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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 7, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 158 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina i once s. C., sunday morning june 7, 1970 daily Loe sunday 1s cambodians jolted enemy units push heaviest offensive Saigon a North Viet namese and Viet Cong forces stepped up their pressure North and West of Pinoin penh Satur Day in what was regarded in the capital As the biggest enemy offensive since the allies entered Cambodia last month. Enemy attacks broke out at siem reap a provincial capital about 185 Miles Northwest of phenom penh and continued at Kampong Thorn 80 Miles North of the capital. Kampong spec a provincial capital 35 Miles West of phenom penh was being har by enemy forces. The cambodian High com Mand was reported jolted by the appearance of Strong enemy forces at siem reap since it was supposed they were far from the town. Informants thought the enemy was trying to score a propaganda Victory Here because siem South of Trie tourist Mecca of angkor wat. A qualified military source in phenom penh said a Strong Cam Bodian Force had blunted the at tack on siem reap and enemy troops were withdrawing toward angkor wat. He added that this posed a problem of whether to risk a Battle that might damage the famous 700-year-old ruins o angkor wat. A High command spokesman said enemy forces attacked siem reap before Sunrise then followed a push against the Airport in Daylight hours. The heaviest fighting was around the Airport two Miles Northwest of siem reap and enemy forces were cleared from it the source reported. Military reports indicated fighting inside reap is Only about six Miles siem reap had died Down but Cambodia Aid heeds seen As sizeable Washington a two Senate foreign relations com Mittee staff members just Back from Cambodia said saturday the Lon nol government will re quire sizable military and eco nomic assistance to withstand communist assaults. Foreign troops May also be needed said the two aides James 6. Lowenstein and Rich Ard m. Moose. Uliey went to Southeast Asia just before the current . Operation in Cam Bodia was launched and spent six Days in that country and four in Vietnam including visits to the Sites of current fighting it was the opinion of virtually everyone with whom we talked including those in the cambodian government that without sizable military and economic assistance the government forces would not be Able to hold out against the ene the two reported. Cambodian officials seem confident that with S.C. assist Ance they could defend their country without the help of for eign troops but most foreign observers did not share that they noted that the Lon nol government is threatened both by the possibility of direct Mili tary action and by a civil War and noted that there were some in the City phenom penh when we were there who thought that it had already been thoroughly infiltrated from within. Value prolongs deepest sea dive Honolulu a six div ers stayed on the Ocean floor saturday 516 feet beneath the surface after a ballast tank failed and prevented them from bringing their underwater living quarters to the top. The divers participants in Man s deepest dive in water tight quarters called a Habi were in no immediate Dan Ger officials said. They were to spend Only 68 hours in the habitat surfacing Friday morning. But a faulty valve prevented a ballast tank from floating the 200-ton tank to the surface. Work continued to Rig a by pass to Force compressed air from the surface into the bal last. Roger h. Coryell of the Makai undersea test Range a privately owned research area located off Oahu Island said there were several alternate Means of bringing the divers to the surface if the need should arise. After the dive during which the divers can move in and out of the habitat and work on the Ocean floor the men will under go a week Long decompression period. It was the View of almost everyone we met that Cambodia has now been linked inextricably to the War in Vietnam and that the terms of reference of what War have been permanently changed because its Geo graphic area has been expand they also said. There were some enemy troops there. Farther Down Highway 6, fighting still was reported in Kampong Thorn. But As an Indi cation of the deteriorating Mili tary situation there the Road Between that provincial capital and phenom penh 80 Miles to the South was reported Cut by the enemy for about 20 Miles. The provincial capital of Kampong spec was harassed by israelis raid arabs along Suez by the associated press Israel planes attached egyptian military positions along the Suez canal saturday for the seventh straight Day. A spokes Man said All planes returned safely. The israelis Are believed concentrating on canal targets to reduce their ground casualties to hit potential missile Sites and to keep the egyptians from Bol stering their fortifications. The canal also was the scene of another one of the frequent israeli egyptian artillery duels. A Tel Aviv spokesman said fires broke out in egyptian Posi Jons on the Northern and South North vietnamese and vie Tiern ends of the canal after is Cong troops who Are building up in that area West of phenom penh but no attacks on the City were reported. Enemy forces however Cap tured the Kampong spec prov Ince District capital of am Leang 35 Miles Northwest of phenom penh. Enemy activity in Kampong spec province bore out Intelli gence reports that North Viet namese and Viet Cong forces were moving Westward away from the . And South Viet namese thrust into Eastern Cambodia to set up bases Well out of the reach of the allies. There Are reports that the enemy plans to set up bases in the elephant Range 75 Miles West of phenom penh. If so the North vietnamese and Viet Cong would have to be supplied by sea and the South vietnamese Navy has set up a blockade along the Southern coast ram artillery opened up to silence egyptian guns. The spokesman claimed the egyptians fired first and said there were no israeli casualties. The israeli military command also announced Brig. Gen. Dan Laner would take Over As com Mander of armoured forces i the occupied Sinai desert of Egypt replaced maj. Gen. Szlomo Lahay. Lahay will be Given a senior position in Mili tary general Headquarters. Three Arab guerrillas were killed in operations against israeli settlements and military positions in the Northern Jordan Valley in the past 24 hours the Palestine armed struggle com Mand said in Amman Jordan s capital. The command claimed six. Three Arab guerrillas were killed in operations against israeli settlements and military positions in the Northern Jordan Valley in the past 24 hours the Palestine armed struggle com Mand said in Amman Jordan s Finch leaves Cabinet Post Light voter turnout forecast for tuesday capital. The command claimed six israelis were killed by guerrilla snipers and Many others were killed or wounded in rocket and mortar attacks it added. Robert Finch leaves top hew Post Elliot Richardson picked to replace Finch Lack of Relief supplies adds to Peru quake toll Lima Peru a the Las Canyon from the slopes of j quake. An estimated per death toll in Peru s devastating earthquake mounted saturday some of South America s tallest sons Are dead in Guaraz largest mountains. Entire cities i As stranded survivors in the been erased. Huayllas Canyon began sue per ij000 died Cumming after a full week with j coastal out food shelter or medical at a Light voter turnout is forecast for tuesday s democratic primary As a Low key Campaign reaches a Climax. Stories on the upcoming primary appear on 1 pages 5-a and 6-d. I persons under 21 can t vote in s. C., but their weight May be Felt in tuesday s congressional race in the sixth District. See Page 1-c. The University of South Carolina graduated its largest class in history More than saturday. See Page 3-a. Index arts business deaths 7-c i a 2-a there was no confirmation from Tel Aviv but an israeli spokesman said an Arab guerrilla was killed in a clash with but the Relief program gained an army Border patrol in the momentum. A big assist was have j City in the Valley and capital of a Cash state. I thei a number of operations have had to be done at the Hospital Richardson designated hew chief Washington a Robert h. Finch the youngest and most Politi Cally glamorous member of president s Nixon s Cabinet became the first to go sat urday. Finch 44, relinquished his trouble Ridden Post at the department of health education and welfare and was appointed one of three principal Counse lors to president Nixon. The president designated undersecretary of state Elliot Richardson to succeed Finch in the hew Hotshot. Richardson will be returning to a department where he served As an assistant Secretary for congressional affairs during the Eisenhower administration. Senate confirmation is required but this seems Likely to be a routine matter. Finch whose tenure has been marked by employee challenges to his leadership and by some times bitter Intra administration Battles moves to an Uncer Tain future As an adviser to his longtime House. Friend at the White arrival of two editorials 4-a features 1-c Gallup p. 4-c Horoscope 7-a sports 1-d Negev desert on the jordanian Border. Border guards also killed an Arab Saboteur who blew up a High tension wire Pylon 20 Miles North of Eilat on the jordanian Border. Due monday with arrival of the . Helicopter Carrier Guam with 14 sorely needed helicopters aboard. The United states pumped in the Valley those fortunate million into its Aid program raising the official . Effort to million in the first week of weather pair to partly Cloudy today and tonight with Chance of afternoon showers and thundershowers. Mostly fair monday. High today and monday mid to up per 80s. Low tonight mid 50s. Details Page 3-a. Arab guerrillas launched two this was done de. Rocket attacks Early saturday spite some us bitternes3 Over reception. Of . Aid in government circles. The actual death toll May said the attacks which came never be known. Thousands Are about 24 hours apart caused no buried under the sea of mud and and Early sunday on the israeli settlement of Kiryati Shimona near the lebanese Border. The military command in Tel Aviv casualties or damage. Rocks which rolled Down Huay without anaesthesia. Aircraft hauling patients from up to three tons could be ferried j the Valley and then Onward to through the andean j the bigger and better equipped passes at a time and 24 stretch j hospitals in Lima Are. Caked or patients could be evacuated j Watt blood opening this weekend of a Landing strip near Guaraz to Chimbole. Enough to survive the one two punch of last sunday s Earth quake and the mud slides have slowly begun dying of exposure hunger thirst and gangrene. The stench of death pervades the Valley. A team of . And peruvian doctors worked round the clock in the Guaraz Hospital the Only Large building in the City which survived the meant that the helicopters could now concentrate on work solely in the Valley lengthening their Range and usefulness. Patients in Guaraz could be evacuated in greater numbers aboard twin engine dc3s and c46s. What embittered americans was an apparently official de emphasis by peruvians of the . Aid Effort. Although .-peruvian relations have improved somewhat in recent months the ill will built up during an extensive anti american Campaign Here last year is Apt to resurface on the slightest provocation. Nixon referring to Finch As his oldest Friend and associate within the said the onetime California Lieuten ant governor would advise him on a Broad Range of Domestic and foreign policy questions. The Job shuffle the president told reporters will bring to hew a Man who has great administrative the chief executive appeared to allude to the widespread com plaint among top administration officials that Finch lacks the managerial skills to tame the traditionally unruly hew. Finch takes a salary Cut of a year in moving from his Cabinet Job. It appears Likely he will also lose some of the political visibility he reportedly is counting Onn to propel him into the Senate. It s a higher calling but a Ower Finch quipped. Finch joins Daniel p. Moynihan and Bryce n. Harlow As presidential highest designations on the White House staff. Harlow and Moynihan Howe see Finch Page 8-a lost wheel in Circle Rolls Down runway As giant c-5 lands in Charleston giant plane loses wheel on arrival in Charleston Charleston s. A a giant Lockheed c-5 Galaxy the first to become operational with the air Force lost one of its 28 wheels and blew a tire when it landed saturday for welcoming ceremonies a t Charleston air Force base. The Galaxy the world s largest air plane rolled to a Safe Stop before a welcoming crowd of about that included top air Force brass and Lockheed officials. Seconds after the Craft hit the runway a wheel from the left rear Landing gear flew off and the tire on the wheel next to it blew out. An air Force spokesman said the wheel came off As a result of a lock Washer failure and damaged the adjacent wheel causing it to go Flat. Gen. Jack j. Calton com Mander of the military Airlift command and Pilot of the huge transport taxied it to the site of the welcoming ceremonies. Despite t h e mishap Gen. Cat Tori said the Galaxy flight was the most Beautiful air plane ride i be Ever had. It handled like a Swiss he added. He predicted the c-5 will prove to he the greatest plane in history. Rep. L. Mendel Rivers d-s.c., chairman of the House armed services committee was those on hand for the ceremonies. He said con Gressional foes of the c-5 project particularly sen. William e. Proxmire d-wis., would try to use the wheel incident As ammunition in their fight. He s been saving a lot about a Wing falling Rivers said of Proxmire. That s never happened so i guess hell be Happy with a wheel. Thai s Why we Pill 28 wheels on one of these Rivers added and if Proxmire does t like it i say to hell with Daniel .1. H a u g h t o n chairman of the Board of Lockheed corp. Said despite Cost overruns the c-5 will prove itself a sound in vestment for the air plans Call for 16 Galaxy to be based at Charleston fab with the 437th military Airlift Wing. Disorder Mars Wilson Law and order speech Glasgow Scotland a one of his top ministers that detectives and secret service j conservative Leader Edward agents battled saturday with a Heath was Young Man who through barriers in an attempt a Nixon. Under whose leadership to attack prime minister Harold u was charged Law and order Wilson at an election rally Here. Had degenerated in the United Wilson was seaking from the i states stage of a movie theater on Law and Issue in Wilson Sald the tones were the Campaign for the june 181 striving to turn Law and order election the Security of the individual the Young Man apparently in june prevention of crime the or his late Leens crashed through a animation of the police system Metal and Wood barriers and an Issue for winning votes most reached the stage before in june Wilson s guards overpowered him in a violent set Ruggly. Stew employment minister bar Ards eventually dragged Himl Bara Castle said Friday night from the theater. The Laberite prime minister who has been hit by flying eggs half a dozen times during the Campaign kept Calm during the at St fracas. In his speech he accused the opposition conservatives of us ing the nation s police Force As Al inc that for the tories the Issue of Law and order Means we make the Law you obey the or what Heath had forgotten she said was that the British people looked with genuine horror at the american mess in Viet of the a football of parly politics in the electoral Campaign. Speaking Al a party rally he iwas following up the charge of wealthiest country in the world incapable of diverting enough wealth from the Over consume. Lion society to clean up the Ghet Loes and eliminate poverty

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