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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 5, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 15, the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., Friday morning june 5, 1970 daily Loc sunday 15c seize million Hijacker at Dulles asian tour group eyes War scene a 13-Man fact finding party has reached Saigon for a look at what was found in Camboia. See Page 11a. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith says the silent majority May be Seething toward an explosion. See Page 12b. Food and. Drug administration has released an effective drug for treating Parkinson s disease. See Page 5b. Index Bandit wounded following 8-hour sky drama Washington a a hi-1 men by a Small Caliper weapon party As the plane neared Jacker demanding million j the Hijacker who identified Dulles Airport for the second classified 7b from the . Treasury himself As Arthur g. Barkley of comics 11b held 51 airline passengers Host age thursday in an eight hour sky High drama that ended deaths 2a Phoenix ariz., was wounded in the thumb when he was Over powered. Editorials 4a when he was lured Back to the the Hijacker had forced the ground and seized in a jetliner to make a second Horoscope 11b markets so sports in women a that left the Pilot and Hijacker wounded. The passengers scrambled to safety after the plane landed for Landing at Dulles after officials told him 100 sacks of Bills were waiting on the runway. Actually airline officials said the a second time at Dulles internal Money bags were stuffed with tonal Airport where earlier the time. After the doors opened peo ple started to walk off the said passenger Christo Pher Smith of St. Louis. Other passengers scrambled Down a safety Chute. Smith said the passengers were generally unconcerned. I weather partly Cloudy and mild through saturday with Chance of showers. High today mid 80s Low tonight 80. Details Page 3-a. Gun wielding Man had collected from the first Ransom Ever paid a Hijack the Hijacker paper. Asked the stewardess what was up and she said we were being More than three hours earlier he said had forced the or the plane s Pilot capt. Dale c. Hupe was shot in the Abdo stage counterattack cambodians repel drive on capital Saigon a enemy ing had died Down to sporadic informed sources said the two troops overran set to and then firing with enemy., forces still sides would put into operation Phoenix to Washington Twa Jet to make its initial Landing at Dulles. There he received the carried onto the plane in in a Brown canvass bag by an other Pilot. But claiming he was Short changed the Hijacker refused to release the passengers or Crew j instead he forced the plane to j take off on a circuitous route j South then North Over new York state then South Back to the Washington area. As the red and White Jet Cir cled in the evening skies above Oeth 35, a computer firm executive said when the plane the second time at seemed the Pilot Dev be a hard Landing. The plane listed heavily to the Twa Pilot with Money boards hijacked Airliner in Washington capt. Billy Williams shown at Dulles Airport As he totes House seeks to halt peace corp funds lost it to a cambodian counter attack thursday in a Battle Only holding part of the qty of edition at set to the attack on 10 Miles Southeast of phenom unlike the arms Hunting exp the capital government officials radioed the demanded Money _ was waiting., for him on the agreements signed runway a visit to Saigon by foreign the plane landed again Short penh officers in the Field re edition at set to the attack to ported. It was die closest major fighting to the cambodian Capi Tal so far. Minister Yem Sambar of Cam traditional ene Kampong Thom appeared to Bemies then agreed to restore full an attempt to score a propaganda Victory and to try to confuse the North vietnamese and cambodian High command. Viet Cong struck before Dawn and captured the government military Post seizing All arms ammunition and food. The in diplomatic relations broken since 1963. Together it will be possible by after 7 . As it rolled to a Washington a the entire million peace corps appropriation was Cut out of the billion foreign Aid Bill in the House thurs Day along with a dozen Aid restrictions. All of the cute were made on Points of a Stop on the runway Fri agents dime was Cut by vote shot out its tires and blocked its i path with a Large fire truck i then ensued a half hour of cryptic radio exchanges Cli maxed with the co Pilot saying Emy troops evidently were look Thom shelling it several times ing for fresh supplies since the recently and that a sizable massive Allied offensive against Force of government regulars their cambodian sanctuaries to Hie East has disrupted their communications. Army officers in the Field said a cambodian High command for us ran Idle to Check the t Alp Kosman Renner Tori that the on rapidly to Check the com the Captain has been Kesman reporter i that the in Mun St threat bring Back an peace the kind of peace which will insure for each country to the Pilot a Veteran of 23 Tal sovereignty and for each years was taken by am full Liberty to choose the balance to a Hospital. A Twa of spokesman reported that the enemy had been building up Stead ily for the attack on Kampong the peace corps Money is almost sure to be restored by the Senate and most of the several against Aid to any country supplying weapons to North Vietnam or Cuba Are already in other Law. The House passed the Bill 191 to 153 and sent it to the Senate. One notable loss in the Bill cleaning tour do Force appeared to be a sense of Congress stand against seating red China in the United nations. This is now known to be in any other Law. All the restrictions including some that were said to have been carried in the annual Money Bill for As Long As 18 were taken out on Points of order that they never belonged in an appropriations Bill in the first place. The Points of order were raised by members of the House foreign affairs com Mittee who noted that almost All the restrictions including those against Aid to countries supplying arms to North Vietnam or Cuba Are already in the foreign assistance act of 1961. The million in peace corps Money for the fiscal year starting july 1 was stricken on the Point that Congress has not yet passed the authorization Bill for the Money. All or most of the peace corps Money is almost sure to be restored by the Senate after the authorization Bill is passed. An amendment to Cut the program for technical assistance to underdeveloped countries by million was Defeated 53 to 19 and an amendment to Cut the program for aiding cuban refugees in this coun try was Defeated 45 to 40. The cambodian army struck had been moved into the town. The regulars relieved militia who in the past have buckled under pressure by seasoned North vietnamese and Viet Back with the support of Cong regulars who have been fighter bombers and the enemy tested in Battles in South Viet troops retreated to the South Nam. West the spokesman said the de the in and cambodian said nor i High Corn fenders had called for air sup vietnamese port but there were no report and Viet Cong forces launched a so far that cambodian planes major attack on Kampong had attacked. Thom and pushed part Way into that provincial capital 80 Miles North of phenom penh. It represented the farthest enemy penetration on the Northern front. Legation the upsurge of fighting came As South vietnamese vice presi Dent Nguyen Cao by and his Ved in phenom penh for talks with High cambo Kampong Thom said the fight was met by Premier Lon nol system and policies they by said in a Brief saw Nis wound was Noi re Sid husky Well built Hijacker had his arms strapped at 1 pm Audie Back As he was whisked away by the Fri. Sandy haired he wore a sport jacket and Germany apr. Hjalmar Horace was denies sport shirt open to the the financial wizard who helped Hitler s Rise to a Dent Nixon signalled the Beverly Hills Federal aviation but was acquitted at All out administration War hero and actor said the Hijacker As a War criminal is loosen proposed curbs o die Murphy denied thursday in the the age of in Cambodia fired a shot at a Burbank dog few of the women passe i Gers wept As they reached family spokesman his support to Senate amendment. Murphy 44, was arrested May 28 on a warrant charging modernistic Dulles terminal. But another that Schacht died wednesday night of was Learned that with assault with intent to Richard Hill of from a fall last week Nas indicated an Aton Mit murder assault with said passengers were in Jan he suffered a broken to any Congre deadly weapon and during the hijacking. To restrict his opt he said he was t aware never a member Asia has Fri he was accused of beating what was going on until the and kicking David Gofstein 52, plane landed for the first time May 18 in a dispute Over train 1 at nazi party Schacht supported Hitler s Rise to Power of support for the a ment by sen. Robert c. Do. A. My a dog belonging to a woman 1 named president of the Friend of Murphy s. Following the second in 1933 and became Byrd amendment three men threw open doors economics minister be added to the or it is Murphy told their fellow passengers sponsored by Sens newsmen to accuse me of firing a shot at someone the size a hijacked jetliner after the flight Engineer called out credited him Cooperr by Frank Church a Idaho or. Gofstein and missing. If god damned doors up Germany s shaky the president t had fired a shot or. Structure during action As May be would t be of the three Peter nazi years to a to protect the lives o of Phoenix said most of permitted Hitler to states forces in South Murphy is free without bail j passengers were standing in his massive or to facilitate the pending a july 6 court hearing aisle like an informal cocktail of United states president signals fight to ease Cambodia curbs a by a key Nixon and from South since the current . Opera Tion in Cambodia was based on the need to protect troops in Vietnam inclusion of Byrd s language would have the effect of authorizing further such As saults after . Troops Are withdrawn later this month. This is what Church and Cooper Are trying to prevent. While Cooper Church and their strongest backers reject such language administration forces Hope it will win Over enough swing votes to carry the Byrd amendment. The vote expected to be close May come next week. The president is also expected to urge revision of another Cooper Church provision to per Mit the United states to pay for thai troops that might be sent to Cambodia to help Belea Georgia governor takes up picket sign Lester refuses reserved seat for Atlanta March Atlanta throne reserved for gov. Maddox Nancy Tud Virgien chair in front of news Plant Atlanta a. A gov. Lester Maddox Drew hundreds of spectators into a kind of Snake dance on the downtown streets thursday As he made Good a threat to picket two at Lanta newspapers. Maddox accompanied by his wife Virginia was surrounded by state Security agents As he took up a picket sign and marched slowly for an hour in front of the eight Story office building occupied by the Atlanta journal and die Atlanta Constitution. The governor was protesting what he called the leftist management of the newspapers which have editorially opposed him on numerous occasions most recently on a proposed special session of the Georgia legislature. Maddox is a candidate in this fall s democratic primary elec Tion for lieutenant governor. He cannot under the state Constitution seek another term As governor. In reply to a question mad Dox denied tie demonstration had anything to do with the political contest. A number of editorial employees of the two newspapers watched the picketing As did hundreds of others including hippie types who staged their own demonstration a dozen or More Maddox supporters who also carried signs and a num Ber of hecklers. Maddox aides handed out Leaf lets which read do you want to fight for the education safety and Freedom of your children and grandchildren then cancel your subscriptions and get five others to do the same to the journal Constitution until their leftist management which has been in the forefront encouraging those who deny Freedom of Choice and Itose who wage War upon local control of education changes its policy and starts giving support to our a throne like wooden chair bearing the message reserved for governor Lester Maddox at in an Entrance to the news paper office As Maddox approached. He refused to sit in it. The newspapers editorially welcomed the governor to picket earlier this week by saying we Are used to characters carrying William i. Ray the newspapers executive vice Percsi Donl and general manager Salt thursday the chair and the sign will be our Only comment o the governor s activities. The special session which sparked the latest in a Long ser ies of feuds Between Maddox and the Atlanta Argust in the one which Maddox has said he May Call if enough lawmakers agree o return this summer and con Sider a constitutional Amend ment allowing the stale in go into debt. The move fiscal experts say will allow the state to get better interest rates since it will be Able to Issue general obligation Bonds. It now must create authorities to Issue Bonds and circumvent the Constitution. Gered government forces there. News of the president s new Effort came after democrats threatened to let the govern ment go broke if administration forces continue to Block a vote on the Cooper Church Amend ment. Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana told newsmen he has no intention now of allowing an administration request for an increase in the debt ceiling to reach the floor until there is a vote on the Cooper Church proposal to bar spending for fighting in cambo Dia. If it interferes with time Lim Mansfield told newsmen. I want to get on with the pending the administration has asked for an increase in the current billion limit on the National debt and it needs tie additional credit by july 1 to pay its Bills. The House approved the in crease 236 to 1517 wednesday. Antiwar congressmen argued that widening the Indochina conflict caused deficits. Mansfield took his stand in the Wake of president Nixon s report to the nation wednesday in which he said the cambodian operation had been so Success us half the american troops involved already have been withdrawn from Cambodia and the rest will be out by june Mansfield said the speech was a Good one indicating a degree of military Success. He added it does t allay political implications and complications Attiat in my judg ment will result from the inva Sion of

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