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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFukumi juice jul Knirr Timmig arum inc Huntck groups turn on to self talk touch Comfort editor s note it used to be just the two of you you on the Couch the psychiatrist in his armchair. But now people things on their mind meet in groups to talk walk cry and Comfort and a reporter who went along finds a weekend in the country in t what it used to be. By Jurate Kazickas associated press writer i Roscoe n. Y. We looke St each other s faces Stan deeply into each other s Eye we touched hands stood an swayed together listened to the wind stirring the Skeleton tree we were 19 strangers gathered in the Hilly country the new York catskills for weekend of encounter something the brochure a promised would be a creative experience to open perception and encourage new ways of acting responding and being the for some of us it was to be the first experience with an encounter group. A few of Thos sitting around me had been in psychoanalysis for Many years several were r e c e n 115 separated or divorced. Others i suspected were just lonely. We set on the Damp grass and Felt the warm Sun on our faces listened to the chirping of the Birds and gazed at the Hills then looked at the faces around us wondering what the weekend would bring. Encounter groups and sensitivity training workshops have mushroomed All Over the country and now number More than 100 located in almost every state on College campuses in churches and seminaries and at Large business firms. Intended to sex i had driven up from new pand human awareness ins prove relationships Between people and encourage self discovery these workshops use experimental techniques like body awareness exercises meditation and nonverbal games. Group leaders say the number of people getting involved in encounter doubles every year and that perhaps millions Are now attending sessions. The Salen Institute one of the largest and Best known centers was founded eight years ago in san Francisco As a place of meditation but soon began enrolling housewives businessmen married couples people in the arts and All those who wanted to turn on to the world themselves and other people without recourse to drugs. A Large proportion of people who get into encounter Are that we Call successful says Stuart Miller a director at Salen. Some come at a time of crisis n their lives. They May be onely bored with their jobs or confronted with the anxieties of Middle age. Some Are troubled perhaps but Many Are simply this weekend of encounter fas sponsored by Athos a roup started several months go in n w York by a graduate f Salen. The director Bob Reigel says thousands have Iken their courses evening or weekend workshops such As 3eyond the drug York with Claudia a recently separated 54-year-old Mother of five. It s what you put into the weekend that makes it she told me after describing her recent experiences with sensitivity groups and gestalt therapy where someone takes the hot seat and hears strangers Tell Lim exactly what they think Olim. Dick recently divorced and in his 50s, jumped up and began cooing dancing in some with Jane nameless language that had started Oul As russian. Dick caressed her feet. Then they started to talk for real silly banter about making love. Jane pulled away. Go Alexen courage. Sex seems to be something you re both obviously talk concerned with. Keep on Jane insisted. I Don t want to get into and then it started Jane sat next to Alex on the Couch and began to whimper. Of it s All too big. It s too big. I have the most stuffed up stomach in the world. I have too much in Side what s asked Alex gently. The Hill across the Muddy pasture Down to the Stream. Encounter is different from group therapy because we Are not Here to treat sick Alex explained As he stood on some rocks near the Stream. We Are All humans and we All feel the same things. To be afraid is not to be sick but to be human. We want to grow in understanding each other and later we each took partners and were placed into certain positions with our eyes closed. We were asked to Tell who or what we thought we were. My partner put my hands behind my Back. I said i was a sea hypnosis meditation and growth through Isk and workshop unattached for responsive representation vote for Claud l. Stephens candidate for u. S. Congress 6th congressional District june 9th democratic primary your vote and support will be appreciated paid pol. Adv. By candidate pain. It s too big the How can you get rid of Jane paused and then said softly Cut it out and Bury Jane Lay on the floor and the roup gathered around her to old her Down. She mumbled something about anaesthesia and started to cry. Alex put his hands at her Throat and pressed Down on her and began to Cut As if he had a knife from her neck to her legs. People began to weep. Of i Don t want it to Jane screamed. Gull whose wings had been Frozen. Brad a very Short Man a that for every position assumed he was some no Tab character from history. In on the said he was Caesar Crossin the Rubicon. But in another Jose his real or imagine Mure with women led him see himself As Pierrot the French tragicomic figure we always lost the girl to the handsome Soldier. Martin when put on h hands and Knees saw hims As a dog or a Frog. Both Wea he observed. Guess that Means i Don t think much of myself. Why did t say i was a the weekend was drawing t a close. We went into the living room and sat on the floor in a Large Circle to Tell of our Perien Ces. I Felt Many things weekend and found out Many things about said one Man. But i feel As if there Are still so Many More layers i have to Peel off before i know anything it was Beautiful but painful and whispered one woman. Bob spoke. I kept Back this weekend. I myself did t want to give. I did t want to he said As he scanned he faces clustered around him. The group peeled away from her and Jane sat up and fell into Alex s arms her body Shook her Long red hair was amply curled on her neck. We All gathered around her held Ier and huddled together. There was silence then for Long moments. Jane turned Hei tear stained face to look at All of us. There was a hesitant smile. A she she spoke softly it s just whispered. Hen about her abortion of a 12-year-old Friend who had been killed in an automobile Accident of the children who had died in the Hospital where she worked. It was All too much. The pain was just too big. I had to get it out. It s a Alex told us to lie Down on each other s stomachs and Start a Chain reaction of laughter. People screamed and made loud animal noises grab Bing onto each other s arms and legs. But the laughter was t really contagious. Some of us did t feel like laughing. Jane was t laughing. For the rest of the evening she sat in a far Corner of the room by herself. Sunday morning was Clear warm and sunny. Claudia awoke crying took her sleeping bag and went to sleep near the Lake. Alex was awake and several of us went for a walk. Down Mansfield from Page 1-c though from a civics Book. I relies on gentle persuasion accommodation and understand ing. He clings to the nation tha All senators Are equal and each state has two that each is a Nan of consequence who should be free to exercise his own judg ment. He encourages committee chairmen to air own Bills on the simple logic that they know most about them. He encourages Young senators to speak up because be values their he rarely lobbies for votes and then Only to the extend of if you can see your Way Clear to go with me on this i d appreciate some senators like to be shoved around and told what to says William Fulbright of Arkansas. But Mike rarely even tells you How hell vote unless you ask him. Which is proper. It s All right for other Sena tors to lobby senators but not the Florence 832 s. Irby 1707 w. Palmetto 1105 e. Palmetto Jammer Orage for your garments your pay regular cleaning charges plus Nomi Nal insurance charge nothing to pay until fall. Let us dry clean and store them now at no extra Cost your garments Are Moth mildew and odor proofed another service offered by one hour Martin izing the world s most popular dry cleaner cheating quids prompts worries London a a guide to Good cheating has been published Here which tells you How you can live for free in London. Called counter the Book gives hints on the Best places to rest eat and drink without spending a Penny. The Book recommends the 18-Story new zealand House As a Good resting place because of its panoramic views across Central Lon Don. It also favors the banking Hall of Harrod s giant depart ment store which it says has something of the air of a London an even better Way of relaxing is to become a voluntary patient at a mental Hospital. This costs the state 50 pounds a week and the food is the Book says. Scotland Yard has shown an interest in the Book because it also offers advice on How to lift a sweater without paying at London stores. And the Post office is not amused at hints on How Public telephones can be swindled. The Book published by Peter Owen claims to be the first comprehensive study of the counter culture move ment. One drawback is the Price of the Book a 4 pounds 10 shillings Joseph Berke who edited the Book says he Hopes a paperback version will be produced so that those who need it most could afford it. He had no suggestions on How to get a free copy. Special rates on Auto insurance Day or Nile 662-6202 w. J. Wiliard Agency i just Don t want anybody else s pain and problems on me. I m sick of it All. How can i care about strangers if i can t get love from the one i really care about Alex looked at him and said. But no one will Ever want you unless you open us. N0 one will accept a closed package. Of course it s a risk you might get Hurt when you give of yourself. But in order to live it s a risk you have to Alex told us to look at each other and say goodbye without eyes. We swayed and hummed together a deep Low chant that grew louder and louder. People broke off to say Good Bye. I Hope you find a wonderful said Sarah to Lartin. I Hope you know How Jea Tim you really said Jne Man to Alice. Good Luck. It was a Long tiring drive ack to new York. Claudia asked about the weekend the eople her problems her ears. I was exhausted and expressed. When we reached my Street jumped out of the oar barely Hook Claudia s hand and left. Re did t Exchange names or Ione numbers. For 36 hours 19 strangers and wept laughed gather bared their innermost ars and pains shouted dec entities romped in the oods kissed each other. And we would probably ver meet again. Lady Baliff Christina Peterson 23, is working this summer As a Baliff far Phoenix ariz., Superior court judge Morris Honor who says he s the Only judge in the country with two female bailiffs. Christina who does research and courtroom Gavel pounding is a Law student at Arizona state University. A when the weather gets warm people get Chili. Because springtime an d summertime mean hot dog time and especially our hot dogs wrapped in soft warm Rolls and smothered in pungent Chili right 1821 w Palmetto 317 s Irby St Anderson for House Ralph k. Andersonjr. Born and reared in Timmonsville area and finished Public school there. Married miss Loretta Lynch of Pamplico and they have two children. Attended Clemson College and graduated University of South Carolina Law school. Active practising attorney since 1959 in Florence. Active in Greenwood Baptist Church and Florence Baptist association. Past president and director of pee Dee area big Brothers association. Assisted in organizing and Active in Greenwood elementary Pat and Greenwood Community club. Former chairman of Florence county Board of registration and Florence county democratic party. Your vote and support will be sincerely appreciated paid for by committee to elect Ralph k. Andersonjr. To House june 0. Yarborough i 1. Mendel Brown

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