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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 29, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGreeks to vote yes or no a Tikins. Greece Lai i six million greeks Vole in a referendum which can t remove self appointed president Georgc Papadopoul los and which has been Dis counted in Advance by his opponents As a fraud. Voters will ballot simply yes or no on whether to Yori firn papacy Spoulos in he and to ratify the ouster of King Chi Shanline and several constitutional changes. I has slated flatly that regardless of the outcome slay in his Job. The former army colonel. Of a against ,-.Greece s dem Neralic govern six years ago. Is unopposed in seeking a seven year term As president. The voting comes at a Lime of i. Unprecedented economic do and Prosperity in Niit rred Only by in Flat Ion running at Aii annual Rale 10 to 12 per cent. I Oriyn ,-.exchange is flowing into lie Moi Mary in record volume in the pockets of tourists and from working abroad in eluding 300.000 in West Germa Ray. Many reeks attribute the general Prosperity to stability by 1 a Padopulos Leavy Luin ded regime. List the election also conies in a time of in the Ai med and among students who calmed Down Only with the Start no summer vacations. By government figures. 50 naval of Licurs and men Are in jail awaiting trial for allegedly rebellion aboard two destroyers last May 2 t. Another 3.1 officers and men Uzik Asylum in Italy after a Mutiny aboard Tjie destroyer veins in Kalian tie mutineers included the ship s rap lain. Nicholas i Apas. Few greeks Are willing to. Speculate to what extent grow ing Prosperity and Mon Ling unrest will effect sunday s vote. Hut some said inflation would bring out a mass of negative Voles. A taxi Driver complained that Lares had remained in changed while ii id Hills Atni and said he and his fellow Sli joking new 1iohizons Somerset. Mass. A decaying link thai has been rebuilt into a sleek Black 1 hulled two masted Schooner is Sving a group of ghetto kids a v new lease in life. The Pioneer which for years Lay Idle at Woods Hole mass., latter a Long career As a pleas ure yacht a freight Carrier and an Oil Barge was refitted to serve As a training ship for new York s South Street seaport museum which has been operating a rehabilitation pro a Grain for former drug addicts. 1 the ship s Mission now is to carry Young men enrolled in 1 the program on six two week cruises to Cape cod and the islands during the summer to help the Young men develop re and self discipline. Hie sex addicts who help Man the vessel lend to be super motivated and. If a problem says the skipper Joe -.matteson, the kids usually take care of it cabbies would Vole no. However. Christos Scono Mou. Editor of the English Lan Guage newspaper Athens news which is surprisingly outspoken in its opposition to the papa Dopoulos regime reported a different Story. He lamented thai he had interviewed Many of his relatives and found they would vote yes. Despite of i in sir ice censor ship another Athens news paper. Grad uni. Also has campaigned against the regime. It came out saturday with a huge no on its front Dane. The government s Over. When mingle one sided Campaign for an affirmative Vole got a last minute boost from the greek orthodox of the Northern cities of Salonica and Kilkis. They held Public Ralles to urge followers to vote yes. Army helicopters joined the pro government Campaign in Salonica on saturday by show ering the City with leaflets stat ing simply for weeks the word has been plastered on Walls and Trees from one end of.Greece to the Oiler. Leaders of former democratic regimes in.Greece have Al ready set the Slage for doubts about the voting. Of them held a press conference Friday to Brand the referendum a fraud and said the results to be tabulated by the government would be rigged. They charged that poll Walch cars and counters had been handpicked by the government to assure Success. A government spokesman rejected a suggestion that Dis in crested outsiders be allowed to witness the counting in pol Ling stations selected at ran Dom. All greeks Between the Ages of 21 and 70 Are required to vote in one of 1i.s7h polling stations the country the government said 5.h10.0hi voters were registered. About one third of them live. In Athens and the neighbouring port City of Piraeus. Both civics Are under Martini Law. The polls will open at Dawn and close Al Sunset. The Only other referendum held by the Papadopoulos re Gime was in and the government announced a per cell vote in ils favor. Thai referendum also concerned changes in the Constitution including a reduction in the King s Powers. In Home the exiled King Constantino Lold a French Tele vision interviewer Llinat the referendum is a farce because the colonels have already abolished the monarchy and set up a the King said that in effect the colonels were saying if Yon answer yes. We will slay in for eight years. If you answer no. We will slay any Way but the tanks will go Back asked if he regarded his re Lurn to the throne As possible. Cons Anline said. I am also. Lately sure that the greek people once it is free and is asked he question will want me to come Back. Bui if the people should decide otherwise. I would respect its Florence morning news sunday july 29, 3-d us for Sale Udovc Fifik 4 3 Den Wilh fireplace Central air conditioning. Hinds realtors 662-1511. Move a House do you have land near Lake cily and wan a in modelled House we have a 3 bedroom 3 Bali din ing room with carpet living loom with carpet tremendous Kitchen Utility loom Central heat and air con be moved to this location. James real estate 645-4729 or 669-7943 police Aid a policeman presses a cloth to the Chest of1 a stabbing victim in new York As the third Day of violence marked the pro Castro exposition saturday. Anti Castro demonstrators continued to protest the meeting which was can celled. A prime minister Kakuei Tanaka arrives today for Summit talk washington1 a prime minister Kakuei Tanaka of Japan arrives sunday for a second Summit celing Wilh president Nixon in less than a Yea r. Trade monetary Security and Energy problems Jos calling Japan and lie United states Are Likely to be key topics discussed in the visit. 55-year-old japanese Leader accompanied by for eign minister Masayoshi Ohira and a dozen aides is due Loar rive at Andrews air Force Rase Al r . Kit aboard a special Japan air lines Charier flight. Tanaka will in formally welcomed at the White House on tuesday after president Nixon confers monday with prime minister u Hillani of Australia. Tanaka is visiting France. Brilain. West Germany and the Sovil Union Laler this year. During his talks Here Tanaka is expected to discuss his proposal for a conference of All asian and Pacific nations. Tic plan not fully unveiled received preliminary support from Secretary of state William p. Lingers during a i Neelin of . And japanese Cabinet level officials in Tokyo today ago. Such a conference presumably would include the people s Republic of China and the so Viet Union As Well As the divided countries North and South Vietnam and North and Sotich Korea. There would also he a question whether peking would attend such a meeting if the Republic of China on Taiwan was also invited. Tanaka. Nixon and the pres ident s National Security adviser. Henry a. Kissinger will also discuss a declaration of principles to guide he major Powers through the rest of this Century without resorting to War. The plan originally was called a new Atlantic Charier by Kissinger but the term became requirements particularly Foi awkward when Japan and inc soybeans in he next year. Tin people s Republic of China United slates would like a were included. Pan s agreement thai the Tanaka is expected to want to United Stales and Japan will hear a report on Nixon s no Oom Pele in bidding up inc Summit meeting with soviet Price of Middle Kas Oil. Communist party Leader Leon id i. Tanaka is meet ing the soviet Leader in of Lott and would like to obtain inc re turn of japanese islands held by the soviet l Nion since world Warll. Sorensen Hodge real estate insurance co. Over 2200 Square feet under loan Assumption available owner Imit inferred and Muil move Tim Lovely 4 bed room Iri level located of 1925 Effie i Lone in Prei Ligou Sandhurst Iro Bobly just Whol you Are looking Lor. Formal Ettry foyer living Oam dining Kitchen with 3renmall area 3 full Bolhs. 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Hone allowed built with family living in the Mclaughlin co. 665-Ouo equity 812 Julip Larie 3 bedroom in Bath Home 52000 equity ouch anime Mon Lily. 662-3141 669-7106 Leaody co., inc. After hours deep purple makes explanation n15vv York a an hour and a half Rock and debris throwing incident happened a Visil by to Japan ill by uni Pyror Ili Rohlin to Ilic United suites will Nelsn considered. The Nixon trip would most Likely be Laic this year or aflcr.luly.in74. Tin1 visit s Liming will foe affected by Budge debates and a japanese upper House election determining whether Tanaka re twins his parly control. In Trade considerations. Japan wants assurances thai the United states will meet ils food june 12 at Cornell University Ithaca after the Rock group deep purple failed to appear and no explanation was Given to a crowd of a news Story said Al that Lime. Four person s received minor injuries. Promoters said then they coh acted Richard Black More Lead guitarist and he declined to explain Why the group did t perform the Story went on. On june 25, the group mailed out a statement. Said it be came evident Early in the Day that because of electrical storms the outdoor concert might have to be top went on for three songs when the group s manager fell that performing during an electrical storm outdoors might be dangerous. Deep purple drummer Ian Paice was quoted when z. Z. Top came off after the rain started All the cables and Wir ing onstage were soaked through and it would have been impractical and dangerous to go on. There s no Point of going onstage if there s a Chance of being Ruilt own copter port Washington . A Nick Mastrocinque a local High school student spent two years acid building a helicopter then taught himself to Fly it. He plans to become an aeronautical Engineer. Topping out ironworkers position a Christmas tree during Bank Tower in downtown Charlotte. The building Al 40 stories will Topping out ceremonies Friday Alop the North Carolina National be tallest in the Carolines. A real estate 1. Houses for Sale like country living acre lot horses allowed. Home a discriminating person would enjoy by and pict car paying through out. West. Florence area. Coll now for a Lour. Bui or Bobby Clamp. Litho nights t weekends 669-2315 Thol veterans income now towards Security loan. If you Are a Veteran Call far to i Ion. 662-3141 669-7105 Leaody co., inc. After hours Sandhurst Stratford Circle 4 bad Rorm Baths Den Wilh Fri Oplacio double Carport Kitchen with Large break fail room. Loan can he Oit Mcd. Hinds realtors 662-1511 prestigious Home 1004 w. Palmetto see this Beautiful Home today. Invite you to inspect Lilii Home Cind compare in Wilh Oleri Ai i Price qualify of Conier Clfon Fetig and Beauty of grounds. Call for appointment. Cormell Streett Patterson 662-2557 Nishti 649-2503 James 0. 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