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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 5, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage us the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Sunday morning june 5, 1955 Raleigh papers effect merger costs blamed Raleigh n.c., june 4 news and observer today acquired the Raleigh times placing Church s Unity Hurt by internal tension Raleigh morning and afternoon newspapers under common ownership. The monday afternoon edition of the times will be published by the new owner. Simultaneous announcements of the transaction were made to employees the news and observer by general manager Frank Daniels and to employees of the times by general manager John a. Park or. Park editor and publisher of the times said the Sale was made inevitable by rising costs and inadequate revenues which have taken an appalling toll of smaller newspapers in cities with More than one no Purchase Price was announced. Participants in the Section said the definite figure still has not been established. A for Hula for arriving at the Purchase Price has been agreed upon but trip final figure is subject to an audit which will Start soon. The merger left Charlotte As the Only City in North Carolina with two separately published dailies. Daniels said the times news department will be expanded to pro vide it with All of the facilities which modern newspapers must have in order to stay on top of fast breaking news developments. By Thomas Johnson Richmond va., june 4 w a report to Southern warned today that deep seated ten Sions within their Church threaten its Unity and stability. These tensions impair the effectiveness of its witness now and threaten its stability in the future f Are not found to realize lie spirit of Christian Unity which m our rightful said the Church s Council of chrisitan re lations. The Council set Forth five causes of disunity and suggested six ways in which to achieve a greater measure of Unity in a report to he 95th general Assemi Jim of the presbyterian Church in the United states the report is in he hands of an Assembly commit be for study and recommend Ion. Recommendation was made by he Council that the Assembly adopt he under the Itle of Unity in the Church with two conflicting sets of recommendations concerning the future of Moo treat College were received by the Assembly today and referred o a standing committee for study. An and interim committee headed by or. Donald c. Agnew Secre Lary of the Southern Assn. Of schools and colleges Atlanta recommended that Montreat College be made a Branch of the Assembly s train nig school for Lay workers at Rich mond with Complete operational control in the hands of a single Board of trustees that boards of the two institutions be asked to work out the proper procedures to effect this proposal and report to he 1956 Assembly. The Hev. Or. J. Rupert Mcgregor president of Montreal col Oge and the Mountain Retreat Assn., which operates the Church s conference Center at Montreat presented substitute proposals to Hose made by the and interim com Mittee. Trustees of the College asked widely read and studied through out the Montreat n.c., today was selected As the site of next year s Assembly. The dates Are yet to fixed. Staunton va., and Bristol a. Penn., also made bids. These were eared to the Centennial Celebration of Woodrow Wilson s birth at Daniels said the consolidated of Staunton and Bristol s Centennial Celebration next Vear. Was for the meet con current by with the Assembly of the Church in the United states of american Northern in Philadelphia to celebrate the 250th no Verespy of the founding of the first presbytery in America. Like a Sphinx ration would require the serv ices of All times employees. Mem i a fourth invitation v Bers of the Park family who have Southern Assembly to been directing the paper s operations will participate in the consolidation he said. The times was founded on april 21 1879, As the evening vis its name was changed to the Raleigh times in 1901. John a. Park and the times publishing co. Have controlled the paper since sept. 7, 1911. The news and observer has just passed its 90th birthday. It was edited for 53 years by Josephus Daniels Navy Secretary under president Wilson and ambassador to Mexico under president Frank Lin Roosevelt until Daniels death in 1943. Jay l. Jenkins jr., a member of the news and observer staff Emu rms was assigned to the times As City editor in charge of news coverage. Jenkins won a Sid Ney Hillman foundation award in 1952 for his coverage of a Kun flux klan uprising in the Southeastern part of the state. The times will be published and printed in the news and observer Plant. Mechanical advertising Anc circulation departments _ will be merged. News and editorial staffs Many factors figure in future for Ike Nuj be completely separate. The news and observer said an announcement will be made very soon of the appointment of an editor for the times of recognized ability and character who will be Given Complete Independence with regard to the news and policies of that Josephus Daniels or. Is president and business manager of the news a a observer. Frank Daniels is manager and treasurer. Urge that it be the Assembly to commit to them the development of Montreat College in order that it May serve n the most distinctive and effect Ive Way the total educational pro Gram of the to accomplish this the trustees also asked the Assembly to place foe Mountain Retreat Assn. In the benevolent budget of the Church for annually for five years for educational purposes. The trustees said the Cost of maintaining an accredited Junior Bible. Accredit the College this year if tiie Church will provide Stabile sup the trustees told the Assem in its report the Council of Christian relations outlined these auses of disunity 1. A Basic cause is the diversity of opinion which exists among equally sincere and devoted christians regarding the principles and methods of biblical interpretation. 2. A second Basic cause of the current tensions in our Church is found in the different evaluations laced on specific theological Doc 3. There Are differences of Opin Ion regarding the application of the gospel to Complex life situations of our 4. Strife has Arisen Over our cooperative relationships with other Church Here the coun cil mentioned bitter Contention a few Yeia is Back regarding the Federal Council of churches and More recently the Contention in Milder form Over our relation College at Montreat would be determined by the size of the student body and the amount of gifts secured Tor its annual support. It is confidently expected tha the North Carolina conference and the state of North Carolina Wil ship with the National and world councils of 5. The widespread misunderstanding of the essential characteristics of the presbyterian form of government. As possible ways to bring Avoir greater Unity the Council made six 1. A proper understanding of language. 2. A proper understanding of bit 3. A proper understanding of the Church. 4. Use of proven methods in group action. 5. Obedience to the Law of love 6. Obedience to the great com Mission. Unknown cause kills three in one family Cadott was., june 4 r tragedy took on the proper ions of a major mystery today As an autopsy failed to disclose ten reason Why three members of one Amily died in their Beds. Chippewa county sheriff Clifton Dorr said that the state crime Laboratory at Madison was Aske to determine if possible the cause of Albert Wanner 48, his 0-year old wife Margaret and a 5-month old son. The three were found dead Las night in adjoining Beds crammed into their tiny Home near this Northwestern Wisconsin Village. Found with the dead were two surviving children Michael 5 and Charis 2. They were taken o a Hospital where by today they vere reported improved. Dorr said that Michael might be the Only Lope of authorities to determine that happened in the Home some Ime after wednesday night. County Coroner Earl Hatleberg said after a preliminary investigation he believed Warner had beaten his wife to death then turned on the Gas from a cooking stove and that despite the autopsy re port i still think however sheriff Dorr . Julia Warner a relative who Dis covered tie bodies reported an Oil lamp was burning inside the cluttered one room hut when she opened the door last night. Dora added that the store was turned off. Allies Are boosting Trade with chinese there s no. Evidence of violence on the part of anyone outside the Dorr said. But we have not ruled that out either. We Sim ply Don t know Dorr Sam or. A. J. Venables a pathologist on the staff of St. Mary s Hospital at Wausau. Was called to perform the autopsy. I the sheriff said that the dead woman who still suffered some Firu Raty from an illness of several ears ago showed some facial raises and an abrasion running of her Chin to her Chest. By g. Milton Kelly Washington june 4 we sen. Mccleland Ark urged the state department today to take some forceful action. Witti our allies to halt their Trade with red China. Eccl fiuman Sadd figures just received from the defense depart ment show Western nations Trade Wmk the chinese communists reached a new five year Peak in january and that More than half of the merchandise was carried in British Flag ships. It is difficult to understand Hie actions of the he added in a statement in allowing their companies and ships to carry on this Type of Commerce with communist nor the senator continued is it any easier to understand the a Ion of our other allies Iri allowing heir vessels to carry materials to he Mainland of China while More Han 50 americans remain in communist jails and while there is considerable evidence a that the Materi als carried Are being used to build up China s military the United states forbids any Trade by this country s ships or companies with the reds but most other Western nations have embargoed Only the delivery of War useful strategic cargoes. Mcclellan s statement said the foreign operations administration which also keeps watch on such Trade has admitted that some strategic materials were car ried to China in the swedish Flag vessel Sunna Ibris on feb. 22 under documents Labelling the cargo As lawful general he said the Sunn Ambris was under charter to the communist Chi Nese owned far of Hong Kong. That he said once again the valuable contributions made by communist owned firms operating by Marvin l. Arrowsmith Washington june 4 ident Eisenhower apparently has t decided whether he will see a second probably won t decide before Early next year. That could be the main reason Why he is keeping mum on his plans. Those Are the conclusions of several of his close associates. They believe As the president himself has the International situation along about next february or March will be a major Factor quite Likely the most important one in his Deci Sion. None of these associates pro fesses to have any inside information from Eisenhower on the big question. They doubt very much that anyone has. They simply get Daniels is Secretary and the jmpressi0n the president editor. Abiding his time. Officers of the times publishing blot like Many others they Are cd Are John a. Park end editor publisher John a. Park or vice president and general manager Albert p. Park treasurer and circulation manager and Ben f. Park Secretary and Man aging editor. That Eisenhowe struggle for world peace buoyed the Hopes that he has not come to a firm decision not . Some top socials differ As to whether that situation if it still exists next year 1 in lilt lu.j.u11. I l to 1 aides feared he had decided not told oud provide a col Len Chal those around Eisenhower still feel however that if some of the snarls in the world situation have been straightened out by Early 1950 and seem Likely to stay that Way he might very Well decide to retire to his farm at Gettysburg a. How much importance the pres ident attaches to International problems he indicated himself last March. At that time rep. Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania a former Republican National chairman re ported that Eisenhower had suggested to him and other White House luncheon guests that the state of the world next Spring would be the key to his decision whether to see re election. Chances arc that if the presi Dent does run he May be matched just like script presidency a fascinating Busi Nuss a wonderful experience in that it provides an Opportunity to work fluent rally for world comacci11o, Italy june 4 peace and puts him in touch with a film company built a Shack be so Many interesting people. On the tide the to River near Here for other hand he said to does t like smugglers use in a blood and politics in a derogatory sense. Ence last tuesday indicate on balance that he is More , than not. He said then that he finds the again with Adlai Stevenson As the democratic nominee. Friends of who was a reluctant candidate in 1952, say the former Thunder movie. The Shack was left standing when the company re to cd to Rome. Not Long after police broke up a new local smug is i a ring which made the Shack it Headquarters. That dislike for what the presi Dent apparently regards As the Seamer Side of elective office no Surprise. But his Illinois governor is eager to head us party s ticket next he s convinced the party wants him. There has been speculation the Prospect of Stevenson As the opposition candidate again might encourage Eisenhower to toss his hat into the ring too. Presidential associates discount that As a Factor. They say they doubt at this Point that Eisenhower will pay too much attention to potential opponents in reaching a decision. Inge to cause him to go after a second term in the Hope of completing the program. Another Factor is the president s health. The White House physician described it As excellent on Eisenhower s g4th birthday last oct. 14, and there has been no outward sign of any change since. But the president reportedly told a Friend recently that he plan a thorough physical checkup before making up his mind about a Sec Ond term. Eisenhower would be 65 at the tart of a second at the and of it. He is looking fondly to Vard spending some time in re Irementa at his Gettysburg farm. But having spent about 40 years 3f his life in the army he is not Likely to shrug off lightly the appeals of Republican supporters hat he has a duty to the coun by again. Those arguments hat the party can t win without bound to increase in in density during the coming months. But for the moment the party faithful seem to be dealing with a Sphinx still thinking it Over. Stated fascination for other politicians of both parties out of that British Crown Colony. Was at a pea a since 1950 for the third month in a Row he said. A breakdown Mcclellan graphically portrays the tremendous contribution British Dag ves Sels Are making in the of goods to the red China main Mcclellan. Quoted this summary of the Pentagon s report on the 160 ships january Trade with the reds British Flag ships 84 with Grosi tonnage Netherlands Flag ships 12, tonnage swedish h. And japanese 17 and finnish 10 and French 6 and norwegian and danish 5 and italian 3 and Indian 2 and West German 1 and senator Mcclellan the same company had sought recently to deliver a cargo of Jet plane fuel to red China in the Lumish Tanker Aruba. Mcclellan Heads the Senate investigations subcommittee which Bias staged some Stormy Public Ica rings in the past on the subject of Trade with China. Sulci an inquiry helped to bring sen. Mccarthy its former chair Man into conflict with the White House itself. The administration attitude has been that it would Bej wrong for this country to try to coerce allies to give up All Trade with the reds. Mcclellan s statement did not say whether he planned to reopen the hearings and he was out of the City when it was released. He said the defense department report to the subcommittee showed that East West Trade in january involved 160 ships flying free world flags and. Was the highest of any month since 1950. The ton nage the Christian Council suggests methods to help Farmers Louisville by. June 4 Oard Church activity in assisting armers and farm workers was recommended today by a National Onfer nce on Christian Steward hip of the among other proposals it was decided churches should 1. Encourage farm workers to organize unions for collective bar dining on wages and conditions if labor. 2. Experiment in certain cases Ith operating or sponsoring credit pools to Supply badly needed farm Redit. 3. Seek improvement in the form f leases made by landlords and in ants to end exploitation in he Field of farm tenancy. 4. Encourage Transfer of farms father to son to keep farms i the same family. The department of the town and country Church of the National Council of churches conducted the conference. Rural mail Carrier has Dovey Crockett s tex., june gun has become quite a both Davy Crockett travelled so. He s going to give it to the. A revolt want to keep cabbage Green Hen you arc cooking it steam the shredded vegetable in Only enough water to keep it from ticking there practical y no liquid left in the pan by the Ime it is tender Crisp. South irom the red River Border of Texas to everlasting Fame and death at the Alamo he wanted to travel Light. That s Why he traded guns with Andy Thomas. And that s How Davy s 14-Pound, a foot muzzle loader happens to belong to j. P. Darwin 61, a Rural mail Carrier. Darwin does t know if the gun his Grandfather got from Davy is Crockett s famed old Betsy. It could be. For carved in the Stock with exquisite care is a Lone Star Crockett s own Handiwork. When the Tennessee woodsman decided to come to Texas and join her fight for Independence from Mexico he carved the Texas sym Bol on his Rifle and had the Star inlaid with Silver. The Silver has Long since Digap the Star still is bold on the old Wood Stock v the ramrod is missing from the Long Rifle and part of the Wood is worm eaten. For years Darwin kept the Rule jut of sight in a closet. But since Davy Crockett has become a National idol of Small Fry he s had to fetch it to a handier place for the kids to come and gaze at it in Awe. Darwin admits that showing off pets of the Job particularly the ant strings tied to yugoslav Money Washington june 4 Vorys a Ohio said today a move will be made in the House to tie some strings to Aid for Yugo Slavia As the result of last week s agreement Between marshal Tito and Kremlin leaders. Vorys is a senior member of the House foreign affairs committee which resumes consideration wednesday of the administration s 3 4 billion foreign Aid Bill for the year beginning july 1. The Senate approved the measure last thursday without major change. We re Gnipp to a Good look whatever is in it Tor Tito and see that some strings Are tied to Vorys said referring to the prospective committee action. The measure includes 40vi Mil lion dollars in economic help for undisclosed Yugoslavia plus total of funds for military weapon Tito joined russian Premier Bui Garu n in signing a communique thursday calling for the outlawing of nuclear weapons a collective Security treaty in Europe and re affirming yugoslav support for seating red China in the United nations and recognizing pc pins s legitimate rights with regard to i Formosa. Vorys said in an interview that this communique renewed my miss icons of Tito s loyalty to our cause or to anybody exc Chi him Fie. Artir in Andin other com Mitlee member said he did nil believe the Tito bulk Finin Asne mint will it Matt the attitude in the Misc n treat Deal. All of us in he fld petted when Harold e. Stassun. Re Fra administrator Renews the administration s arguments for Bill in wednesday s committee hearing. Tall Man Riding in color nafter28rnonlhs in office. Visas brought Back for those who missed it and for those who want to see it again state now showing three big hits see it now on film that even if the president has made up his mind now there is almost no Chance he will tip his hand far in Advance. The facts of political life Are that any presi rent stands to lose if he discloses his plans too Early. The International situation is not Likely to be the Only determining Factor. There s the matter of the ded would be reluctant to see j president s general legislative pro Tito move closer to the of enacted but he seems to be making Ai Effort to maintain his ind Epen Aid to Yugoslavia has been sharply criticized but never reduced in past action on foreign Aid by both the committee and the House itself. If the committee fails to change this portion of the Bill the Issue is almost certain to come up on the House floor. So dietary of state Dulles told the committee he raid not expect Tito to rive up the advantages the Secretary said he has gained by cooperating with the West. Nevertheless Sharp questioning on the Belgrade conference is cd top thrills in slow motion Dana Andrews in smoke signals color by technicolor official International heavyweight championship contest daughters of the Texas tin. They la put it on display at e Alamo the restored old Span a Mission where Crockett and very one of 180 other Texas fight is for Freedom were killed in 536. Masonic notice regular communication of Hampton Lodge no. 204 . Will held in the masonic Temple on monday june 6 at o clock. All member Are urged to attend this meeting and visiting masons will be welcomed. J. R. Sojourner w. M. F. P. Cheshier Sec y. Tonight o clock hear Jimmy Caston subject the divine healer at work Baptist Tabernacle t a Okat place a a great picture i Tyrone Power Maureen of John Ford s i the Long Gray line comm a Triune Robert Francis donate Crisp Ward Bond bets Palmer Phil Carey Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy in Pardon us Box office opens at show starts at 2 admissions adults____30c kids 15c More pleasure in cinemascope Calypso cruise news events see it from the beginning Only 2 shows today features spectacular musical 21 my heart Hose Ferrer of Bironi Hallin to a Bull cum Waktor Rosemary orc 6 i Tki k12u.y Jam pm Tel a Vic Damon i Howard Kuki. Tony Martin. K Black widow cinemascope regular prices like a animal at Bay Ine watched him helplessly. Wondering if he would be As Rici Obs As weapon he carried. Today thru tuesday Carolina air conditioned shows today coming thur Fri. Hansel and Gretel comedy news sports today colonial

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