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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - June 3, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 154 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence South Carolina wednesday june 3, 1970 Loc sunday lie Alabama handshakes former Alabama governor George Wallace top and Alabama gov. Albert Brewer shakes hands in the final hours of campaigning for the democratic nomination for the governorship. Alabama voters flocked to the polls tuesday to Render a nationally significant verdict a Wallace takes sizeable Lead in Alabama s Runoff primary bulletin Birmingham Ala. A George c. W a ,11 a c e possibly aiming Tor another shot at Hie presidency Rotl an apparent while backlash vote to Victory Over gov. Albert Brewer tuesday night in the Runoff primary for the demo Cratie gubernatorial nomination. Gross making his with the incumbent statewide election foray easily out distanced James a. Quaremba a political Novice and Joseph Gavin who was on expected to win. Gov. David of. Cargo battled Anderson Rush Relief needs to earthquake area n. Viet sappers repelled Saigon a North Viet namese sappers overran part of a government fire base in the car North tuesday but were beaten Back after inflicting heavy casualties on tie South vietnamese defenders in bitter lighting. The casualties were the worst reported in any attack on a Outh vietnamese Force since ate March when enemy troops overran a government fire base n the Mekong Delta and killed 57 and wounded 115. The North vietnamese have been stepping up their attacks n the North while the allies Are preoccupied with overruling enemy bases inside Cambodia far o the South. It was a superbly executed sapper attack. They had them zeroed one military source said of the assault on fire base Tun tavern. The base still was under intermittent enemy mor tar fire at Nightfall. Field reports said at least 81 North vietnamese soldiers were killed in the predawn attack on the Mountain top fire base located four Miles East of Laos thousands killed towns destroyed Lima Peru a Relief supplies from abroad poured tuesday into this South american nation stricken by an earthquake that killed thousands. The devastation isolated ruined towns North of Lima and hampered Relief efforts. Augusto Zimmerman director lady mrs. Juan v Elasco Hon of the National information of fice told a news conference that taking into account the Popula Tion of devastated communities the death toll could reach the official toll so far has passed the Mark. Ovary president of the National assistance Board with a Check for Chile rushed two supplies loaded cargo planes to Peru my Argentina sent one. A so Viet ship at Cartagena Colum the United states sent three Bia offered to Send doctors and huge plan loads of supplies eluding tents blankets cots and other items that had been Stock Indian woman reflects quake destruction thousands made homeless by peruvian disaster piled in the Panama canal zone. The Pentagon said a Large cargo plane loaded with Rescue helicopters would be sent along with a medical team. The Heli copters Are vital for reaching isolated towns. . Ambassador Taylor Belcher presented Peru s first 6th District population reported sharply lower the quake de3troycd thou. Sands of buildings and almost demolished a number of towns. Observation planes reported entire villages erased from the map by Earth slides or floods from lakes High in the Andes mountains. Government spokesmen said i More than persons were left homeless. About 300 persons injured at Chimbole were brought to Lima aboard a peruvian Navy Cruiser. Lie publican sen. George Murphy was seeking a George c. Wallace battling for political survival and possibly another shot at the presidency opened a sizable vote Lead Over gov. Albert Brewer tuesday night in the Runoff primary for the democratic gubernatorial nomination. With nearly 60 per cent of the vote in of boxes Wallace led to a margin of Carter a conservative who ran a close i the ballot simply to help a race for. Years Gressional candidate. Gap la turns from 154 of the state s election districts gave Gross votes to for Quaremba and 661 for Linn in California opposed by Gavin. I Norton Simon an industrialist and political Novice. Williams built his Lead by Pilling up big margins in most of the state to offset the Hudson county pluralities of his i opponent state ser. Frank j. J Guarini of that traditionally democratic organization county and 21 Miles South of the demilitarized zone. A decrease in population count for the nine county sixth Florence said preliminary sixth congressional District tilt a local of incomplete Field reports put been recorded preliminary people Are now government casualties in nearly figures showed tuesday. La i the Cruiser also brought pres i ident Juan Velasco Back from a j personal inspection Lour of part of the devastated area. He was meeting with his military Cabi i net and it was expected a a ment of Commerce s in a decrease of Over Tiona state of mourning wow the recorded in 1960. J be declared and emergency Horry Coily has taken. The three hours of fighting at 46 killed 84 wounded and 17 miss ing with killed. The attackers struck with Small arms rocket grenades and Satchel charges. The preliminary f i pared u rest 960. 0 my in one . Adviser reveal that the area lost 17.605 Posnock said he is convince j persons Over the last official census in 1960. William a. Pollock District manager for the u. S. Depart and the envy of every campaigner it seemed was sen. John c. of Mississippi a Democrat with no challenger in his own party and no pro Spect of Republican opposition it appeared that Wallace was in the nov. 3 general election heading for Victory breaking the pattern that placed him second in the first primary when Brewer shot ahead in the final stages with heavy support from Birmingham. Wallace made race his rally ing Point in the Runoff Campaign claiming that a Victory by his opponent would put the Blacks in control of Alabama for the next half Century. With of boxes counted Wallace led to voters stood in Long lines across the state some in the rain. Election officials in some prec Eincis said the turnout was heavier than on May 5. Alabamians also chose democratic nominees f o r lieutenant governor one place j on the Public service com Mission and 57 seats in the slate legislature left undecided after the primary last month. In the Runoff for the legislature were eight negroes. Eight other Black candidates won places in the Runoff for county office. Federal poll watchers were sent in by the Justice depart ment to oversee the election in three of the counties where negroes wore r u i Bullock and Choc Law. Barbour is Wallace s Home county. In other elections former state Republican c h a i r in a n Nelson Gross easily captured his party s senatorial Nomina lion tuesday in and ii. S. Sen. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield had two rivals in the Montana primary but neither was rated a real threat to his Campaign for a fourth term. Mcnair is named to War tour group that this is within an allowable one per cent margin of Florence county it Wes noted is the. Only county which shows an increase Tion and it is s 1 i g h t. J Williamsburg county had the i largest drop the report said. Pollock said preliminary j figures show Florence county with a population of an increase of Only Over the 1960 figure of drop of 443 Over the in the 1960 census. County reportedly has evinced j persons some less than the recorded 10 years ago. County has a total of less than the 1960 in Popuia-1 figure of the City of Guaraz feet High in uie Andes appeared hardest hit by the disaster. Officials said 95 per cent of Guaraz was destroyed. Peruvian army paratroopers were attempting to set up communications in Guaraz so that Relief supplies could be dropped. Officials said Guaraz would Marlboro county has As a Centor or Relief a drop of persons Over Jhons in the area the in 1960. The country continued to Bury Pollock declined immediate ifs and the tons comment As to reasons for the army engineers were Sharp decrease in population. Sett my a a network officials from throughout the Washington a presi Nair of South Carolina. Dent Nixon announced tuesday he is sending three governors and seven members of Congress on a tour of Cambodia and South Vietnam for a firsthand look at the Indochina War. The three governors named Are heps. Melvin Price d-i11. By Nixon generally have in Idor cd his Southeast Asia poli in new Mexico it was sen. Pics. They arc republicans John Joseph m. Montoya against a. Love of Colorado and Ray Richard que que Edwards of Albu Jumond p. Shafer of Pennsylvania for the democratic and Democrat Robert e. My forces William g. Bray Rind. 0 c i figures of Civ of in a. A Florence saying that mayor the House armed committee selected four of a Tex. And g William members to make the District have been predicting the manager of the rises in population for a i office declined to release number of years. Pollock said the census Bureau will commence in the u .1. Tnp Whitehurst Uva. And Sens White the Senate armed serv ices committee picked three of its members. Again most sup port the War Effort. The party is to leave wednes Day afternoon and arrive in Sai gon late thursday. They Are to leave Saigon monday returning to Washington late tuesday. The congressional members David Mcleod requested a he make the release. Mcleod George Murphy a Calif. John said tuesday night he had g Tower r-Tex., and Howard w. Had an Opportunity to study figures and cannot release them until he does. Fall to publish official Popula Tion figures for All areas of the Cannon a Nev. Counsellor and Herbert Klein Williamsburg county s count of represents a drop of White House director of comm 7431 persons Over the 1960 my Arinno trash in tobacco costly s. C. Warehousemen told new Jersey Harrison a. Wiliams took an Early Lead in the democratic Side. By Thom Anderson morning news state Kali Tor Myrtle Beach trash in tobacco costs the Industry millions of dollars each tobacco. It included stones Fred s. Royster managing bricks bottles and even an director of the Bright Belt automobile Carburettor from the Ford v-8, he said. The South Carolina tobacco j warehouse association s annual i Reynolds equipment cleaned meeting was told tuesday. W. Stuart a cake general Leaf supervisor for the j Reynolds tobacco co., told warehousemen the Industry must have wide spread cooperation to survive today s challenges. Arguing among themselves can bring the end of the auction system he said. A cake told the group owl hotter handling of tobacco in the warehouse could result in better service and profit for All in the Industry. Lie gave dramatic evidence of i he need to clean up tobacco by displaying several Large plastic bags containing foreign Mailer r. J. Reynolds has found in pounds of Sand from tobacco in 1969, pounds of string were taken from tobacco by Reynolds. He noted that the companies had paid tobacco prices for those foreign items which could go to boost the prices for tobacco itself. Besides the Cost of paying about 70 cents per Pound for the siring he said the cleaning process costs Reynolds million in 1969. Lake said increases in cigarette taxes could Cut con sumption in several states from 16.3 per cent in Florida to 10 per cent in Connecticut. Those losses reduced de Mand for South Carolina Lobac co last year by 4.5 million pounds for million. Warehouse association picked up the cooperation theme Tell ing the warehousemen and Farmers that vigilance in protecting the Industry is More important now than at any time since he has been connected with it he noted that Price supports Are a Federal program and the Industry has Many colourful enemies. Bickering Between warehousemen markets and belts has no place today he said. Whether you open is More important than when you Royster said the Industry can Bicker or can recognize the seriousness of the situation and close it could make the difference in the future of the Industry he said. Hugh c. Kiger director of sen tobacco Page a cations. An administration spokesman said the group will go into Cam Ebodia to View american and j South vietnamese military operations against communist Sanctuary areas there. The cambo Dian itinerary was not spelled out in detail. While in South Vietnam the official said Pic party will concentrate on assessing the pro Gress of the pro Gram. They will report directly to the president upon returning he said. Love chairman of the nation Al governors conference has said of the cambodian move that he is sure the president is equipped with the facts and if this is the Way of bringing men Home sooner he supports Nix i census count of people a Over the 52.928 recorded up place the Ham operators who have been the Only communications life line with stricken areas. So far three american missionaries and two roman Cath Olic nuns from the United states have been reported killed. The peace corps in washing ton said two peace corps Volun Teers Are missing and two oth Are missing and presumed dead. The missing were identified ased Kahn 22, of Trenton n.j., and Richard Newfarmer 23, of Boulder Creek Calif. The two were stationed in Lima but Mer president Pedro Aramburu were believed to have been in has been killed. Messages claim Aramburu dead Buenos newspapers a in Buenos Aires other counties in the sixth j and Rosario received District shaped up this Way j tuesday claiming kidnapped for county has at 7 . Monday Pedro Eugenio Aramburu was county has a drop of Over the 1960 j figure of the statement said. May god have mercy on his it was signed by a group of self pro i claimed followers of sex dictator county has Juan Pron. Soviet spaceship switches orbit j Guaraz at the time. Those listed As missing and press cd dead Are Marie Clutterbuck 22, of Campbellsport wise., and Gail Gross 23, of Freemansburg a. Another Volunteer reported they were 1 trying to flee a building in Riluar Azas it collapsed. They were stationed in Guaraz. Shafer chairman of the re publican governors has said that if removing the enemy from his territory is one Way to bring an end to this War. Then All americans should sup port the president in his critical Mcnair vice chairman for governor of the democratic nations committee has s a i d that we May differ on strategy and tactics but i m in Accord with the Effort and poli cies of the president in indo China. As the soviet spaceship switched its orbit astronaut Neil Armstrong visited Premier Kosygin in Moscow a n d presented a Moon fragment. Sec Page 8a. Justice Douglas has entered a defense of the right of Federal judges in speak out. Sec Page 11a. The Southern Baptist convention has elected a Charlotte pastor As pics idol. Stories on pages 3a and 7a. Index classified comics deaths editorials 41 7b 2a Horoscope 7r markets 3b sports women in a weather partly i Nudy and Wiiri Thrif i thurs Day with Climice of afternoon . Iliili 87 Lolow in upper fios. Details Page 3-a. Thrush suffers heart attack Moscow a former so Viet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was reported tuesday to be re covering from a mild heart at tack at the Kremlin Hospital for the communist elite. Unofficial soviet sources said Khrushchev ousted in 19m, suffered an attack last Friday. They said uie 76-year-old for Mer Leader will be kept under observation for some time but is believed to be out of serious danger. Reports of Khrushchev s ail ment varied. Sonic said he had a mild brain Haemorrhage but usually reliable informants de scribed it As a heart attack

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