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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaTo sunday Jum 7, 1970 a tour floor plug or inn Waif official registration figures there s qualified voters in 6th District by Carl Reynolds Moraig news staff writer Aloag with the weather politics is warming up with voters who could cast ballots breakfast club sets area meet Timmonsville the Carolina breakfast club will Fly into Timmonsville sunday morning for a meeting at the Sheraton Motel on the Florence Highway. The club meets every two weeks somewhere in the Carolinas. Two weeks ago they met at Hilton head Island. The club consists of pilots from All walks of life. This club was founded in 1938, according to m. B. Huggins owner of the Timmonsville Airport. In tuesday s primary. But the number includes the democratic primary elections slated for tuesday. A variety of candidates ranging downwards from t h e congressional race to county positions will be up for pick Ings on june 9. The sixth congressional District which includes nine counties in the greater pee Dee area currently has qualified registered greater Florence area precincts allowing for a As Well As democrats and it is unlikely that the District s voter turn out will be anywhere near the number of registered voters. Street talk about politics is picking up in its Tempo and most citizens especially candidates incumbents and Campaign workers Are expressing interests in the latest figures of the voter registrations not Only for their county in general terms but specifically within their voting precincts. On the sixth congressional District level however the registered voters officially and currently on record is broken Down by races As White negro Indian 29 and Oriental 1. Florence county this year underwent a major revision in the zone lines of the creating several new More equitable distribution of population for voting purposes and vote counting. For that reason Florence county s figures Are included in greater detail than those of the other eight counties in the sixth District. Based on statistics gleaned from voter registration records this is the sixth District s registration picture by county and by racial breakdowns within each county s precincts Florence county voter registration stands at by races the breakdown is White negro and Indian 1. The county precinct voter registration figures contained in this report Are based on the corrected data compiled by the state s Central voter registration computer office in Columbia. The figures reflect the number of registered voters one county w another As Well rights for reasons of con As of the. Closing of registry As from out of state. It also fictions of felonious crimes. Deletes persons who have been listed As deceased by vital statistics records and persons who have lost voting Tion books on Hay 8. The lists have been corrected As to transfers from one precinct to another or from the report shown below by precincts is the latest tabulations on voter registration statistics. Mini Park site Florence mayor David Mcleod looks Over new site for a mini Park at the Corner of Roosevelt and Harrell streets with officials of the Florence county. Council on human relations. Mrs. Thelma Brown Center leased the lot to the City for a year. Mrs. Brawn is a member of the Council. Mrs. Melba Sprague right president of the Council said the City will equip the Park which will be operated by the City recreation department. The Park will be for pre school children mrs. Sprague said. Following is the figures for each area precinct Florence s voting precincts by race an school. Totals Are Florence no i White 727 negro 155. Voting of Florence s. C. A credit Union building. Florence no. 2 White ill negro 643. Voting at Harllee school. No. 3 White 279 negro 903. Voting at National guard armory on West Evans Street. Florence no. I White 925 negro 14. Voting at Mckenzie school. Florence no. S White 62 negro none. Voting at health department Center on West Evans Street. Florence no. 4 White 714 negro 3. Voting at Royal school. Florence no. 7 Wylte 91 negro 1, at Moore Junior High voting school. Florence no. 8 White negro none. 1 voting at Briggs school. Florence no. 9 White 25 negro voting at Marlboro Street fire station. Florence no. 10 White 9 negro 441. Voting at Theodore Lester Pool m Fixle Street. Florence no. Ii White 772. Negro none. Voting at Maple Park recreation binding. Florence no. 12 White 574 negro none. Voting at Moore s super tet. Florence no. 13 there is no such Florence no. 14 White 544 negro none. Voting at Friendship pork. Delmae White negro 41. Voting at Delmae school. Spoulding White 97 negro 241. Voting at Wilson High school. Gilbert White 289 negro 371. Voting at civil air patrol building municipal Airport area. Bock a comp White 130 negro 13. Voting at Community Center. Brookgreen White 455 negro 429. Voting at Florence Darlington dec Center. Cartersville White 79 negro 62 voting at t. V. Carter s store. Claussen White 148 negro 174, voting at Gregg Brothers store. Coles crossroad White 901 negro 4. Voting at gain s bar-b-0. Vox White 197 negro 102. 299 voting at old school building. Community enter. Coward no. 1 White 344 negro 13. Voting at the old Joe a mlle Ore. Coward no. 2 White 284 negro 44. Voting at town Hall. Ebenezer White 750 negro 42. Voting at the Community Center. Effingham White 199. Nearo 137. Voting of the old school building. Elm White 410 negro 174. Voting at the Grange Lodge building. Friend fled White 113 negro 44. Voting at the old lunch Glenwood White 179 negro 38. Voting at Glenwood school. Greenwood White 497 Nearo 13. Voting of Greenwood school. Hannah White 345 negro 13. Voting at the masonic Lodge building. High hh1 White 145 negro 9. Voting at the Community building. Sards formerly James hate 144 negro 9. Voting at the d Savls school. Johnsonville White 892 negro 139. Voting at the Johnsonville High Hool building. Kingsburg White 97 negro 121. Voting at the old Trinity school la Dong. Loke City no. 1 White 586 negro 7 voting at the fire department. Lake City no. 2 while 657 negro 54 Indian 1. Voting at cite Umlor High school. Lake City no. 3 White 633 negro voting at j. Paul Truluck High Lake City no. 4 White 93. Negr 908. Voting at National Guor armory. Leo while 101 negro 28. 129 voting it Leo Carters store. Mars Bluff 182 negro 199. Voting at Price Mcleod store. Mcallister Mill White 215 Negr 11. Voting at a. D. Rogers store. Oak Grove White 244 negro voting Morgan Cusaac s store. Olanta White 592 negro 124. 714 voting at the town Hall. Pomp co no. 1 White 383 Negr 171. Voting Pamplico elementary school. Pamplico no. 2 White 331 423. Voting at the health Center. Prospect White 149 negro voting at the old school building Community Center. Quinby White 808 negro 35. 843 voting at the town Hall. Salem White 185 negro non voting at Salem crossroad s store be Roylton White 292 negro 9 voting of the town Hall. Stone White 147 negro 1m. 2471 voting at Daniels Brothers store. Tans boy White 245 negro 247 voting at tons Bay school. Timmonsville White 850 negro 495. Voting at the National guar armory. In addition to Florence county the eight other counties in the Slot congressional District Are Darlington Dillon Georgetown Horry Lee. Salon Marlboro and Williamsburg. Voter registrations for those Countley will be grouped individually by counties iut with the precincts listed. The numbers immediate Ytol lowing the coun y Nome will be in this order Whites negroes indians and orientals each Irece eded by the appropriate letter such As in i 0. In parenthesis will be the aunty s total number of registered College graduate Carolyn Mcclain daughter of or. And mrs. Boston Mcclain or. Of 112 divine St., Florence recently received her Bachelor of science de Gree from Spelman College in Atlanta a. Miss Mcclain majored in Home economics. Following the county wide toll Lej potato bed w-71, explained above each precinct within the Sample w-171, Santee Index fled county will be listed with the racial breakdown totals similarly designated. Counties will be listed in alphabet col order with the exception of Florence which is previously listed. The order of listings of precincts has no special significance. Other sixth District county breakdowns Darlington county Spring Branch w-149, n-20, 149 a Prana Gulley we Snow Hill w-15 n-141, a Nyoh boy w-133, Ond Yau Hannoh n-3. Horny county Horry county Bayboro w-404, n-146, Joynor swamp w-149, n-9, Poplar Hill w-144, live Oak w-74, n-12, Gurley w-102, n-9 Allsbrook w-117, n-6 Hickory Clyde w-103, n-17, Darlington no. 1 Darlington no. 2 Darlington no. 3 we n-s97, Darlington no. 4 Darlington no. 4 w-499, n-77, Darlington a Darlington l z doves Lyle Hartsville no. 1 wi-870, Hartsville nos. 2 3 Hartsville no. 4 Horts Volle no. 5 n-15, Hartsville no. 6 Hartsville no. 7 Hartsville no. 8 -128, 1 High Hill 224, 110, Indian Branch 158, 37, Kelley town 477, 28, Lake swamp w-219, 69, Lamor no 1 676, 216 Lamar no. 2 254, 74, Lydio 170, 148, mechanics Volle w-1s5, n-140, Montclare 100 173, Newman swamp 132, n-29 new Market 138, 11, dates 201, 72, Palmetto w-276, n-53, Philadelphia 153, 31, Pond hollow floyds w-341, n-57 lr-1, Spring Branch w-153 n-30, Taylorsville w-144, pleasant View w-127, n-10, it. Olive Green sea n-886, Norton w-88, Jernigans Crossroads e. Lords w-757, n-184, w. Lords Sweet Home new Ebenezer w 123, n-99 Leon w-75, Dalsey it. Vernon w-259, n-4, Homewood n-41, Adrian w-215, n-3, Maple w-153, White Oak Hickory Grove Shell w-212, n-5, red Hill Salem w-97 n-7, Inland w-56, n-2 and Brooksville w85, n-21, More Lee county county breakdown by precincts Ashwood Ashland Bishopville no. 1 w-77, n-2 society Hill w-312, w.250 n-240, 1-1, b. No. 2 1-234, and Swift Creek w-204.iw-348 n-70, b. w-401, Dillon county Dillon county 774, Nolan 19, breakdown by precincts e. Dillon n-35, w. Dillon s. Dillon n-206, b. No. 4 w-343, n-341, Cedar Creek Cypress w-200, n-109, Elliot w-86, Lono Lucknow 200 Lynchburg n-41s, s Lynchburg n-36, Man Mccoll n-244, 1-1, e. Mccowi n-3, Neils Volle am w. Bennettsville am w-549, n-4m 1 s. Bennettsville w-343, n-105, e. Bennettsville no w-594, and w. Bennettsville no w-349, n-359, Williamsburg county w breakdown a y precincts Black River w-112, n-130, Bloomingvale Cales w-226, n-3w Cedar swamp w-197, n-92, Cen trial n-42 Earles w-2so, Greeleyville w-399, n-444, Harmony w-153, n-40, Hebron w-270, n-43, hem Ingway Henry w-74, Indiantown w-153 n-217, King free no. L 1 k. No. 2 w-83, k. No. 3 Lane w-143, n-420, lends w-2t, Midway n-95, Ellwood w-107, n-110, morals Volle w-7, n-130 it. Vernon w-10b, n-47, Nesmith w-j98, Oak Ridge per Gonos w-17j, n-27 Piney Forest Poplar Sorters n-43i, Sandy Bay single tory suttors Trio w-10b, n-389, Workman w-34, and Muddy Creek Laha w-821, n-502 1 w-68, n-77 it. Clio Holly w-97, n-65, 1-3, Miejw-6i, n-101, Rattlesnake Kemper caddis Mill it. Calvary Bermuda w-126, n-62, Springs sch rocks Mill w-54, n-6, Spring Hill 7, St. Charles n-254, St. Matthews w-118, pleasant Hill w-71, n-43, n-14, 132 Stokes Bridge w-250, lamer w-233, n-171, n-34, Turkey Creek w-102, Carolina Little Rock Minturn w-47, Oak Grove Mon Nina Floydale w-244, n-44, and. Fork Georgetown county Georgetown county 156, breakdown by precincts Andrews Bethel Lack River n-23, 230 towns w-65, n-433, Choppee and Woodrow Marion county county breakdown by precincts n. Marion n-307, s. Marlon e. Mullins w. Mullins w-878, n-752, Raines Centenary Friendship Bra tons neck Cedar Grove Sellers Tern. -74, Carvers boy Sperance Lon Folly Grove Georgetown no. 1 g. No. 2 g. No. 3 w-793, n-314, no. 4 g. No. 4 g. No. 7 driers kens ton Maryville Murrells Inlet Myers Villei Hawleys Island Penny Royal Plantersville 119, 123, Nichols 257, 197, Ond Odds w-121 44 Marlboro county county 276, 1, breakdowns by precincts Adamsville 133, 37, Blenheim 158, 173, Brights Llie 275, 75, 350 Brownsville 179, 17, red Hill 213, 68, Tatum 210, 48 Wallace w-433 _ _. Quicks crossroad w-22s, pleasant Hill 402, 144, 1 114, Clio w-408, 321, awarded degree Robert Harkness herring jr., ton of or. And mrs. Robert h. Herring of 1155 Ridgeland dr., Florence was awarded a Bachelor of arts degree by Washington and Lee University in Lexington va., in commencement exercises Fri Day. He will enter the University of South Carolina school of Law this fall. Let s keep the Man who has served us Well l. Mcmill congressman John l. Mcmillan is seeking reelection solely on his record of service. As vice chairman of the a floriculture committee con Gressman Mcmillan was solely responsible for retaining support prices on flue cured tobacco during the past three months. This question has been discussed in the agriculture committee on three occasions since january-1. Congressman Mcmillan was successful in having the agriculture committee approve granting permission for five year leases on tobacco acreage. He has also advised the department of agriculture officials that he would not permit the agriculture committee to vote out a Bill com Pelling the Farmers to pay for grading services also expenses of graders and inspectors on the auction Market. Our strength in Washington congressman Mcmillan has assisted in solving num Erous problem confronting Farmers and to Teco warehousemen during the past 32 years and with his seniority and As chairman of the agriculture committee feels that he can be of More service to the Farmers in the future years. Congressman Mcmillan is of the opinion that we can continue to strengthen our foreign markets As soon As we can get out of the War in Vietnam and Cambodia. He was also successful in preventing the Federal Trade commission and the Federal communications commission from placing Cross Bones and Poison on every pack of cigarettes. He was also successful in holding the tax on cigarettes in the City of Washington to 4c a pack after the Senate had passed a Bill increasing the tax to 6e. The City of Washinton Sells about the same amount of Cigar ettes that Are sold in the state of South Carolina. Tested by experience proven by results re elect John l Mcmillan to Congress bes for your county Best for your state Best for your country written and paid for by Farmers of Florence county co chairman s. B. Finklea or. And Calvin Yarborough

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