave Cambodia until we Are certain Cambodia no can prevent the re establish Iso Turnoy. Ment North vietnamese and Northwest the cambodian capital. The report the attack siem reap just South angkor agree wat startled phenom penh. No one expected an attack so far West the to Chi Minh Supply Trail in Eastern Cambodia yet military intelligence Soures have been reporting for several Days that there was a Strong Westward movement by forces the communist com Mand. There has been Specula Tion that the enemy intends to set up major bases in the ele Phant Range about 75 Miles West phenom penh. Viet Cong bases. Speaker at the West Virginia democratic party s annual Jef la communist Cambodia week when . Stanley f. Ferson Jackson Day dinner the would be impossible for us. This Yolles departed under fire As former . Ambassador to head the National Institute i France said he had no specific mental health with a broadside against the administration. Federal doctors Are troubled by what they regard As the Low priority for health programs at the White House unnecessary political screening for prospective advisory and operating officials and vacillating leadership from . Roger 0. Egeberg assistant Secretary for health and what to Pur when asked if he would run for the governor Maryland where he would face a Strong democratic incumbent gov. Marvin Mandel Shriver bonded. I Haven s made any final decision but i probably will next Shriver also declined to say is one thing we cannot even with full South Viet namese support Cambodia seems to be in More military trouble now than at any time since the .-South vietnamese incursions into Cambodia a month ago. Florence morning news for clone fled am Coll um771 let Ween and . Deadlines classified ads for tuesday through saturday must be in our office by 4 the Day before publican. For sunday 10 . Saturdays for monday 11 classified display copy must be received by 4 . Two Days before Publica Tion sunday copy by 4 . Thursday monday copy by 4 . Friday. Copy re Quiring proof must be in the Offler three Days before publication. Cancellations if it is necessary to cancel an and began expiration the advertiser will be charged Only for the Days which the Adap pears and. The rate earned. All cancellations must be received by 4 the Day before publication and 11 . Satur. Day for sunday and monday. Cancellation accepted Only by personnel the classified department. Res-1 at first the enemy forces i seemed capable launching 3 classified rates scientific affairs. Young californian a 61 desegregation plan from 200 hard Core holdout districts since taking Over thre months ago. Pottinger inherited a staff de voted to the former civil right chief Leon e. Panetta an. Sceptical any successor. A was reportedly forced by the White House because his hard hitting methods. Some 125, one third the civil rights staff dispatched a letter to Nixon protesting Panetta s ouster. We be doubts about said one Pottin Ger s staffers he s committed and in Many ways he s like ,eon." the situation is less Rosy at he office education and in he health establishment. James e. Allen jr., the Educa commissioner has More Han a dozen key management Obs still vacant tile morale ederal educators is Low because hey believe the White House is passing them in the formula Ion key school decisions and prospects Are dim for any Siz table budget increases for fledging Aid programs. Furthermore administration computer balks vote count i an invitation to head a new National Council for congressional leadership a proposed citizens group that would spearhead fund raising efforts for congressional democratic candidates. Only scattered attacks with no major follow through punch As they reorganized after being pushed from bases in Eastern lie is ready to accept Cambodia by the allies. Now enemy attacks Are com ing from nearly All Points the Compass. One provincial capital in Northeast Cambodia fell last week a second is under heavy attack to the North and a third Fresno Calif. A a sheriff s guard is at the door and five exhausted technicians at work. But a computer refuses to count even one vote from last tuesday s California primary election. 34 indians arrested in dispute Over land it going the million computer Clacks stutters and Falls silent when called upon to sort Fresno county s primary election big Bend Calif. A i a dispute Over ancient Triba lands 34 pit Kiver indians am their supporters were arrested from new Mexico to an Indian Camp at hat Creek about 40 Miles Southeast big Bend. The indians seized the saturday by 80 officers who fion facility Early Friday morn raided a private Campground ing after barricades and riot votes. For example technicians got. It started saturday and fed in some punch cards. But the com the indians had seized. Ready marshals and rangers Puter just coughed up one Good after another and was shut Down. Officials say the trouble is in program mag the electronic Irain. Unless the computer has faultless preparation detailed instruction in language it can understand the machine be a los Angeles spokesman for tie Bank America exclaimed we re very Happy that the Bank was saved. The Bank had been forced to lose 4% hours Early Friday aft r a group students burned stationery and smoked cigars and cigarettes inside the Bank Tony apparently came from a ally at which a Small wooden Nodel the Bank had been turned in effigy. We knew what was Aid Duprey. We got the indians were hauled by turned them away from Lassen is to Shasta county jail in National Park sparsely Redding and booked for led northeastern California ration tips passing a spokesman said the gation trespassing. Was based primarily they were among a group h desire to protect employ Naif 195 Man and null. R lines i Days 75c 96c 1.20 1.44 1.68 1.92 2.16 3 Days 1.80 2.40 3.00 3.60 4.20 4.80 5.40 5 Days 2.60 3.60 4.so 5.40 6.30 7.20 7 Days 3.36 4.48 5.60 6.72 7.84 8.96 8.10 10.08 Mim mum charge 3 Lings. All ads must run consecutive Days without change copy to earn the Law rates above. Ads ordered for non consecutive Days Are charged at the one Day rate. Box number charge errors errors should be Repi immediately. We Only assume responsibility Tor one time. Custom i real estate 1. Homes for Sale looking for a Complete real estate service consult Aiken co. Sales rental mortgage Loans insurance. By owner Lee acres three bedroom Brick veneer. Fenced Back Yard. 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Some beak this Pelican noting around the London zoo hat quite a fish Catcher there. Actually he s not out looking for a catch but sunning himself in the warm son. A Sant a Barbara Calif. A the dozen Young people building was locked arms the Steps the reconstructed Bank Ameri four Days building and stood their ground. An angry mob about other youths boiled up to wards them. Go ahead and Burn the Bank. I m standing cried a 5 foot-1 blonde named Terri. She Struc Tio n. Was one the three women j defensive line during the confrontation the Bank Steps late Friday and Early saturday radicals pushing and shoving against defensive line and tossing occasional bottles and rocks the mob 300 youths yelled for the guards to Bank s unofficial move aside. But the line held partly one Radical muttered because we really Don t want to beat up Burn up our Brothers and Sis ters it was the same site where a student Kevin Moran 22, died apparently trying to protect the Bank from being burned during a confrontation in april. A Coro Ner s inquest ruled that he had been killed when an officer s gun accidentally fired. Nal Bank burning. Gat the police and where in sight. Micals and id occupied Cabins in Gas electric Camp pit. There Nee. An identified Aspe daughter Jim Thorpe a resistance and the police bus. Screamed we arrested. This is i they Are arrested included an one from ram be and two from Blish ment new spa tribe. Those jailed were Myers the hog Une a hippie the pit River tribe number no about is laying claim to lands in Shasta Lassen and Modoc counties which the Indian claims commission has said was taken illegally from he indians during the California Gold Nish in 1853. The government claims that be tribe agreed to give up rights to the lands in return for s share a million settlement for 64 million acres former Indian lands. The Money now increased to 35 million with interest is still unpaid because delays involved in verifying claims some persons who claim to be indians More than one barter Crestview subdivision equity and assume payments less than per month this three bedroom Vuk Bath Brick veneer Home. Convenient to Mercury motors. Calcutt Harrell realtors new three bedroom two Bath air conditioned Homes. Separate dining and Dens. Enclosed garages. Barnwell co., 662-4339. Virginia acres three bedroom Baths foyer Large Den Kitchen Carport. Low interest a loan. Barnwell co. 662-4339. Glencove subdivision equity and assume payments less than per month this three bedroom two Bath Brick veneer Home. Features electric heat built in stove Carport and storage. Calcutt Harrell realtors room House for Sale. 208 Keith Street Timmonsville 346-7482. Owner three bedrooms two full Baths. Den. Fully carpeted. Fenced Yard. Custom draperies. Call 662-9404 after 6. Company realtor assume 808 fiesta Lane -3 bedrooms 1% Baths built ins in Kitchen. Equity per month. A loan. Shown by appointment Only. Call 669-5122. Ance Arbar lessor the Bank destroyed in a ast feb. 25 during demonstrations he nearby Campus Rosity California Bara. The current a Bungalow Prefa etude has been re atoned since it con the Bank Amer ared they won t be Ito leaving despite pleasure with its Sla Vista the mile Unity Adja diversity. Y night and Satur the youths again Bank in what they Ion in the Wake Ara county grand ends for the Origi Ling. Out a in the mob yelled dozen defenders. Deputies were not. Is standing guard cers to stay away Ould Block the Rad Cool the a Bank themselves. Most Are members the Isla Vista Community Council a grassroots organization formed by student residents to seek an end to violence in the town. The mob pitched a half dozen rocks and bottles at the 12. A Road flare soared past them and smashed the Bank s plate Glass front doors. Another flare landed the roof. Both did Only slight damage. We could have been killed i said Richard Duprey a student who led the dozen defenders it was pretty risky i the 29-year-old Duprey told a newsman. But we did what we thought we could do Cool the sit. Nation. If the cops had gone in there would have been bloody we re just glad nobody got said a sheriffs sergeant. We really wanted to go in there and break up that mob. But we did t want to turn things into a riot. We played along with the Community the sergeant traditional Brick Cedar shakes. Three bedrooms two Baths. Corner lot at Sandhurst and Westmoreland. Financing available. Per month includes principal interest taxes and insurance. Pay equity and assume this Low 5% per cent loan 6 year old Wick Home at 109 honeysuckle Lane Quinby estates East. 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