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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 5, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaGlutt Antt a Tina june 5, 1970 la i Andy top to kit an bul Dick Tracy yes and Uteri was put in the Home Forth bund my dear Stony. Nice family arranged and qualify for Lead your Mommy and Stepfather perished in the fire and Vou to utile Abner a restaurant near Haward woo boo Hoo fou wont even Sive is the satisfaction of j being wrong r a Bement we Hap last nigh Tano i Amir was shows Mary Worth dines Lomaur i maw How dreadful it married Thad Moore and Connie reef han5en How can a seafaring Man who once trusted his life to the stars refuse to be guided by them now navigation and Romance have Little in common my Sweet shall we k starting awry Well get to the opera House just about the time kri55ie and Thad Are Tawns off their makeup from the ii Roll righted Institute general tendencies you Are quite emotional now and need to look it your problems and activities in a More objective and impersonal manner if you Are to Hindle them intelligently. Study your environment especially at Home and remove whatever is hindering your Progress. Aries mar. 21 to apr 19 Ideal Day to see that plants and Flowers around your House Are not causing any form of pollution Etc. Show Kin you Are devoted. Buy the Little gifts they would enjoy. Show affection in other ways. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 be poised during the Day so that you do not argue with others and then the evening is excellent for the social. Be sure that til writing statements Are Correct during the Day. Enjoy some Fine Hobby tonight. Gemini May 21 to june 21 Don t make the mistake of spending More Money because you think this will get you out of your present difficulties. Be More practical. Don t rely on that business tycoon for assistance now since he is Busy. Moon children june 22 to july 21 use control even though you think others Are slighting you and you want to get angry about it. By evening All changes to your advantage. Be sure you do whatever will improve your Charm and vitality. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 there Are Petty annoyances that need to be taken care of. The evening can then be a very Happy one for you. Be kind to that unhappy person who needs cheering up. Show that you Are a True humanitarian. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 plan some time to assist those who Are in trouble or need and Don t know where to turn. Evening is then Fine for the social. Study own worries and you know exactly what to do in the future. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 be Loyal to one who is in a High position. Make sure that your credit is Good during the Day. Have an evening on the town and have a delightful time. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 studying new ideas and plans is Fine today but Don t put wheels in motion just yet. Listen to what a new Contact has to say even though it might cast doubt on whatever you want to do. This could be helpful just the same. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 get right at the tasks that Are important to you. Make a Dent in then and Complete tomorrow. Don t lose your temper with mate during the Day. The evening can then be a Happy one Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 keep Busy at important work and forget that annoying partner for the time being. Be sure to keep promises you have made. Handling that troublesome problem without procrastinating is Wise. Aquarius Jan. 21. To feb. 19 forget All that fun and get right Down to business at hand which is very important just at this time. Don t rely on co workers who Are in a bad you can be very efficient now. Pisces feb. 20 to 20 although you want to enjoy yourself be careful you do riot delve into anything of a questionable nature. Try not to be extravagant also. Then the evening is Fine for being with congenial and for being Happy. If your child is born today. You Are Able to show your new born much love. Later teach How to be More cheerful than the nature is inclined to be by buying amusing toys and by pointing out the Basic interests that Are Good for your youngster you will make him or her a Force for Good in the world. There is a tendency to cry and feel sorry for self Here otherwise. Be sure that you give As Fine an education As you can. Religious training Early in life is a must. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter j individual forecast for your sign for dec Ember is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter. Forecast Florence morning news Box 629, Hollywood Calif 90028 contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker Tup a t to Tirrit la Idlitt f ill l Lnu Tut Yoi flt this is a pm. South is Declarer heart and West of of Spades. South to nuke the contract against Titt de sense by Hoath West 4j1098s Beatie Baily 93 South 4732 vkq765s players who in Jar mining double Dummy problem a will Fet a kick out of tals my where South can make All the tricks with Correct play. It is entirely proper to look at All four hands and take the fullest possible advantage of seeing1 the East West cards. Here is the solution. Win the Spade in Dummy with the King and Lead a Low Diamond to your King. Now play a Low Trump and finesse the eight. Ruff the six of diamonds with Queen and return a Low after with the King each the Ace of Eltibi return to Dummy with a Trump to the act and Cash the Ace of diamonds discarding a club a it now the position Wett East South Cash the Queen of diamonds your Tea of class. East cannot afford a club Dis card on thin trick because you Mold Ruff the five of clubs to make the contract so let s As Kolbie lie discards a Spade. West likewise finds he self in difficult Straits and cannot find satisfactory discard first let s assume he discards a Spade. In that Case you Cash the Ace of Spades and score your thirteenth trick with the seven of Spades. Second let s assume he Dis cards the nine of clubs. In that Case you Lead the Queen of clubs trapping East s King and West s Jack at the same time. Whether East elects to cover or hot you get an extra club trick and in that Way bring Home the contract crossword Puzzle Guiou 19. Ester of Yew Jet Picacio 1. Mother 23.stomworker Superior 25. Military Flag. 7. Drink 29. Visit 12.th.mter 31. Male Duck District 32. Evening Pirlie 13. Character in 34. Hemstitch Paradise 37. Shout lost 38. Nave filling 41. Turkish inn 15. Violin 43. Burning 16. Diamond Sialei. 45. Animate abbr. 46. Goose grease 17.gaucho 47. Secret meeting 18. Greek letter 48. A Trust Khz duh mans Habeb solution of yesterday s Puzzio Down 1. Jejune 2. Twining Stem 3. Weight 4. Guido s highest note 5. Piggery 6. Accordingly 7. Calmness 8. Black Gram 9. Staff officer 10. Hat material 11. Dog s antagonist 15. Old glory 17. Risen 20. Executes 21. Guiltless 22. Emerald Isla 23. Mom 24. About 26. Stylish 27. All right 28. Compass Point Earth railway abbr 34. Sediment 135. Turkish official 36. Curly 39. Impel 40.lager 42. Legal matter 43. Hatchet 44. Pelage 46. Exist by or. Herbert Spaugh atheistic communism. Many were beguiled by promises which have never been fulfilled. It s christianity or Back in March 1941, Cornelius Vanderbilt j globetrotting correspondent and i those of us who have visited democratic scion o f o n e of Iron curtain countries come America s wealthiest families shouted this to a ladies night meeting ecu Tives of the Charlotte sex club. I be just come across a newspaper report of this in my clipping file. This was written nine months before Pearl Harbor. According to the newspaper report he was so intense in his speech that he Hung a curtain of gloom Over the Gay hotel ballroom with his prediction of things to come and practically transformed the meeting into a funeral War is coming to this coun try and it is coming so fast that i Hope and Trust in the almighty that Well be ready t meet it said Vanderbilt. The War commenced in 193 and lasted until 1945, and we were tremendously involved in it. This War will last a Grea Many years until one ideology destroys the other or unti modern civilization is temporarily annihilated. It s Chris vanity or c h a o declared Vanderbilt. Subsequent events have Are proving Vanderbilt to be Correct. Whereas the fighting in world War ii terminated temporarily in 1945, the Battle still Oes on in various forms. Sometimes it s cold War and sometimes it s hot. It s the same old struggle being carried on in varied form. Once we thought War was confined to the Battlefield. Now we find that there Are various kinds of warfare the War of nerves the War of emotions the War of appetite. The greatest of these conflicts is As Vanderbilt says Between the two ideologies christianity and atheistic communism. More and More All of us Are being drawn into it slowly and inexorably. Outspoken atheism is now in the open fighting even in the supreme court. Once atheism was promoted quietly now it is openly. Over half the world has been brought into the Field of t6ll m outright not lie Poven on Trie Couch. You Neep help of Teu him i m heart to Dummy s ten. Rutting the eight of diamonds pvt. 2no 14 outside and wants to you o 1970, line tomorrow remarkable Hud. Ratio s do it every time i to fun pop Catt even diem time Gas stove they re a big help they think Green Doob soap than a Winter Wal Are x30 getting sick Are my feel1ns Chilly Sot a headache the Only paper i can find to Start it is this rom map had in the car you i la fan it 6otanv More an excuse to 60 Howe. Pop Back saying thank god for America where Man is an extent if enough people in this coun try become determined to live without god then we Are going to have socialism and then communism. This is the inevitable result. If men and women will not share with their Fellowman from inward urge then they will be pulled to do it by outward Legisla Tion. 7 Here is the pattern something to think about great nations Rise and fall the people go from bondage to spiritual Faith from spiritual Faith to great courage from courage to Liberty from Liberty to abundance from abundance to selfishness from selfishness to complacency from complacency to apathy from apathy to dependence from dependence Back again into so the War against god goes on. Ii you want god put out of while life do nothing. If you want to do something stand. I wrote the above in 1963. It is More True now than then. Pretty piano tuner strikes a Happy note Detroit a when pref y Rita May shows up in Blue eans and to shirt customers looking for the piano tuner often ask Are you she is. People just Aren t used to he idea of a woman piano to says the 23-year-old uni Hersity of Michigan graduate who Calls herself a piano tech a pianist who s now doing graduate work in humanities at Vayne state University Ift de Roit Rita chose her work Al most by Accident. While leafing through a us catalogue a course in piano technology caught her Atten Tion. I was the Only girl in the lass of five she said. Rita lives in suburban Allen Ark with her Mother Margar t May who is head librarian of he Allen Park Public Library. She admits to being a Talky Iano declaring i give Hort but Sweet music lectures and history lessons when i m she feels she has an Adan age Over male piano tuners be Ause the Job is a meticulous Ort with lots of trial and a woman seems Hettey suit d for these Fine in one Clay of House Callie Rita sports she retrieved i Tarsh allows ice Cream Sticks dead ish and a toy Duck from pianos. Apparently the pc plot had she laughed. Besides tuning she also re airs and rebuilds pianos i

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