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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 31, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaWednesday morning july the Florence morning news. Florence. S. C. Pack names in the retired adm bull1 Halsey up and about after stroke the associated Russ retired Fleet Falm. William f. Bull a Halscy 74, was up and yesterday Al doctors hos Pital in new York where he was taken after a mild stroke. The Navy said the world War ii naval Jinero suffered a stroke sunday while vacationing at fish ers Island in Long Island sound lie was flown Buck to new York. The Navy s first report said Halsey s chances of recovery were indefinite however Afler an examination the Hospital termed the report exaggerated. Tenkku Mohammed Griffin Rin Luned 63 year eld relative of the of Perak Plant to wed for the 70th and Laft Lime. Ill Call it he said yesterday in Singapore. Sixty eight of Tenkku s pre Vious marriages ended in i Torch. Under moslem Law he Rould have four wives at one Lime. His present wife is a 36 year old malay. Once he recalled he took three in a single Day. But lie can remember but a few of the names of his previous spouses. His. Children total 60. Fertilizer plants in Yugoslavia with financing by the soviet Union and East Germany. Screen writer Frank Fenton 54, has divorced his 42 year old wife Mary Jane testifying she. Jihad lost interest in our Home and me and that she held animosity toward my friends especially Fenton gained custody of a son Mark 7. Mrs. Fenton received custody of a daughter Joyce 5. Lie agreed to pay mrs. Fenton a Cash settlement of Ali Mony of a month and monthly support for the daughter. A yugoslav delegation which concluded a Deal in Moscow for Industrial Aid returned to Bel Grade yesterday. Hasan Bukic chairman of the committee for foreign Trade says agreement had been reached for construction of aluminium and Mideast policy proposed probe has quiet death Washington july-30 it the proposed Senate investigation of America s Middle East policy which was big news last january died quietly today. On the recommendation of chairman Fulbright inc special subcommittee appointed to make the inquiry decided to drop the whole thing. These reasons were Given the size of the Job the inability to make most documents Public and adoption of the Eisenhower mid dle East Resolution. Under the Resolution the United Stales pledged military and economic Aid to coun tries threatened by communism. Fulbright said he would How Ever make a Senate speech next week reviewing the incidents thai led to the controversy Over the Aswan dam in Egypt and the 1956 crisis in the Middle East. It was last Jan. 29 that the Senate foreign relations and armed services committees meeting jointly voted 30-0 for an investigation of american policy on the Middle East from 1946 to the present. Fulbright originally asked for in investigation of policy As con ducted by Secretary of state Dulles saying it had been marked by a disastrous and remarkable lapse of our relations with our closest this referred to great Britain and France. Dulles said at first that Noth ing would so irreparably damage the relations Between the United slates and its allies As would i prolonged Senate probe of u. S. Foreign policy. Later after Fulbright s motion for an investigation was Broad ened to cover the Truman administration As Well As the Eisenhower years Dulles said he would Welcome in if in did nol breach inc Confidence of Friendly nations. Woman judge says drug addiction found in children Southampton England. July 30 a now York woman judge said today there Are thousands of child drug addicts in new York City some As Young As 11. Sylvia j. Singer 47, judge of the Domestic relations court said Many cases were from Middle and upper class families. Mrs. Singer chairman of a com rail acc concerned rehabilitation of drug addict children arrived in Britain for a study of British children s courts and reformatories. Ella Fitzgerald negro jazz Singer is visiting in Norway with Thor Einar Larsen 29 year old Oslo impresario. The Singer i came to Oslo from los Ange ies saturday. The two first met on one of her european Tours. Larsen denied a published re porn they were married two years ago and added the Correct ver Sion is that Ella is vacationing with me Here in he said they Are going thurs Day to Monte Carlo and from there to los Angeles. A Chicken is under observation at the Kut Gers University Agri cultural Experiment station at new Brunswick n.j., after Lay ing 17 eggs in . The 2-year-nid leghorn one of several Hundred chickens owned by a Farmer John Delaporte appeared ready to pass out from Ilie heat sunday july 21. Del port dumped her in a bucket of water to Cool off. She revived and next Day Laid no eggs. The following wednes Day she Laid three thursday four Friday three saturday four and sunday hirer. With that Delaporte decided to Send the crazy mixed up Hen to Experiment to find out what s wrong with her. John Recd of Topeka. Kan. Adm. Bull Halsey up and about snarled his car s engine but when he tried to drive it would t move. A chief had removed the drive shall. A Man in Augusta ga., arraign pm in municipal court pleaded in baby Moons launching set in november Washington july 30 plans Are afoot to launch tiny Earth satellites Early in november Ai a test prelude to the later pro pc Clad launching of the larger sized baby Moon it was Learned authoritatively today. Official sources said one or Jnora of these. Smaller objects might actually get into an orbit around the Earth though for a very Short Lime. A source familiar with the Satel Lile program told a reporter the Deal is to introduce Small i.4 Inch diameter satellites in some of the test vehicles rockets Are tested for the launching of the projected larger satellite. The tiny objects would weigh Only four Pouds compared with the 22 pounds of the Large satellite. But it May be that one of them May actually go into an orbit around the although it would be a very Short lived one possibly a couple of he said plans Are to equip the Iny Moons with radio equipment of allow tracking. But no other instrumentation such As will be car ried in the larger satellite will be ised he said. Nocent to a charge of statutory rape. "1 Ain t had nothing to do with no he explained. Producer Mike Todd says his wife actress Elizabath Taylor appears to have escaped pre Malcuit childbirth at this time and is. Feeling so Well she s Start ing to fight with him again. Mim Taylor was taken to a Hospital in new York lifter she suffered premature labor pains. The baby is due in Lale october. Gina Lollobrigida beamed at her baby in Roine and told visitors "1 intend to feed him myself. I keep him right Here beside my said the italian film Star pointing to a Little White Metal Cradle in which Lay the baby born monday morning. Governor declines to interfere Nathan Leo Pold shown above left earlier this year and at right at the time of his 1924 trial for his part in the thrill slaying of Bobby Franks. Photo fax parole motion denied thrill Slayer Leopold Springfield 111. July 30 i 1953. Gov. Stratton pointed oui William g. Stratton of Illi that Leopold can try again any Nois today denied thrill Slayer a time but made no promises u. 5. Expects first a vessel ready in Washington july 30 a the United states expects to have its isl atomic powered passenger cargo ship ready for sea in i960. 11 will be capable of steaming Miles on one charge of nuclear fuel. The government issued the timetable for the 421i-million-Dol ars project at a round table meet no fiday Wilh representatives of the maritime Industry. Officials of the maritime administration atomic Energy commis Sion and Commerce department submitted the specifications for the 21.000-ton show ship. The ves Sel will be sent to foreign ports As Jemon Starlion of this country s Effort to turn atomic Energy into peaceful channels. Later the ship will be put in commercial service. In the session with scores of representatives of shipping lines building firms and companies in aged in design and production of nuclear Power plants the govern ment representatives emphasized hat the sleek modernistic Pas Senger cargo Carrier will be Only i lest vehicle. Primarily in will have two fun ions to try out reactor and Hull designs and to. Give some clue or later use by the shipping firms of the actual Cost of operation of an atomic powered commercial Craft. Operating Cost is not a prime actor in the nuclear powered sub marines now in use or building by the Navy. Clarence g. Morse maritime administrator of the Commerce department told the Industry representatives the contract will be Al Early in the fall of this year with the keel laying next Spring and launching in 1959. The atom ship probably will be operated for the government under contract Wilh one or More of the regular shipping lines. Stock Market firmed late today alter an easy Starl leaving prices irregular bul with the statistics on the upside. Trading was very Dull As vol ume slipped to shares from yesterday. It was the eighth straight session with turnover below the two million Ilia re level. Prices were lower at the Start out the tendency was soon arrested by a spurt of buying which picked prices Well above their lows leaving a mixed pattern. As turnover quieted most of the gains were held. There followed a period of backing and filling. Just before he close prices improved quietly again leaving them around the est of inc Day. U. S. Steel Afler an Early Frac ional loss firmed and spent the Day on the upside closing with a Ain of prior to the company s announcement of record quarterly and half year earnings. The associated press average of 60 stocks Rose a minimum 10 cents to with the industrials in 30 cents the rails up 20 cents and the Uli lilies Down 20 cells. Standard and poor s 500-Stock in Dex closed unchanged Al 47.92. It was a very narrow Market Rith Only issues traded. Of hese 471 Rose and 389 fell. There vere 9 new highs for the year and 52 new lows allege corp than Leopold any Early unconditional release from Stratton i to Leopold 52, the regular parole channels As his Only Hope for leaving Concrete walled Stateville before 1968. When he would be eligible for release with m a x i m u m allowance for Good time under his 85-year sentence. The prisoner. Informed of the action by Warden Joseph e. Rag in in Stateville prison look the news calmly and told reporters. I Don t have anything to but he will have a news con Ference in the prison tomorrow. He announced later through his attorney Elmer a Cruz that he plans to file for rehearing of his 1953 parole application before the september meeting of Tho parole and Pardon Board. Leopold has been Lur cd Down three limes he became i parole bids since eligible to apply in if in the opinion of the Mem Bers of the parole and Pardon Board a rehearing is sir Elton said his name will be placed on a subsequent docket for hearing and then further consideration will be Given his Case on the question of his possible release on parole under supervision in Community when Leopold first applied for parole it was denied and his Case was scheduled for reopening in the Board refused twice since then to reopen the Case. The governor s action on Leo Pold s pleas for executive Clem ency actually turned Down the prisoner s proposal that he 85 year term be Cut to 6-1 years. The Issue of parole was not involved in Stretton s decision. Had sural Lon granted clemency Leopold Wilh maximum credit for Good he having would have Pone fryc in Jarc a bar. Livestock Chicago. July 30 prices moved higher today Wilh butchers up 25 to 50 cent sows advancing As much As 25 cents. About 100 butchers scaling 215 pounds brought us Day s top of 52.40, ten cents under the All time High of paid on july 22. Last week s 2.50 equated the Price paid in june. 1955. The Stock Market markets becoming stable unchanged .276 189 Toul issues .1136 new 1957 mulls 9 10 new 1957 lows j5 uv4 in Loewit inc Al chem Tyne 91 p 30% Allisch mag 3414 4v s 20v4 am All Imi Mckessy pc r s7 am can Mont Ward 37k, am smell t r 5714 Nat Bis am Tob 7114 Nat Cash res a t pc t 17314 Nat Dairy Anaconda cop 66h Nat Dpi 1 2514 Arm d co Nat lne i 13 acl 47 new eng elec 1611 All Ltd it cent 3414 Avo mfg 7 no am aia Babcock i Wil 403 no Pac Bald. B l 0 Bendix Avia Beth steel Boeing Atrul Borden co Borg warn Budd co Burl Mills Bur add 471i car p t l oin math 2mi Owens c fib 54h pm act 481e Penne .1 c 40 Penn re 59 Pepsi Coa 40 Philips pet 19vi Pitt 121i proc Puma co pure of Case j 1 17-Ti Iladio corp Ca Terpil trac 8714 Reeves Bros celanese corp Reyuh St 78 2014 2114 47 6414 4214 3414 56vi chs t o coca cola come credit com silly cons Kail cont can Corn prod Cruc St Curt Wright Curt Wright a Doug air chem Iju porn Kast Airl reyolds b 5314 105 Arlege paper 271i 47v4 seab a or 33 1614 Sears bomb 27 Simmons co 43 so Coy vac 6014 m Sou car 2114 32 Souther co 411 it Sou Nat 441-j Sou Pac 4114 Sou by 43? std brads 42 std Oica 57 std of n 605 Eastman Kod 10ot4 Steves p 22h Kyle or Stewart War fire Sloan Hub 99 Swift it co Florida pm .15% Tex co 733s Ford 5jla tax Guf us 26-1 Frueh tra 18as Dextro corp 131, Gen Bak co 10-Li Tavel c Fox 26 s Gen Elco i u Carbide 120 it Ien foods u Pac 2914 Oen Mot 4514 tilt aide 2814 Glide ten co us arc 63 i Goodrich rub 78 l it corp to Goodyear rub 91 Uit fruit 4214 Grey bus Uit Imp 3314 Gulf mob a o 29 us rubber 45 Gulf Oil 140s4 us Simeti Rej 49ai int an 3tai us Stee 68v4 int min l cd 29h us tobacco 171i in paper 101u Vaad corp 4214 in t it t 351-1 Eck chem 5 Johns 47v1 a car chem 1 Kennicott cop 110 water part 2 Kresse is 26 Wesso o4s lib me lib la i West u 18% Lisk i m West e Lockheed a 38 whte sew m Ali Stock averages compiled by tier. Press 30 15 15 w ind. Rally Lull. Slot in net .3 tuesday .274.4 127.9 Prev. Day .274.1 127.7 week Aso .277.7 129.6 month ago .271.9 125.9 year ago .274.4 143.6 1937 .280.0 134.7 1957 Low .240.6 118.4 1936 High .276.3 155.1 1956 Low .244.0 136.2 Treasury Bonds improved today. Corporate issues were thoroughly mixed but leaned toward the Downside. The upturn in the governments extended to both the intermediate and Long term classifications. The Treasury s 2 is of 1963 were bid 8-32 Higier Al 92 and the Vic tory of december 1972-67 14-32 higher Al 86 28-32. Among the More Distant maturities the of 1983-78 were bid at 93 10-32, up 6-34, and the 3s of 1995 also 6-32 higher at 88 2-32. Government Bonds Are traded Over the counter. In c prorate trading converti ble Bonds followed the ups and Downs of their counterparts among the equity issues and were some what stronger Al the finish than at the Start. Utilities were on the weak Side however with a sizable number taking losses of a Point or More. Rails worked both sides of the Street. Total Bond trading on the new York Stock Exchange declined to Par value from Mon Day s gainers included Bethlehem sled 3 is up 1% at 149, Day Strom up 8. At 337, Hertz corp. 4s up 2 Al 154, and general dynamics Sis up 1 at 113. Foreign Bonds were quite and mixed. Japan stamped 6 is of 1964 lost at 101 on Light sales Tokyo electric tamped 6s of 1963 dipped 1 i at 94. Bond averages compiled by the Avsar laced 20 10 10 10 10 rally ind. Lulls . Net change .1 tuesday j2.1 89.7l 84.0l 80.0 90.3 4j2.1 84.6 80.0 90.3 82.3 99.9 84.9 80.2 90.9 83.1 90.7 85.4 80.8 91.6 94.4 94.3 84.5 100.0 87.3 92.9 90.9 b2.b 96.4 74.2 185.0 74.4 1r4.9 75.0 74.8 76.9 77.5 72.2 187.1 183.8 76.9 69.6 191.5 171.6 pitchers from 200 to 280 pounds grading 2 and 3 brought to butchers of the same grades scaling 240 to 250 pounds sold from s2.15 to mixed Grade sows scaling 325 to 400 pounds brought s19.25 to weights 300 pounds and under sold irom to ?21.00. Prime steers were 59 to 50 cells higher heifers steady Ido 25 cents lower cows Down 25 cells and bulls As much As 50 cells lower. High Choice and prime steers sold from to the top. Good to average Choice steers brought s2i.50 to Good in High Choice heifers went for to Grain Chicago july 30 it favor Able weather and crop news served to depress prices of most grains on he Board of Trade to Day. Only september Oats held Irin moving up fractionally on Short covering. Wheat futures turned lower on an. Profit taking and hedge Selling. Large scale flour purchases by Domestic Bakers a development which traders have been looking for several weeks failed Loma Leri Alicz again today. Brokers representing flour Mills reported the big bakery chains still Are reluctant to make sub Stantial flour purchases prefer ring to Wail As Long As possible for a possible break in wheal futures. New crop wheal closed to 1 j cent lower Corn i to 2 own. Higher to u lower Rye to lower soybeans 1 Volo 23 flown and lard was off 2 to 15 cells a Hundred pounds. Chicago july 30 pro Alfh Low Einor wheat old dec. 2.19. Wheat enl sep convict signs statement he killed Marilyn Sheppard in Deland Fla. July 30 my a Florida convict today signed a statement thai lie committed the sensational Marilyn Sheppard kill ing in Ohio three years ago. Cleveland officials had branded previous Oral confession a hoax. The woman s husband or. Sam Uel Sli Eppard was convicted of l to july 4, 19s4, bludgeoning and is serving life sentence. The prisoner 23-year-old Donald ,1. He had Hon Given n some kind of that and hint he Rtin l know who m victim if Llmer. Inny actually go. Inlo an aril. Ing later but i took the Altitude trial the police knew what they were doing. I tried to put it out of my mind. 11 Kepi coming so when he was jailed Here recently Aller escaping from a Road gang where lie was serving a 10 year Send once for armed robbery in Tampa on Florida s Gulf coast he decided to confess to Clear his conscience. The Neer do Well wanderer said he would waive Oxler Milinn Ami submit loan examination Liy Ihn Lio Vornor or anyone to 1 will Shumillo lie Detector test by anyone who is qualified except hit Cleveland police or the Cor Oner. From my Contact with Thorn in would to. A Wasle of lie made the statement witnessed by two deputies to William Corrigan Sheppard s chief de sense attorney and an aide Fred Garmond. In Cleveland Saul s. Annac Catu assistant Cuya hoga Cleveland county Al Lorincy said Corrigan and Parmone my use every possible Opportunity or Cir uni sir cos in Croall double which will build a background for any Possi ble action Lioy plan to take. Danaceau said in agreed with or. Samuel Gerber. Cuya hoga Cor on and James e. Mcarthur Cleveland chief of detectives Dur ing the Sheppard that wed Ler s statement was just another of the 26 phony confessions made in the Case. Wydler s statement said ii was i say is the result of suggestion on the Corrinn had spool hours Lal King Wilh the prisoner and icon Como Nul of the jail to Siviy i Eibink this any did her. Mar May Corn sep. Mar. Srp. Nee. May Rye sep. Mur. May .2.2014 ?.2ui 215--4 2.15 2.19h 2.16 i 2.h i 2.2fl i 2.31 i 2.10 i in i to i 1.26 i l.3fhn 1.34 133 Fis to .m7ii .fi8 4 i .1.3h4 1.29 1.3.1 1.291 1.33. 1.3v nov Jan. Mar ibo sen. Oil. Nov. Lire. Jan. 2.44 .2. .13.60 1j70 .1343 .13.75 .13.70 s.3im 1 m l 242 2.44 v 2.44 13.6. 1 1s.77 1.1.60 1 134 13.4i 1 13.80 13.u2 1353 i3.m Cottons Ken Oil. York. July 30 and blur Hiliot full Ful urm cd kid 10 to 19 lower. 264 ill la Low Clow sep 13.r3 is.37 14.40 ocl is.5.1 1.vj.1 15.i4r 11.31 Fly 1j.j1 ims me inn. Ivus a nid i5.i1h the morning news financial news at a a Lance new Yoke july 30 stocks mused trading quiet. Steady. Changes narrow. Chicago Little demand. Crop report food. Lower sep. Higher. With other grains. Blocs higher top 22.40. Lop what stocks did new Yolk july 30 .471 215 new Bonds Yoke july 30 Prev. Day week Are month ago year Azo 1957 High 1957 Low High 1956 Low 89.8 97.7 84.6 r8.1 79.9 90.3 iw.2 103.7 b0.5 94.k Cotton fut urfi closed id to 40 cents t higher thin the previous close. Low 31.23 34.46 34.21 8 .34.25 34.41 34.20 34.40 7 .31.28 34.42 34.20 34.39 .34.26 34.41 34.20 34.38 .33.87 34.00 33.79 33.97b .33.12 33.32 33.09 33.28 6 oct. Dec. Mar. May july. Oct. Uci-.33.04 33.21 33.01 33.1 Job 4 middling spot 35.ion up 5. New Yoke july 30 or Collon allures moved Over a wide Price Range in Active dealings today. At Hie close prices were 10 to 10 cents a Bale higher. Early in the session prices dip Ped about a Bale. Soiling was general and came from commis Sion and spot houses with some Hedges also reported. The latter was associated with the larger movement of new crop Cotton from the Rio Grande Valley. Crop and weather news remained favor Able. Traders Ako look a dimmer View of a higher loan for the 1957 crop. The Secretary of Agri culture has set the interim loan at 77 per cent of parity. A Short while some traders thought that the actual basis would be established at 82 per cent of parity. More recently however they veered closer to the to per cent figure. It is expected that the Sec 01agi ice uric May take state Market Columbia july 30 tap jews service reports at the Umbra Farmers Market my Elf Light demand fair to Good. Produce prices As reported by the serf apples 2 Lima Beans 4-4.50 eng 2 no. 1 Ohra 3 no. 2 ohm 1.75-21 Orchard run reaches by the half . In Sallly i.mll.75 fair qually 1-1.25 pea nuts 5 Field peas 1.50-2.25 no. 1 new Irish potatoes 1-1.25 no. 2 new Irish a tales none food Quality Sweet tics 4-Ufi air Quality 2-2.25 Mustard salads 1.50-1.75 no. Squash 2 Squash 2-2.50 tomatoes greens and pinks a or App 3.50-1 Watermelon a i cents per Pound cantaloupes cents each. Prices Jit Columbia area farms for 2v4 3 Pound broilers or fryers steady of 21. Supply fully ample demand fair to slow. Greenville Price also 21. Columbia local buyers hogs Choice no. Is steady at 21 Florence and Cash buying stations to adv at 20.75. Springfield auction sales monday 21.35 21.go. Chicago july 30 butter wholesale Selling prices unchanged 93 score a 59v4-5914 92 a 90 b 5714 69 c 5514-56. Bks steadier wholesale telling Price unchanged to 1 cent higher 65 per heat or better a White 404-41ho mediums 36- 36 standards 29-30 checks into consideration better 1957 crop prospects when he announces the final loan rate for the current rep. Some of the late purchases in Cotton were based on technical considerations. Orleans. July 30 futures declined Early today but rallied later on Trade buying and Short covering. Closing prices were steady to cents to cents a Bale higher. Open Holch close . .34.31 34.45 3125 34.44f1 .34.28 34.4n 34.20 34.38 g .3-5.31 34.39 34.25 34.39 .34.25 34.39 34.21 34.39 4 .33.87 33.99 33.80 33.97b of .33.09 33.29 33.0r 33.2gb 4 .33.10 33.18 33.10 33.1sb oct. Dec. Mar. May july. Oct. Dec. New Orleans. July 30 api spot Cotton closed steady 50 cents a Bale High Vej. Sales 630, Low middling 27.10. Middling 33.60. Good middling 34.35. Receipts Stock new Orleans. July 30 average Price of one Inch spot Cotton at 14 Swa Ignatc Southern spot markets m As 15 cents a Bale higher at 33.88 cent a Pound previous Day 33.85 week As 33.96 month Ngo 34.08 year ago 33.61 average for the past 30 Market Days 33.99 middling 15-16 Inch average 32.60 sales new York in Cotton goods with a Small july 30 continued quiet Toda Lount of activity again entering in print and Broadcloth for delivery. Mills however were optimistic Over an expansion in business for fourth Quarter delivery then More details would he available following publication of Thi in Tenn crop. Business in Woolen and Rayon goods was quiet although a fairly Broad under Lynn i demand for Man made fabrics continued to prevail. New York july 30 sugar futures no. 6 closed 2 to 3 lower. Sales 126 contracts. 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