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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Jun 4 1970, Page 35

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 4, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaThu Day june 4, 1970 riot Tutti j several hew stars help to brighten Broadway s 7960-70 stage picture masonic notice special communication of Amity Lodge no. 340 will be held editor s note it was a generally inauspicious Broad Way season but several new stare helped brighten the stage picture. In something of fairy tale fashion five of the Rookie performers won nominations for a Tony one Winner. By William Glover a drama writer new York a new players hit big this Broadway the fresh Supply of performing Talent brightly offset some Dull creative aspects of show year 1969-70. Attesting to the Rookie calibre of the two score actors who Sarasota bowed in Lead roles or feature Herslev another musical afforded a Broadway Start to c. David Colson who has per formed from san Francisco to i at t h e masonic Temple on Friday june 5, 1970, . For the Pur pose of conferring the master maed to attend. Visiting masons welcomed. Refreshments. D. E. Purvis . La a Tim Lor Airty Wolti it in my end Mill k Tim Florenne min ing no. P. 0. 111. C. To. Andy bits five won Tony nominations of and Sherman on to these inc pm Del june -1 5 c. E. Sect. Andy sends a Complete 20 volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Kathy Cismowski age in of Duluth Minnesota for her question where does Nutmeg come from Nutmeg of course adds that just right flavor to eggnog and custard pies. It was introduced to the Western world when sailing ships ventured around the Globe and began trading with the East indies. These far Eastern tropical Isles were known As the spice islands and Nutmeg was one of their most popular products. Nowadays Nutmeg is usually packaged for Sale As a Fine Rusty Brown powder in Pioneer Days Cooks grated their own powder from hard dark Brown Nutmeg kernels about the size and shape of walnuts. In either Case the powder has a fragrant whiff and its own special spicy flavor. In the right amount in the right dish it tastes somewhat like a blend of assorted Garden herbs with a hint of cloves beechnut and Sunflower seeds. However nothing else in the world has exactly the same unforgettable flavor. Nutmeg adds the perfect finish to custard egg dishes and a Pinch of the Brown powder helps to harmonize the assorted ingredients in spicy cakes. It was discovered when portuguese sailing ships put into the East indies alias the spice islands and no wonder the Cooks of Europe went wild about it. Enormous prices were paid for the spice Island treasures. Those expensive cargoes of Nutmeg were shipped from the moluccas islands where most of the world s Best Nutmeg still grow. The East indies Are in the wide Ocean Between Northern Australia and the trailing malay Peninsula. The moluccas the famous Nutmeg Isles Are strewn across the Equator Between the larger islands of celebes and new Guinea. Most of the moluccas Are planted with Evergreen Nutmeg Trees. They grow 70 feet High shaded by even higher tropical Trees. At the right season Pale yellow blossoms that look and smell like lilies of the Valley Dangle on the Green Gray boughs. Later the boughs Are decked with fruits that look like Golden pears. Soon the Pulpy flesh Withers and becomes rather like candied fruit. But these Cret Nutmeg flavor is not yet ready for harvesting. At last the fruit bursts open showing that the Walnut sized nuts inside Are wrapped in Bright red paper thin skins. This red membrane becomes Rich dark Mace with a spicy flavor somewhat though not exactly like cloves. The Nutmeg Are thin shelled nuts inside the papery Mace and the withered pulp of the fruit. The nut seeds Are separated and dried Over very gentle heat perhaps for a month. Then their thin shells Are cracked open. The hard dark Brown kernels inside Are the spicy no megs. A Nutmeg tree is1 nine years old before it bears and it May Bear spicy Nutmeg each season for another 60 years. The moluccas still provide bumper crops for the world. But Nutmeg Trees now grow also in India and Ceylon in the West indies and tropical regions of Brazil. A tree that yields its own special spice is rare. The generous Nutmeg tree yields two quite different spices. The Mace and most of the Nutmeg kernels Are ground and sent to Market As Fine powders. However the kernels con Tain a fragrant buttery Oil. The Small ones and the fragments Are ground to powder steamed and crushed while still warm. Out comes a thick fragrant substance called Oil of Mace or Nutmeg butter. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Jeffrey Williams age 10, of Petersburg Virginia for his question Are redwoods native Only to California California is the Home of both the coastal Redwood and the Sequoia Redwood. The tallest of these stately giants live along the Western slopes of the coastal mountains and there Are still some in Oregon. Here the filmy Grey fogs Drift in from the sea and the great Trees get the misty climate they need. In the past their magnificent forests covered two million acres. They spread in a narrow Belt about 30 Miles wide from southwestern Oregon 500 Miles Down into California. Now they occupy less than a third of their ancient territory. Many of the great Trees Are As tall As 30 Story buildings and a few Are much taller. Some of them have lived years and some Are almost years old. The Sequoia Redwood is not As tall As the coastal Redwood but it has a wider trunk and it May live or maybe years. The Sequoias grow farther Inland on the Cool Western slopes of the Sierra Neveda. Their territory is a narrow Belt about 250 Miles Long Down the Central Region of California. However there is another Cousin called the Dawn Redwood that was discovered in China in the Middle of this Century. For distinguished work and Post actually copped one of the Cov before commuting himself total eted Silver medallions. To the hazards of show Busi i Ness. They came from As near As j for Niall Toibin Frank Brooklyn As far off As the Fiji Grimes and Bruce Heighley islands and nearly All were be borstal boy from Dublin tween 20 and Mother of four. Notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Ernest l. Hubster jr., deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified administrator of said 30 one was a brought initial recognition on i estate within the time prescribe even most of those who unluckily picked turkeys for their debut garnered the sort of per Sonal notices from critics that promote careers. Topping the winners Blythe Danner taking a Tony for her portrayal of a Kooky lass who Falls in love with a Blind youth in butterflies Are like Many of the others the Philadelphia Starlet reached Broadway after extensive work in regional theater groups. The two musical Bonanza applause and spotlight standout Debutante. Bonnie Franklin pert Santa Monica calif., redhead excl tartly sings and dances the title number of the rival musical includes Teri rals ton of Holyoke colo., who comes on with deft comic poise As a Square wife who smokes pot for the first time while Pamela Myers who reached this Side of the Ocean. Grimes led by Law five months and All even collared a Tony Nomina-1 persons indebted to the said Tion. Notice to creditors 11. Hours for All persons having claims or Cienci wanted Meadows demands against the estate of Vallie m. Reed requested to present the same itemized and verified to the in pay equity assume 6% per cent loan. Three Large bedrooms two Baths. Den administrator of said estate co n b in i on ,ot3547. Within the time prescribed Park Avenue extra persons indebted to estate prompt designed. Are asked to make payment to the in and ail Large Home. Four bedrooms the said dining room laundry room Edward Reed Central Oil heat and garage dial Hinds realty 662-1511, after hours 662-5155. Co r. M. Deberry attorney at Law i june 4, 11, notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of for Sale 1008 Cedar Street pay equity and Florence s c assume mortgage three Novence b. U Ceramic Bath living room dining room and kit Chen. Central air conditioning and heat. Contact Ray a. Hyer Frederick d. Brown company your full Stacy reach s first Broadway Chance was less idyllic. But Al though the drama in which he played the Central role of Buffalo Bill failed at the Box office reach himself lived up to All his Road notices for ability and also got a Tony nomination. Several headliners from other areas of popular attention were fleetingly admired although their musicals weren to including Mohammad Ali Cassius Clay in Buck Frank Gorshin with Steve Arlen of cry for us All and England s music Hall Thrush Dilys waiting in that stint got miss watling a Tony did too. The Youthful threesome of Jeanne paste Green David Christmas and James Burge i estate Are asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. Thomas c. Fleming or. P. 0. Box 62 Bennettsville s. C. June 4, 11, discovered that taking off All Neir clothes could t atone for new York just seven script flaws of a Nudie dra ago from Cincinnati stops the show with a Brassill poignant song about All eager beavers seeking big town Success an other Hundred Barbara Andres who travelled in vaudeville with her parents and then had four tots if her own before trying legit demonstrated the virtue of per Severance. She arrived Early in he season in a Flop musical then came Back As a Aucy French maid in a revival f the boy a sturdier attraction. The Long run smash hello provided Georgia Enle s big Opportunity. Miss Enel born in Washington and Aughter of a coast guard rear Admiral had been in new York ust three months when she won he featured role of Minnie Fay Milliner s assistant in a Compa y formed to succeed the Pearl Bailey troupe. Sincere imitation launched Ewis j. Stadlen of Brooklyn on he Success trial in Minnie s his rollicking impersonation of Groucho Marx prompt d the Veteran master Clown to declare after the first perform nce he s better than three other tyros Parrot other dons of the Marx clan in the ame Pearl Alvin Kupperman a Grin and Bear Anita sheer stroked a fiery flamenco guitar alongside a Sis. Ter newcomer Linda Andres in the soon wilted look to the lil ies. Another girl favourably noticed in an ill starred venture was Marcia Jean Kurtz in Mur j Ray schisgal s the one of the most promising and busiest youth arrivals was Kristoffer Tabori son of actress Viveca Lindfors who quickly went from Short lived the Penny wars into off Broadway exercises. Other first timers were notice of Lis pendent Federal National mortgage association a corporation organized and existing under the Laws of the United states plaintiff is. Evan Mciver defendant. Notice is hereby Given that be action has been commenced and is pending in the 0421. Lucille h. Eaddy deceased Are service realtors 662 requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified administrator of said estate within the time prescribed by Law five months and All Corner third Loop Road e. Sandhurst or. Three bedrooms carpet Kitchen built ins Den two Baths. 1. Houma far Salt Bead this 3 4 bedroom Homes to maximum Down payment payments in accordance to Yoiiro salary we Are accepting applications for 3 4 bedroom Homes under the Federal housing administration program 235 government pay part you pay part Tara realty Henry Grantham 669-5136 Day or night persons indebted to the said j Carport and Central air con estate Are asked to make i Tion ing. Dial Hinds prompt payment to the undersigned. James f. Hanna route no.2 Johnsonville s. C. May 28, june 4, realty 662-1511, after hours 662-3288. Final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Caddie Lawhon estate of deceased executrix Robert f. And Lottie Ham of the Lawhon 201 s. Franklin drive extra Large three bedroom Home dining room Kitchen and spacious Bath. Dial Hinds realty 662-1511, after hours by owner 317 Park View Circle. Good quiet neighbourhood. Near Tennis court and Park. Call 669-2248 or 669-8311. Court of Florence common pleas county upon complaint of the plantiff above Charles Tost of Abbott blood and William red Robert Moberly ironically enacting a disenchanted play might in a place for which faded after one showing and Walter Willison in nor Man is that the largest Batch of fresh faces arrived with Keach in in Manu Tupou a Fiji is Lander with a . In anthropology from the University of London led the supporting con i Tingent As sitting Bull. Also fresh in were Pamela Grey i Mitra Arliss Barton Heyman Richard Mckenzie James j. Sloyan de Tombola and Yusef Bulos. Broadway should certainly be seeing All of them again. Religion still serious concern in East Europe Vienna a More than two decades of official harass concern in official communist party circles. A party Secretary ment against religion in the recently complained of grow communist nations of Eastern i ing numbers of communist Par Europe May have put a crimp to members who attend Reli on Church pageantry but the ranks of the faithful seem just As full As Ever. Ious services and whose Chil named against the defendant and having for its purpose the foreclosure of a mortgage of real estate dated april 22, 1968, said mortgage being recorded in the office of the clerk of court for Florence county on april 23, 1968, in mortgage Book a-66, at Page 27. The premises affected by this action Are situated in the county of Florence state of South Carolina and Are More particularly described As follows All that certain piece parcel or lot of land lying being and situate in the City and county of Florence state of South Carolina being know and designated As lot 87 shown on a plat of Fairfield subdivision by Floyd and Floyd Reg. Sure., dated july 1963, and recorded in plat Book a Page 87, in the office of the clerk of court for Florence county and being generally bounded and described As follows to wit on the East by Elm Grove Avenue on which it fronts an. D measures 145 feet on the South by Wingate Avenue on which it measures 142.30 feet on the West by lot 86 on which it measures 125 feet and on the North by lot 64 on which i t measures 47.4 feet All As shown on plat made by m. E. Lind jr., Reg. Sur., dated april 10, 1968. Willcox Hardee Houck Palmer q Farrell attorneys at Law Florence South Carolina june 2, 1970. Summons id the court of common pleas Lawhon deceased has this Day made applications unto the court of probate of Florence three bedroom Brick veneer Home. Den living room dining room Kitchen county for final discharge 1910 Mccown drive such executrix and that the phone 662-0129. 23rd Day of june o clock ., is 1970, the at 10 time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county May 21, 28, june 4, 11 final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Herbert n. Lewis executor of the estate of Dorothy e. L. Lewis deceased has this Day made by owner Lee acres three bedroom Brick veneer. Fenced Back Yard. Pay equity and assume 6 per cent loan. Sandhurst subdivision three or four bedrooms 2 or 2 Baths Den a fireplace k i t c h e appliances formal dining room inside Utility room enclosed garage and Central air conditioning. Dial Hinds realty 662-1511. After hours 662-5155. By owner botany acres 4 years old Brick. Three bedrooms two Baths. Large Den carpeted living and dining combination. Pay equity and assume 6% per cent loan. 662 9028. Your Opportunity Low interest loan bedrooms two Baths Central air is 200 Cash needed. Phone 669.6623 or 662.0146. Are you looking for full carpet air conditioning three for a three weeks realtors bedrooms 2 Baths equity and Cash weeks realtors needed. 669 Dren Are taught j state of South Carolina some East european coun county of Florence in Czechoslovakia where ies seen to solve the problem about 75 per cent of the at a tact agreement Tion is roman Catholic the Catholic press is sharply re with religion. Poland which has the largest _ Stricler. Only three of the Conn number of roman catholics of iry s 13 bishoprics Are headed any communist country appear by a Bishop. Religious Organiza gently has Learned to live with i the Church. In 1966 a papal Jour Ney to Poland in Observance of the year of christianity there was cancelled. Polish Lead but religion remains a serious ers admitted later that the Rea son was fear the visit might have harmed relations with the Federal National mortgage association a corporation organized and existing under Stales plaintiff application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such executor and that the 23rd Day of june 1970, at 10 o clock ., is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county May 21, 28, june 4, 1v2 Bath Brick veneer Home. Convenient to Mercury motors. Calcutt Harrell realtors 662-9397. Glencove subdivision pay equity and assume payments of less than per month on this three bedroom two Bath Brick veneer Home. Features electric heat built in stove Carport and storage. Calcutt Harrell realtors 662-9397. Final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Carol b. Chambers administer matrix of the estate of Tommie c. Bridgers deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such administer matrix and that the 24th Day of june 1970, at 10 o clock ., is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county May 21, 28, june 4, Meadows new Homes under construction. Two and three bedrooms 1 or 1% Baths electric heat and built ins. Dial Hinds realty 662-1511, after hours 662-3288. Greenwood school new two or three bedroom Homes tile Bath built ins Carport and electric heat. Dial Hinds realty 662-1511, after hours 662-5155. Florence morning news for classified am Call 669-1771 Between and . Deadlines classified ads for tuesday through saturday must be in our office by 4 . He Day before publican. For sunday 10 Saturday for monday 11 Terrace Cha or a financing. Living dining combination three bedrooms 1% Baths Kitchen a built ins Den electric heat and Carport. Dial Hinds realty rfi9 1r11 Cro k1kk Montney payments or 662-0146. Quinby estates pay equity assume per cent loan. Three bedrooms two Baths. Double Carport. Wooded lot. Forest pay equity three bedrooms separate Den dining room. Air conditioned. Cau 669-4768. Look Crestview subdivision pay equity and assume payments of less than 3er month on this three bedroom 1v2 Bath Brick veneer Home. Convenient to Mercury motors. Calcutt in three bedroom Home. Good school District. Yard fenced. Call 669-2512, after 2 . Owner 1216 Pinckney Avenue six rooms two Baths. Screened Back porch. Call 662-7119. House and lot Frame Type. Three bedrooms near Salem s. C. Already financed. No red tape Down. Call collect 782-7490 or nights 787 6084, ask for or. Erwin. 1937 West Sandhurst. Three bedroom two Baths panelled Den carpeted living room and separate dining room. Central air fenced Back Yard double 669-3833. Carport. Phone 2. Lots for Sola building lot 100 x 200. Located on old Timmonsville Hwy. Close to Bant Lings music store. Apply to r. B. Banning bannings music store. Mobile Home owners do not be crowded to 5 and 10 acre lots. Several locations. Close in. Terms. Call Bill tru Luck Litho. 662-1173. Two. Lots Palmetto Heights full Price 10 per cent Down phone automobiles. Balance 36 months. 662-9171, b a r t e 1 s lots Crow land new tons Are accused of trying to subvert communism. Many Par Shes Are being neglected by dwindling numbers of priests. Sheraton Friday night special g cat fish hush puppies All ii c of served family All u can eat 51.95 style with trimming. Stay and enjoy the music of to and her combo in the Sand trap lounge. Sheraton motor inn location 1-95 Hwy. 76 soviet Union. There have been signs that Hungary would like to Settle the problem of Josef Cardinal Mindszenty in exile in the . Embassy in Budapest and get Down to the business of learning to coexist with the Church. The 78-year-old Cardinal has the Laws of the is. Evan Mciver defendant. To the defendant above named you Are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint herein copy of which is herewith served upon you and to serve a copy of your answer to said complaint upon the subscribers at their offices 248 West Evans Street Florence South Carolina within Twenty 20 Days after service Hereof exclusive of the Day of such service and if you fail to answer the complaint herein saturday. Classified display copy must de received by 4 . Two Days before Publica Tion sunday copy by 4 . Thursday monday copy by 4 . Friday. Copy re Quiring proof must be in the three Days before publication. Cancellations if it is necessary to Cance an and expiration the advertiser will be c Only for the Days on which the Adap pears and the rate earned. All cancellations must be received by 4 the Day before publication and n Satur. Day for sunday and monday. Cancellation accepted Only by personnel the classified department. Classified rates lines of Days 75c 96c 1.20 1.44 1.68 1.92 2.16 3 Days 1.80 2.40 3.00 3.60 4.20 4.80 5.40 s Days 2.60 3.60 4.50 5.40 6.30 7.20 Days 3.36 4.48 5.60 6.72 7.84 8.96 8.10 10.08 refused to leave his Haven until Joni a u aforesaid the the government lifts the life sen in. Tence it imposed on him in 1949. Hungary indicated it was will ing to see the prelate safely out of the country last year when it said it was ready and interested to find a solution to the problem. And it has been re ported that even the Vatican would like to see the Cardinal come out of Hungary so it could i assign another prelate to guide demanded in said complaint. Willcox Hardee Houck Palmer o Farrell attorneys for plaintiff Mim mum charge 3 lines. All ads must run consecutive says without change of copy to earn the Low rates above. Ads ordered for non consecutive Days Are charged at the one Day rate. Box number charge of s 50 errors errors should be reported immediately. We Only assume responsibility for one time. Customer real estate 1. Houses for Sale the flock of some too minion i you Florence South Carolina May 25, 1970 to the defendant above named please take hungarian Fai Wiful. Officially Hungary proclaims religious Freedom and tolerates the Church. The government pays an annual subsidy totalling million. But since this is used for the Upkeep of churches and to help support an unknown number of priests the amount is spread rather thinly. The government loses no Chance to extol the gains of atheism notice that the original Sun Mons in the above entitled action of which the foregoing is a copy together with the complaint were filed in the of fice of the clerk of court for Florence county on the 2nd Day of june 1970. Willcox Hardee i Iobco Palmer o Farrell attorneys for plaintiff june 4, for Sale 1109 Kenwood drive near Royal school living room Large panelled Den Kitchen three bedrooms and Bath. Low monthly payments. Call Ray a. Hyer Frederick d. Brown company your full service realtors co. Sales rental 862-1511, after hours wiring. Beautiful wooded lots. In Briggs and Southside school District. Telephone 669-6623 or 662-0146. Sandhurst traditional j Brick Cedar shakes. Three bedrooms two Baths. Corner lot at Sandhurst and a Westmoreland. Financing available. Beautiful lots with All City utilities. Price to Small Down payment and convenient terms. Gandy and Williamson realtors phone 662-2064. Per month includes principal interest taxes and insurance. Pay equity and assume this Low 5% per cent loan on 6 year old Brick Home at 109 honeysuckle Lane Quinby estates East. Three bedrooms two Baths living room panelled Den and Kitchen with built ins. Laundry room double Carport Utility room. Paved drive Patio with Barbecue. Lot 100 by 200city water. Phone 669-5552 evenings and lot Santee 85 x 185gin Pond Section at Tawmaw wooded lot 40 year lease with option to renew. Call 662-5261 or 4284, Florence s. C. Mobile Home owners. We have acre lots near Dupont and paper Mill in Claussen area. Monthly payments less than several lots already have Spetic tanks pumps and Well installed. Why pay rent and be crowded too Call Tommy Branson at e. E. Burnson son 662-0152. Fairfield subdivision As Little As a month if you qualify under the government 235 program these Nice Brick Homes have 3 bedrooms and 1 Bath. Let us explain this program to you. Funds Are limited so hurry. Calcutt Harrell realtors land for Sale for Sale Corner of Rosevelt and Cannon drive 346-7853. Acres near City. Weeks realtors Telephone 669-6623 or 662-0146. Mobil Homes for Sale looking for a Complete real estate service three bedroom reims sessions. Real Nice. 0421 for Sale 107 Gwendolyn drive Tifton place new Brick veneer Home near Golf course. Entry foyer Large Liv ing room three bedrooms two Ceramic Baths family room Kitchen with built ins. Utility room Carport and storage. For appointment Call Ray a. Hyrc Frederick d. Brown company your full service realtors 662 0421. Mortgage Loans insurance. Crow land the most fully developed area in Florence. Yet the most reasonably priced property in Florence. Call us now 669-6623 or 662 want to buy a Home Call Frank Willis Marion Highway Florence. Repossession 2 12 x 60 two bedroom Mobile Homes. Take up payments and move in. Fort Caroline Homes 669-1663. Mobile used Mobile Home 12 x 38, two bedroom fort Caroline Mobile Homes Marion Highway 669-1663. 1968 Capella 12 x 68two bedroom. Small equity or furniture and assume Barnwell co. 662-4339. Payments. Telephone 393-5351

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