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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 29, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaRyt Riv is str Mizuho us my m Malm m up Washington api the big surge in food prices is shout Over but they May go up another three per cent by the end of the Yohr. Secretary of agriculture Karl Butz says. In an. Interview with the associated i Ress. Buu also eau t i o n e d housewives against Panicky buying and hoarding beef in anticipation of Price in creases after the ceiling expires sept. 12. We could dry up the count ers awfully he said. Butz. However favors keep ing the beef ceilings until next month although he said some Black markets appear to be developing in some areas and some Farmers Are holding Back livestock from the Market but they can t hold Back lung he said. Questions and answers from the interview q. Will the length of the continuing freeze on beef prices in fluence the shortage of beef and Chi housewife s inclination to Hoard before supplies run out land prices go up a i think one of the info flu things is that the word has gotten out possible chef shortages. It has been in the press recently and on the air. It s induced a lot of housewives to buy ahead so that they won t get caught Short we have nearly so million households in America and at least 10 million have a refrigerator in the Kitchen with a freezing compare men. Ivory one s got room for 10 More pounds of beef. If 41 million people were logo nut and buy 10 nor pounds of beef that s 400 million pounds of beef. Thai s the equivalent of a million head of steers and Thill s As much As i Slaughter in a whole week. We could dry. Up the counters awfully fasl i think this is unfortunate be cause Well some Farmers May in holding Back steers but they can l do in very Long. When a steer reaches 1.000 pounds or pounds and has the Bloom Orence morning news sunday july 29, 11-a Rev inn on him. As they say. He has to go. You Don t hold him Over a couple of weeks. The animals Are out there. They re going to be coming in. There in t any shortage of beef. Q. Are you pushing actively now to get rid of the beef Price freeze d you think this should be clone a. Well this was a matter of considerable debate at the time phase 4 was put in place. There were some who argued thai All meat prices should be Unfrozen at the same time. We Felt that we did t have the same Price pressures under beef that we had under hogs and under poultry. There was no evidence that we had been liquidating Breeding cows or heifers As had been True of sows. Q. Beef packers meeting in Chicago the other Day suggested the beef shortage is go ing to be very severe. A. The Slaughter has been Down for a Little while now be cause i think there has been some holding Back of finished animals by some Farmers. But i Don l think they can hold whom Back very Long. We be had cases of packing plants closing but this does l mean thai the animals being marketed Aren t slaughtered. I think in a Little while the animals will Start coming again if we can get by without doing some Panicky buying ahead on the part of mrs. Housewife. Q. If Panicky buying does develop then what would you advise a. If it develops. I think we ought to refrain being a part of in and adding Loil. Ii May be that you have to shift to other kinds of meat temporarily to to poultry to fish. Again we Eal All of that we have. I think it May mean thai we will have to Strelch out our beef a Lille while. If we do that the Price will lend to come town at retail Asil did during Ibe meal Boycott. Q. I Lake i thai you Don t see and Black markets in beef developing a. 1 think there l l be some spotty Black markets. We be had some reports of them now. Of Slaughter taking place near the Point of production. It by passes the Normal distribution channels. In some Small locker Slaughters 1 hear some reports of Black markets there. It does difficult for the larger legitimate Packer who must abide by the rules and regulations every Day. Q. I Don l think you really an swered the question about gel Ting rid of the Price freeze. Will you really push for lifting Hie ceiling a. No sir. 1 would t right now. I guess All things being equal i d prefer not to have any ceilings on meat. I basically be Lieve in the free Market i think we Learned a lesson during the 30 Days of the Price freeze in Hie experience we had with hogs and chickens. We Learned that you Don l gel More by paying less. 1 think All our people when they saw1 baby Chicks being drowned and realized that pregnant sows were being slaughtered realized that those represented pigs thai weren t being born and therefore will not be Ealen As pork chops next year. This simply is not Good. On the other hand the presi Dent has taken the position to spread out the inflationary Bubble and chef prices Are one place in was fell they could spread out and dissipated. I think we should stick with Hal decision. Q. Very Day you Sec a Story about the Rise in food prices. Where can the consumer expect the Price spiral will end and when will it end a. The great bulk of Price in creases in food items is behind us. We be had a very substantial Price increase in the past 8 or 10 months. Our people now estimate Hal the average retail Price of food in will be 13 or 14 per cell above 1972. Thai s a substantial Rise. The great bulk of thai Rise has occurred. We for your shopping convenience we Are now. Open sunday and have extended our hours on thurs., Fri. Sat. Quality discount foods we have extended our store hours sunday. 1 pm to 7 a. Monday 8 . To 10 a. Tuesday. 8 . To 10 . Wednesday. 8 . To 10 thursday. 8 . To 11 . Friday.8 . To 11 a. Saturday. 8 . To 11 . Address 201 Hoff Meyerr. May have a bulge on the average for the rest of this year of perhaps three per cent. Q. What will happen to the prices of pork Lamb and poultry in the coming months a. They be gone up some since the Price ceiling went off. I read the stories As you do of pork chops going up 10 cents a Pound and eggs 10 cents a in. I think we be passed that inflationary Bubble through. I would think that the great bulk of the increase has occurred Here. This kind of a Price has now slopped the liquidation of our Breeding herds. It Means thai we re going to have More in late 1973. And More pork especially in 1974. 1 think what it Means is that by paying a Little higher Price for those materials right now. Well have stable or hopefully lower prices in 1974. Q. If you had your Way. Would you have had the various food Price controls and do you think that without Thorn we would have had sufficient supplies and lower prices now a. I did advise against the ceilings on food prices. That s not to say i want High prices at retail. I be supported strongly the controls on margins. I be supported strongly every Effort to get increased supplies. I be supported strongly efforts to in crease efficiency of distribution and processing but i resisted ceilings on food prices because in the main they re counter productive. They discourage Supply. Q. You talk about using 20-20 Hindsight and i ask you to use a bit of in now. If prior to the 1972 election this administration bad decided on a policy of All out production As you arc now rather than pushing up farm income would we have had the same rouble with foot prices a. Perhaps not perhaps not the same trouble. We would have had a Bil More Supply i think. Of our grains. Again let me Point out. You say that if prior to the 1972 election we had done that. In was at thai time we began loosening up on controls because it began to be apparent then Hal we had this tremendous increase in world demand As Well As a great sur Ging Domestic demand Here for foodstuffs and that the burdensome surpluses we had for several years were being dissipated. Q. One congressman said the other Day Hal one reason poultry prices were so High is that you were advising producers in january against in creased production. Is that so and is that a reason Why Chick in prices Are so High a. The reason hat Chicken prices Are so High is that we have had a ceiling on them a while Back and discouraged production. During the late fall months of 1972. We had a ceiling on poultry prices. It was at such a level that it was my profitable to continue to produce broilers in Jeorgia and Mississippi. As a consequence producers liquidated heir breeder flocks town for himself Lotts Cusk a. Iowa a. Realtor Oliver Carlson a bought himself the near ghost town of Notts Creek for and plans to pump some life Ink it and into his pocketbook. The decision came when the Algona Iowa Man was having Coffee with a fellow realtor who suggested. Why Don t you buy that was in August 1971. Car Lson bought one Side of the Street then and recently completed Purchase of the other Side of the Block Long Down town area of this town near the Minnesota Border. His six buildings include a former general store hardware store locker Plant feed store Creamery turned into a cheese factory and whal once was a Butler maker s residence. Carlson who allows that some folks think i m a Little says he also owns Oak Lake near Algona along with four of her persons. It s a 100-Acrc sports Oasis for snowmobiling and skiing if you like being towed and minor league fishermen can go after bullheads. At dolls Creek. Carlson would like to convert the general store and hardware store into Vintage museums and antique sales shops. He d offer the Brick Creamery to a Small busing explaining i d like to see one that would employ a dozen or 15peoplerwe need Small industries so our Young people Don t have to go somewhere right now. Creek has a population of three in the heart of town Carl Pijahn. 63. Who s lived there since 1919. brother and Sisler inlaw. Or and mrs. Elmer Pijahn. They own their own place. If you want to stretch the boundaries half a mile North you could take in a couple of farms a Church and vacant Church school building plus three other residences. Horne Ford our grand opening special you May Purchase 10 tickets for Home Ford Quick service tire shop adds a new convenience to keep your car or Light truck clean you save open for your convenience . Til Povl. . . Til . Saturday automatic wheel and tire cleaner. Horne 600n.coitst. 2 win. Car Wash next to Horne tire service Florence s. C

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